Road Trip

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Katy and her husband Mike were about to embark on a road trip. They would first go to the Outer Banks; then drive to Norfolk to pick-up Mike’s two brothers and then the group would drive seven hours to the brothers’ parents’ house in West Virginia for the fortieth wedding anniversary of the parents.

Mike and Katy had been married for about five years and lived near Charlotte. Mike worked for a consulting engineering firm while Katy was a graphic artist at a local business. They hadn’t started a family yet, but were planning to in the near future. Mike was 27 and Katy was 26. They had met in college, fallen in love, lived together for their last two years of school before getting married. Katy had a lively personality. She was an extrovert and had a wicked sense of humor. Mike was laid back and drew off of Katy’s personality for socializing. He had a wry sense of humor. The two of them were very active sexually. Their activity hadn’t slowed since they met. Katy was open to trying things and Mike liked to show her off and challenge her to try different things. They were a perfect match. They fed off of each other’s enthusiasm and sense of adventure.

It was early September. The trip started with Mike having business in Durham on Monday. Katy dropped him off on Sunday night, he would travel with his associates while in Durham for a day. Katy would drive to the Outer Banks and go to the beach. She would go back and get Mike Tuesday afternoon. They would go to Norfolk and then to W. Va. On Wednesday. They’d return directly to Charlotte on the following Sunday.

Katy dropped Mike off and headed for the beach. She got to the Outer Banks about ten and went south to Hatteras National Seashore. She had a surprise planned for Mike. She was going to sunbathe nude and get an all-over tan that he had told her he would like to see. Katy had never sunbathed nude but was looking forward to it. The national seashore was Federal property with no laws against nudity and the beach in Hatteras Seashore was deserted in many places, particularly after the summer months.

She had checked into a motel and quickly set off for the drive south. She found a pull-off along the highway where there was room for only one car. She climbed over the dunes, took off her bikini, covered herself with lotion and laid in the sun, nude, reading and napping. Being back in the dunes, she could see if anyone was coming and she had to cover herself on a couple of occasions, although she didn’t really care if anyone saw her. She just didn’t want to be bothered.

Katy was about five foot three with a nice figure. She worked hard to stay in shape. Her breasts were ample, but not too big for her body size. She was a brunette and would wear a pony-tail when not at work. She was hot in Mike’s opinion. Mike liked to show her off, and she like to flirt and show-off herself.

Katy sunbathed for two days and had developed a beautiful brown tan, with no tan lines. She drove and picked up Mike on Tuesday evening and drove him back to their motel. Mike was truly pleased to see Katy’s tan body and they made love twice that night.

Mike loved the tan on Katy and insisted on taking some pictures of her on the beach. They got up early Wednesday morning, went to the spot where Kay had been and Mike took a series of photos on his iphone and his camera of Katy walking around and sunbathing nude on the beach.

Then they set off for Norfolk to pick up the two brothers.

Part 2:

Mike had two brothers that they would pick up in Norfolk. His younger brother Robbie was a senior at Old Dominion University. He was taking Thursday and Friday off to visit his parents. He would get back to Norfolk with a friend who would pick him up in West Virginia.

The other brother, Brad, was in the Army. He was flying in to the Norfolk airport from Germany and would be in the States for a couple of weeks. After the reunion, he would rent a car and visit friends in Kentucky and Missouri.

Katy dressed for the trip to please and tease Mike. She wore short blue-jean shorts and a white halter top with no bra, sandals and sunglasses. Mike particularly liked the type of halter she was wearing. It tied in the back and when Katy’s nipples were hard, they would be clearly seen.

Mike and Katy had been married in his home town. The months leading up to the wedding were filled with many good times with Mike and his brothers. There was a lot of joking and Katy knew Mike liked to see her tease his brothers. Brad was more outgoing and provocative. He would make suggestive comments which Katy would respond to in-kind. Brad was divorced and was a ladies’ man who seemed to charm all of the women he met. He combined daring comments with humor.

Robbie, the youngest brother was the shy one. He seemed to be overshadowed by his older brothers. Katy knew of no romantic interest involving Robbie. He would get tongue-tied around her. She could tell that he had a crush on her. She toyed with him by kissing his cheek, and rubbing her boobs against him. She let him look down her shirt at her breasts and she noticed how he looked at her ass and legs when bahis şirketleri she walked away from him. She thought he was sweet and she looked at him like a younger brother. She had two older brothers of her own.

