Put a Baby in Me

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AN: This story is about a couple in their late 30s talking about having a joint child and about making it happen. The beginning is a little slow, some pillow talk about her concerns about having a baby and him needing to assure her that everything will be fine. Things take an erotic turn about 1/3 through the story.

Lexi and Mark were getting ready for bed. The scene looked as if they’d done this a million times. Brushing one’s teeth – the gentle buzzing of Mark’s sonic toothbrush in the background followed by him wiping his mouth and stubble clean before bed. The scent of Lexi’s recent favorite cleansing milk that smelled of woundwort, apricot and almonds gave the whole bathroom a herbal aroma, as she tied her long brown hair into a loose bun on the top of her head.

In a way they looked like an old married couple at the end of a regular long work-day like this. They had history, years of it, on and off, but they were just recently engaged. Both were mentally tired from a long week, but happy to be home and about to go to bed. They were in their pajamas essentially – some random T-shirt and a simple pair of seamless panties on Lexi and Mark was in his boxers. Mark’s upper body never looked quite as naked with all the tattoos he’d had put on his chest and back in these past years that they’d spent apart. Her favorite was the lonely wolf on his right Pectoralis Major. He was no longer a sleek businessman, but something rougher and more real – the stubble, the muscles and the ink all adding to the ways she knew he’d transformed into the man she’d always known he really was.

Mark placed a glass of water on the nightstand, Lexi did the same with her dark-framed glasses and put her phone to charge next to her. Both were making sure the pillows were fluffy, and turned down the bed in unison, each knowing their side on the bed without discussion. It was just a prime example how their relationship was content even without jumping each-other the first chance they got. Even each-other’s casual presence felt like a thing to be valued. It was about the little touches, casual discussions about what to order for dinner and work – all the little things.

Lexi climbed under the covers first but Mark followed soon enough, switching off the light.

“Ah… it feels good being in the same bed with you,” Mark murmured, his hand wrapping around her in an instant, feeling her warmth.

“I can wait for it to be our new bed…,” Lexi sighed. The move to their house that they’d recently started work on couldn’t come soon enough.

“Neither can I,” Mark agreed, enjoying how Lexi was snuggling into his chest, her arms around his stomach, fitting just neatly under his chin. She was a a good three inches smaller than her, but still tall and slender. His hand caressed the hips of her slightly pear-shaped body, casually.

Lexi stayed like that for a while, hearing the quiet thumping of Mark’s heart with her ear to his chest.

“I know this is not something you probably like thinking about… but I just want to put it out there,” Lexi began. The topic that was on her mind had been discussed before, but not from this angle.

“What?” Mark asked, looking at Lexi’s face in the darkness of the room, their eyes having already adjusted to the dark. He could see her outline and the glimmer of her eyes.

“I just… I just need you to think about what it might mean if something happens to me if I get pregnant and if things don’t go well… That you won’t resent the baby. If there ever is one that is…,” Lexi explained, hesitantly. Saying ‘baby’ out loud almost felt like jinxing it at her age. Besides her previous experiences hadn’t been too reassuring. “That you’ll love them no matter what, and that you’ll be there for them even if I’m not,” she added, suddenly sounding very serious.

“Lexi, you don’t need to worry batıkent escort about that. You heard what the doctor said…,” Mark started to say, continuing to stroke her back. The doctor had been optimistic, but they couldn’t pretend there weren’t risks. He didn’t want her thinking such terrible thoughts, those thoughts were almost too horrible to think about. “If you’re having second thoughts…,” he began, but Lexi cut him off already expecting him to have the perfect response by giving her the ultimate decision.

“I know, but I also know that when I was expecting Emma everything went by the book but still the situation turned out dangerous. Still things can happen, childbirth can be dangerous – it’s a fact. Not everything can be pre-calculated, planned, diagnosed. I’ve been through it before. And just… I know doing this is risky, and while I am fine with the risks, I’ve accepted it. I just need you to accept those risks along with me. I need you to never blame them if something happens to me, I need you to be strong for them even if you don’t want to or feel like it…,” she explained, referring to her older daughter who was presently at her dad’s. She had thought about this long and hard, weighing the possibility of Emma potentially losing her mother among other things. She’d even had a good cry about it a few nights ago, trying to imagine it. But she knew that Emma would always be loved, she’d always known that. But she also knew that she wanted nothing less for her future child, if that were to ever become reality.

