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Tonight I was going to a nightclub and it was going to be a special night. I’ve been to nightclubs before, and several times to the one I was going to tonight. It wasn’t the nightclub that was making the night special. It was the seduction. Tonight I was finally going to be seduced.

How did I know? It was easy. Sean would be at the nightclub and he’s always trying it on. Tonight I just wouldn’t be fighting him off so determinedly. I would reluctantly let him entice me outside for a bit of smooching. Reluctant, because I’m always a little reluctant, knowing he’d be trying to do more than just kiss me. However, tonight I’d just be a little less convincing when I slapped his hands away and we’d see what developed.

Now some people might think it’s a little cold-blooded to go to a night club and deliberately staking out a man to seduce me. I don’t think it is. It’s the hot blood that has made me finally decide to go that last little step. Really, at nearly nineteen, I’ll probably be the last of my group to lose my virginity, and Sean is a nice guy. I was pretty sure he’d take care of me.

I dressed with special care for my night out. The dress had to be just right. It would be pretty hard to get myself seduced if Sean couldn’t take proper advantage of me. So a shortish dress, tight, but not too tight, so that it showed off my figure but could be pushed up at the appropriate time. Also, shoe-string straps that could be easily slipped off my shoulders, and a bra-cup built into the dress so I wouldn’t need to wear a real bra. I’d spent a couple of weeks finding just the right dress.

Once in the night club I had a couple of drinks to steady my nerves, but only a couple. I did not want to find myself plastered and not knowing what happened. Then I cruised around, beating off the guys I didn’t want, waiting for Sean to make his approach.

Eventually Sean turned up and he made a bee-line for me as soon as he spotted me. I didn’t need to place myself strategically, which was what I’d planned. He came in, spotted me, and headed on over. Flattering, and doing my ego no harm whatsoever.

We chatted and danced for a while, both of us flirting madly. Inevitably Sean suggested that we take it outside for a while. I was hesitant.

“Um, you know how you get when we’re alone,” I pointed out.

“Hey,” he says, lifting his hands defensively, “Just a little bit of kissing and cuddling where it’s a bit more private. You know I wouldn’t push you into anything.”

He kept on sweet talking me, at the same time slowly edging me towards the door. He was smooth. He had me outside almost before I knew it, holding me against him.

We wandered hand in hand through the car park, heading for a quieter spot where there were no lights. We could see some other couples scattered around, none of us wanting to approach anyone else.

We finished up to one side of the car park where an overhead light had burned out, leaving our immediate area a little darker than it was supposed to be. Sean leaned back against a car, pulling me lightly against him. Then he kissed me.

Sean was a very good kisser. He could make me forget everything but his lips on mine, his ardour burning me. It wasn’t until he actually pinched one of my nipples that I realised that he’d eased the shoe-string straps down and effectively bared my breasts.

“Sean,” I protested, trying to push his hands away and straighten my top. “You promised to behave.”

“No, I didn’t,” he said with a laugh. “I just promised not to push you into anything.”

Ignoring my hands feebly pulling at his he started stroking my breasts. I could bahis siteleri feel them swelling under his touch, my nipples hardening and standing out.

“You have beautiful breasts,” he whispered. “It would be a crime if I couldn’t give them at least one little kiss.”

He bent his head, capturing a breast with his mouth, sucking lightly on it. My hands were in his hair, clutching at him, while I made a few feeble protests, protests which he ignored. His head moved across to my other breast, kissing and sucking, and then he lifted his head and started kissing me again.

Even while he kissed me I could feel his hands moving across my breasts. I liked it, liked the rasp of his hands against my sensitive flesh, the way his palms rubbed against my nipples, agitating them, sending little spirals of excitement downwards, starting a fire burning deep inside me.

He was good, I have to admit it. Somehow he dropped a hand away from my breasts and started inching my dress up. He was so smooth that when his hand brushed across the front of my panties I thought he must have put it up my dress, but no, he’d hitched my dress high enough that my panties were on show.

“Hey, I’m only touching a little,” he murmured. “We’ve done this before. There’s no harm in a little touching.”

