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Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction which may contain descriptions of sexual interaction between adults and minors. All characters and scenarios only exist in the author”s imagination. If this type of story is not allowed by law or other reason, please stop reading.


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Room fourteen Part 3


From the moment motel guest Mike and 13 year old Nino, son of the owner of the motel, lay eyes on each other, they hit it off. Part 2 ended when Nino got his second blowjob within an hour from Mike. Being eager and horny as hell, Nino wants to return the favor to Mike.



I got down on my knees and started licking his cock like crazy. I tasted the glistening pre-cum. My small hands where taking hold of his 6.5 inch slender cock and I opened my mouth. I took in the first couple of inches in and gagged the moment I felt the head at the top of my throat. Eagerly I tried to take more in bobbing up and down, but the gagging continued. I got tears in my eyes as a result but they were washed off by the shower.


Although I had a hard time working his tool, the taste and structure of his cock felt great in my mouth and I definitely wanted to return the favor.

It wasn”t rock-hard but firm and still bendable. Mike moaned loudly and took my head in his hands. I looked up at him.


“Open your mouth as wide as you can and don”t try to take it all in at once. Move up an extra half-inch every time you go down. When you feel you reach your limit, hold it for a moment and then pull back. I won”t blame you if you can”t get it all in this time.

Circle my glans with your cute little tongue after you went down, so your throat can relax a moment. Or run your tongue and lips up and down my shaft every now and then. Then take it in your mouth again and swirl your tongue around it.” Mike said. “If you suck, put the suction on with your lungs, not just your mouth.”


“And please be careful with your teeth, they”re very sharp.”


I wanted to get back at it bud Mike stopped me again and raised my head.

“Really, I won”t blame you for not getting it all in, seeing it”s your first time. Take your time to enjoy it too.” Mike added and smiled.


I was still jerking him off with both hands as he spoke to me. I tried to remember all he said and started putting to practice what Mike just told me.

I was enjoying myself immensely. Even just licking the skin of his dick from the bottom to the top in one go felt great on my tongue.


Every time I went down on him his cock got a bit deeper and I kept it there a moment. It took me a while but I got the hang of it. I tried to put suction on with my lungs as he told me to and realized I was able to take it in a bit easier and suck harder at the same time. His cock got harder and even a bit longer up to almost 7″. I loved and licked every warm inch of it.


Being only thirteen and given the fact it was my first blowjob, I did a great job, I gathered.


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“I have to remember these techniques when I play with my own dong,” I thought to myself.


Now and then my teeth would scrape his skin lightly and Mike would hold his breath, warning me to open my mouth wider in a grunting sound.

I was determent to take all of his cock in that night and feel the ring with my lips as a reward.


And after several minutes enjoying his warm tube in every way I knew how, I went down and finally felt my lips touch the metal cockring.

I held on just a moment and shook my head a bit. I pulled back, and looked up at Mike with a joyfulness of a kid just having learned to ride a bike and making his father proud of him. I knew his wasn”t the biggest cock in the world but I felt victorious anyway.


I took a couple of deep breaths and went all the way down again. I felt his throbbing glans blocking deep in my throat and I suppressed the gag reflex.

Victory! This felt like the biggest achievement.


“When I”m all the way in try to suck with your lungs,” Mike said.


With tearful eyes I looked up and the moment I sucked I felt his dick stiffen up in my throat.

His knees weakened for a moment, pushing his dick further down my throat.


“Oh my God, that feels so great!” he said “You really are a natural! Oh my God, you”re an amazing cocksucker!”.


I enjoyed pleasing him and kept sucking and swallowing his cock. It didn”t take long for me to get hard again.


“You love it, don”t you? I can tell by the way you use your hands and your little tongue and still manage to suck so hard. God, you”re a natural! Oh, that”s good…..! Ahh, you”re such a gorgeous boy Nino! You need to stop now, I really love what you”re doing but I don”t wanna come yet.”


“Sorry…no can do,” I moaned back at him.


I just couldn”t stop. I loved it so much. If there was one thing in the world I wanted right there and then, was sucking and licking and swallowing that great cock in front of me! Over and over again I went down on him trying to get to the ring, massaging his balls with my small hands like I was milking a cow.

Mike didn”t try to stop me anymore so I gave it my all.


I sucked as hard as I could, letting his cock leave and enter my mouth with regular intervals.

Then I teasingly circled his glans with my tongue for a while and nibbled on it with my sharp teeth, he got weak in his legs again, grabbed my head firmly to keep my mouth around his knob, and sat down in the shower.

I got on all fours.


I soon realized this position made it even easier for me to take in his entire cock, cause my head was thrown backwards, giving him better access in a straight line from my lips right down my throat. I got on my elbows, grabbed his hips and pushed and pulled myself away and towards him.

Instead of bobbing my head up and down, I now used my entire body to let him enter me as deep as possible.


“My God. You don”t know what a beautiful sight this karaman escort is, my little golden angel. Your perfect curved back ending in those two tanned half mooned little buttcheeks.” Mike said.

