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Amy stepped wearily onto the airplane. She was returning home after attending a work conference in San Diego. It had been a very busy weekend, and she was more than a little disappointed that she hadn’t been able to visit any of the local adult establishments. To make matters worse, her last meeting had extended well past its expected finishing time, and she was forced to reschedule her return flight to a 11:45 boarding time.

“If it’s any consolation, ma’am,” the ticket attendant had told her over the phone, “the flight is nearly empty so you’ll have plenty of peace and quiet!”

At that very moment, Amy wondered how hard it would be to reach through the phone and strangle the smile off the bitch’s face.

As she walked down the aisle, Amy began to wonder if her choice of clothing was a good one. Figuring that she would be almost alone, Amy chose to wear a cotton t-shirt and her most comfortable jogging pants. Her hair was being held up in a hair tie, and she opted for the makeup free look. This is a hot look, she mumbled to herself with a chuckle as she inspected herself in the hotel mirror before departing.

Amy placed her carry-on bag into the luggage compartment and dropped down into the middle seat of the aisle. She had chosen an aisle near the very back of the plane, and it appeared as though the closest passenger was going to be several rows ahead. She fastened her seatbelt, then closed her eyes, hoping to get to sleep before the plane lifted off. Her sleep was interrupted however by a light tap on her knee. She opened her eyes and looked up to find a young man, perhaps in his early twenties.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but would you mind if I sat in the seat next to you?”

Amy looked around the cabin, noticing that several seats were available throughout the plane.

“Uh, there’s plenty of seats available you know.”

He let out a sheepish grin and said “I know ma’am, and I really hate to bother you. It’s just that I’m not a big fan of flying, and I think I’d feel a whole lot better if I were sitting with company.”

Amy rolled her eyes at his request. That has to be the cheesiest pick-up line I’ve ever heard, she thought to herself.

“Well, I suppose it’s ok.”

“Thank you very much! I promise not to be a bother.”

The young man sat down next to her and introduced himself.

“Hello, my name is Steven.”

“Hello, I’m Amy.”

Amy closed her eyes again, trying to drift off to sleep.

A moment later, the jolting of the plane as it backed from the terminal jarred her awake.

For fucks sake. I wish the bar was open in the terminal. I could’ve used a Jameson before I got on. Amy thought to herself.

The attendant, an older woman with silver hair and too much makeup on, stood in front of the passengers and gave the mandatory preflight speech.

Blah blah blah, seats upright, yeah, flotation device. We’re flying over the continental United States! What do I need a flotation device for?

Before finishing her presentation, the attendant announced that since this was the last leg of their flight, they were running short on some luxury items, namely blankets. Looking to her left, Amy noticed that Steven had his vent open full blast. She felt the cold air gliding along her chest, causing her nipples to harden.

Oh, I better get a blanket quick then.

As soon as she could, Amy got the attention of the attendant and requested one of the few remaining blankets. The attendant returned a moment later and handed it to her with a smile. Amy unfolded the blanket and placed it over her lap. A passing light on the runway outside caught her eye, and as she looked through the window she noticed that Steven was glancing at her through the corner of his eye. Looking down she realized that the cotton shirt kaçak iddaa she had chosen to wear was not doing nearly a good enough job of concealing her erect nipples.

Amy started to pull the cover up over her shoulders, but then she paused.

Fuck it. He wants to look at them? He can look at them.

She reached up and turned off her overhead light, then opened her air vent just slightly, adjusting it so that the cold air blew straight down the front of her shirt. Her nipples responded by trying to pierce their way through her shirt. Amy laid her head back and drifted off to sleep as the plane began its takeoff.

A small jolt of turbulence shook Amy awake. She opened her eyes to find that almost everyone on the plane was asleep. Only a single overhead light was on, and it was in the second row, far ahead of her. Leaning out towards the aisle, she could see the attendant sitting in her chair up front. Her head was back and her mouth was open. She was very asleep. Settling back into her seat, she took the opportunity to look over her seat partner.

Steven was also sound asleep, his head buried in the corner of his seat.

