Scott Takes It In The Ass

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I quickly got dressed to go out for tonight. I had on a tight pair of jeans, a nice shirt, and I had on a face full of makeup. I looked good as always. I was ready to “let my hair down” and be wild and free tonight. I just had a feeling that tonight was going to be a great night.

My roommate, Sally, pounded on the bathroom door for what seemed like the thousandth time. “COME ON, GIRL!! We are gonna be late!!”, she screamed thru the door. I checked myself in the mirror one last time, and I headed out the door. I bumped right into Sally. She was dressed similar, and she looked just as good. Before I had a chance to tell her, though, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the apartment.

It was a hot summer night, and we were headed down town to a club that Sally always went to. Her favorite band was playing tonight at the club, and she wanted me to go with her so she didn’t have to go alone. I didn’t mind. I liked Sally’s music, and the band sounded awesome! They were new, but I had a feeling they were going to make it big some day.

We caught a cab downtown, and we were at the front door in about 20 minutes. The club was called Razor’s Edge, and it was a popular club among the 20-30 year olds. I knew it was going to be crowded, but I had no idea how so until we saw the block long line up to get inside. “I know the bouncer. Come on, he will get us in.” Sally said to me as she tried to elbow her way up to the front of the line.

I could already hear music thumping inside the building. The crowed was unwilling to let us thru, and we got a lot of angry stares.

While Sally was trying to sweet talk her way thru, I looked around at the unfamiliar faces. There were all kinds of people. Then, I saw HIM.

I had no idea who he was, but my eyes were instantly drawn to him. He was sitting across the street on a motorcycle. He was sitting directly under the street light, so I could see him pretty clearly.

His hair was dyed a wild reddish brown with dark roots. He was smoking a cigerette. He had on tight, black leather pants with a button down black shirt. He also had on boots.

I don’t know what it was about him that made me stare at him, but I couldn’t pull my gaze away from him. I felt instant sexual attraction to him, even though he was across the street.

I watched him inhale the cigerette into his lips, and I felt my pussy clench with thoughts of his lips down there on me! Then, he threw the cigerette butt on the ground. He looked right at me. We stared at each other for a moment. I depated whether or not I should go talk to him or wait and see if he came over to talk with me. I smiled at him. He nodded. Then, before I could do anything, Sally grabbed me by the elbow.

“Come on, Rick said we could go in now.” She pulled me thru the people, and I lost sight of motorcycle guy. I managed a quick, “Thanks,” to Rick as we passed the bouncer before Sally had us in the club.

It was in full swing already even though the band wasn’t due to play for awhile yet. Sally managed to get us a drink. Then, we pushed our way to the front of the stage.

A newer band was playing an opening song. They were good, but I was more interested in listening to the main band. Sally was yelling at me periodically, but I couldn’t hear a word she was saying. I just smiled and nodded at various points. I don’t think she really cared.

Then, a guy with a microphone jumped up on the stage. After thanking the first band, he yelled for the crowed to put their hands together for the main band. The whole group of people went NUTS! I couldn’t believe how excited they were for this local band. They must be getting even more popular than I imagined. Sally was going nuts beside me too. I was really getting into it.

Before I had a chance to calm down, the band came on stage and went instantly into a popular song. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right there on stage, singing his heart out, was motorcycle guy! I didn’t know what surprised me more…the fact that he was motorcycle guy or if it was because he was the lead singer of this really great band.

He was still dressed in the black pants and shirt. He looked even better up closer. His fingers were long and they gripped the microphone tightly. I couldn’t stop my mind from leaping into all kinds of nasty thoughts about where I wanted those fingers to go. I couldn’t believe it! I loved watching his lips move while he sang his songs. Man, he was a girl’s version of a male wet dream!

Before I knew it, the lights dimmed and the band ran off stage. The crowed booed and stamped their feet and clapped their hands. They chanted “More! More! More!” I couldn’t help it, I went right along with them! I wanted more of this hunky guy even if it was only to bahis siteleri watch him on stage for the moment.

And, just like that, the lights went back on, and the band came running back onstage again. The crowd went nuts when they realized that they were going to be treated to another song.