“Oh my God, that”s so good,” he moaned, “That`s so good! You really have the gift! Are you sure it”s your first… ahhhhh, that”s so fucking good!!!”


As I kept taking in his cock and teasing his glans once in a while, I felt his large hands around my ribcage lifting me slightly, pulling me towards him and pushing me off. He let me take in a deep breath through my nose and pulled my body towards him again. I felt the throbbing of his cock for a second and then he pushed me off again. I exhaled.


I loved the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth and moaned in ecstatic pleasure. He mouthfucked me a couple of times until he let go of my ribcage and lovingly started to stroke my back and then reached for my lubed ass again.


“Come here, let me enjoy that tight boy-hole of yours again,” he moaned.


Still on all fours, deepthroating his cock every now and then, I hollowed my back, spread my legs a little and raised my orbs in the air, giving him excess to my little pink crater he longed for so desperately.

I felt his hand moving from my neck down my spine, directing a finger into my butt crack and entering my colon. It slid in like hot spaghetti cause the entrance was still lubed up from before.


It wasn”t as soft as spaghetti though. The force of it entering me surprised me and it took me a second or two to adjust.


Entering me deeper this time, I raised my little ass higher up, like a cat in heat, and started bucking and swaying. Shots of pure ecstasy went through my body when his finger found my adolescent prostate.


I was totally ready for my next orgasm now.

80 lbs. of moaning lust, twisting and turning, sucking an jerking. And while one hand pleased my ass, the other kept guiding my head on his rod and caressing my body.


With his cock sliding in and out of my head and into my throat, thousands of hormones rushing through my small body and his finger pleasing my prostate it didn”t take long for me to get there again.


The moment I did, my sphincter clenched firm around his finger again and I maximized the suction on his cock. I felt the rod stiffen up and I had to pull back quickly. Mike shot the first load and it got into my windpipe so I coughed it out. Delicious thrust after delicious thrust ended on my face and in my eyes so I had to close them.


“OOOHHH MY GOD here we go!!!!” he sighed loudly.

His and my juices kept coming and coming.

All I could do was to let his juices rain down on me cause I wasn”t able to eat and swallow it all. I was still coughing.

Mike tapped me on the back and told me to breath deep in through my nose and I did.


Still bucking coughing and breathing deep I spilled my boy-juice on the shower floor and it washed away. As he stopped ejaculating and his rod went from hard wood to stiff rubber, I relaxed and slowed down milking kars escort him. I gave his cock a couple of more licks with my tongue and as a result Mike shivered with pleasure.


I raised my head and smiled at Mike waiting for a pad on the back like a puppy. I only got to taste his cum in the end and although unfamiliar, the taste was not unpleasant.


Mike took my head in his hands and wiped the cum of my face and chest.


“Oh my God! Your absolutely the best cocksucking boy I ever had,” Mike whispered to me.


“And you remind me of the beautiful bronze sculpture of the boy Leonardo da Vinci I saw once. I always wanted to fuck an Italian boy like that. You”re more than I could have wished for.”


I had no idea what he was talking about but I took it as a complement and smiled.

We were both out of breath. We looked at each other completely exhausted and I laid myself against him for a couple of minutes. My face showed a grin from ear to ear.


We rested for a while like that. Like a warm summer rain the shower kept pouring water over us, washing away most of our juices and revitalizing us a bit. Gently he stroke my body and played with my lubed pink crater some more.

At the same time I was exploring his body with my hands again.


“Are you OK, Nino?” Mike asked.


“I”m beat,” I said.


“You”ve got such an awesome body and the stamina of an adult. I”m really amazed how well you did, even three times in a row,” he said.


“How long will you be staying with us?” I asked as I looked up at him.


“At least one more night,” he replied.


“Great. Then I”m off to bed now. I”ll have to get up early tomorrow morning. My dad is taking the nightshift so I”ll have to take over at 06.30h. Round 9.30h room cleaning starts. On Saturday”s I have to help Rosario. She cleans the bathrooms while I make the beds. Will I see you then?”


“I”ll be out jogging by then probably, but I”ll catch you later,” Mike replied.


I smiled, got up and walked out of the bathroom. I didn”t even bother to dry off. I bent down to get my shorts and shirt from the bedroom floor, giving Mike a last good view of my best asset. I dressed myself and stepped into my flip-flops.


I walked over to the suitcase, took the blowjob booklet and held it up. “Can I borrow this? I like to excel in my new found hobby and wanna find out more techniques.”


“Take it, it”s yours.”


“I guess I”ll see you tomorrow then. You owe me that present too, remember?” I said as I went for the door, leaving Mike on the shower floor with his eyes locked on my ass and a big happy grin on his face.


I went directly to my bedroom, sat down at my desk and read the first chapter that handled the anatomy of the penis.


After finishing I started writing in my diary what happened with Mike that evening.

As I was writing it all down I realized I was still covered in Mike”s cum. It was slowly running down my chest towards my bellybutton and into my pubes. I also felt it dripping down my thighs. I ran my fingers through and tasted it.

It fired me up again…



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