Quickie: The Experience

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*Note: This is my first attempt at this style of writing. Please let me know if you enjoy it.*

The Experience

Someone once told me that the most erotic experience is being completely vulnerable. Having your freedom and safety taken out of your hands and given explicitly to someone else. I must admit I didn’t quite understand what she meant, until the day she showed up at my door.

I was lying on the couch at home that day flipping through the television channels. I was bored and feeling extremely lazy. The Arizona summer heat usually had that effect on me. I honestly felt as if it drained the very desire to do anything from my body, and slow boiled any thoughts of productivity out of my mind. I just could not fathom the way that people could be out during this heat.

I should probably explain why I think this way. I am from California, San Diego to be exact, and I absolutely love being outdoors. I am not normally a hermit. However, I am also not used to being able to fry an egg on the steps outside of my apartment either. Where I called home, it was a beautiful seventy-two degrees outside. The sun was shining and the brisk wind off of the ocean carried the smell of salt across the city. So, when I moved back to the Phoenix area for school, I began to realize why I had left in the first place, years ago.

So there I was, flipping through the myriad of day time shows when a knock came at the door. I sighed, not wanting to expend the energy necessary to get up and answer it. A second knock rang out by the time I went the ten feet from the couch to the door. I opened it in a huff, and froze in surprise. My brother’s ex fiancé, Cari stood at the door. We stood there for a moment, neither of us saying a word before she broke the awkward silence.

“You going to invite me in, or…?”

I blinked and turned red as I realized that I had been staring at her tits. I cleared my throat and stepped aside, asking, “Would you like to come in, Cari?”

Her smile was the only answer güvenilir bahis she gave as she moved passed me. I began to feel embarrassed by the state of my bachelor pad as her gaze wandered around the apartment. Dirty dishes were stacked in the sink, along with a pile of clothes in the corner that I had long ago lost track of which ones were clean and which were dirty.

“So, uhm, what exactly are you doing here?” I winced at the harshness of my voice. I had nothing against Cari, her and my brother had broken up years ago, and truth to tell, I had even stopped thinking of her as “my brother’s ex”. I had always found her to be irresistibly sexy, yet for obvious reasons I had never said anything, and now she was standing in my apartment and I had no idea why.

She glanced at me over her shoulder, “You aren’t happy to see me?”

Oh, I was happy to see her, a little too happy actually. Cari was absolutely the sexiest girl I had ever known. Dirty blonde hair cut in a bob style, with a face that shouted innocence. Yet that innocence was belied by her clear blue eyes. My eyes roamed her petite body unconsciously. I swear there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts were smaller and her ass was nice and tight. Just looking at her caused my dick to stir.

“Of course I’m happy to see you, but how do you even know where I live?”

“I got your address from your brother. He said you’d be able to look at my lap.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Your lap?”

She flashed a mischievous grin. “My laptop, you pervert.”

“Yeah, right. That’s what I meant.”

She reached into her backpack and pulled out her computer and set it on my desk. “Its been running really slow and crashing a lot. Think you could take a look at it?”

“Uhm, sure. Do you want to come back for it or?”

“I’ll wait for now. Don’t really have anything else to do today. Do you mind if I use your bathroom?”

“No, not at all. Its in the bedroom.” I watched her ass sashay as she walked away from me. Her jeans güvenilir bahis siteleri hugged every curve. When she was out of sight, I adjusted myself and took a deep breath before sitting down and attempting to focus on her computer.

I had so engrossed myself in the antivirus and hacking software that I was running that I hadn’t heard her come back out of the bathroom. The moment I knew she was there, was when everything went dark.

I yelped in surprise and reached up to remove the blindfold she had placed on me. Her voice stopped me. “Don’t touch.” Her soft whisper in my ear sent a shock of electricity through me. I sat there unsure of what exactly was going on.


Her whisper cut me off. “Don’t talk. Just relax.”

Everything was silent for a few moments, making my anxiety grow with each heartbeat. Just what the fuck was she doing?

Her hand grasped mine and pulled me to my feet. She led me only a few steps before telling me to stop and ordering me to keep my hands at my side. Another few moments passed before she roughly grabbed my shirt, a tearing sound filled my ears as she cut it off. I resisted the urge to protest about her cutting my favorite shirt. Her hands were already working on my belt. Within moments, I was standing naked with just a blindfold.

A light kiss was placed on my neck, nothing more than a quick peck, yet it made me gasp. I had no idea why she was doing this, but I found I didn’t care as another kiss was planted on my chest. She didn’t touch me at all, other than with her lips. And each time it was in a different place. My chest, my back, my thigh then back up to my neck. After a few more randomly placed kisses, her nails began to trace lightly over my body. She sucked the finger of my right hand into her mouth and swirled it around. Her fingers traced down and around my now solid hard cock. She would trace the area around the base, yet never touch it.

Every time I moved my hips to attempt to make contact, she would pull iddaa siteleri her hand away. I had never been so turned on in my life. The sensation was ecstasy mixed with frustration. She popped my finger out of her mouth and began kissing down my chest. As she reached my stomach, I bit my lip.

As much confidence as I had in who I was, I had always been a bit self-conscious about my body. I wasn’t firm and flat, I had a little extra weight and it showed, especially around my stomach. Yet, she didn’t seem to care. She continued to kiss her way down to my left hip and across my stomach to the other hip. She dragged her nails down my thighs and up my calves. Kissing and caressing around my cock, yet still not touching it.

She saw my struggle to keep my hands placed at my side, and when it was close to the boiling point, she wrapped her mouth around my cock and took me completely inside. I moaned loudly as she brought her head off my cock to lick around the tip before engulfing it once again.

Her hands reached up and lightly tickled my ass, sending yet another shock through me. Her sucking reached a frenzied state as she played with my ass. I groaned as I felt my eruption building a moment before exploding. My knees threatened to buckle as she took pump after pump of my cum in her mouth. As I finished, I heard her lick her lips and sigh in satisfaction.

Her lips pressed against my ear and she whispered, “Don’t move.”

I stood there in a fog, waiting for what seemed like hours, wondering what she had in store for me next. The minutes passed, and nothing happened. I cautiously reached up and removed my blindfold. She was gone.

A note on her laptop was all that was left. I picked it up and read it.

It simply said “I’ll be back for the laptop.”

I shook my head, still in disbelief as to what happened. After getting a fresh pair of boxers on, I sat down to finish the cleanup of her computer. I smiled as the screen saver stopped. A video was playing. I saw myself standing naked in the middle of the living room as Cari, naked except for her knee high leather boots, began teasing my body.

I reached into my boxers as another twinge hit me. I knew at that moment it was going to be a very unproductive day.

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