They picked up Brad at the airport and then got Robbie at his apartment near the university. It was early evening. They set off for West Virginia. It was a seven-hour drive; they would be driving in the dark and get there at about three AM.

The trip started well, with the brothers catching up on things. Katy was included in the conversation. Her bubbly personality kept everything light. Robbie had brought some THC laced brownies and a couple of bottles of wine, which everyone shared. Mike asked Brad if he would get in trouble, but Brad said, “Grass is okay now in the army. They don’t do anything and have removed most of the rules.” As they drove to Richmond, they all got a little buzzed except for Mike who was careful about driving.

As they continued, Brad was constantly picking at Robbie with emphasis on Robbie’s apparent lack of sexual experience. In addition to other conversations, Brad would call him little Robbie, like he was a kid and ask him if he had ever gotten laid. Robbie said things like it was none of Brad’s business and didn’t respond with any indication of having done anything. Brad called him “cherry boy” and said his dick would atrophy and fall off if he didn’t use it. Mike did not join in the taunting, but he laughed at the comments made at Rob’s expense. They stopped for a restroom break and then drove through Richmond. Brad continued to rag on Robbie. Katy felt a little sorry for him and began to defend him. She said, “Rob is going to make some girl very happy some day. Women aren’t looking for expert cocksmen like Brad, and don’t care about experience.” That was certainly true of Mike and Katy. Rob continued to deflect and not answer direct questions. Katy surmised that Rob was probably a virgin and had little experience with women.

Brad kept pushing, taunting Rob by saying he’d never even had a blow-job or had a girl jack him off. Robbie seemed to clam up even more. Mike knew that Robbie was not the innocent, inexperienced kid that Brad was making him out to be and that his two brothers were messing around more with Katy than each other. He thought Katy would see through it all. She didn’t. Mike didn’t notice Katy put her hand on the front of Rob’s pants. She was trying to give him a lift. Rob quickly responded and his dick became erect.

Brad continued, saying Rob had a tiny dick that wouldn’t even fill a girl’s mouth. Katy was annoyed by the nasty way Brad was treating Rob. Katy whispered, “It doesn’t feel little to me” as she unzipped Rob’s fly and pulled his cock out of his pants.

Brad knew what was going on. He could tell Katy was now stroking Rob’s hardening dick. So, Brad kept on. “Maybe there is someone who will take pity on you, but you couldn’t get as blow job in a whore house with your tiny pecker.”

Katy answered, “It doesn’t seem little to me.” Mike didn’t hear, but Brad did. ‘Katy, why would a girl want to mess with my little brother?”

“Because he’s nice and he does have a big cock.” she said.

Brad turned around and saw Katy stroking Robbie’s dick and said “Don’t tease him. Girls have teased him all his life. Get him off. Give him a blow-job.”

Katy asked Mike “How about a blow job for him?” Mike was distracted by traffic and didn’t hear all of what was said. He thought she was talking about giving Mike head and said “Sure, whatever.”

That surprised Katy. She took it as a challenge by Brad and Mike didn’t care. She did it. She leaned over and began to suck Rob’s cock. Everyone got quiet for a while until Robbie said “I’m going to come.”

Brad cautioned, “Don’t stain the seats, it will never come out.”

Katy was concerned about things like that so she kept her mouth on Rob’s cock as he came in her mouth. Katy rose up and showed Brad the come in her mouth. She said, “That should shut you up.”

Katy could see that Mike was oblivious. She leaned over the front seat, turned Mike’s head and kissed him with an open mouth full of come. “What’s in your mouth? He asked.

“Your brothers cum, dummy.” Mike gagged and spit the stuff out of his mouth.


A while later, Rob had taken over driving. Mike and Katy were in the back seat. She was cuddled up close to him. She was worried that he was upset about her giving his brother a blow job. He told her not to worry about it. He had grown up with their fooling around, was used to it and didn’t let it bother him. He did tell Brad to knock it off. Rob was pleased with Brad and they high-fived when out of Katy’s sight.

They were talking about various topics when the previous few days at the beach came up. Katy was telling them about spending two whole days laying in the sun with nobody around. Robbie asked why nobody was around because there still were a lot of tourists in the area. She mentioned where she had been.