I couldn’t get over how motorcycle guy was dressed. He had a dress on! It really threw me for a moment because it was a really flowery, lacy dress. He still had his boots on. Then, he started singing his song. It was about sex. It was a very powerful song that I instantly liked from Sally’s CD she had. It was about this girl who knew that she was pretty, and that she wore this dress out to a club because she looked hot in it. She teased the guys all night, grinding her ass with them on the dance floor. Then, she just up and decided to go home alone. On the way though, one of the guys follows her. Half way home, he attacks her and rapes her. While he fucks the hell out of her, the guy says “You shouldn’t have worn that dress.”

While you are having a major mental image of this, the lyrics of the song goes “Here I cum…I cum…I cum,” as the guy pours his cum into his victim’s pussy. As I watched this guy up on stage singing his heart out, I had a major mental picture of me fucking him with his dress on. I pictured him in his girly dress, me fucking his ass with a strap on dildo. Without warning, I had a major orgasm listening to him moaning “Here I cum…I cum…I cum.” I gripped the railing that separated us from the band, and I moaned out loud when I felt it vibrate with the bass of the music.

Thankfully, the music was so loud that nobody could hear me moaning. While I was cumming hard, motorcycle guy looked right at me. He gave me this beautiful smile. My whole face flushed because I realized he knew exactly what was happening to my body! Then, the band ran off stage again.

Just like before, the crowd went wild. I was afraid they would stampede! But, just like before, the lights came back on again. This time, motorcycle guy was completely naked except for his boots and an American flag wrapped around his waist.

My jaw dropped. I looked over at Sally, who just gave me a sex starved smile and knowing look. He sang another great song. The crowed was yelling so loud that it was almost deafening. Then, at the end of the song, the singer yelled, “God Bless America!” while at the same time putting the flag on a pole to be proudly displayed about the stage. So, there in front of my eyes stood motorcycle guy in nothing but his boots. I thought he looked good before! WOW. His legs where long, lean, and powerful. But, that was nothing compared to the length and beauty of his powerful cock. It wasn’t even hard, and it was already putting every cock I ever saw to shame. I knew right then and there…I had to be with this guy. I was still in a lustful daze when I realized the show was over.

Sally grabbed my arm and pulled me out to the club for some air. “Oh my gosh. What a great show! They always rock.” I was still half dazed at what all transpired. I glanced at my watch and was shocked to see it was 3 hrs since we first stepped foot out of the cab.

Sally snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Are you listening? I said I was wanting to get out of here before my ears stop working permanetly.” I nodded. My tongue still to thick to form words. She walked across the street to use her cell phone to call a cab.

While we were waiting, I saw a huge flock of people coming from the alley behind the club. I turned, and I saw the band members with what I assume was body guards around them to get them out of the club safely. Then, I saw the lead singer.

He had his leather pants and black shirt on again. He looked straight at me. I thought my knees would go out from underneath me just looking at him. Sally hung up her phone. She said, “The cab will be here in about 5 minutes.” I looked at her. She gave me a concerned looked. “What’s wrong? You look flushed. I hope the club wasn’t to much for you,” she said. I tried to shake my head, but I didn’t have time. Before I knew it, motorcycle guy was standing right beside me.

He was taller than I first realized. I barely reached his chest. I could see that the top three buttons on his shirt was undone, and I could see the naked flesh of his chest. I thought I would pass out. Sally was first to speak. “Hey. GREAT job tonight as always. I love to listen to you guys play,” she said.

I pulled my eyes away from his chest to stare into his face. He told Sally “Thanks,” but he was staring straight at me! I smiled at him. “Yea. Nice job,” I mumbled to him. He reached his hand out towards me. “My name’s Scott.” I shook his hand while telling him my name. The other members of canlı bahis siteleri the band came up to us then. Sally instantly started talking with them.

Before I realized it, they invited us to a party at the guys’ apartment. Sally agreed just as our cab pulled up. Scott handed me a slip of paper. He whispered, “I hope you…come.” I flushed instantly when I realized what he said and how he said it. I ran after Sally into the cab.

