Saturday Hang with Uncle Kevin

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All day Saturday I couldn’t sit still. I was beyond excited to hang out with my uncle. Growing up with sisters, it was nice to have a bro to chill with, even if it was my dad’s brother.

I knew not to wear anything clean. My uncle would be pissed if I showed up wearing washed clothes. From the bottom of my hamper, I snagged a dirty pair of boxer briefs I had used as a cum rag a few times this week, when I made my throbbing, hairy cock jizz before bed. I picked up two rank Nike socks from my floor that I had dropped there after the gym. Before sliding them onto my size 12 feet, I crumpled them to my nose and huffed. ABSOLUTELY RANK with sweaty foot smell. Just how I liked it, and how I knew my uncle would too. I threw on a black tank top and Levi jeans and reached for the Nike high tops laying on the floor, smelling the socks on my feet as I leaned for them. My bulge expanded at the scent.

I took a look at myself in the mirror: twenty-eight, hairy, smelly, muscular and ready for a night with his uncle. I eyed the deodorant on my dresser and scoffed at it. Instead, I lifted both my arms in the reflection and assessed the black armpit hair sprawling out from beneath my arms. I love that I had gone through puberty to become a man, with a forest of dark hair in my pits to show off. I tilted my nose to each side and inhaled. Insane BO. Excellent! I was on day ten of no deodorant.

Happy with my stench and masculinity, I looked back in the mirror and grabbed my penis, squeezing him. I started getting an erection and smiled at myself. I was ready.

I stomped down the stairs to the kitchen. My parents were there and turned to look at me parading down the steps.

My dad peered over a newspaper, sitting at the table. “Heading out, Pat?” My mom was at the fridge.

Uncle Kevin’s words echoed in my head. Let’s keep this between us. An uncle and nephew thing. “Yeah. Scott’s having us over for the Mets game.”

“Oh, that’s so nice of him! Do you want to take some food to bring over?” My mom was always trying to feed everyone.

“No, that’s okay. We’re just gonna order some pizzas.”

“Alright we’ll have fun! Be safe!”

“I will,” I said as I reached for my keys hanging on the wall beside my mom. I walked over to where my keys were hanging beside the refrigerator.

Her nose crinkled, my messy pit of dirty hair opening wide. “Ugh, Pat! But some deodorant on! You smell!”

I took a whiff, mostly just to smell my BO again, but played it off. “I’m fine! Your nose is too sensitive.” I lied. There was an extremely obvious smell of body odor.

“Honestly, honey, your friends are going to make fun of you!”

“Mom, they’re guys. I smell fine.” Again, I knew I smelled foul. But even if I was going to Scott’s, the boys wouldn’t have given a fuck. Even if they did, I loved getting comments about how rank I was anyways. It boned me. I knew Uncle Kevin would love it even more than Scott and the guys though.

“Leave him alone, hon,” my dad called from behind the newspaper.

“Alright,” she shrugged. “Well, have fun, Patrick. No drinking and driving!”

“I won’t.”

10 minutes later, my car pulled up to my uncle’s apartment. My heart banged against my ribs the entire time I walked to his unit. I stopped at the door, exhaled, and knocked. I heard movement inside. A moment later, my Uncle Kevin opened the door wearing nothing but a pair of black Nike gym shorts and Timberland boots. The boots were untied and hanging loose at his ankles. I could see the crew cut white socks he was wearing, clasping his large, hairy legs, rising slightly above the lip of his Tims. He was shirtless. I noticed his nipples were slightly hard as I followed the thin path of hair from between his furry pecks down to the top of his gym shorts. His white Calvin Klein underwear sat slightly higher than the waistband. What I would give to take them off him and smell them! My uncle’s musky, cock-stench underwear.

“Look who’s here!” He threw himself at me, wrapping his muskiness around my torso. “How’ve you been man?”

“I’m good! What’s up?” I felt his dick press against mine.

“Not much, Patty. Just waiting for your sorry ass to get here already.” He stopped suddenly and looked at me. “Fuck. Is that you?”

I smirked at him. “You know it is. Ten days.”

“TEN!? No deodorant at all? Fuck. Shit is vile.” He smirked at me and glanced around quickly. “Lift up an arm. Let your uncle get his face in there quick.”

Coming out of the gate hot. He was definitely horny. “Absolutely!” I lifted my arm up, exposing my hairy-as-fuck armpit for him. A fully developed man’s armpit. My BO wafted out. Then, right there on the threshold of his apartment, my uncle leaned in and put his nose into his 28-year-old nephew’s rank pit. I watched as my long armpit hair wiggled into his nostrils as he inhaled my mature smell.

