Research Thesis in the Forest

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Aditya sliced a triangular piece of cheese masala omelette from his plate and placed it in his mouth. He bit into his buttered toast and sipped from a glass of cool watermelon juice. In India, it was a delicacy to add some masala, red chilly powder and finely chopped pieces of green chilly to a cheese omelette. Watermelon juice was the freshest and most organic in these parts of the country. This was standard fare breakfast for Aditya since the past week.

The weather was rather cold and tourists wore sweaters or jackets. Some wore woollen caps to cover their ears as well. Children flocked around equally excited parents, in anticipation of their elephant ride. The 1 hour elephant ride was the most coveted part of a 2 or 3 hour tour in the Wildlife Sanctuary situated in South India. It was coveted because they promised a sighting of the Majestic Indian Tiger..

The Wildlife Sanctuary, spread over 600 square miles of forest reserve in the Southern Indian state of Karnataka, is known for its large population of tigers. It was once the private hunting ground of the King of Mysore. Apart from tigers it is also home to elephants, spotted deer, bison, antelopes and numerous other native species. It forms the largest habitat of wild elephants in Southeast Asia.

Aditya was a zoologist by education, and had written his bachelor’s thesis on the relation between stagnant water and animal health in man made forest reserves. Aditya always believed he belonged with nature and studying wild ecosystems would be his calling. Soon after he finished his master’s degree, he had undertaken to complete his doctorate, in forest ecosystems by doing a research thesis.

Through a friend’s recommendation he had tied up with National Geographic Channel. They promised to fund his thesis, if he brought them quality video footage and helped direct a TV show on functioning of these eco systems on their channel. Aditya had just what he wanted. He had then purchased very expensive high quality photography equipment for wild life photography. He had trained with national geographic for 6 months before beginning his research.

This wildlife sanctuary was the 3rd reserve for his research. His target was to study about 8 or 10. He would visit any reserve about thrice a year during different seasons. He would stay sometimes for weeks at length. At this reserve, he had another 3 weeks to go and it was winter.

Aditya’s father was a high ranking government official and his contacts had been useful to obtain permissions for Aditya to stay and take photographs in the wild, even at night. Aditya would stay over in the forest sometimes to observe behaviours of animals. The forest ranger, his dad’s closest friend from school, had taught him how to use a shotgun and had given him one too, for defence if it came to that..

Aditya finished his routine heavy breakfast and got into the open-air, 4 wheel drive, rough terrain vehicle with a high suspension. It was specially designed for forest officials to deviate from human paths in the forest. It was dirty green in colour and covered with thick layer of reddish dust. They kept it that way for camouflage. It didn’t have luxurious interiors or air conditioners or a music system. Aditya never cared for these pleasures anyway. He was happy the machine was powerful, could handle uneven terrain and had enough space for him to load equipment and food. There were 8 of these and another 10 look-alike SUVs to take tourists on one of the 6 motorable trails through the forest. Those for tourists were ordinary sports utility vehicles.

Aditya exchanged pleasantries with Sam. It was 6.45 am. Sam was from Bangalore and was the care taker of 4 zones of the reserve. His job was to drive and walk through the forest, keep watch, help in census, look for poachers, fire, disease etc. Aditya had established camp about a mile away from the watering hole of the zone where many animals from the forest came for a drink. Water reserves were the best places for research of ecosystems. His high zoom lens and binoculars afforded him the view from a distance. His low illumination video recorder was also set up here, which he would now rewind and study.

Sam made small talk as they started off along one of the trails. They would drive in the mud, off the road for about 6 miles. Sam mentioned he was to ferry a group of 4 students along one of the trails the next morning, on special request from the head of the forest department. Aditya poked fun at him. He called Sam a Forest ranger who doubles as a tour guide. He raised protective hands to shield himself from Sams playful punch.

Sam picked up Aditya from his post after his evening round and they came back to the residential area of the reserve. They entered the rangers office and Sam introduced Aditya to the zoology students that he was going to guide into the forest the next day.

“Oh My God, Is that you Aadi?”

