Right Here, Right Now

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I could see the glow of the fire in the distance, through the trees. It was already a hot summer night, so I was kind of dreading being around a flaming hot bonfire. I’d dressed for the occasion however, my light blue sundress blowing lightly in the breeze as I picked my way down the path to the clearing. It was a modest length, falling right below my knees. I needed it long enough to cover myself, since Daddy liked it when I didn’t wear any panties. Just thinking about him sent a shiver down spine, my bare pussy drooling at the thought of seeing him soon.

My girlfriends and I finally broke the treeline, the blaze instantly warming my face. I watched as each one of us scanned the small crowd for our men, all of them milling about with drinks in their hands. I tried to hide my disappointment when I couldn’t find him, telling myself that he’ll show up in just a while. It’d been too long since I’d been with him and I’d been anticipating this all day.

As our girl group broke apart, I wandered to the coolers and dug until I found something ice cold. I shut the lid and sat down on it, the cold against my thighs was refreshing against the heat of the fire. I twisted the top off, taking a large gulp and bent over to pick the twigs out of my flip flops from the walk in. We’d pregamed before we left and I was feeling it a little already, so I sat my beer down and gazed into the flames, soon lost in thought.

I was broken out of my trance by a whoop, and glanced over to see a new group of mostly men break through the trees. Some of their buddies greeted them with slaps on the back and boyish handshakes, before motioning them to the coolers to grab drinks. I instantly caught his eye as he turned and they started walking towards me. My heart raced, excitement flooding through my veins. Dressed down in jeans and a band shirt, he still managed to look incredibly sexy.

He gave me the half smirk that he knows makes me melt, momentarily distracting me from the fact that I was still sitting on the cooler. One of the other guys cleared his throat, reminding me that other people were around, so I jumped up quickly, apologizing. I was soon interrupted as he strode over and grabbed my cheeks with one strong hand, pulling my lips to his. I closed my eyes, savoring the feel of his teeth scraping my bottom lip, pulling it into his mouth. His rough beard tickled my chin, and his other hand grabbed my waist and pulled me in, pressing his body tight against mine. My hands went to his belt line, hooking fingers in the loops and pulling him tighter.

A whistle startled me and I pulled away, blushing the same color as the fire. We’d never been the kind for lots of PDA, hell we didn’t even have an official relationship, at least not yet. He still had that shit eating grin on his face as I backed away from the group, pulling the top of my dress away from my body to let some air in. My nipples stood at attention and I knew they were easily visible under the fabric, especially with my piercings in.

He strode over to me, standing behind me and wrapping a muscled arm around my shoulders and neck, tall enough that his chin rested on the to of klasbahis yeni giriş my head. His face burrowed into my neck slightly, making me grin and squirm.

“Sorry baby girl, I just couldn’t resist that.” He chuckled, pulling away slightly and taking a swig of his drink, then pulled my face in again for a kiss on my cheek. His hand holding the beer at my side raised a bit, lightly brushing across my breast, making my nipple ache. I groaned quietly, my body on fire. Mere seconds away from asking him if we could just leave now, he interrupted my thoughts.

“Let’s go sit, shall we?” He motioned to one lone chair at the outskirts of the fire. There was fewer people over there, which seemed like a great idea to me considering the state I was in at the moment. I needed a chance to cool off.

“Of course,” I grabbed his free hand and followed him in that direction, “I missed you.”

He grins again, stealing a sideways glance at me and winking. “Missed you too princess.”

My heart fluttered, which turned into hammering when we reached the chain and he sat first, quickly pulling me into his lap. I glanced around, noting that the few people around us were enthralled in each other or gazing off into the fire.

I readjusted myself, absentmindedly grinding against his lap. I took a long pull from my bottle and then set it down on the ground beside the chair. His hands roamed down my back as I bent over, sliding down my thick hips and groping my ass.

“Good girl.”

He was growing hard, noting my lack of panties. I leaned back in the chair, pressing his chest against my back, sliding down slightly so that my head rested on his shoulder. I wanted to use this opportunity to tease him, get him a little riled up. That always meant he would take it out on me once we got to one of our places, or occasionally in the vehicle on the way there if we couldn’t wait any longer.

I turned my head, catching his gaze. Without breaking it, I slowly ground my hips and ass in a circle, feeling him harden even more. It was pressed straight up between my full cheeks, the fabric of his jeans scraping my lower thighs where the dress had ridden up slightly.

He hisses out a breath, looking away from my stare. His hands find my waist again, fingers digging in roughly. He’s glancing around us, seeing who all could be paying attention. We’d both shown up late enough that most of the other party-goers had been well enough tipsy or gone already, and people were already starting to disperse into the woods. His hips rise up, matching my grinding, both of our breathing becoming a little more labored.

In an instant his hand comes up, fingers wrapping around my throat and pressing me tight against him, his hot breath in my ear. I can smell the alcohol, knowing he had some before showing up here as well.

“You’re playing with fire, baby.” He hisses before taking my earlobe in his mouth. Goosebumps shoot up my arms and neck, momentarily stilling my grinding.

I groan, my body on fire. “Ughhh Daddy can we go home yet?”

He chuckles again, his hand drops from my neck and find a nipple, pinching it hard and klasbahis giriş rolling it between his fingers. “No ma’am, I have other plans.”?

