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Warning: The following story contains themes of opposite sex exploration by a gay couple. If this is not something you would like to read about, then don’t read any further.


I can’t believe how much into it he looks. His long, thick cock sinking all the way into her depths, over and over. His whole body was tense, his cheeks were flushed, his mouth agape, as he grunts and groans, his eyes fixed onto hers. I’m ashamed to say, I don’t ever think I’ve seen him quite so aroused during sex as he seemed to be right this moment.

It had just been a joke at first. Well, not exactly, but I don’t think I had been completely serious when I suggested it to him. It had been something flirting at the back of my mind for a little while.

I’d read something online about a gay couple who had added a third partner into their relationship – a female. They now considered themselves a ‘throuple’, and said they were having the best sex of their lives.

At first I scoffed, and even felt a little offended by it. They were gay after all, what could a female possibly have to offer a gay couple?

But a small part of me started to wonder.

The more I thought about it, the more I found myself getting turned on by the concept. I’d never slept with a woman before. Both Nick and I were full virgins when it came to the opposite sex. I’m not sure why the idea had grown to arouse me so much.

I mentioned the story to Nick, and told him what I thought about it. bursa yabancı escort It was just as shocking to find that he’d liked the idea of it too.

So here we were a few weeks later. A young woman named Rebecca had taken us up on our offer, after we’d advertised online, seeking a female who was open to the idea of allowing a middle aged, curious gay couple a chance to experiment with them. She had quickly responded to our ad because she’d long fantasized about spending some ‘intimate time’ with a gay couple too.

At first we were going to have a threesome, all three of us together. But Nick had suggested that our first time experimenting with Rebecca should be one on one, to get the full, undiluted experience of having sex with a woman.

Initially, I was a little reluctant, because I wanted to share the special experience with him. In the end we compromised, and between us we agreed that one of us could stay in the room, while the other one was with Rebecca.

What was even more of a surprise to me was just how much Nick was really into the idea. When I had first suggested it to him, I had expected him to turn me down point blank. Being a gay man with no history with women, I didn’t expect him for a moment to seriously consider it.

What I found instead was Nick being highly excited by it. The last couple of days before our engagement with Rebecca, it was the only thing that he would talk about.

I hadn’t really bursa sınırsız escort given it a lot of thought to how it was all going to go down that evening. I assumed we’d just go with the flow once she was here. But then Nick had insisted on being the first one of us with her. I think I’d be feeling a little perturbed by his eagerness, if I wasn’t also a little excited, too.

The photo she’d attached with her reply, had us excited even more. Nick and I made love that night, imagining her with us in bed.

She had shoulder length, straight, glossy brown hair, striking blue eyes, with full pink lips, and such a pretty face. Nick and I couldn’t wait to find out what the rest of her looked like too.

Nick wasted little time when the moment arrived and we welcomed her into our home. After a couple of glasses of wine, and polite introductions, at Nick’s persistence, we made our way up the stairs and into our bedroom.

I was sitting on the chair across the room as I watched them going at each other like long lost lovers. Their movements unrestrained and urgent. I must have been the furthest thing from my boyfriend’s mind, he didn’t look my way once as he groped, stroked and licked her all over, with Rebecca encouraging him on with her own soft moans.

And now, here was my boyfriend sinking deep into her warm silky depths, with such an hungry look on his face, making deep, animalistic groans I’d never heard him making before.

I görükle escort wondered what the neighbors must be thinking, with Nick’s loud groaning, and our headboard repeatedly hitting the bedroom wall as he slammed into her body.

On any other night, they might have assumed it was me that he was pounding, but I think Rebecca’s high-pitched whining would confuse them greatly. I’m sure the noise the two were making would give our neighbors a lot to gossip about.

Nick’s movements increased even more in speed. He was now thrusting into her warm, soft folds with everything he had to give, and her vocal responses only grow louder in return.

A few moments later and Rebecca’s whole body tensed up and she locked her legs around his waist, pulling Nick’s body firmly into hers. And she began to climax with his hard inches still deep inside her.

Her clutching pussy must have been doing a whole lot of something to Nick, too, because he began to curse and groan, and then all of a sudden he tensed up as well, and he began firing shot after shot of cum inside her.

Both of their orgasms seemed to go on and on, I don’t think I’ve ever known Nick cum for quite so long. Maybe twenty seconds had passed before their bodies began to relax again, and they became unglued from each other.

Nick bent down to kiss Rebecca deeply. It was another good minute or so before the two sweaty bodies broke apart and Nick pulled himself up off of her. I heard a small ‘plopping’ sound as his long soapy dick slipped out of her cream-filled pussy.

He stood up tall, and I glanced down and saw his dick, still at half-mast, all shiny and slick. He smirked at me before leaving the bedroom. I guess he didn’t care to stick around and stay with me as I took my turn with her.

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