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Disclaimer: This file contains depictions of sexual acts with a preteens boy and should not be read by minors or by anyone where it is prohibited by the laws of their state or country. 

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Red Day

                                                by Sam The Ham



I was in my garage working on an old clock on a surprisingly warm spring day. My garage had ceased to be a place for my car long ago. It had been taken over by my side business of making and repairing clocks. The repairing part was easy if somebody wanted to pay for it, but what I liked was making the clocks. I got a lot of work from Steampunk enthusiasts. People who like the aesthetic of Steampunk but lack the talent or time to do much with it. The garage door was open, which meant some leaves would sweep in with the wind from time to time. I enjoyed the fresh air. It was also why I didn”t hear James come in until he spoke.

“Good morning Mr. Robinson.”

I twisted at the unexpected noise, while finishing placing the gear in place.

“It”s Chris, James. Just call me Chris.” I had been trying to get him to use my first name for a while now. My success varied. By the time I turned around, I could see he was feeling down today. “I don”t have any work for you today.”

The twelve-year-old just walked up to my bench and took a seat on the other stool before folding his arms and resting his head upon them. His long reddish hair hid his face momentarily before he turned. His smile was weak and forced. “I just wanted to say hi.”

It didn”t take a rocket scientist to see the kid was upset. I had known him vaguely for several years now. It wasn”t until the last year we had become familiar mainly because of my broken leg. Officially he had to come around to help at least in part to fulfill a community service assignment, but that had been in part an excuse. His real reason was I was openly gay. Of course, my leg had healed long ago. He still came around for the jobs which he always refused payment for, but I always insisted.

“What”s wrong?” I asked, reaching for a rag to clean my hands.

One of his hands reached out and started absent-mindedly playing with a loose gear, rolling it on the counter. “I don”t want to talk about it.”

A typical teenage answer and a year ahead of schedule. “Right, I”m sure everything is fine.”

James tipped the little gear over before picking it up and placing it in one of the containers. “Can I have a red day?”

I raised an eyebrow at that, but he seemed down. “Do you have the time?”

“My dad knows I”m here. He doesn”t mind me hanging out here. He likes you, just told me not to bother you if you”re busy and be home for dinner.”

“I see. All right, give me a minute to get things ready.” I smiled and pointed at an antique mantle clock I had been working on earlier. “Give me two minutes. That”s when the big hand moves twice.”

“I have a phone.” His tone was flat, not rising to the teasing in my tongue.

“Yes, I know, the art of reading a real clock is a dying one.” There was no come back to that one, and as I made my way to the door that led into the house, the garage door started to close. Taking off my shoes I headed to the second floor where my bedroom was. Everything I needed was in a box. Grabbing it, I headed back downstairs, taking a minute to try to get into character before the door open.

As James walked in, I immediately snapped at him. “Why are you wearing clothing? You know that”s not permitted!”

For a second, James seemed a bit surprised, but he straightened and started kicking off his shoes even as he pulled off his shirt.

“I”m sorry sir. It”s cold in the garage.”

“That”s not an excuse. You will be punished for that.” As I spoke his clothing was ümitköy escort going everywhere and in short order, he was naked. “Pick up your stuff and don”t make a mess of my place.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” I watched as the now naked boy gathered up his clothing and open the closet placing it all in a box I kept there for that purpose. We didn”t do this every time, but we had enough safety words and signals that we were both comfortable with it.

“On your knees and give me your report. How many cocks have you sucked this week?”

The redhead got on his knees placing his hands on the back of his head, his legs were spread and his balls dangling between them. He would have had hair if he didn”t shave it off.

“The catcher found out about me. He said he would keep my secret if he could have my butt.”

“I own your ass.” I interrupted him loudly.

“Yes, sir you do. It”s only for you. I told him I couldn”t do that, but I would suck him off.”

“That”s a good boy. I hope he accepted?”

“He did, but without giving up my butt he told everyone on the team. Now I must suck them all out after practice. I get down on my knees in the locker room and wait for them to finish changing. They come over one by one, all ten of them! Three days a week. I used to be the start pitcher, now I”m the team”s official cock sucker!”

“Thirty boys a week, that”s almost your record there. Anyone else?” Of course, baseball season had ended over a month ago. The only true thing to that story was that he was a star pitcher. Still, the story was getting him hard and it was doing the same for me.