“OH FUCK! Alright, hurry up and get inside.” I saw him adjust his growing cock.

I stepped into his apartment and was immediately met by the smell of a bachelor pad. It reeked of sweaty socks, bahis siteleri cologne, stale beer, his hairy ball sack, and a bit of pancake batter which definitely was the smell of sperm. For a moment I thought I caught the faint smell of weed too. I casually inhaled large breaths through my nose.

“Look what you did,” he said to me, closing the door behind him. He was looking at his erection, bobbing in his shorts.

“Oh fuck, uncle Kev.” I could make out the head of his dick, large and round, bouncing between his masculine legs. I didn’t hesitate. I reached for it and grabbed my uncle’s cock through his shorts. It felt thick. His penis still had some squishiness to it, but I could tell he was getting more erect in my hand. He had a semi. I squeezed his cock more, coaxing him to keep growing harder.

“Jesus. Alright. Slow down there, killer. I can’t cum this quick.” I laughed, excited to know he was planning to cum at some point tonight. “Can I get you a beer? Game’s about to start in a few minutes.” He had to change the subject. His flat screen to the left flashed Sports Network’s pregame coverage.

“Sure, what do you have?” I followed behind him, watching his muscular back flex as he strutted in front of me to the kitchen.

“Heineken, Coors or Budweiser.” We looped into his kitchen. His ass looked large and jiggly in his shorts, and I was happy to see he still had a tent between his legs when he turned to open the fridge. He was unashamed and didn’t hide the triangle of fabric being pushed out by the male appendage between his thighs.

“Gimme a Bud Heavy.”

“Fuck yeah. That’s what I like to hear.” He reached in, pulling two brown, glass bottles out. After he popped the caps off, he handed me one. “Cheers to the next level of our uncle and nephew relationship.” He winked.

“Cheers!” I smiled back.

We followed each other back into the living room. He plopped himself onto the couch, his now flaccid cock bouncing against the fabric when he did. I sat in the recliner, both of us angled towards the T.V., but still somewhat facing each other. We sat back and took a swig of our beers. I couldn’t help admiring the size of his hairy calves, pressed again the base of the couch, and the way his stomach looked without a shirt on. My uncle Kevin had always been an avid lifter and his current work in construction helped sculpt his body. His shoulders were wide and rounded, reaching around to connect with his bicep and triceps. The muscles in his forearms flexed each time he brought the beer bottle to his lips.

I watched as he reached a hand back, leisurely grabbing the top of the sofa. He was finally showing off to me, exposing his own overgrowth of manly armpit hair. My mouth watered, wanting to get in there and taste his sweat and smell his pheromones.

A minute later, he kicked his boots off. They rolled onto the floor and thudded from their weight. His socks were dirty and looked stanky. I wanted to crawl over and serve him. “Take off your kicks, Patty. Relax.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, why? Your feet smell?”

“You could say that.”

“Scale of one to ten, how bad?”

“I’d say a solid eight.”

“Fuck yeah. Kick those motherfuckers off, nephew! I want to smell that shit wafting.” I leaned down to untie my laces. “I wish you said 10,” he confessed.

“Well, I grabbed a dirty pair of socks from my hamper, so they’re probably worse than eight.”

“Can’t wait to smell them from here.”

“Oh, you will.” I smirked to him. “What are those at? Scale of one to ten?”

He pulled a foot up off the floor to show me how filthy the sole was again. “A nine at least.”

“Oh, fuck that’s hot.” I slipped my high tops off and let them clunk to the floor too. There were large dark spots of sweat on my socks, concentrated around my toes. “You better be ready for these bad boys. They’re rank.” The stench immediately hit my nose.

“I bet. Good man!” I loved when he was proud of my manhood. I liked the embarrassment of being told my feet smelled by family, but it was entirely different feeling of pride when my uncle said he was happy they smelled.

We sat together, as our manly, smelly feet began to stink the room up, every so often taking a sip from our beers.

A few moments later, after he had shifted around awkwardly and contemplated asking, he looked at me, “You want to come smell them?” He lifted a foot off the floor again.


“I’m not taking them off my feet though.”

My heart started pounding. “Fuck. For real?”

He smirked at me from the couch. “Yeah man! Crawl over here and come huff your uncles rank socks.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice. I slid off the recliner, smelling my sneakers beside me, and crawled across the living room towards him. As I approached, he lifted a foot up to my face. My nose went directly for the sole of his foot, where the fabric of his white sock was dark like soot. As soon as my nose touched his sock, I inhaled. It was damp. It reminded me of the locker room in high school, and the aggressive smell of sweat canlı bahis siteleri and testosterone then never seemed to fade. Full man. My eyes were closed. I enveloped myself in my uncle’s dirty sock. Definitely a nine out of ten.