Aditya heard someone exclaim these words from amongst the group. Suddenly recognition bahis siteleri dawned! It indeed was his school friend Mitali! Aditya had schooled in Mumbai, during his childhood. Mitali came ahead and gave him a tight hug! She looked different. She was grown up, taller, didn’t have a pony tail, wore a well fitting T and jeans and was much more forthcoming than Aditya remembered her to be. He couldn’t help feel a tingle when her breasts pressed against him. Aditya was pleased but awkward since he was dirty and sweaty from spending 12 hours in the forest.

Aditya was 30 and well built. He was tall, rugged and strong. Unlike guys of his age who showed off sculpted and often disproportionate bodies, he had an outdoorsy physique, like that of a rock climber. It was tough, agile and most suited for the forest. He had a chiselled, rugged face, and in his forest fatigues which were coloured like military fatigues for camouflage, he looked like a special ops commando. All he needed was a beret cap.

Aditya excused himself to freshen up and promised to meet them for dinner. He noticed one of Mitali’s friends was watching him intently. She was few inches shorter than him but tallest amongst the group. A snug fit collared black T with slightly short sleeves worn on dark green khakis made her look very appealing and smart. Her T-shirt covered ample breasts that looked proportionate with her height. Aditya smiled (almost naughtily), nodded at Mitali’s friend and turned on his heels. Mitali had noticed how her friend Vidya’s eyes had followed him out the door.

They checked into the same cottage as Aditya. There were about 5 cottages owned by the forest department which would typically have 3 bedrooms, a common sitting space and a kitchen. Rooms in the same cottage could be leased out separately as well. Dinner was always at the cottage made by a special Chef to prevent tourists from loitering into the forest at night. Aditya had one bedroom and the 4 girls of the group occupied the others.

This cottage was often given out preferentially to government or forest department dignitaries or their guests.

Mitali introduced her friends to Aditya and they reminisced about old times. Sam had joined them for dinner. Aditya’s eyes were fixated on Vidya who hailed originally from Bangalore and hers were fixated on him. Their chemistry was obvious. They retired early to wake up for their 6.45 am departure into the forest.

Aditya sat close to the window of the living room of their cottage in darkness sipping coffee. Vidya came up from behind and whispered to him, “You’re not the early sleeping types are you Doc? I noticed you were here when I went to fetch some water.”

Aditya looked at her form in the moonlight. She looked inviting in soft shorts and a thin sweater which she was wearing directly on skin. Her shorts were so short that it looked like she hadn’t worn anything below the sweater. She had black and flowy hair. She was a dusky beauty. Her skin was bronze more than fair and her features were striking.

Aditya raised a finger to his lips indicating her to be silent and motioned her to sit next to him and look out. Vidya went along. Now she sat on the settee in front of Aditya and looked in the direction Aditya was pointing. She leaned back on Aditya’s rock hard chest to get a better view. The window was placed such that they had to look out as if looking out from the window of a bus from its seat. She gasped when she saw the eyes of hundreds of wild deer twinkle in the moonlight. They were lounging just outside the porch. She squirmed a bit as she felt Aditya’s hard on. He couldn’t help it. He didn’t want to either. It was pitch dark and silent outside and inside. Aditya put a hand on her thigh and whispered, “Now look at this.”

He put the other hand around her shoulder and shone a flashlight into the dark. The deer looked towards it and their eyes shone, reflecting the flash light, as if many cars were coming in, with full beam headlights. Vidya gasped at this beauty. She also wanted to moan from Aditya’s touch. She was enjoying every bit of this experience. Aditya breathed gently into her hair and tightened his grip on her thigh. She purred. They looked on for a while and then Vidya yawned. She requested him to join their excursion in the morning.

At breakfast, Vidya wore a tight sleeveless black top on fitting dirty green carpenters, and a forest green jacket. Aditya meditated on the pendant of a butterfly that rested on her cleavage. She had worn a forest hat, on which rested sleek sunglasses. She wore boots. Her hair was tied in a knot behind her hat. She looked stunning. She also looked most appropriately dressed considering other girls had worn dresses, designer coats, mufflers and worst! Heels! They were city folk!