True, we had done this much before, but generally with me protesting a whole lot more and trying to push his hand away. Now my protests seemed to lack a certain something, with my hand resting on his rather than pushing it away.

I have to admit I wasn’t completely surprised when his hand finally slipped inside my panties and he started stroking my naked flesh. And it was naked, I found. He’d even managed to ease my panties down.

“Sean,” I protested again. “You shouldn’t be doing that.”

“Relax, sweetheart, relax,” he crooned. “I’m just petting you a little. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

It did. Real good, but I wasn’t going to admit it. I just stared at him with my eyes wide, trying to look reluctant and nervous. There again, I don’t suppose I had to try too hard to look nervous. Things were going as expected, and that was making me nervous in itself.

“Listen, why don’t you touch me a little? Appreciate the differences.”

He eased my hand over to the front of his trousers and my hand closed over his cock. It was out and ready to play, long and hard and hot.

“Oh my god, I can’t do this,” I muttered. “How can you ask me to do this?”

At the same time I closed my hand over him quite firmly, feeling him, getting to know what an erection really felt like. I’d had brushes with cocks before, including Sean’s, but I’d never really taken the time to examine one. Now my hand was travelling up and down the length of it, thrilling at the way Sean hissed when I rolled my hand over the end of it. I did that again, feeling him almost cringe, biting my tongue to make sure I didn’t giggle.

“Oh, it’s damp,” I protested. “Why’s your, um, thing, damp?”

There was a touch of liquid on the end of his cock. I could feel it smearing over the head of it when my hand ran across it.

For answer, a finger slipped inside me, and I gave a startled yelp.

“You’re wet here, love,” crooned Sean. “That’s because your passage is expecting a visitor and wants to ease its passage. It’s the same with my cock. The moisture is just to help dampen it so it slides in more easily when I put it here.”

With that comment he drew his cock away from my hot little hand and pressed it against me. I could feel it pressing against my lips and it felt huge.

“Ah, Sean, what are you doing?” I asked. “I don’t think canlı bahis you should be doing that.”

“Just relax,” he murmured. “Breathe slowly and let it flow. It’s all perfectly natural. Everyone does it.”

“Oh my god,” I gasped, feeling him starting to push into me. “You’re trying to fuck me. Sean, what are you doing?”

“Just pressing in a little way,” he assured me. “You’ll find it doesn’t hurt. Just getting you acquainted with what might happen in future.”

God, what a liar he was. He was going to ram that thing home and we both knew it, even if we weren’t admitting it.

“Just a little, promise?” I asked him, listening to him lie that of course it would be just a little.

It had only just started going in, the head of it still easing my lips apart. If I believed Sean, that was as far as it would go. IF I believed him. Ha! I might be a little naïve but I’m not stupid.

He pushed in a little further, and then I felt him give a sudden jerk. I gave a small yowl. That had hurt.

“Oh my god, sweetheart, I’m sorry. I slipped. Does it hurt? Listen, just try and relax and I’ll see if I can stop it hurting.”

I made protesting noises, but not very loud ones. Yes, it had hurt, but I knew why, and now it didn’t. I could feel him pushing along my passage and it felt good. He didn’t stop until he was right inside me.

“You said just a little,” I pointed out.

“Yes, but that was before I hurt you,” he said, his voice soft and soothing. “After that I had to put it in deeper to ease the pain away.”

Wasn’t that considerate of him? It wasn’t that he wanted to fuck me; just that he felt it was his duty. Are all men so self-sacrificing?

Now that he accidentally found himself in me Sean decided to make the best of it. Fortunately, he knew what to do from this point on. I only had a vague idea plus porn examples. He started taking me properly; pulling back and pushing firmly back in. I knew enough that I was able to start pushing against him to meet him.

It felt good, and I groaned softly with pleasure. Then it was feeling even better, and my appreciation was even louder and more enthusiastic. Then it was feeling wonderful, and Sean was kissing me, his hands roaming over my breasts, his cock plunging into me, time after time, while I was groaning deep in my throat and pushing hard against him wanting him to come deeper with every thrust.

