Seducing Seducers

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Seducing Seducers

After a month of smoozing with a new hire in my office, I learned he had the same kind of bawdy humor as I did. Once beyond the randy jokes, Dan showed me family photos. His son, Donny, looked muscular in his Speedo, but his wife, Denise, was spectacular in her barely legal thong bikini. Now I’m sure who our next seduction will be.

I shared photos of me and Sue in swimwear, but honestly, we don’t look as good as they do. Two of Dan’s tamer photos featured Denise between her son and Dan, looking over her shoulder and smiling beautifully with her bare ass flexed around her thong. The other showed her between them, but facing the lens. Her D-cups overflowed her tiny top and exposed her huge cleavage and the edges of her brown aureole. My mouth dried and my dick swelled. I didn’t even noticed Dan and Dennis were tenting their Speedos until Dan pointed them out.

“Don’t bother hiding your woody. She makes us swell too and ‘wood’ be insulted if you didn’t sprout for her. She’s even hotter in real life.” There was no hiding my stiffness. “We should get together for lunch and you’ll see for yourself. We’re off Friday, that good?” He looked at my tented slacks and smiled as I covered with a folder. “She has a great sense of humor like ours. Play a simple prank on her and you’ll win her over.”

She reached out to me and sent me suggestive riddles and jokes all week. By Friday, I felt I’d known her for years though we’d never met. When I shared the jokes with Sue, she felt at ease about meeting her. We all agreed to meet without our kids and Dan chose a dimly lit club. Sue and I arrived first, likely to allow Denise to arrive fashionably and elegantly late. What an entrance she made.

Though Sue chose a simple tank top, braless, and dressy black slacks, Denise came dressed for fine dining. She wore an elegant, sleeveless, black, drop front, silk blouse that dropped below her nipple line and left her black bra mostly exposed. Her cleavage was amazing and her nipples constantly threatened to escape with any movement, while poor Sue hunched forward to enhance her barely B-cups. Denise chose a black, calf length, flowing skirt with a slit that went to her hip bone. Her “fuck me” heels further shaped her well-toned legs. Watching her long legs peek out to her hip as she walked made my dick stiff. Sue noticed and licked her lips at the confident woman as she slyly pet my cock and whispered, “Down boy. Maybe later.”

We stood, rather I stood behind Sue to hide my wood, and all cheek-kissed greetings. Dan couldn’t stop grinning. When we sat in our black, half-moon booth, Denise sat next to me, then came Sue, followed by Dan. My deep breathing got deeper as I pretended not to stare into Denise’s open top or study her frequent leg crossing. Try as I might, I could not be sure if she wore panties. She was obviously aware of my interest and obviously stared at my tented slacks with a smile whether I tried to hide them or not.

We started with “clean” jokes and stories. I even shared my published story about how I (supposedly) met the Queen of England. After a couple of drinks, Densie got more relaxed touching me. I tried to behave.

Denise was the star, as she loved flaunting her tits at the wait staff. She got off watching their slacks stretch for her. By the time we got to dessert, we’d finished three bottles of wine. While we all had a slight buzz going, Denise was well beyond driving. yalova escort While waiting for dessert, she said, “I don’t think I need this a-a-any mohr,” as she unhooked her bra, pulled it down an arm then out the front of her top. One tit then the other popped out of her dress as she slapped her bra on the table. “Ooopsie,” she said as she slowly tucked her big tits away. Dan winked at me and laughed. Though that was the kind of excuse Sue used to expose herself, she was behaving — so far.

Dan picked up the check as Sue and I helped Denise stand. She seemed to relish helping her tits escape as she wobbled toward the door. “She loves being exposed when she ‘has no choice’ or is forced to flash her bits — drunk is a great excuse for that.” Funny how that’s exactly how Sue feels.

I didn’t get to my prank, but Dan put me on to a better one than planned. “She’s going to break her ankles if she keeps going like this. I can prevent that.” Before anyone responded, I spun her half way around, slowly put her tits back in her top, then lifted her onto my shoulder. As I slid my hand up her sexy legs, I raised her skirt and let the slit spill fully open until I had a firm grip on her ass. The rest of the diners froze in silence. As I dug my hand into her ass crack, I realized she had no thong on — she had come commando. Though I spread her cheeks and felt her wrinkled hole, I was the only one in front of us who could not see her brown door or likely her damp pussy. Sue covered her mouth in surprise, but Dan and all others stared wishfully at the exposed beauty.

When we got to their car, I put her down, but held her skirt up and wide open for my first clear view of her pussy. As I tucked her tits back in her dress for the last time, I pinched and twisted a nipple. Sue and Dan stayed silent. He buckled her in and drove off. As he pulled away, I saw her turn around, pull out her tits and flash me a sober smile. Who pranked whom?

Every day the next week, Denise sent me and Sue many photos that I hadn’t seen Dan take all night. Photos that included her stripping off her bra; several more of her exposed tits; and some of her asshole and pussy on my shoulder. The last photo was of her topless and signed, “Thanks for the great evening. I enjoyed all of it. See you Friday, chez moi, for dessert?” Sue agreed and we confirmed. Denise said we should bring our son, Stev. We wondered what she had in mind.