“Why such an isolated spot?” asked Robbie. Mike answered that it was because she was nude all day. That livened bahis firmaları up the conversation with Brad saying how much he’d have liked to have been there. He asked if there were any pictures. Mike said to Katy, “Don’t answer that” which did answer it.

As they drove through the dark, Brad said he needed to call his friends in Kentucky and tell them he was on the way home. His phone was in the trunk he said and asked to borrow Mike’s phone. Mike gave it to him and told him the password. Brad called his friends and also called to their mom and dad to tell them where they were.

A bit later, Brad started fooling around with Mike’s phone and he easily found the pictures of Katy on the beach. He was admiring them when Katy noticed and objected. “Give that back” she pleaded.

“Sure” he said and gave it to her. Then he added, “I’ve already sent copies to my mine and Robbie’s phone. Maybe I should send them to Mom and Dad.”

He continued, “I sure would like to see the real thing, not just the pictures.”

“No fucking way” she exclaimed. They went back and forth and got to where they were laughing and teasing. The wine and the brownies were having an effect. Still, Brad considered it a challenge and winked at Robbie.

A half hour later, they were all hungry and stopped at a McDonalds. They went in to use the bathroom and got their meals to go. Mike was back to driving and he wanted to get going; they wouldn’t get there until early in the morning and he was getting tired. He got in the car, put earbuds on with some music and started the car. He wasn’t watching what happened behind him. Robbie had opened the trunk to get a sweater and then he opened the back door for Katy, who had her hands full with the drink tray, and he got into the front seat. As Katy got next to the door and turned to get in, Brad walked up behind her and hooked his fingers into Katy’s shorts at her waist. In one quick motion, he pulled her shorts and panties down to her feet, then pulled them off her feet as she tried to regain her balance. Brad had moved so quickly that Katy was totally surprised. Her hands were full with the drinks and could do nothing to stop him. Brad quickly walked behind the car, threw the clothes in the trunk and closed it before getting in the back seat on the driver’s side. Katy was stunned, she was standing there naked below the waist. She started to protest, but a couple of things happened. The car had started and everyone was in and ready to go. Then she noticed a family, with two young children coming out of the McDonalds and heading right toward them. She didn’t want them to see her naked so she got in the car and closed the door. Mike backed out and was moving quickly.

Katy was upset and yelled at Mike to stop the car and do something, but Mike was oblivious. She finally got his attention. He heard her say something about her shorts and needing to get clothes from the trunk. Mike didn’t understand and asked her to wait until they stopped again. Katy couldn’t believe it. She was mad, but the booze and dope had made her giddy and she was laughing as she protested. She started to punch at Brad across the back seat. Brad saw another opportunity. He pushed her down toward his lap, grabbed the ties on her back of the halter top and in one motion, pulled them and pulled her halter top off. He quickly rolled his window down a few inches and threw the halter out the window. Katy was shocked. She was naked except for her sandals. Brad had done it both times and was so fast that she didn’t have any time to even realize what was happening. Katie continued to protest, but saw that it was getting her nowhere. As the miles continued, she continued to keep herself high from the wine and the drugs and just accepted her nudity. She had been nude all day at the beach so she was getting used to it. Mike had come to realize what had happened but hadn’t said much. He was pissed at his brothers for their tricks and comments, but kind of liked the idea of Katy being naked in front of other people. She was brown all over. She had soft skin and her breasts were simply amazing.


They continued to drive with Katie naked in the back seat. It had been two hours since they had eaten and they needed a rest stop. They pulled off the interstate into a rest area. It was 1 am and the rest stop was deserted. Everyone had to pee badly, so they jumped out of the car and headed to the rest room. Katy was not so quick. She asked what she should do and Mike told her to just go to the restroom like she was since there wasn’t anyone there. She had to go badly, the men were already away from the car, so she hurried into the ladies’ room.

The men got out of the restroom first. Mike wanted to get Katy some clothes from the trunk, but Brad and Rob said to wait a while. They really were having a good time and Katy had stopped bitching about it. They were still discussing it when a car pulled in beside them and four teenage boys got out. At the same time, Katy came out and started on the path to the car. Oops! She saw the young boys coming toward her. What could she do? She decided to just walk casually kaçak bahis siteleri by them as if nothing was unusual. One of the boys had seen what was happening and had started taking video with his phone. Katy walked by the stunned boys and casually said “HI”. She quickly got into the car and they took off without any further discussion about getting some clothes for Katy.