This was certainly a lot more serious train of thought than Mark had expected, and it did give him something to think about. He didn’t know what to say.

“It’s not something you need to respond to now. You just need to think about it,” Lexi added, noticing that he’d gone all silent.

“I don’t need to think about it. I mean – it’s a horrible scenario to think about, and I particularly don’t want to. But there’s no doubt I’ll love them. How can I not? They’d be a part of you, wouldn’t they?” Mark replied, that part being crystal clear to him. Though using a gender neutral pronoun did make him think about the theoretical possibility of there being more of them than just the one, but he knew that that was just very wishful thinking at this point. “And I can promise you now that I will never blame them. If I feel something resembling that… something that isn’t rational, I know by now how to work on it, I know how to recognize those thoughts, and I promise I’ll never make them feel like they had any blame in it,” Mark assured based on his experiences with therapy, hating to even imagine this scenario. But if this was what Lexi needed, he had to offer her that. Whatever it took.

“Good,” Lexi sighed, feeling a little emotional after hearing him promise all those things. “Because I really want to give you a baby, I just hope I can. I want to see that look on your face…,” Lexi described, her voice sounding a little weak.

Lexi could still recall well that special look her ex had had the first time he’d held Emma. It had been a horrible day, and while she herself had had so many mixed feelings that day, some rational, some certainly not and some just plain hormonal, that look had made up for a lot of the less-than-perfect.

To Mark, however, her words sounded so primal – the ultimate gift a woman could give someone she loved. He didn’t think he could love her any more than when he heard her say that. He couldn’t wait to see her body change, her breast fill with milk and for her to nurse their child. There was something inherently beautiful in that, and sexy too.

“You have no idea how hot that sounds coming from your mouth,” Mark hummed, his hand stroking the side of her face, tracing her lips before dipping his thumb just slightly into her mouth. She embraced beşevler escort it though, the act making her giggle slightly.

“I want to have your baby,” Lexi hummed, enjoying making him feel like that.

He wasn’t quite ready to admit all of that emotional turmoil that was going on in his heart and his brain right then – there was so much more than just the sexiness factor, but that was the one that he could place and convey with the most ease.

“Aw… you’re such a tease,” Mark replied, huskily and kissed her.

“I want you to put a baby in me,” Lexi declared in a sensual tone, breaking the kiss for a moment.

“Oh, you just wait…,” Mark murmured, grabbing hold of her more firmly. “Just tell me when it’s time,” he added, half assuming that this included calculating days and taking tests.

“I want faith to decide if and when it happens…,” Lexi whispered, not wanting to stress about this any longer. She didn’t want to plan, take ovulation tests, have sex on a schedule and consider each period a sign of failure like many did. If it happened – it’d be meant to be. Whenever it would happen, even if it took them months, years… she wanted to try. She wanted to feel a part of Mark growing inside of her. It was the ultimate declaration of love in a way – wanting to feel that they’d made this other person together, and to have them grow each day inside of her. She wanted to feel her heart expand from love again just like it had with Emma, and she desperately wanted him to feel that too.

“Each time we make love, I want you to picture it,” Lexi whispered.

“Picture what?” Mark asked, having a pretty good idea already. But he wanted her to keep saying it.

“That you’re filling me to the brink with your cum,” Lexi said in a seductive tone. “I want you to knock me up,” she continued, nudging his arousal with her hand teasingly.

“Ah…,” Mark hummed, kissing her neck and ear.

“Tell me how you’ll do it!” Lexi demanded, all this talk making her already soaking wet.

“I’m going to ram into you like a hammer, make sure all my cum gets deep in you and stays there. I’ll knock you up, I’ll just keep fucking you until we’re both sore,” Mark said in a determined and rough voice, his arousal already throbbing for attention.

Lexi reached out her neck to kiss him, her hand moving from his neck to his slightly scratchy bearded cheek.

The gentle kiss with their lips just barely touching, enjoying the lingering tension, grew exponentially into something more fierce. Something all-consuming, conquering, making stomachs feel all hollow and fluttery.

Lexi raised her leg over his hip, and his arms held her even more firmly by the small of her back, his neck stretching out to reach for her lips even more intensely, feeling like he’d die if couldn’t just devour those lips with all he had to offer.