Mitali got into the front seat with Sam while Aditya and Vidya were in the middle, as they were tallest and two other friends at the back. While the girls asked more about Aditya and took selfies, Vidya canlı bahis siteleri asked intelligent questions about Aditya’s work. Perhaps Vidya’s beauty also came from her intelligence and character, not just from good looks. Aditya explained as much as he could. He informed them about peculiar behaviours of tigers, matriarchal hierarchy in elephants, food pyramid, water resources and so on. Vidya heard with rapt attention and inquired in details about few points. Aditya had a hard on again. They were chirping back with pleasure on having sighted herds of deer, couple of elephants and having traced pug marks left behind by prowling tigers. Aditya and Sam detoured to his observatory, while the girls took a tourist vehicle to the cottage. Sam refused Vidya’s request to tag along.

Back at the cottage, the girls compared smart phone pictures while Vidya asked about tiger behaviour. She also wanted to just engage Aditya in conversation, smitten that she was. Here she was in the cold forest, amidst wild life and getting sexually attracted to this dashing academic who had the physique of a commando!

Once everything was quiet that night, Vidya found Aditya sipping coffee at the settee again. She’d worn her really short shorts below the tight black sleeveless from the day, her cleavage more defined. She straddled Aditya seductively facing him, as she would have done if Aditya were on a bike. She whispered into his ear, “Do i get to see something wild tonight too?”

She rubbed her pussy on his shaft between her legs!

These feelings were a first for Aditya when he was in the forest. He strongly gripped her around her slender waist with one arm. With the other hand he pulled her soft hair behind, till her face was angled up and planted a wet kiss on her neck. He bit her gently and whispered to her, “You belong in the wild.”

He got up holding her with just one arm and then placed her down. Motioned her to silence. He got both their jackets and his shot gun. He helped Vidya wear her jacket and led her to the door. They both exited on to the porch. He held her by waist and whispered to her, “stay close and run if I tell you to.”

They walked into the forest. There was pin drop silence except the rustling of leaves and a subtle crunch of their footsteps. Vidya felt a severe arousal and could see Aditya’s member alert as a rod. Aditya kept Vidya’s hand in his and the shot gun at the ready in another. They must’ve walked for 7 or 10 minutes. Aditya parted a few shrubs using the gun as a staff and after few metres, he told Vidya to look.

A herd of deer was seen drinking water in the clearing around a pond. A bison raised his head up from the water and looked in their direction. Although they could not make out details, a beautiful silhouette of all these grazing animals could be seen under the bright moonlight. They entered the cottage sneakily after an hour. The walk into the forest at night had created a severe longing in Vidya.

Vidya followed Aditya into his room and bolted it. She threw her arms around his shoulders, propped herself on toes and kissed him deeply. She ground her pussy against his raging manhood and slid the inner tenders of one thigh up Aditya’s leg. He crouched a bit, pulled her smooth thigh high in one arm and bent into her, reciprocating the kiss. He bent over a arched Vidya but stood and held her tight and strong like a tree trunk twirling it’s branches around her in an embrace. She was high with desire.

Breathless, Vidya eased herself free. She descended on Aditya, loosened his carpenters and let lose his beast. She marvelled at its size and hardness. She tasted it as one tastes the tip of ice-cream first. It tasted divine. She then sheathed it whole till she reached its root. She felt him exhale and his abs tighten like leather being pulled to a stretch. She was impressed he hadn’t grunted. He hadn’t made a sound yet. Now she was sucking hard and smooth. She polished his tip with her tongue and slid again. Aditya could see his stiff shaft appear and dissappear in her keen mouth. He felt he was about to come. But he picked her up and took off her sleeveless top and shorts..

Her lovely rounded breasts showed off erect nipples. He suckled on one for what seemed like eternity. She moaned with ecstacy. He then lay her down on her back. She loved the feel of his stubble on her chest. He stripped her thong in one fluid movement and licked one lip of her moist womanhood. She let out a gasp, “Ohhh!”

They had to be quiet as voices reverbed in the silence. All her muscles tightened up. Then he circled her clit softly and she arched in pleasure. His tongue explored the depths of her vault hungrily and she came violently. He stood her up against one pillar of the gothic king sized bed. These beds had 6 wooden pillars along their circumference from which insect protection nets hung. She stood against a pillar and held it above her head. This pulled her breasts up in a luring fashion. Aditya pulled up one of canlı bahis her thighs and entered her from front, fast and effortlessly. She turned her head side ways and back in pleasure. She was tight but well oiled in her pussy. With the other hand Aditya steadied her ass and bit into her neck. He thrusted hard and fast. He went on and on and didn’t seem to even breathe hard. She panted and came just thinking about his stamina. No man had made love to her so strong and rough. She had never thought she would be so pleased.

