Rachel Ch. 03

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Finally we both collapsed beside each other. Rachel curled up beside me and cupped my cock and balls in her hand. She started to slowly stroke my cock and I was amazed to see it slowly stir into life again. I could not believe what this woman could do for me. In only a moment my dick was fully engorged again. Rachel spat in her hand and lubed my cock with her saliva. She slowly stroked me up and down. The sensation was incredible.

“Rachel. What are you doing?”

“I want to see you come, Vince. I have felt it and it seems incredible. Now I want to see it. I want to see your juice leap from your hard cock.”

I couldn’t argue with that and leant in to suckle one of her pert little breasts. I stroked the other with my hand.

“Pull on them, Vince. Pull on my nipples.”

I pinched the one in my fingers and sucked hard on the one in my mouth.

“Oh, yeah – I like that. Harder.”

I pulled so hard that her breasts were lifted up off her body into pointy towers. I twisted the nipple in my fingers and Rachel groaned in approval. I nibbled on the one in my mouth almost to the point of biting it.

Rachel sat up and dripped saliva from her mouth onto her fast moving hand. She pumped me faster, and faster. I started to feel another orgasm starting low down in my belly.

“Ohh, Rachel, that is so good. You are so good at tugging my cock.”

She just increased the pace, and squeezed me tighter.

“Ohh, I’m getting close. Oh, yeah, I’m going to come soon.”

Rachel slowed her pumping right down but kept the pressure up on my cock. Slow hard strokes eventually pushed me up to a long, hard, intense orgasm. I arched my back and strained my muscles. “Arrrgh.” I groaned as my orgasm peaked and my first shot flew high into the air.

Rachel squealed in delight at seeing my come leap forth. Again cum squirted from my cock and Rachel exclaimed again.

“Oh, Vince, that is so cool. I love watching you come. At the party when you shot on my back it gave me shivers. It reached so high up my back. I when you came up my ass I could feel it shooting into me – you have such a powerful come.”

When I had finished coming I lay still panting. Rachel slid up beside me and kissed me right on the lips.

‘Oh shit, here it comes’ I thought. ‘You should leave you wife and stay with me and we can fuck like this all the time.’ I didn’t want to hear it.

I kissed Rachel back, hard, but briefly and went straight to the shower. I made sure to lock the door to the bathroom.

What was I doing? I had skipped out on work to fuck some girl I hardly know. I had cheated on my wife for the first time in our wonderful marriage – why? Why, Goddamn it?

My boss had been furious at me for disappearing for hours. Just stepped out for coffee and didn’t come back until late in the afternoon. I couldn’t hear him though. I was racked with guilt about what I had done to Laura. I knew how I would feel about her sleeping with other guys, and I was doing that to her. I hated myself. I didn’t know what to do.

I crept back into my house, reeking of guilt. I had gone to the gym and washed my cock over and over to get every last bit of Rachel off me. I didn’t know what to do. Laura and I had always been proud of how honest we were with each other. We believed that lying was the root of all evil, and that if we were open and free with each other, then we could overcome any problem. We believed that hiding problems only made them worse. But this was the first major test of our belief, and I was terrified. I called out for Laura, but she was not home. That was strange – she was usually home before me. I searched the house, but she was not there. There wasn’t a note or anything else either. I made myself a sandwich and sat down in front of the TV.

A few hours later, at about 10 o’clock, the phone rang.

“Hi Vince, baby.”

“Laura! I was worried about you.”

“I’ve been getting a surprise ready for you. I want you to come and meet me somewhere.”

She gave me the address and I left right away.

When I pulled up to the place I was bahis siteleri a little surprised. It wasn’t a cafe, or a club, or a shop – it was a residence. There was a big corvette in the driveway. Laura’s car was outside on the street. I parked behind her and went up to the front door.

I had to wait a moment before I could knock. I was confused, and scared, and I still felt very guilty. When the door was answered there was a tall muscular man with short blond hair. I was terrified – was this Laura’s lover? Was I here to be told that my marriage was a lie and that she had been cheating on me all this time? He told me his name but I couldn’t hear him. He invited me inside. Laura was in the lounge, standing with a drink in her hand.

“Vince, this is Steve.”

“Yeah, we just met.”

“Come here and give me a kiss, love.”

I went over to her and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. As I pulled away she grabbed me and kissed me again – hard, long, passionate. She gave me her ‘I want you’ eyes. I was so confused. She then looked puzzled.

“Is something wrong, love?”

“I just don’t understand.” I said. I couldn’t look her in the eye.

“Sit down, love. Sit with me.”

We all sat down. Steve handed me a drink – a martini. We sat there looking at each other for a while.

“I found Steve on the internet, Vince.” Laura finally said.

I looked at her, sad and unsure.

“I have been thinking about that night. The party at Johnny’s place.”

I looked over at Steve, did he know?