“Yes, sir. Craig the first baseman invited me over for a sleepover. I knew I”d be sucking more, but I thought it would only be me and another kid. I forgot he had two brothers and I had to suck them. One of them is two years younger than me.”

I knew he threw that detail in there for me. “So, thirty-four boys, that ties your record.”

“It was more sir; at the sleepover I did several of them multiple times. I”m sorry I lost count.”

“Then they don”t count, do they?”

“No, sir. I was only able to tie my record. I”m sorry.”

“Guess there”s no getting out of punishment then.” I hesitated a second not sure what to do next.  I decided to stick my arm straight out and dump the contents of the box right in front of him. “Put those on.”

Leather straps with stainless steel rings clattered to the floor. Sometimes I like to put them on myself, but today I figured I could watch him scramble to do so. His erection was straight up now, untouched but incredibly hard and he did his best to attach the straps to his wrists and ankles. Once all four were on, he reached for the ball gag putting it in his mouth and tightening it in place. There was a little breathing in the ball that produced a little whistle with every breath.

“Breathe through your nose and head upstairs!”

The redhead placed his hand on the floor and immediately started crawling. Walking behind him, it was cute to see his butt wiggle back and forth especially when I was going up the stairs. James didn”t climb onto the bed but moved to sit at the foot of it. I could tie him up several ways here. There was, of course, the bed which offered several options. However, there was also a block and tackle dangling from the ceiling permanently. When I went to the closet to retrieve the rope, I knew what I was going to do. In addition to the rope, I retrieved the little paddle a little bigger than a ping pong ball one with no holes drilled in it. He was still twelve.

“Stand up,” I said coming back from the closet holding the two items, letting him see them. I could see the redhead”s eyes widen and showing off their beautiful green color. Of course, he immediately stood up.

Placing the paddle on the bed I turned him around and tilted his head down to make sure he was looking at it as I secured him in place. The foot of the bed offered several points to tie him avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort up. I didn”t pick the farthest away. Instead, I went for one of about halfway from the center. There were two ridges on either side of it which would prevent the rope from sliding to the right or the left. Soon both of his arms were secured. I moved his feet together and tied his ankles together. I left a rather long piece of rope behind. Then I reached for the paddle.

“Let”s see here, you only tied your record at cock sucking. That requires quite a paddling and you dared to walk in wearing clothing so that”s another five. And since that”s two punishments, we”ll add another two. 12, which is your age, isn”t it?”

James nodded. I knew his answer to be a signal to pull it back a little.

I took my time lining up. Placing the paddle on his right cheek I held it there for a second slowly changing the angle, letting the tension build. Pulling it back I count to three in my head and brought it down just on the right cheek. James jumped and his fist tightened. The next one landed on his left cheek before I went back to the right aiming the blow up a little higher and then a little lower never quite hitting in the same spot twice.

After twelve smacks, I let the paddle drop to the floor and took a second to admire the pale cheeks now a shade of red. James had pale skin, so it was showing off that nice red color. Without saying anything I place a hand on the back of the boy”s neck forcing him to bend down onto the bed before reaching between his legs and cupping his balls. Picking him up, I rolled him over onto the bed. He didn”t make a complete flip as I grabbed the excess rope holding his ankles together.

Wrapping the rope around the foot of the bed left James with his ass in the air. His knees were not tied together, which allowed him to spread them. I made sure he was settled in before finally retreating to the closet to retrieve one more item.

The item was about as long as my hand with a handle. It had a series of balls starting at pea-size to double in size where it reached the hilt. I applied to lubricant with one finger taking my time but being generous with it.

I was pulled from that task when I heard a slight tapping. Quickly looking over at James, I noticed he was tapping one of his fingers against the palm of his left hand. It was one of the signals. Not to stop, but there was a problem there. As I got closer, it was evident that the strap hat twisted a little on the flip. I loosened it briefly before securing it. Getting a thumbs up from the boy, I picked the toy back up again this time showing it to him.

I didn”t say anything. Judging by the way he wiggled, I could tell he was excited. Holding it like a dagger, I moved the thing to his butt. The first ball went in smoothly, followed by the second. After that, I needed to put a little more force behind it. Soon I had it all the way in and I pulled it out and then back in several times.