He was an attractive man, with straight brown hair that just passed the collar of his shirt. He had a mustache and a slight beard, and both were well maintained. He wore a button-down shirt and faded jeans. A nice bulge in his pants showed her that he would rank an above average in the endowment category. Another thing that caught her attention was the fact that he was shivering. She looked up and saw that he had already closed his air vent, but her vent was open.

She had fallen asleep while teasing him with her nipples, and being a gentleman, he never reached up and turned hers off. Amy picked up the blanket she was using, and spread it over his lap as well.

Might as well be hospitable.

She adjusted herself in the seat, then leaned it back as far as it could go before she closed her eyes.

It only took a moment before Amy opened her eyes again, but this time she looked down. Steven’s right hand was under the blanket, and it was resting on her thigh. Not only was he resting it on her thigh, but he was squeezing it gently. Taken aback by this new development, Amy’s mind began to spin.

Do I slap his hand?

Do I move it?

Instead, she did the farthest thing from it. She eased herself down further in the seat, and spread her legs open more.

Steven recognized what she had done, and his hand moved quickly up her leg, stopping at the top of her jogging pants. Steven took hold of the string cinching the pants closed, and tugged on it until the knot came loose. He then slid his hand down the front of her pants and slid his large finger deep into her now wet pussy.

Amy let out a slight whimper, and her eyes opened wide at the feeling of her pussy being filled. Quickly she scanned the plane to see if her noise had attracted any new attention. No one stirred. Relieved, she settled back into her seat and looked at Steve.

His eyes were still closed.

His finger slid slowly out of her pussy, then quickly he slid it back in, this time with more force. Amy bit down on her upper lip to stifle the moan. The taste of blood on her tongue told her that she bit down harder than she thought. She brought her hands down to the arm rests on either side of her, and she squeezed them tightly.

Steven continued to work his finger in and out of her pussy. After a moment he slid a second finger into her. Amy brought her chin to her chest, her eyes tightly closed, and she gripped harder on the armrests, her knuckles now turning white.

Steven worked his fingers in and out of her pussy with a steady rhythm, and the wetness in her pussy began to make a slight sucking sound with every thrust. Amy continued kaçak bahis to grind her hips against his fingers, and her climax began to take shape.

The feeling began at the base of her toes as a slight tingle. Goosebumps formed at the base of her scalp, and her breathing began to quicken. She opened her eyes momentarily and found that they had still not attracted any attention. A quick scan to her left found Steven still sitting there with his eyes closed.

The sensations began to move up and down her body, and Amy began to pant at this new feeling.

Steven’s two fingers were curled in an upward position, and every thrust in or out brought direct pressure onto Amy’s hypersensitive G-spot. Every contact of his fingers at her core felt like an electric shock that brought increasing levels of pleasure to her being.

The wave worked its way down her chest, causing her nipples to become so erect that it caused slight pain. The other sensation worked its way up her leg, passing the knees and causing a slight tickling sensation that made her curl her toes. They wouldn’t uncurl until she had cum.

Amy’s breathing increased and her vision began to blur. This sensation was so new, so intense, and she began to experience a sensation of filling in her lower abdomen.

Her knuckles cracked at the force of her squeezing the arm rests.

Amy arched her back and let her head drift back until she was almost looking directly behind her. A few thrusts later, the two sensations met.

The orgasm that had been building in her body hit her with a force like two opposing waves crashing into each other at the beach. Her pussy clenched hard onto his fingers, but he continued to work the tips over her spot.

When the second wave hit her, Amy thought that she was pass out.

The third wave was more intense that any sensation she had ever experienced. As she released the grip on his fingers, a sudden gush of liquid poured out of her. This was repeated over the next three waves.

Holy shit. Holy shit. He just made me fucking squirt.

Steven stopped moving his hand in her pants. Amy slowly came down from her cloud of pleasure.

Still panting, she looked over at him. He was still lying there with his eyes closed.

She looked down at her pants.

It looked as though someone had poured a bucket of water in her lap. She pulled the blanket off of them and attempted to hide the sight in case someone got up.

Amy looked over and saw that his cock was obviously very hard in his pants. Looking around again, she made sure the coast was clear, then she shifted her body to the side and lifted the arm rests.

She reached down and quickly unbuckled his jeans and pulled down his zipper. Amy pulled his cock out of his underwear, and she was not disappointed with what lay before her. Steven was easily 8 inches, and slightly narrower than a normal cock.

