Robyn’s Introduction

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Finally, I hear the water turn off in the shower. I’ve been sitting naked on my duvet for ages waiting for Robyn to come out. Not that I mind her taking a good, long shower. She didn’t know I was waiting for her.

“John, where’s my towel at?” she asks shouts, still standing in the shower.

“I have it,” I say, unable to restrain a slightly mischievous tone.

“Oh, really? Well, are you going to give it to me?” she asks, immediately playful.

“No. I want to dry you off. Now, come out here before you freeze to death.” I respond.

She walks out of the bathroom, and instantly wraps her arms around herself as she leaves the steamy warm air. Her feet smack and splatter, leaving little puddles on the hardwood floor as she walks towards me. I just love looking at her. Her arms squish her breasts together and her black hair drips in between them. She’s still young and all her features are just a little round. Her skin is the perfect natural tan only Persian girls have.

“You’re barefoot.” I say, like a kid who just won all the marbles. “I’ve never seen you walk around without socks before.”

“Humph. It’s just horrible. You better make it up to me.” she says stepping in front of me, her arms still crossed.

“I’ll try.” I say, standing up, and wrapping the large white towel around her shoulders. We’re inches away from each other as I dry off her back and rub her arms. My cock is solid as I rub her hair dry, and sponge her face and shoulders with the soft cloth. She uncrosses her arms so I can get her chest and stomach. I love cupping her breasts and feeling their weight. I spend thoroughly too much time drying them off.

She stands back from the bed a bit and I kneel, rubbing her cheeks with the towel before moving off to dry first one leg then the other. A soft hand presses on my shoulder as I lift her feet from the floor to dry them off. I left only one spot wet, and run the towel in one hand up her thigh, and she steps her feet a tiny bit apart.

I rub softly against her little mound until her short hair is dry, and continue rubbing with a couple fingers through the cloth. Soon I feel her lips open and the towel slips against the wet skin underneath. bahis siteleri I drop the towel and put it under my knees. I pull her lips slightly apart with my thumbs so I can see her hood. Her legs tense against my jaw as I flick my tongue back and forth over her hood. Every time I make a pass she shifts and quivers slightly above me. I feel a pulse in the length of my cock as she begins to breathe heavily. She grabs my head with both her hands for support, flattening my spiked hair. She pulls my head harder into her legs as she begins to wobble.

I can feel the sensation run through her body as she cums. She makes no noise, but continues breathing hard and I have to grab her hips to keep her standing. I keep flicking my tongue back and forth, drawing out her orgasm as long as I can.

When I’m sure she’s completely spent, I stand up and pull her body into mine. She kisses me, and I know she can taste her cum on my tongue. My dick presses hard against her.

I turn around and lean her back onto my bed so she can recover herself. Her warm, dry body sinks into the duvet which puffs up higher than her head. I congratulate myself for thinking ahead as her legs hang entirely off the bed and I get a perfect view of her mound.

“So, I said I’d make it up to you. Let’s do something new. Is there anything you want to try that we haven’t done yet?” I ask happily, kneeling on the floor, leaning on her knee with my arms crossed.

“Umm.” she says slowly, the effort of thinking still a bit too much.

“Anything you want to try out sounds fun to me. We could try new roles to play. We get out the hand cuffs and rope again. Or, I don’t know if you’re interested, but we’ve always, ya’ know, used your front door, and I really like the idea of trying the, um, back door.” I finish saying kind of awkwardly, and look up at her for a response.

“It’s been tried. It doesn’t work.” she says in a negative tone. She obviously doesn’t mean to share the story.

“Oh. Well, okay. We all get to have out limits, and I’m perfectly happy with that. The idea just gets me all hot, that all.” I say, trying to bring the mood back to something a bit more comfortable, like our usual conversations.

“No. canlı bahis siteleri It’s not a limit, really, I am not scared of my own ass… or yours actually… it’s just been tried. It won’t work.” Robyn says defensively.

“That’s good to know.” I say, smirking big. “Umm, how about, and I really don’t mean to push, if you say no that’s perfectly okay, but could I just try a finger? That shouldn’t be that much for you, but it’d be huge for me.” I say a little uncomfortable. She pauses for a minute, and I worry that I’m just pestering her.

“Okay, if that’ll really do something for you, let’s try it. Be gentle though.” she says in her usual calmly adventurous tone. I slide up over the edge of the bed, and run my body fully along her until our bodies are completely touching, and I can see her brown eyes starring back at me. I press my shaft lengthwise on her clit and rub it up and down as we kiss. Suddenly her body is awake again and she kisses me hungrily, and digs her nails into my back.

As I slide back down to kneeling on the floor, she rakes her nails along my back. I’m back between her legs and I push her legs a bit more apart. I spread her lips with my hands and start licking at her folds again. She’s starts breathing hard much quicker this time, and I easily slide a finger into her open cunt. She arches her back a little and slides down against my finger. I start curling my finger up towards her belly and she lets out pants that makes my cock start pulsing again. I try a second finger, and they move easily into her. But she’s small, and I can feel her skin stretch around my fingers to take them in. I curl my fingers in rhythm with my licks. Soon my whole mouth and chin are wet and gooey.

I run my middle finger around her mound, to lubricate it, and slowly start rubbing circles around her tight back door. Her body flinches and I run my fingers more quickly inside her until she relaxes again. My chins starts to drip a little and I try to concentrate. One hand has three fingers feeling around the walls of her vagina and the other hand rubs her juices in circles around her tight hole.

She begins to grab at the comforter and her back canlı bahis arches in rhythm with my fingers. She’s finally so distracted that my middle finger slowly moves into her ass. She takes a heavy breath in and I can feel her orgasm nearing. My cock strains for contact as I slowly rotate and curl my finger around in her virgin ass.

I slow my tongue, and switch to lightly kissing her clit, so I she will last longer. My fingers work circles around inside her and she moves so much around the bed I have to pull her back toward the edge. I gently try to add my index finger to her ass and she gasps. I suck gently at her clit and run my fingers back and forth across her g-spot. She relaxes a bit more and both my fingers fit tight in her.

She begins to rock up and down on my fingers. My fingers slide in and out of both her doors as she rocks gently against my hands. My wrists are tired and I’m happy to let her fuck my hands. Her pumping against my hands becomes quicker, and she grabs wildly at the comforter, trying to find something to hold on to. Soon she’s pumping furiously, and my hands are fucking both her entrances hard.

She starts moaning quietly and gasping unintelligible words. Watching her fuck and listening to her orgasm becomes too much for me and I start to fight that familiar feeling. She groans one long groan and forces herself hard against my hands, her shaking against my hands. She quivers and her muscles vibrate against my fingers.

“God, I’m gonna cum to. You’re so hot.” I say feeling waves of stupefying pleasure build in me.

“Cum in me.” she says, panting hard toward the end of her orgasm.

I pull my fingers slowly out of her pussy, and start to stand up.

“No. Cum in my ass.” she says, still panting hard. The words alone drive me out of control and I pull my fingers out of her and lift her legs into the air. She puts her legs on my shoulders as the head of my cock pushes into her ass. She swears in a pain and pleasure. I pump her slowly once and lose control. My whole body shakes and tingles my cock empties in pulses in her ass. We can only moan as she lifts her butt off the bed and jams my dick fully into her. As the last spasms of cum leave me she tenses her ass and strangles another couple drops from me.

As I pull myself out of her, both of us wince in pain as her ass strains to close. Completely spent, we collapse together on the bed, breathing hard.

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