My heart drops, thinking he means that it won’t happen at all tonight. He feels my body stiffen and lets out a breathy laugh, using that opportunity to reach between us and pop the button on his jeans. “Calm down, baby. You’ll get what you want soon enough.”?

As his fly falls open, he pulls the back of my dress up just enough that my bare ass finds the coolness of his denim. The front stays down enough that it looks normal to any onlookers. His hand slides up the back side of my dress, following the curve of my tummy around to the front before his fingers dip lower and expertly find my clit. I stifle a loud moan, instead sucking in a sharp breath. My nervous gaze finds his mischievous one, his fingers making it hard to concentrate on anything.

“What are you doing, Daddy?”

He dips a finger even lower, circling around my dripping hole. “Giving you what you want, right baby girl? I can feel what this is doing to you, don’t even try to tell me different.”

“Yessir, but what if someone see’s us?”

He glances around us again, about fifteen tipsy people are still milling around the fire, lost in thought or each other.

“Well then they’ll be jealous. Now up.” He pushes my hips away from him, while he quickly slides down his zipper and frees his hard cock, then quickly pulls me back down on top of it. It slides between my ass cheeks and I can feel the pre-cum leaking out of it. I quickly resume my circular grinding, my heart beating out of my chest. He’s got the back of my dress balled into his fist, lifting it just enough that he can see the tip of his cock disappear and reappear from under my thick cheeks.

He clears his throat, lust filling his eyes as he catches my gaze. “Don’t you want a drink real quick baby?” He nods towards my bottle, still sitting on the ground.

I give him a quizzical look before I catch on, then quickly lean down to grab my beer bottle. He grabs his cock from between us and taps it against my soaking hole a couple times before using the fistful of my dress to pull me slowly back down on him. I gasp as he stretches me out, the slight curve and thickness filling me so full. Once I’m firmly back on his lap, we both still momentarily. I down the rest of my bottle, remembering that that’s what I was suppose to be reaching for anyways, then discard it to our side. He releases the handful of dress and both of his hands slide up my ass and hips to my waist, pushing them away from him slightly. His cock slowly eases out of me before he pulls me back, impaling me on the thick piece of meat.

“Oh my god Daddy.”

He grins, one hand coming to my front again to find my clit. I gasp, pussy clenching around him.

“You like that baby girl? You like getting stretched out by Daddy’s thick cock in front of all of these people?”

I can feel him twitch within me as I nod furiously, my pussy gushing at his words. This man could fuck me in the middle of Walmart and I’d be happy, without a care in the world. He’s keeping up klasbahis güvenilirmi the push and pull method, kicking his feet out between both of my legs. I arch my back, my hands grabbing the armrests of the chair and lifting myself slightly off of him. He starts thrusting up to meet me, hard enough that his balls are making an audible slap against my dripping pussy lips. We slow it down, glancing around to see if anyone heard or is now paying attention. With the coast still clear, he starts hammering into me again, his hand sliding up from my clit to my rock hard nipple, giving it a tug.

That entices a low moan from me, chewing on my bottom lip to keep from screaming as his cock drags against my g-spot with every thrust. I’m already close to falling over the edge when he slows his pace, withdrawing his hand from under my dress and wrapping his fingers around my neck again, pulling me back into his chest.

His breathing is rapid as he grinds up into me, “You gonna cum for Daddy, baby?”

A sharp thrust makes me moan, “Yes Daddy.”

He nips at my neck, toying with me, grinding slowly. “You know how to ask, right princess?”

I nod quickly, trying to move my hips and get him to fuck me harder.

His hips drive upwards hard, impaling me on his thickness before pounding into me with abandon, grunting under his breath.

My pussy squeezes tighter around him, so close to cumming that I’m starting to shake. ?

“Please Daddy, please can I cum…”

If not for our current situation, I know he would have denied me, made me beg harder like a good little slut. Right now, however, I can feel him throb and grow harder than I’ve ever felt him before, knowing the publicity of our act is fueling his fire. It won’t last much longer.

“Cum for me baby. Cum on Daddy’s cock.”

I explode instantly, my thighs squeezing together and shaking uncontrollably, probably looking like a stroke victim to anyone that could have been watching. His hand finds my mouth, covering it and stifling my moans as he hammers into me a few more times, thrusting hard before stilling and letting out a low groan. I can feel him throb deep inside me, my pussy spasming harder and milking his cock for everything it’s got. Him cumming sends me into another mini orgasm, my back arching hard against his chest. Warmth floods through me and immediately trickles down my thigh, my body becoming overly sensitive. My nipples strain against the front of my dress, aching from his rough fingers.

I relax back into his chest for a second, catching my breath, and finding the will to stand up and get straightened out. We both take in our surroundings, noting that others had left and there was very few still standing around, all on the other side of the fire. If anyone had noticed out shenanigans, they didn’t let on. He slightly pushed me up, giving me enough encouragement to rise and let his softening cock slide out of me with a slick plop. He quickly pulls his jeans up and buttons them as I let my dress fall back down to knee length, my thighs slick and gooey.

A smile plays on my lips, cheeks flushed, heart rate slowly returning to normal. He stands, pulling me into his chest once again, his lips finding mine roughly.

Pulling away, he takes my hand and starts tugging me back towards the woods and to the cars.

“What do you say we go have a little after party at my place, baby girl?”

“Yes Daddy.”

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