I opened the paper and realized it was the address to the apartment. I told the cab driver the address. I looked at Sally. “You always get me into trouble.” Sally grinned at me while saying, “We deserve some fun now and then, girl!” I grinned back at her. “I like Scott.” Then, I told her all about how I saw him across the street, all about what happened while he was singing, everything! Sally gave a low whistle. “You have it bad! I say, go for it.”

It only took a few minutes to get to the apartment, and I realized it wasn’t that far from the club. My heart gave a flutter when I realized Scott was already there waiting for us.

We walked quickly over to him. He said, “Thanks for coming. The guys are already upstairs.” We followed him up the steps to the second floor. He opened the door marked “2-A”.

It was a nice apartment. It had a huge living room, dining room, and kitchen. That was as far as my “tour” went for at the moment. We all gathered around the table. The music was on, the beer was flowing, and we were all trying to play cards.

Scott sat right beside me. His thigh was pressed right up against me. Every time we shifted, I was reminded of him up on stage in all his naked glory. After a few hours, and way to many beers, I decided I needed to further my tour of the apartment in hopes of a bathroom.

I walked down the hallway hoping to find the bathroom soon. I realized the first 2 rooms were bedrooms. The 3rd door was finally the bathroom. I did my business, and I freshened up a bit. When I went back in the hall, I was surprised to find Scott leaning against the door jam. “Hey,” I said breathlessly. Then, he kissed me.

I melted into him, and I instantly responded to his touch. He cupped my face in his hands. I moaned into his kiss. He pressed me into the wall, and I felt his hard cock rub against my belly thru our clothes.

I gripped his shoulders. “Scott…” He took my hands and let me to the door at the end of the hall. It was a 3rd bedroom. I heard him shut and lock the door. Then, he lit a candle on the bed side table. “This is my room.” Scott explained. But I didn’t care. I just wanted him to kiss me again.

He didn’t disappoint me. He slowly kissed me, nibbling my lips, sucking my tongue. Man, I thought I would cum just from him kissing me. He pulled me over to the bed while he kissed me. I never met a man like him. I was ready to do anything he wanted. Well, except for talking, which is what he seemed to have in mind next.

He wanted to know all about me. He asked a few questions, and I gave him a very brief summary. I tried to kiss him again, but he pulled away.

He was breathless when he said, “I am glad you came to the club tonight.” I smiled. “Me too.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “You seemed to really like my one song. What were you thinking?” I laid back on the bed with my feet still on the floor. I closed my eyes while I told him that I had an orgasm while thinking of fucking him in the ass while he was wearing the dress. I was embarrassed, but he asked! I heard him move beside me while he whispered in my ear, “Mmmm. That sounds like a delightful adventure. I thought you looked like a fun girl.” I opened my eyes. “You aren’t wierded out by that?”, I asked in surprise. “Hell no. Would you like to play?”, he asked with a wicked smile.

He got off the bed, and he went over to his closet. “I love to dress up from time to time. Come see.” He opened the closet door. He had some dresses in the back of his closet. “I wear these from time to time on stage. I think it’s fun.”

I was shocked when I said,“You seem like the manliest man in the world. Hell, are you gay? What? I never met anyone like you.”

He laughed a deep, soul full, laugh. “No, I am not gay. I do say I am bisexual in some ways, though I have never been with a guy…yet. I do like to dress up and role play, though.” He stripped down to his nakedness. Before I had a chance to admire his cock, he pulled a simple dress over his head.

He said, “Come lets get you dressed for fun.” He pulled my shirt and bra off. He then pulled my jeans down to my knees. 10 minutes ago, I was dieing for him to do just that. Now? I had no idea what was going on.

He sat me on the bed while he pulled my shoes off and my pants the rest of the way off. canlı bahis “I suddenly feel very underdressed.” I joked, seeing as how I was now totally nude and he had a dress on. He laughed again.

