Returning from a Business Trip

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You come home from a 3 day business trip. You were working on your proposal for weeks beforehand and polishing it up the 2 days before leaving for your trip. That left you with a strong sexual appetite upon your return. You walk through the front door and see me sitting at one of the bar stools with a glass of wine in my hand. You are immediately excited.

After telling me what time you would be home, I prepared grilled stuffed chicken, gourmet Mac n Cheese, and steamed broccoli. As you walk through the door, you notice that I’m wearing nothing but a sexy black bra and panty set underneath my apron with a pair of black patent leather heels.

You leave your bag at the door and walk immediately toward me. As I stand up, you grab the hair on the back of my neck and tilt my head up and demand me to kiss you. I put my finger over your mouth as I tell you to wait. “Your pleasure is coming soon,” I said.

You sit down at the table both excited and frustrated. I bring you a beer, and as you take a sip I’m standing behind you kissing your neck while I remove your tie. I can hear your faint moans of pleasure.

I bahis siteleri walk around to the front of your chair and climb on your lap still kissing your neck. I’m grinding on your lap until I feel how hard you’re getting. I can feel that you want so badly to release the stress that you’ve built up. I immediately pull off your pants and squat down in my heels. I spit on the head of your cock and slide it quickly down my throat. You’re cock is going deeper and deeper in my throat. I pull my lips up the middle of your cock and immediately slide right back down. As I slide down for the third time you grab my hair pulling my head deeper into your crotch.

I can feel that you can’t last much longer. I hear you whisper, “Oh my God, I’m going to cum.” You blow your load down into the back of my throat.

As you finish cumming, I clean your dick with my tongue. I pull your pants back up, and we sit down and eat dinner while you tell me how your presentation went. As we finish eating, I say, “Get in the shower while I do the dishes.” As you’re walking to the bedroom, I tell you to wait for me on the bed.” I meet you canlı bahis siteleri in the bedroom with another beer. I tell you to lay down while I sit there and use a combination of my hands and tongue to massage every inch of your body.

You rip off my apron, exposing my black lace lingerie that you love. “Jesus,” you say as you undress every inch of my body with your eyes. As I work my way down your stomach, my pussy is right above your face. I gently rub my wet clit over your lips as I put both of your balls in my mouth. I can hear you moaning, so I flip around a shove my tongue in your ass. You gasp and I fuck your asshole with my tongue until you can’t handle anymore.

I allow you to have a small break as I bring you into the living room where you sit on the couch while I squat with my legs on either side of you. I tease you by putting just the head of your cock in my wet pussy. “Please ride me,” you begged. You put your hands on my hips, but before you have a chance to do anything I sit completely on your lap with your cock fully filling me.

As I bounce up and down I can see that you’re about to cum again. canlı bahis Before I let you cum for the second time, I flip around and sit back down on your cock. I grab your hands and put them on my ass while it’s bouncing up and down. “Cum for me,” I demanded, and within 5 seconds I can feel you pulsing inside me.

Following your second cum, we head into bed where I sit on your face while pulling your hair to get your tongue exactly where I want it for my turn.

I start to get close to cumming and as I moan I can see you getting hard again. I flip around and tease your dick with my tongue. Once I get it fully wet, I flip around and sit on it with my back facing you. I’m still on the edge of cumming and all I want to do is squirt. As I moan, you hold one hand on my hip pushing me up and down while I’m riding you and use the other to pull my hair so my head is tilted back toward you. You whisper in my ear, “I want to watch your ass bounce while you cum all over my cock.” I tell you how badly I want it. I start bouncing faster and harder. You reach around to play with my clit, which made me explode. I’m telling you that I’m cumming and as I do, you cum inside me for the third time. As we finish, you take me in your arms while my body is still convulsing and I am still moaning. As our breathing returns to normal, we fall peacefully asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32