“FUCK, uncle Kevin.” I looked at him, smirking at me from the couch, with his leg raised into my face.

“You like that, nephew?”

I reached for the hairy cock between my legs. It was thickening, as I started to get an erection. It pressed tighter against the inside of my jeans. “For sure.”

“Go ahead, Pat. Pull that bad boy out. Expose your erect dick to your uncle. Don’t be shy. We’re men.”

“And we’re family,” I said.

“We sure are,” he smiled at me. “We share DNA.”

I kneeled in front of him, palming the bulge between my legs with my large hand. “Want your nephew to pull his penis out, Uncle Kev? He’s getting fucking hard in there.”

“Oh, fuck yes! Show your uncle how stiff you are.”

I smirked at him, noting the fabric of his shorts had begun rising between his legs as his own cock started to stand up straight again. Uncle and nephew turning each other on and getting boners.

I inhaled his rank foot stench once more, getting a high from his foul socks, and let his foot fall to the floor. “What size sneakers do you wear uncle Kevin?”


I could feel my growing dick trying to push out.

“I do too.”

“So fucking hot, nephew.” My uncle was watching me, the head of his penis pushing his shorts up high.

“You want to see your nephew’s stiff cock?”

“Oh, fuck yeah! Pull that dick out. Your uncle wants to see how his nephew has matured into a man.”

I unbuttoned my jeans and slowly lowered the zipper. My uncle simultaneously reached his hand into his gym shorts to grab his throbbing cock, watching me.

As I lowered my zipper, my cock shoved himself out, bulging from my dirty, cum-stained underwear. I was raging, and ready to bare my entire erect dick to my uncle.

He sat in front of me, smiling, clearly ready to see his nephew’s cock.

“I’m so fucking stiff,” I confessed.

“Good! That’s how your uncle likes your dick to be. Pull your underwear down. Let me see.”

I did as he said and stuck my thumb in the waistband of my underwear and stretched it around the massive erection protruding from between my legs. I pulled my underwear down and showed my uncle my completely erect, hairy cock. I was fully exposed to him. The head, shaft, my two large testicles and black, dense pubic hair were all completely visible and showing, dick curving up to the ceiling.

“Fuck yes, Pat. Expose your cock to your uncle.” I could tell he was stroking his dick. The fabric of his shorts bobbed with each up and down movement of his hand, inside his shorts. I knelt in front of him, the rank stench of our socks wafting to me, with my fully erect penis showing off to my uncle while he stroked his dick.

“Pull that cock out, uncle Kevin. Show your nephew what you’re stroking in those shorts.”

“Yeah? You want to see this fat cock? My fourty-year old man penis?”

“You bet your ass I do! I’m so fucking turned on.”

“Me too, nephew. Not sure if you could tell.” He stretched the waistband over his erection and pushed his hips forward so his cock would rise from inside his shorts. And there, coming up from inside his shorts, was my uncle’s erect dick. His massive cock was cut and standing tall in a field of overgrown, dark pubic hair, growing up his shaft. His dick was girthier and veinier than mine. His balls were as massive and hair-covered. There was a glistening stream of precum leaking from the slit of his dick.

“Oh fuck!”

“You like that, nephew? You love seeing your uncle’s erection?”

“Ugh, fuck yes.” He continued stroking his penis with his massive hand and I followed his lead, beginning to masturbate with him.

“That’s right, Patty. Make him feel good! Show your uncle how you beat your stiff cock.” I picked up speed, turned on by my uncle’s voice telling me to stroke my penis, showing him what I do alone at night in bed. I was being a man in front of him.

“Fuck!” I exhaled.

“That’s right, Patty. You’re a man, just like your uncle. Make that cock feel good!” I was in ecstasy, my uncle and I masturbating our erect penises in front of each other. He moved his legs to either side of me, waving the stench of his socks around me, which only made my cock throb more.

“What do you think, Patty?”

I slowed my stroking, already feeling my testicles tightening between my big, hairy legs, preparing my sperm to be ejected. “About what?”

“About putting your mouth on your uncle’s cock?”

My heart raced even more, “Yeah?”

“Fuck yeah! I’m already so fucking close too.”

“Want your nephew to slob on your erect dick, uncle Kev?”

“Oh, fuck yes!” His hips pushed forward, as if his cock was inching itself closer to my face, ready to get swallowed down his nephew’s throat.