He winked and said, “Then, you need to be wearing something.” He reached under his bed and pulled a trunk out. When he flipped the lid, I about fell off the bed at all the sex toys that I saw. He winked again when he saw my face. “We will play with most of this later. First, I want to play with this.” He pulled out a strap on dildo. It was all black. I wanted to laugh at the strangeness, but I couldn’t. Suddenly, it didn’t seem so strange or as funny.

He helped me put it on. I felt strange with my “cock” jutting proudly from my body. The blackness of it contrasted sharply to my creamy white skin. He grabbed my “cock” and pulled me to him. He kissed me again, deeply, and I forgot about everything but him. He ran his hands lovingly over my whole body. I whimpered and moaned. “Fuck me.” I heard him whisper against my lips.

Then, the reality hit me. “I never…” “It’s ok,” he whispered while he climbed on the bed on all fours. He looked so damn sexy. I climbed behind him, and I pulled his dress up around the middle of his back. I nibbled, kissed, and licked my way down his back. I felt his skin ripple under my mouth. Man, he was turned on. So was I!

I knelt between his legs, my face just inches from his balls. I wanted to suck his cock, and I told him this. “If you do, I will cum like crazy. Please, I wanted to cum with you inside me.” I moaned, but I couldn’t help but taste his slit. I wondered what it would be like eating pussy, and I tried to imagine that his ass was a pussy. I tongued and sucked for all I was worth. He was moaning so loud. His hips were also bucking like crazy, I had to hold his ass cheeks still. “Please…fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” He was begging me. It was a pure ego trip.

I climbed up on my knees. I slid my “cock” between the slit of his ass. He whimpered. I had no idea what to do. I never fucked anyone like this.

I easily found his hole with the tip of my “cock”. I was slowly trying to enter into him, when he slammed back against me. We both moaned at the same time. I tried to take it easy on him, but he wasn’t having any of it.

Every time I tried to pull my “cock” out, he would slam his body back on top of it causing the underside of my “cock” to slam against my clit. I knew at this rate, neither one of us was going to last long.

The room filled up with the sounds of us fucking. We were both moaning like crazy. I tried fucking him faster, when suddenly he yelled “I’m cumming. Yesssss….”

I reached around his body because I wanted him to cum on my hand. I wanted to feel his cum. He cummed what felt like gallons. I rubbed his cum into the skin of his cock. It was the most beautiful thing I think I ever witnessed. He moaned and whimpered into the pillow. He even called out my name.

Before I had a chance to realize it, he pulled me off of him. He roughly threw me on my back on the bed. He ripped off the strap on dildo, and threw it on the floor.

He kissed me roughly. I couldn’t get over the complete change in him. He growled, “God, that was the sexiest fucking thing I ever saw.” He leaned up, and he ripped the dress off his body. I was once again marveling at the beauty of his naked body.

Then he said, “Now, I am gonna fuck the hell out of you.” I gasped in surprise. I realized he was no longer playing the sub role. He was all man now, and he wanted to let me know it.

He placed his still rock hard cock against my pussy. I wailed, “Oh my god. It’s never gonna fit, Scott.” I wasn’t just saying it either. He was well over 9 inches, and his cock looked like an angry tree trunk.

I let out a howl when he pushed his cum covered cock in my pussy. He wasn’t playing nice either. He held my hands up over my head.

He fucked me hard and fast while staring into my lust filled eyes. His cock head slammed against my cervix over and over. I never felt anything like it.

“Oh, Scott. I love your cock. Fuck me baby. Fuck me.” I started praying to who knows who. I started thanking Scott for fucking me with his beautiful cock. I couldn’t stop the words flying out of my mouth and the tears streaming down my face.

And, then I came like a freight train. I bit hard on my lip, but I still couldn’t stop myself. I closed my eyes and let the feelings wash over me. Scott pulled out of me then, and he splashed his cum all over my belly. Then, he collapsed on top of me.

I lay there with him. Totally in awe of what just happened. The sweat and cum drying on our naked bodies. We were both out of breath.

Then, he kissed me with such love and passion. He said, “Thank you. I think I just fell in love with you.” We both had huge smiles on our faces as we slept with me curled up next to him. We didn’t wake up until the next morning where he fucked the hell out of me again!

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