Taking one last look around, Amy bent down and took Steven’s cock into her mouth. Steven didn’t say a word, but the slow exhalation through his nose told her that he was very congenial with what she was doing. She took him as deep into her mouth as she could, then she applied a hard suction and pulled her head back up. Her hand gripped his cock below her lips, and it followed her up, stroking him tightly. She quickly sucked him back down deeper, then began a steady motion with her lips and tongue up and down his cock. Steven’s breathing began to get quicker, and he soon began letting out deep sighs through his mouth. One of his hands rest itself on top of her head, while the other massaged her back and shoulders.

Amy sucked Steven’s cock with a hunger that had been building within her since the day she landed in San Diego. Her head rocked up and down on his cock, and her tongue swirled illegal bahis around the head. Her hand continued its steady rhythm of stroking him, and she could feel the fingers on her head began to grip tighter. He closed his fingers and had a large section of her hair in his hand. This caused her to work his cock into her mouth even harder. Steven began to thrust his hips up to meet the stroke of her hand. But still he made almost no sound.

She felt the grip on her hair grow tighter, and his other hand came to rest on the nape of her neck.

Steven thrust his hips to meet her one final time, then his entire body tensed as he began to cum.

Amy recognized the sudden swelling of the head of his cock, and she quickly took him as deep into her mouth as she dared. The first spurt of cum to shoot into her mouth was hot, thick and sweet. The second spurt was larger than the first. Time after time she felt his cock spasm as he emptied his balls into her throat. Amy swallowed greedily, wanting every last drop.

When he finally subsided his orgasm, Steven relaxed back into his chair. Amy continued to keep his cock in her mouth, and she began the process of licking him clean. She didn’t want to miss a drop. She ran her tongue from top to bottom, side to side, and even took care of the small amount that had escaped he lips and was resting on his balls.

When she was satisfied with her work, she lifted her head up, letting his nearly limp cock fall out onto his lap. Using her fingers to clean around her lips, Amy stood up and opened the overhead compartment. She grabbed her carry on back and proceeded the few steps back to the lavatory. Once inside she removed her soiled clothes and replaced them with fresh, clean ones. She took a small garbage bag out of her case and placed her wet clothes inside. Looking herself over in the mirror, she ensured that she didn’t miss any cum that might have found its way onto her chin or neck. No, she had drained him thoroughly.

Unlocking the door, she made her way back to her seat. Looking at Steven, it appeared as though nothing had ever happened. His cock was back in his pants, everything was zipped up, and by all accounts he appeared to be asleep again. Amy sat in the aisle seat this time. Her seat was soaked. She closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful, satisfied sleep.

Amy got up from her seat quickly when the fasten seatbelt light came off. She opened the overhead compartment and took down her case. As she turned to walk down the aisle, she looked back at her companion.

Steven yawned as he stretched his arms high above him. When he was finished, he brought his arms down and looked at Amy. The only hint of anything was a smile that formed on his lips.

Doug was waiting for Amy as she exited the tunnel. He took her case from her and greeted her with a hug and a long, full kiss on the lips. Amy brought her head down onto his chest as she hugged him back. Then Doug said something that caught her completely off guard.



Doug momentarily broke his contact with Amy to shake Steven’s hand.

“How the hell are ya?”

“I’m great! How are you?”

“Same here! What are you doing in town?”

“I’m here for a business meeting. I’ll be here most of the week.”

Doug was beaming. “Honey, this is Steven. Steven, this is my wife Amy.”

Steven took Amy’s hand and shook it. A slight blush appeared on her cheeks.

“So, buddy; where are you staying?” Doug asked.

“I don’t know, some hotel by the hospital.” Steven replied.

“Oh, fuck that. We have an extra room. Come stay with us!”

Steven looked at Amy and said “Well, only if your wife says it’s ok.”

“I don’t mind at all, honey.”

“It’s settled then!” Doug exclaimed. “Come on, let’s go get your bags.”

The trio turned and walked toward the escalator. As they began to descend to the next level, Amy turned her head to Doug.

“Honey, you’re not going to believe what happened to me.”

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