As the car drove out of the parking lot, she and the three brothers started laughing hysterically. “You should’ve seen the look on those kid’s faces.” She said. They laughed and then Mike said, “They will remember that all of their lives”. Robbie noted that even better, if their friends didn’t believe them, they had a video. It would probably be on YouTube or something. They would have to look for it. Katy was too blitzed and too giddy to care.


They continued to drive with naked Katy and Brad in the back seat, when Brad reached over and grabbed her breast. She slapped his hand away. “C’mon,” Brad said, “let me see. Those boys got a good look, why not let your brother-in-law see what you’ve got. I think you are beautiful. I’ve wanted to see your tits and pussy since the first time Mike brought you home.” Katy laughed and said “You’ve seen enough.”

Katy was having a good time; she thought Brad was funny. She enjoyed the closeness of this family and was glad to be part of it. Her own family was more tense and uptight and Katy felt stifled around them.

Brad continued to tease and entice her. “Look, just let me have a good look at your pussy and I will die a happy man.” He laughed. As they drove on, he slowly wore her down. It got where she wanted to shut him up, and she was strangely turned on. Mike was looking for a place on the side of the road.

Brad continued, “It’s my birthday next week. Let me feel your tits.”

Katy was laughing and wearing down. She asked her husband. “Mike, honey, your brother says it’s his birthday and he wants to feel my tits. Should I let him?”

Mike said, “Well, it is his birthday. It’s up to you.”

Katy nodded and Brad put his hands on both of her breasts, massaging them and tweaking her nipples. Then he leaned forward and licked her nipples, followed by kissing her lips. She kissed back. Katy liked having her breasts played with.

Brad said, “I’ll show you what I have if I can see what you have.” Brad pulled his pants down his legs and off completely. Then he pulled his shirt over his head. He was now naked like Katy. She was turned on seeing Brad naked. He had a hard-on for her.

“Now spread your pussy for me. You can do it if you want. Mike is okay with it, aren’t you, Mike.”

Katy added, “Should I do it babe? Should I show your brother my cunt. Should I spread my legs to show him what his brother gets every night?”

Mike nodded, he had pulled off the road and had his cock out and was pulling on it. “Go ahead Katy. Show him your cunt. It will shut him up.”

She did. She slid down with her back to the door. She had one foot on the floor and one against the seat back. Brad spread her legs farther apart by lifting her ankle to the top of the seat.

Robbie turned on the dome light and everyone could see everything there was of Katy. She has a fine brown bush. Below it was her cunt, with her clitoris and her fuck-hole. Her asshole was visible on the seat.

Brad leaned forward and stuck one then two fingers into her hole. He put his thumb on her clit as he began to finger-fuck her. She told Mike about it. “Your brother has his fingers inside me and he is fingering me. I’m coming.” She said as she orgasmed.

Brad moved closer. His cock was against her inner thigh and he leaned forward to kiss her. Their tongues entwined. She grabbed his cock and began to pump it. Brad slid her closer to him and his cock. The tip was now touching her clit. He was inches away from fucking her. He used both hands on her, with a finger going into her asshole. She exploded with a powerful orgasm. It drove Brad over the edge too. He shot his come onto her stomach, tits and her pussy. She put some on her fingers and tasted it, then tasted some more. She took another dob of cum and rubbed it into her cunt. “Your brother’s cum is inside me.” she said to Mike. “I wanted to fuck him, but he came too quick.” Mike had come on his hand as had Robbie. Then Katy finished by leaning forward to take Brad’s cock into her mouth to clean it off. “We can’t stain the seats, can we.”


They were getting closer to home and it was the early hours of the morning. Katy was still naked in the back. Brad had put his pants back on and was dozing off. Someone suggested and they all agreed for the need for a piss stop. They were off the interstate and on mountain roads in West Virginia. Mike found a pull-off and stopped the car. Katy had given up asking for clothes. They all got out and she watched the three men pull their cocks out of their pants and piss into the bushes. Katy giggled, remembering that she had made all three men get hard and then come. She had to pee and they told her they would watch her since she had watched them. Katy was embarrassed, but couldn’t wait. She bent at the waist and the piss shot out from between her legs. There was a lot of it and it sprayed all over the bushes. They guys were turned on by seeing a naked woman shoot piss out from between her legs.

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