Rick , Sylvia Ch. 01

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As I step off the plain the hot air rushes to surround me, I breathe in and smile as I look around me at my first taste of America. But it doesn’t last long, the trembling that has been inside me the last 14 hours is growing worse, what if your not there? Although I know you will be, I know your desire for me is just as strong, if not stronger than mine.

What will it be like to see you finally? To feel you against me, just to touch you. Ohh I just can’t think about it, the feelings are so overpowering. I walk silently through customs and through into the cool air-conditioning of the main terminal of Maryland airfield. I am wearing your favourite items of my clothing. My white shirt is open all except one button; the gold square that holds the cups of my black satin style bra together is clearly visible. The light blue jeans, which you have always preferred off than on, are settled on my hips, hugging my body. My jewellery is light, as always I am wearing all silver, the bands that surround my wrists are feminine and delicate, the big hoop earrings give me an air of confidence and the small silver heart that is resting at my throat makes me feel sexy. My hair is cascading over my shoulders, tousled and sexy looking as usual.

You see me the second I walk through the door, it couldn’t be anyone else; there’s no mistaking me. bahis siteleri I have been on your mind everyday for over two years now. I look over to you, watching as you make your way towards me, I come to a standstill, there’s no way I can move, you stand right next to me for a fraction of a second before dropping down and scooping me into your arms as you kiss me passionately. I gasp as our lips connect. Ohh I can’t take it, I knew meeting you would be good, excellent in fact, but the electricity that is running like wildfire through my body is so intense.

I can hardly breath as you move away to look at me. Your tanned skin in contrast to the pale milkiness of mine, you are taller than I imagined but that only accentuates the age difference. I feel small but powerful, I know I can turn you on beyond anything. As you hug me to you again I feel your cock swelling in your trousers, “Ohh god Rick your getting hard,” I whisper,

“I noticed,” you reply laughingly as you smile down at me. I see your eyes glint as you let your hand move down over my back and onto my ass; I look into your eyes and see the mischievous look as you pull me hard against you.

“Ohh!” my breath is expelled from my body as your lips capture mine once again, your tongue teasing mine as my eyes close from the intense feeling of lust that rushes through canlı bahis me as I feel your hard cock pressing against me.

“Rick, I don’t want to be here… please…” I trail off, my voice barely a husky whisper as you take my hand in yours and walk towards the doors.

As you drive out of the airport your hand rests on my thigh, the drive only takes about five minutes but your fingers are driving me mad, I have started squirming in my seat, absentmindedly trailing my long nails over my bra covered nipples making them peak through my bra. The journey seems to take hours, but finally you pull into a driveway and the car slowly comes to a holt.

I moan softly at the loss of contact as you remove your hand from my leg. But I slip silently from the passenger seat and watch as you fumble slightly with the key as you unlock the door.

The key clicks into place and the door swings open, you take my hand and lead me inside. As we enter you kick the door closed behind us and push me up against the wall, your lips fusing with mine, I arch against you, our tongues entwining, your hands are all over me, teasing my nipples through my clothes, on my ass, pushing me against you.

“Ohh Rick please…” I murmur against your lips as I feel your hard cock against me, I push my hands down over your chest, feeling your nipples güvenilir bahis respond to my long nails as my hands move down, teasing your hard cock.

“Ahhhh Sylvia, I want to fuck you so bad!” your voice turns me on so much, when you say my name it sends a shiver right through me, your accent so husky and soft. Just like all the times you called me, I know I can make you cum whenever I want, I like the power that gives me, but love the weakness inside me where I know you can do exactly the same.

Both our breathing has begun to quicken as our bodies arch against each other, our lips melting as our tongues tease and play.

“Rick I want… I want…” I gasp and trail off as your fingers creep up under my bra to tease my nipples.

“Mmmm you want what Sylvia?” your voice is muffled because your tongue is still entwined with mine.

“I. I want you to fuck me” I gasp in between kisses.

“ohh uhhmm” your breath completely ragged as you become more forceful with your movements, your body crushing against mine, your fingers pinching my nipples, your mouth kissing me roughly. I start unbuttoning your shirt with deft fingers and your cool hands slip my shirt off my hot skin, your shirt soon follows mine in a pool on the floor as our hands start to explore each others naked skin.

To be continued…

This story is dedicated to Rick because he turns me on more than anything.

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