After a good minute of this, I finally pulled it out and let it fall to the floor. I was still fully clothed, my erection straining against my pants. Undoing my belt, I pushed down everything just far enough, freed my erection and let my balls out. Walking around the bed, I crawled onto the bed and over to James. His ass was so inviting. The lubrication was enough I thought, and I carefully aligned myself up at his slightly stretched hole.

Looking down, I made eye contact with the boy before my eyes quickly glanced at his hands. If they were opening and closing, it was a sign to stop, but they were clenched tightly anticipating the penetration. I leaned over placing my hands on the railing of the board and raised myself just a bit more before letting gravity do the work and sinking inside of him. He wiggled, enjoying it loving it even if it was painful. I gave him a few seconds to feel me inside of him, letting him enjoy that full feeling urfa escort when somebody is inside of you. Then I started pumping up and down, sliding in and out feeling his tight passage around my cock.

James had been hard throughout and as I thrust into him, I saw him start to cum. The angle was perfect. The load landed on his face just a little above his chin. Some of it was on his lower lip. I could see it slide down the ball gag.

That wasn”t enough to get him soft. He usually required at least two orgasms. I was more than happy to pound another one out of him. I could see his shoulders pinned down on the bed, temporarily causing a depression in the bed. Then I released the pressure, pulling out and letting him have a bit of air. I kept going, feeling my climax starting to build.

I felt him start to tense up again. His second load was building. That gave me more than enough to fire. I was deep inside of him when I released and that was where I stayed until I finished shooting my load. James” second load landed on his chest quickly sliding down towards his neck. I stayed in until I was soft. Even then pulling out it felt like his body was only reluctantly letting me go.

Of course, my jizz wasn”t too far behind. It reminded me of those baking soda and vinegar volcano a bit. I kept a roll of toilet paper by the bed and managed to catch it all before it made a mess. I started to untie James, letting his legs down first and then freeing his mouth. I didn”t let any of his cum go to waste scooping it up and feeding it to him. This produce a little smile from James. Finally, I freed his wrist and lay down next to him.

He rolled over slightly snuggling onto my shoulder. one of his hands went to my chest over my shirt I placed a hand on top of it letting a single finger trace one of his knuckles.

“You got to tell me what”s wrong now?” I asked after some time past.

“Mac and I got into a fight,” James said in a low tone.

Mac was his current crush unrequited, of course. “What was it about?”

The redhead was silent for about a half a minute. He just snuggled closer. “He was making fun of another kid. He”s a dancer. He was practicing during lunch. Mac and Alex started making fun of him. The kid couldn”t hear them, but they called him a fag, and I got upset.”

I didn”t know Mac. James had shown me a few photos of him taken on his phone, and he was cute. This wasn”t the first time he seemed to have been a problem. “What? Did you tell him to stop and he asked why?”

“Something like that. I don”t remember how exactly it happened, but I told him to shut up and he told me to piss off.”

Listening to that I pondered a bit before giving my answer. “He could have just been trying to sound funny, encouraged by that other kid he was talking to.”


I could hear the doubt in his voice. “Of course, maybe he”s just a jerk. I”m sure you can find better friends.” That last part had a bit of history behind it. James had always been on the quiet side; I don”t think he ever had that many friends.

“Finding friends isn”t easy. Maybe he”ll forget about it tomorrow. It”s not the first time we fought.” His voice sounded a little doubtful.

Slowly I got up, propping myself up on an elbow so I could look into his eyes. “James, you and I just had a lot of fun. In case you forgot, though, that”s largely because you push for it. I know it would be hard making new friends, but if you hadn”t pushed for more and more stuff, we wouldn”t have done this today. You”re braver than you think you are. Maybe Mac was just running his mouth or maybe you need to rethink your friends. Being cute only goes so far.”

James bit his lower lip; it was a sign he was thinking about it. “Maybe.”

Leaning down I kissed him on the cheek. “Maybe, you think about it. Think about what”s best for you. He doesn”t know how you feel about that word, but somebody who knows what they want shouldn”t just be limited to the bedroom.”

With that said, I settled back down. We laid there for another ten minutes and didn”t say much. Eventually, I got out of bed and retrieved James”s clothing for him. He didn”t tell me what he was going to do about Mac, but I knew I would hear about it eventually. Some things take time.


The End.Comments are welcomed at: samtheham2235 _at_ ail

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