She heard herself pant and whispered under her breath, “harder Aditya!”

She wondered if she actually wanted him harder! He increased the intensity of his thrusts and gripped her tighter around he waist. He didn’t make a sound. Still wasn’t even breathing hard. He slowed down after what felt like ages. She was dripping. He laid her down and turned her to one side and entered from beyond her flexed thighs. He knew how to pleasure a girl. She held on to his sinewy forearm as he sped up and after a few strokes let off, deep inside her. He turned her around, kissed her passionately and sat relaxed besides her against the wall with ankles crossed and smiled at her. She crawled to him, kissed him and began to get up and put on her thong.

“Wont you stay?”

He asked her.

She said, “I wont get sleep besides you, and I want to see more of the wild tomorrow. Get some sleep doc, I want you to be better than this!”

She bit his lower lip, pulled it softly and left soundlessly like a cat. Aditya slept.

Next morning Aditya looked in the rear seat of his special SUV and nodded a smile to Vidya. She wasn’t going with the girls to see some animals bred in captivity. She wanted to see Aditya’s observatory. Aditya spoke a few words with Sam to see if he could bypass permissions. Forest officials often got lots of information from Aditya and it saved their rounds. So Sam agreed to let Vidya go with them but they had to keep mum and not say a word anywhere.

At the observatory, Aditya had a ropey ladder going up to a platform from a shrubbery to the central branching point of a massive banyan tree. This tree looked taller than the others. He helped Vidya up first and saw her rounded but muscular ass wobble up. He followed. There was a thick wooden platform up there, about a 100 square feet in dimensions and it had a pristine view of a water reservoir on one side and a grassland on the other. There was a arm chair, a trash can, a rough coir mattress and few bottles of water. Vidya realised that Aditya must be staying over at night sometimes. She bent to look into the fixed binoculars. Aditya, feeling horny, touched his groin to her behind, leaned towards her with a hand on her back and taught her how to adjust zoom and focus. She was thrilled to see elephants come in at a distance for a drink. When she looked into the lens she gasped as she could see magnified details of the animals from a distance. She was nostalgic. After they had chatted a few hours, Aditya said to her, “let me show off my equipment.”

They both laughed at the pun. She was impressed to see all his high end photography and recording equipment which he used for his research.

She stretched out to look at the vast expanse when Aditya roughly pulled her towards the grassland side. Few deer and 2 bison stood grazing on the grass in the distance. But he was pointing to something else behind a patch of bushes. Suddenly a very agile leopard sprang out from the bushes, before Vidya could even locate it and it madly chased one of the deers from the herd. It was out hunting. Vidya stared enchanted. They saw a repeat telecast on Aditya’s video recorder. She was enthralled. They sipped on beer that Aditya had smuggled to his hide out and ate energy bars while marvelling at the sun set. It was getting cold.

The crickets had churned up a racket, birds chirped as they returned to their nests, bison sat and laid down in the grass and everything went into a lull. Aditya grabbed Vidya by her waist and asked if she wanted to have raw sex ‘in the wild’. She grabbed his crotch and licked his lips. He stripped her in a swift and fluid motion from behind. He cupped her tender breasts and pinched her succulent nipples. She shivered and moaned. It was wild and carnal. Sounds and gasps were natural. He buried his groin into her ass and then bent her down on the coir mattress. The material grazed on her knee but she was high with pleasure. Aditya kneeled behind her. She arched downwards like a cat and purred. Aditya kept one hand pressing her breast and with another felt her verge. It was ready. He held the intersection of her waist and butt like a tiger clutches a cub and broke an entry.


she almost screamt!

“Ummmhhh!” he grunted. They exulted louder after every thrust and the thrust itself sounded like the lapping of a thick anchored cloth against a raging wind.

Vidya was thrilled at being fucked in the wilderness. She screamt as she came, “Ohhhh yeeeaaah! Don’t stop now Aditya!”

Aditya grunted. After what seemed like hours of pounding, he screamt aloud and let it all out. Deep into her. They were perspiring despite the biting cold. They both smelt pheromonal.

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