“The night that you fucked Rachel in the ass.” Laura said. I choked. I guess he knows now. “Do you remember when I asked you if you would do anything for me?” I looked at Laura; I couldn’t say anything for a moment.

“Do you want me to watch while you fuck Steve?” I asked.

Laura smiled and kissed me.

“You are sweet to offer, honey. But I want to watch YOU fuck Steve.”

That stopped me. I looked over at Steve and saw him smiling. Shit, he really wanted to fuck me. My wife has set me up with a gay guy. And I was worried about him fucking her. Shit, shit, shit.

“Come over here, Steve.”

Steve moved over to sit beside me. I was sandwiched between Laura and Steve.

“Shall I start things off?” Laura said. She put her drink down and knelt between my legs. She stroked my thighs and slowly undid my belt. I looked over at Steve. He was grinning widely. Laura unzipped my fly and pulled down my pants and boxers. My cock had already sprung to attention, damn-it. Laura gently held my cock in her hand and licked up the underside of my shaft, up to the head, which she kissed a few times before opening her mouth and taking me in. Oh, how much I loved the way Laura sucked my cock. I lay back and enjoyed it. Soon Laura let go and came up to kiss me on the mouth. She was hot and excited and I could taste my juices on her tongue. While we were kissing someone started sucking my cock. It took me a moment to realise that it must be Steve. I disengaged from Laura’s mouth and stared in shocked fascination as this guy. This big man slowly took my shaft in his mouth. Fuck, he was good at it though. I suppose no one knows how to please a cock like someone who owns a cock. Laura knelt down beside Steve and started licking my shaft on Steve’s up strokes. Soon he swapped with Laura and she sucked my tip while he licked my shaft. His stubbly chin scratched my belly – and I liked it. Then they both came to the tip and started kissing each other over my swollen knob. It was like a strange twist on a fantasy – two people sucking my cock – but one of them was a GUY!!!

Suddenly they stood up and Laura took me by my hands and made me stand too. She started taking my clothes off me as Steve undressed beside me. Once I was naked, Laura took her clothes off too. There we were, Steve’s cock sticking out, Laura’s beautiful breast and bum on display. Laura held my hand and took Steve’s hand in her other one. She kissed him on the lips, deeply, then turned and kissed me with the same intensity. Could I taste him? Laura went back and kissed Steve’s neck, then his canlı bahis siteleri shoulder. She turned him around and kissed his back, slowly moving down. When she got to his waist they both knelt down. She kissed his bum, she bit it a little, then he bent over and she licked his ass. She made long strokes with her tongue along his crack, then lingered over his tight little pucker. She swirled her tongue over his ass hole and slowly inserted her tongue in. I was staring in fascination – this was a highly erotic sight and my cock strained and oozed pre-come. My wife kept tonguing Steve’s ass until it was dripping wet. Still kneeling behind him, Laura turned to me, took hold of my dick and brought me over. She made me kneel beside her and pointed my dick at Steve’s ass. His bum was distinctly male, muscular and firm. I felt powerless to resist, the bulging tip of my cock slowly inching closer to his dripping ass. Laura crept around behind me and pushed me forward. The dick touched his skin – an electric shock ran through me and my own ass tightened. Laura took hold of my hips and made my dick run over Steve’s ass cheek, leaving a slimy trail of pre-cum which glistened in the light. The tip of my dick traced up to the top of Steve’s crack and then slowly down between his cheeks. Steve put his hands on his bum and pulled his cheeks apart exposing his brown eye. Very soon my dick touched his pucker, and it winked at me.

“Come on, Vince. You have know idea how exciting this is for me.” Laura said. “Do it for me. Stick your dick in him. Fuck his ass. Put on a show for me, love.”

I thought about how guilty I felt before and how much I had wanted Laura to be happy with me. I felt like Laura was black mailing me into doing this and I could not fight her.

I put my hands on Steve’s hips and started to push my cock into his ass. Very, very slowly. He opened for me and grunted as I slowly fed my cock into his ass. It did feel good though. Laura kept hold of my hips and started kissing my neck and shoulders. Eventually my cock was all the way inside him. He felt different from a girl, more muscular, and not as tight. His muscled buttocks were pressed against my pelvis.

“How are you doing, Steve?” I asked.

“God you’ve got a great cock, Vince.” he replied, his voice deep and resonate.

‘A pleasure to oblige’ I thought to myself.

“Go on now, honey.” Laura said. “Fuck him. Fuck him for me.”

I slowly withdrew my dick, and then gently reinserted it. Then again, a little faster.

Steve moaned in delight. “Oh yeah – that’s the shit. Give it to me you stud.”

It was bizarre to hear those kind of things in a man’s voice.

I picked up my rhythm and started bouncing my hips off his firm buttocks. Laura moved off to one side and left me to it. She sat down on a couch to watch us. To watch her husband fucking a man in the ass. She looked delighted.