I reached for the base of my uncle’s dick and felt the throbbing skin of canlı bahis it pulse against my hand as I wrapped my fingers around him. He removed his hand from his shaft to let me hold his penis on my own. “Oh, Jesus, Patrick. That’s it. Grab your uncle’s throbbing dick.” The veins of his penis swelled with the pressure of my fingers. The clear precum, exuding from his urethra, was nearly flowing, running halfway down his cock. I felt my dick, now in my left hand, puff firmer as it flooded more with blood by being turned on. Taking a quick glance down, I saw a gelatinous strand of my own precum dangling from the head of my penis, like a loogie. Fuck was I turned on.

My uncle saw what I was looking at and reached for the head of my stiff cock between my legs. His fingers massaged the head of my penis. I nearly spermed all over his hand before he pulled his fingers away. I watched him stick the three fingers into his mouth. He wrapped his tongue around them, eating my precum.

“Fuck that’s good shit, Patty.”

“Good thing you stopped. I almost just fucking nutted all over your hand.”

“Wish you had.” Everything he said just made my cock stiffer. I could feel my prostate squeezing more precum up the length of my cock, to lubricate it, prepping for the massive load of sperm building in my scrotum that I no doubt would be letting my uncle milk out of me.

“Alright, get to sucking. Wrap that mouth around my dick, Patrick.”

“You ready?”

“Absolutely.” His cock was too. It was nearly purple it was so erect. I leaned forward. His dick was so stiff it was hard to manipulate it but I got the right angle and guided the massive head of my uncle’s erect manhood into my mouth. I tasted his skin and the salty flavor of his precum and my mouth instinctively wanted more and began sucking. He immediately moaned. “Oh, Jesus. Oh, fuck!” His thick, hairy legs extended against me, pushing his hips forward, so that I could swallow the entire length of his huge erection. His precum mixed with my saliva and lubricated the throbbing head of his dick in my mouth. “Fuck, Pat. That’s it. Use that mouth.”

I relaxed my throat and accepted his entire stiff dick. My nose buried into his thick black pubic hair. The smell of his crotch and pubes flooded my nose when I was able to inhale. He kept moaning to me, “Ugh! Fuck. Take my cock, nephew. Eat my precum.” I sucked harder, my tongue against the length of his throbbing cock inside my mouth, flexing against the base of his dick, pulling more of his precum from the slit in his dick with the back of my throat. I was gulping down as much of him as I could.

My uncle’s legs flexed again, pushing against me, and I buried my face further into his crotch, my chin pushing against his swelling testicles, gathering sperm to feed me. I took a hand and cupped his insanely hairy scrotum, still with the entire length of his rock stiff erection down my throat. “Oh fuck! That’s right, nephew. Cup your uncle’s testicles. Massage that sperm out.” I did as he said and fondled his two large testicles, inside his hairy scrotum, with my fingers. “That’s it! That’s it, nephew. Keep sucking my cock!”

I picked up pace and thrust my head back and forth, slobbering on his firm, hairy penis, tasting more and more precum seeping from his cock. The sound of his dick plunging into my throat, lubricated by my spit, made a sucking noise throughout his living room. His leg muscles were tight. “Oh fuck, Patty. Keep going. Keep fucking sucking my penis.”

As I bobbed my head, accepting his cock deeper into my throat, I used my tonsils to massage the leaking head of his cock inside my throat. The sucking noises were getting louder each second. With each plunge too, I tasted more and more of his precum, no doubt spurting into my throat as he edged closer to orgasm. I felt my uncle’s hand rest on the back of my head, his large palm and long fingers wrapping around, trapping his dick inside my throat. There was no resting. He wasn’t going to let me take his penis out of my mouth until he was done ejaculating.

He’s getting close, I thought to myself. Time to pick up the pace and milk your uncle’s fat, hairy dick for his sperm.

I sped up, thrusting my mouth deeper into his crotch, feeling his pubic hair against my nose. I use my tongue to pull more precum up the underside of his cock and out into my throat. “Holy shit. Keep going, nephew. I’m getting fucking close.” Keep fucking going, Pat. Make your uncle explode.

I felt my uncle’s large hand on the back of my head, his fingers curled into my hair as he pulled me deeper into his dick. His legs were tight and flexing beside me. His muscles bulged. I could smell his feet and rank socks as his toes wiggled beside me on the floor. I grabbed my uncle’s inflated scrotum, massaging his testicles again, coaxing his sperm out.

My uncle moaned. “Ugh, Pat. I’m almost there. Keep sucking. Don’t fucking stop. Make me sperm.” No need telling me twice. I powered into gear again and thrusted my face into my uncle’s hairy crotch, sucking his shaft and the throbbing head of his penis, his hand still on the back of my head. The sound of me blowing my uncle echoed throughout the room. The wet sucking sounds were loud and guttural. I was bobbing my head on his cock as fast as I could.

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