Public Sex-portation

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My feet were killing me! I had been walking all day and I was lost…in Queens.

It was my first trip to New York. I came too see the sights! Take a bit out of the big apple!

Why I decided to wear heels to do it…god only knows.

As I walked, a beacon of light shone ahead of me.

The Subway.

How can you come to New York and not ride the Subway?

I ran to the station as fast as my aching tootsies would carry me. 71st Ave/Forrest Hills the signs stated but I still had no idea where I was.

The city was whirring around me. The people moving almost as fast as the cars.

I heard the train before I saw it. Brakes screeching. A fuzzy voice on the speaker announced the route. I didn’t care where it was going. Just that I didn’t have to walk anymore.

I got in line with the crowd as we waited for the train to stop and the doors to open. The dirty, well-traveled smell of the train hitting me like a ton of bricks as I stepped through into the car and into a whole new hell.

No seats. Really why wasn’t I surprised?

It was human Gridlock. Wall to wall people. I worked my way through the crowd toward the back of the car, just one person was behind me as I turned to the front.

I reached my arm up to grab the overhead railing, So I wouldn’t go hurling into the bodies in front of me as the train lurched forward. Brushing against the man in front of me, while the person behind me bumped into me. I turned and smiled. And was very happy I did. He was gorgeous! About 5’7 with short brown hair. Thin framed glasses over his hazel green eyes, high pronounced cheekbones and broad shoulders quickly caught my eye as well as the incredibly sexy little smile on his lips in return to mine.

I quickly urned to face the front again as the train swayed along the track. A slight fluttering of arousal moving through my body as I thought of the man behind me.

A slight turn in the track and I bumped back into him.

“Sorry,” I mumbled over my shoulder as I did.

Being this close, I could smell him. Feel his body heat all along my back .The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I turned my head a bit and inhaled his scent. Spicy, a bit erotic and kind of sweet. I liked it. I didn’t know if it was his soap, cologne or after shave, but really it didn’t matter. It seemed to suit him and thank god it covered the smells of the train around me.

My other hand went up to the opposing overhead rail as the train pulled into the next station and shuddered to a stop. People got on. People got off. Not really doing anything much to help the human gridlock but making us all shift a little bit. I was pressed into my friend by the surging crowd at least four or five times. Each time my whole body seemed to brush against his, sometimes lightly, sometimes harder as I tried to shuffle and make room.

The car, just as full as before lurched ahead with a hard jerk. This time I was mashed very hard against him, I heard the air leave his lungs as he hit the back of the car. My hands on the rail bracing myself as best as I could, I felt a hand on my hip, helping to steady me.

“Thanks,” I said, my head turning slightly towards him.

“No, thank you,” a sensuously deep voice whispered back.

He pressed a little closer bahis siteleri to me. My breath came out with a kind of a whoosh and all I could get out was a slightly startled,


I could feel the unmistakable bulge of his hard cock being pressed against my ass. I couldn’t help myself, I pressed back a bit, shifting my hips. Smiling to myself as I heard a low moan escape his lips.

“You like that?” his voice was close to my ear, his hot breath teasing my neck, “what if I put you in the same predicament?”

He shifted his hips, sliding his cock against me as his hand on my hip trailed lower, hitting the top of my thigh at the back. My whole body stiffened under his touch and he chuckled at me but said nothing as I felt the back of my skirt being lifted slowly. Thank god there was no one behind him. I glanced around quickly; all heads were facing forward.

I turned and looked at him, my eyes huge while my mouth automatically opened to say something like, ‘What the hell do you think your doing?,’ But all that came out was an inaudible little squeak.

This was a long standing fantasy of mine, To be touched and hopefully brought off in a crowd. Sure I didn’t know this guy. And yes I was in a strange city and riding in a dirty smelly train car. But all that just seemed to kind of fade away as I realized just how wet and aroused I already was.

“Shhh,” he whispered as his fingertips traced playfully along the elastic at the back of my panties. “We don’t want to get arrested.”

My hands gripped the rails tighter, my legs spreading slightly of their own volition as his fingers teased me. Running over the elastic and lightly over the crotch of my panties. Thank god I had put on some good ones before setting out this morning.

I bit my lip, stifling a groan as my hips starting to roll slowly against his hand.

“Try to be still,” he breathed to me as he leaned closer and nipped at my shoulder, “You little slut, you love this…you’re already wet.”

I knew I should have been insulted by the name he’d called me, but I wasn’t, instead it made a little shiver run through my body.

His fingers slid over my cloth covered pussy, moving in circles over my clit. Then lower, pushing the moist material in between the lips of my sex.

“Harder,” I breathed back to him, “please….harder.”

‘Patience babe… not yet.” He shifted closer to me, his hand still pressing against my crotch, as the train started to shudder again, preparing to stop at another station.

63 Drive.

More shifting, his fingers never leaving my pussy as the people around us moved. I was getting wetter and wetter until I was sure that everyone around us could smell my arousal in the air.

As the train moved forward he slipped two fingers under the elastic of my panties. Pushing deep into my pussy as the trains momentum rocked me back against his hand.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as I bit my lips, wanting to scream as his fingers filled me. My hips tilting slightly to let him inside me as deep as he could go. The train swayed, building up speed as his fingers began their assault on my cunt. Pushing in and out, slowly at first, then faster…harder…deeper.