His lips went down her neck, while she just breathed over his skin, eyes closed, whispering his name when she could manage. His fingers slipped under her T-shirt, the passage feeling so natural, enjoying the softness of her delicate skin, especially the sharp contrast on her breasts – soft tissue compared to those rock hard nipples.

Lexi let out a gasp at his firm grasp on her breast, feeling how her throbbing core was already demanding a lot more than he was giving her right now. He played with her nipples, making her desire even more urgent. She began to tug down his boxers, not quite reaching all the way, but he aided her.

His arousal, feeling several degrees warmer than the rest of his body, sprung free and slapped against his stomach with some bounce. Lexi pressed her hips firmly against him, wanting some friction – any friction, and at that move she could already feel Mark’s smirk against her neck at her demanding attempts, as he continued to kiss beypazarı escort her skin. She hoped somehow her panties would just vanish, not knowing how she could wait a second longer to feel him.

Mark pushed her T-shirt up to her armpits, and she raised her arms to pull it off herself. Even before the T-shirt was fully off, Mark’s lips were already on her breast, his teeth grazing her nipple. Lexi loved when he did that, nipples always being one of her most erogenous zones.

Lexi reached down, needing to free herself from her panties, and succeeded, wiggling her legs the last stretch. The second they were off and Lexi sighed victoriously, Mark grabbed her leg possessively and placed it back on his hip with a rough grasp, as if that was a place where it rightfully belonged, and pushed her to her back, nudging his erection right against her soaking slit in the process.

The mutual groan that followed at that impact was audible, the familiar, yet much longed after contact being so intoxicating.

Lexi moved her head, demanding to kiss him some more, while their hips rocked slowly and teasingly against each-other, letting their need grow into something incomprehensible.

“I need you, Mark,” Lexi gasped, between kisses, being delirious from want. “I need you to fill me,” she urged, and wrapped both of her legs around his waist, crossing them on his back.

His breathing was already coming in small huffs, having held back so long. “You’re incredible,” Mark managed to say, other actions taking priority to speaking.

Every time they were at this point it was as if time slowed, the moment that lasted microseconds, feeling like it was minutes – sensing his tip press against her, sliding in inch by inch and the feeling of being filled to the brink, the feeling of him stretching her – a feeling of perfection.

Mark felt her tight and warm hold envelope him, the feeling very close to being sucked inwards. A breath of hot air left their lips along with their gasps.

The slow and deliberate thrusts worked up their speed, their movements being inherently organic. Arms wrapping tighter around each-other’s bodies, tight holds were replaced with fingers digging into the flesh on her hip or his arm muscles, fingers intertwining, a slight graze of her teeth on his shoulder turning onto a wet and open-mouthed kiss. Truthfully, the actions of mouths, hands and limbs hardly registered, there being only one goal in mind.

Lexi’s muscles tensed around him as an overwhelming feeling of pleasure was built up thrust after thrust, making her feel like she was even more full of him than humanly possible. She truly felt like she was being bred right now, something in having changed from the moment she’d said those words. He was fucking her with every intent to knock her up.

The sensation of him hitting her cervix was now holding a lot more meaning than it ever had before. She could just imagine him softening her flesh to create an easy passage for his batter to reach her egg. She could sense her body opening up, softening, welcoming…

The whine of pleasure Lexi let out next, made Mark just keep going, feeling like a breeding bull, wanting to prolong everything she was feeling. The inner clenching of her muscles was too much for him to handle, however, the need to satisfy her – to put a baby in her, even if it took a million tries. It was a particularly firm orgasmic spasm in her core that threw him over the edge and his forehead lolled onto her shoulder as a response. But his body kept moving, making sure each spurt of his essence reached its destination within her.

They breathed heavily for several minutes, waiting for their senses to return, sweaty and spent. He’d stayed inside of her, the mixture of their juices oozing down his shaft, and down the insides of her thighs.

Suddenly Mark felt Lexi squeeze her inner muscles around him.

He eyed her skeptically for a second.

Lexi smiled naughtily at him and gave him another seductive squeeze.

At that squeeze she could already feel him stiffening inside of her, and she smiled again at the prospect of him aiming to keep his promise.

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