I couldn’t help wondering why it had taken me this long to take this step. Not that I was wondering very hard. That would have required thought and thought would have taken me away from the wonderful world of feeling.

Sean’s cock was sliding in and out of me at an ever increasing rate. I could feel it, and I treasured that feeling. It trailed excitement behind it as it approached, leaving that excitement inside me when it retreated. Everything was building up and I just knew I was going to climax and that very soon.

Sean was moving faster, with a new urgency to him. I knew why and pressed eagerly against him, feeling the pressures building. Then it was a case of wow, heaven help me, what’s happening to me, and I climaxed, clinging to Sean and shaking like a leave in a high breeze.

I felt Sean pulling out and managed to look up at him. He was looking smugly satisfied. Fair enough, I guess. I was feeling very much that way myself.

“Oh, wow,” I said softly. “Is it always like that?”

“Generally, if you have a good partner. You’ll be able to find out for yourself quite soon,” Sean told me. I assumed that meant he wanted to see me again.

“Come here a moment,” he said, turning me towards the front güvenilir bahis of the car we’d been leaning against. “Just lean forward across the front of this car for a moment.”

“What’s going on? What are you doing?”

Sean was pressing me forward and I found I was bending over, leaning against the car.

“Just stay like this for a moment,” Sean told me. He was standing next to me, hands holding my wrists, keeping me pinned against the car.

“Sean?” I said, confused.

My confusion came to a sudden halt. I hadn’t straightened my clothes yet. My dress was still up around my waist and my panties down around my knees. Even my breasts were still uncovered.

I felt Sean’s cock brushing against my lips. Then it pressed forward and I opened my eyes with surprise, pushing back hard to meet his thrust. He slid all the way in with one long thrust.

It felt good and it felt different. I assumed it felt different because of the different angle he was on.

I was pushing hard to meet this new assault when alarm bells started to ring. For Sean to be taking me again so soon he needed two things; a very quick recovery period and a cock several feet long. The reason he required such a long cock was because he was standing to the side of me.

I looked at Sean and then twisted my head to try to look behind me.

“What? Who?” I stammered.

“You know Mike, don’t you?” Sean said calmly. “We agreed that he could show you what it’s like to be taken from behind.”

Oh my god. This I hadn’t counted on. I tried to object, honest I did. The trouble was that every time I opened my mouth I’d say, “Ah,” or something similar. Mike was doing diabolical things to me with his chosen weapon.

I wasn’t helping my own cause either. Every time Mike thrust into me I was lifting my bottom and pushing hard to meet him. When he reached around to capture my breasts I found myself pressing them into his hands. My god, I was turning into a slut right in front of my own eyes. I couldn’t believe it.

Mike’s thrusting cock very quickly reduced me to a bundle of nerves that were going, “ah, ah, ah,” in a continuous stream of grunts, one for every thrust. Oh god, I’d already been aroused by Sean and now Mike was taking shameful advantage of that fact. He was banging in right lustily, and all I could do was let him.

I don’t think he lasted as long as Sean did, but there again, Sean started off a lot more slowly to let me get used to what was going on. Mike went full throttle right from the start.

I was going to climax again. I didn’t have the faintest doubt. I was just slightly surprised I hadn’t already climaxed. Mike was winding up for a big finish, I could feel it. Then he was banging in madly and the world exploded around me again, fire tearing through me, all my nerves burning at once.

Mike faded out of the scene and Sean was there, helping me get my clothes in order.

I finally managed to get my thoughts in order and glared at Sean.

“What the hell?” I asked him.

“It was for your own good, baby,” he told me, looking at me with sincerity oozing out of him.

“My own good?”

“Of course. I knew you were a virgin and virgins don’t often climax on the first try. It leaves them dissatisfied with sex and hating the boyfriend who put them through that nasty ordeal. I thought that when I finished, Mike would be able to come along and continue where I left off, lifting you over the hump so you’d get your climax.

Mind you, I was thrilled that you managed to climax when I initiated you. It made me feel you were someone special.”

How do answer something like that? I was just lost for words, too bemused to come up with anything. I needed a drink. So I went back into the nightclub and got one.

I think I can claim my mission for the night was a success.

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