I closed my eyes and got into what i was doing. I was really enjoying myself. Steve continued moaning.

“Oh yeah, like that, that feels good, keep going, yeah suck my cock.”

What was that?? I looked down and Laura was underneath Steve licking his cock head as I pounded his ass. She couldn’t keep hold of his dick as it moved back and forth with my thrusts, but he was getting a good cock licking, God yeah!

“Agh, oh, I’m getting close.” I said.

Laura jumped up “Stop, pull out of him!” she cried.

I stopped suddenly. What did she want?

She came up close to me and held me. She kissed my neck and my cheek.

“Vince, honey. I want Steve to fuck you now.”

I tensed up and stared at her right in the face.

“You want what??” I almost shouted.

“Vince. Listen to me. How can you keep on expecting people to take your dick in their ass, when you don’t know what it feels like to have a dick in your ass? You are being a bit of a hypocrite, love. But if after this, you still feel that the pleasure you get from it is worth the discomfort I get – then I’ll get you fuck my ass. How does that sound, honey.”

God, I loved this woman!! I pulled her in for a canlı bahis deep loving kiss.

“You are my world, Laura.”

“I love you too, Vince.”

We moved over to the couch. Steve held my arms as I nervously sat down. Laura and Steve kissed each other on the mouth, firmly, deeply. She then knelt in front of him and gave his dick a quick fluffing. She ten moved over and started licking my ass. She didn’t slowly move in – she just stuck her mouth over my ass-hole and stuck her tongue in. It felt amazing. My dick sprang to full attention and rubbed against the couch cushion. She rimmed me all around until I started to relax. Steve came over and started fingering my ass with one large, spit covered finger. Oh, it felt great! In and out and all over – I was loving this. Soon he replaced his finger with two. That started to really stretch me, it was a bit uncomfortable.

“Wow, Vince.” Laura said. “You have no idea how awesome it is to watch you get your ass fingered. It’s beautiful.”

I lay my head down on the couch, hugged the cushion and tried to relax. Tried to let more of this man’s fingers inside of me. Steve started to curl his fingers and increased the pressure on my prostate – it felt like there was someone inside of my cock pushing out.

“Orghhh.” I groaned. There was a wet patch on the couch under my dick that I was slipping over as I moved back and forth.

“Okay Vince, are you ready?” Steve asked.

I waited a moment. Was I really going to do this? I felt obliged, but also intrigued. Rachel seemed to genuinely love getting fucked anally. Steve seemed to enjoy it. Could I like this too?? But I was scared.

“All right Steve. I’m ready.”

Steve moved his cock over to my wet, waiting pucker and placed his head against me. I buried my head in the cushion and bit down on it. Steve started to push, I expended and let him in. I opened, and was stretched, and still it kept on coming in. It felt like someone was shoving a baseball up my ass. Then he was finally in. ‘Wow, I though, I took a whole dick in my ass.’

“Okay, Vince.” said Laura “He’s got his cock head in you.”

‘Fuuuuuck!’ I thought. Just his head? I had the rest of his shaft to get in me!

“Are you ready for more?” Steve asked.

I was still biting onto the cushion. I just nodded my head.

Steve started pushing more, things move much easier to begin with then suddenly I felt too stretched.

“Argh. Stop.” I cried out. I took a few deep breaths. “I just need a moment.” I focused on my breathing and tried to relax and accommodate Steve’s mighty wood. I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath, as if my lungs were constricted. A moment later I told Steve to keep going.

Laura got down beside me. “I love you so much for doing this, honey.” she said and kissed my cheek and neck. I was back biting the cushion. Then she got down under me. She kissed and sucked on my nipples, then my belly, then grabbed hold of my throbbing dick.

Steve finally bottomed out. I could feel his pubes brushing against my crack. He held my hips and pulled me against him.

Laura spat in her hand and lubed up my cock, then started pumping furiously on it.

“Go on, Vince. Come for me with a dick up you ass. Tell me what it feels like.”

She just got mumbles of approval through the cushion.

I was already very close and before long I was yelling my orgasm and squirting thick white come into Laura’s hand.

“Fuck I love to watch you come.” she said.

Before the first wave of my orgasm was over Steve started fucking my ass. No slow build up, just firing away on all cylinders. I was very relaxed after coming and just held onto the couch as he pumped away. It did feel good though.

Shortly Steve started to slow and tense up. I knew he was going to come. He kept pushing into me deeply and didn’t seem likely to stop. Then all of a sudden he pulled out and started furiously jacking his dick. I span around in rapt fascination, I wanted to see him come. Laura and I weren’t disappointed. Steve grunted deeply and roared as he fired off his first volley. The white stream reached as high as his shoulders and arched across the room, followed quickly by a second one, and a third. Steve then collapsed back on the carpet panting.

I turned to Laura and we smiled at each other.

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