I tried not to move, to look as though my movements were from the train swaying. canlı bahis siteleri I was stretched out, standing on my tip toes,. My breathing hard and fast. I was so close! And I’m sure he could tell by the involuntary spasms of my internal muscles. I tilted my head back, moving with him. Not caring who saw, focused only on getting my satisfaction.

I almost cried out when I felt his fingers leave me.

‘Rego Park,’ the muffled voice announced another station.

I glared at him over my shoulder as I eased myself back down onto my feet. My own juices running slowly down the inside of my thigh as we played the shuffle game again. People got on….people got off.

Well dammit, I wanted to get off!

I leaned back against my friend. Snaking my hand down between our bodies and dipping my fingertips into the waistband of his pants. His cock jumped in my hand, I ran my fingers up and down the shaft a few times then over the tip, sweeping up the wetness that had gathered there. Smugly happy that I wasn’t the only one in agony.

My pussy throbbed as I de-tangled my hand and turned to look at him. Smiling at him as I brought my fingers to my mouth, sucking one in slowly, then darting my tongue out of my mouth to lick the others clean. Teasing him and tasting his cum from my fingertips.

He grinned back at me as I turned to face front, waiting for the train to start again. I gripped the railings and heard what I thought was the sound of a zipper being lowered. I whipped my head around and cast my eyes down.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what I heard.

I felt his hands on my ass, kneading it. Bunching the back of my skirt up as he pushed his cock against me. Letting the head slip through the wet lips of my sex. I moaned, then coughed to cover it up as he continued to tease me. Rubbing the head of his cock slowly against my pussy, bumping my clit every so often making my toes curl. I tilted my hips, trying desperately to lead him inside me.

When the train moved forward, I moved back. Shfting my hips and letting go of my hand holds. I let my weight fall against my friend. His cock thrusting into my pussy nice and deep as the train jerked forward. I heard him groan in my ear as he held himself against me for a moment. Not moving. Just enjoying the sensations of my wet cunt surrounding him.

I moved my hand down to his thigh, grabbing his pantleg in my hand for leverage as he pulled out. Just a little bit. Then pushed back inside me. This time I moaned loudly. My pussy gripping him tight as his cock started to slide in and out. So slow, letting my feel every inch of his hard length deep inside me. I moved with him. My hips lifting and falling, swaying in time to the movements of the train.

It was at that moment I noticed her. She sat in the last row of seats. Just to our left. Beautiful, tanned, amazing body. Looked like a typical California girl, ‘Long way from home,’ I thought vaguely as she pushed her long blonde hair out of the way, and her eyes locked with mine, a knowing smile played across her lips. I grinned back, feeling my face turn what I’m sure was a dark crimson as my friend kept working his cock into me over and over. His movements getting slightly faster, more desperate.

The train slowed and this time canlı bahis the voice called out, “Woodhaven Blvd”

I groaned low as my friend stopped, but then slammed into my each time we were jostled by the crowd, my pussy clenching and unclenching around him as I tried not to move too much.

When the doors closed and the train started off again I noticed the blonde now stood in front of me. I could smell her subtle perfume all around me.

My friend started again. Only this time it was fast and deep. The blonde afforded us some cover and he took full advantage. I closed my eyes and gasped as he moved, biting my lips hard so as not to cry out, working my body in time with his. My hot wet cunt squeezing his cock hard as he slipped in and out.

It was then that I felt cool air on the front of my thighs. I opened my eyes and looked down, seeing a beautifully manicured hand slipping under the front of my skirt. Then a soft but knowing fingers spreading the lips of my sex apart. Her fingers went to where I was joined to him, I heard him moan low in my ear as he felt her fingers on his shaft.

She moved up her hand up slowly. Taking my wetness and rubbing her fingertip against my swollen clit. My hips bucked against her hand as she worked my clit. Slow at first then she rubbed it faster and faster. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I came hard, my whole body shaking as my pussy spasmed around the cock still moving deep inside me.

She kept working me, making my orgasm last and last until finally my whole body went kind of numb. The cock inside me kept moving faster and faster until I heard the telltale grunts and moans in my ear. I knew he was going to cum. Looking quickly around me, seeing no one really paying us any attention and using the blonde for cover, I pulled away and dropped to my knees on the car floor. Taking his hard cock between my lips I slid him inside my mouth nice and deep, sucking him hard and fast.

My head bobbed up and down his length with my lips locked tight around his shaft. I tasted my own juices mixed with his flavors as my hand moved lower. I squeezed his balls in my hand, making his hips buck and his cock jump between my lips. His hands fisted in my hair as he pushed forward, sliding his cock as deep as he could into mouth until he hit the back of my throat, I swallowed as fast as I could a he pushed in and out, his cock pulsing against my lips as he came.

I felt the train slowing and quickly stood. Turning to the front to catch my breath and rearrange myself. I heard the sounds of him zipping himself up behind me as I flicked my tongue out to lick a stray drop of his cum I felt slowly running down my chin.

The voice said another stop, “Grand Avenue.”

The train stopped again and again the shuffle of bodies. I felt a small piece of paper being pushed into my hand and I turned to look behind me. My friend leaned close and kissed my lips softly, then smiled and turned toward the open door without saying anything. I looked at what he had given me and it was a business card with his cell and home phone on the back. I smiled to myself, then tucked it away into my purse.

“Hey, you headed anywhere special?” the blonde asked me, drawing my attention to her incredible amber eyes which were now looking at me intently.

“No,” I flashed her a small sly grin, “Nowhere special.”

She grabbed my hand, tugging me toward the open doors of the stopped train car, and smiling at me she asked,

“Want to share a cab?”

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