For our next live meet, Sue dressed better. She wore a blue, silk, oversized, single strap, tank which constantly threatened to release her tiny tit into full view. Her white slacks were wide bells, but tight in the crotch as she like to pretend no one could see her spectacular camel toe. Stev and I wore decent slacks and polo shirts.

Still in the brightly lit open door, Denise came and gave me a long, wet kiss and Stev a slightly shorter mouth licking. She appraised and complemented Sue then gave her a prolonged, passionate kiss. One tiny tit with an already stiff nipple escaped. I was surprised, but Stev was shocked.

Dan moved behind Sue and intimately hugged her while his wife assaulted her mouth. He nestled his stiff cock in Sue’s ass crack and, loud enough for all of us to hear, he whispered in Sue’s ear, “Arms up. Reach for the ceiling.” She slowly raised her arms while still licking Denise’s tongue. Dan lifted her top to her chin, making her tiny tits bounce when released. Stev’s eyes widened to see his mom’s tits so casually exposed yalova escort bayan by strangers in an open doorway. I winked and nodded at Dan, giving permission to continue.

Sue broke the kiss with a smile just long enough for her elegant top to pass over her head and arms. When she went for Denise’s top, Denise redirected her hands to her crotch and her husband’s stiff cock. As Sue brazenly stroked both new friends, Denise stroked Sue’s plump camel toe, then loosened and dropped her white slacks with the darkening wet spot. With no panties, Sue was naked in a moment. Dan continued to cup her tits and pinch her perfect nipples from behind her. Denise began to slowly finger her as we all watched. “Stev dear, have you ever watched your mom cum or even seen her naked? It looks like you and your dad are equally aroused. Come here and take over fingering your mom until she cums so I can confirm my theory.”

“Yes, ma’am. I have seen her naked nearly every day of my life, but didn’t see her cum until I was eighteen. That was my special birthday gift. That was the first time they let me watch them have sex, then had me join them so I could learn.” He stepped up fingering his mom’s wet and noisy pussy. Denise stepped behind him, crushed her big tits on his back as she rubbed his swelling dick and loosened his slacks. She put her hand in his briefs and squeezed his warm cock before pushing his slacks and briefs to the floor. Cooing her approval, she winked at me as she jerked my son.

Stopping before he came, she moved to me. “Ready for me, big boy?” she grinned. “You got to see all of me last week, but you and Sue stayed dressed the full time. It’s only fair we get to see and play with you first tonight. As for dessert,” she snapped her fingers and Dan stepped in front of Stev, dropped to his knees and licked my son’s balls and shaft. Before long, he had Stev’s cock in his throat and had the boy moaning as he still fingered his mom with hunger.

Denise extracted my cock and cooed as we watched the sex opera before us. She slowly jerked me and ordered me to strip. The fragrant sex aromas were intoxicating as I stripped and watched the threesome reform. Dan got on his back, still sucking my son as my wife, Sue, got on her back so Stev could spread and lick her pussy. She lifted her knees so her son could get his tongue deeper into her sopping, noisy pussy as his nose focused on her clit. He quickly had her moaning. As I taught him, he avoided her G-spot when he pushed two fingers into her purse, then licked one and twisted the other into his mom’s ass. She lurched, moaned and shuddered in orgasm, adding more dessert to his pussy platter.

Dan, seeing Stev anal-ize his mom, twisted a finger deep into Stev’s ass until he located my boy’s prostate. Stev lurched several times as he filled Dan’s belly with his cum. Just minutes later, still gasping, he moved up on his mom and nibbled on one nipple as he pinched the other perfect nubbin. This aligned his cock with his mom’s pussy and he easily slid into his familiar home where he’d been hundreds of times before, but never for a non familial audience. With all his practice and my guidance, he was very good at fucking. Denise directed me to kneel over Sue’s face and feed her my cock as she fucked our son. Sue eagerly sucked me into her throat as a hidden camera continued to record our performance. Hoping to hurry things along, Denise twisted a finger into my ass and had me filling Sue’s gut within escort yalova two minutes. Sue’s orgasm followed and squeezed our son’s cock within her and he filled her pussy with fresh cum.

When Stev stopped grunting and lurching, Denise had him pull out of his mom. Her big tits fell out of her braless top and Stev was quick to suck and nibble on her nipples. She got on her back and ordered, “Sue, sit on my face. Kiss your son as you let his cum fill my mouth.” Sue moaned as Denise sucked Stev’s cum out of her. Stev moaned as Dan resumed sucking my son’s sticky cock. Moving her long slit skirt apart, I finally got to taste Denise’s over-wet, panties-free pussy. It was sweet and tangy and I loved it. Though I ate it, licked, sucked, and fingered it before I shifted her clit, she could not be distracted from savoring my son’s cum.

Breathing hard, I lifted her knees and slipped my eager cock into her waiting furnace. Her labia were wet, but her canal was barely moist. My cock staggered inside her and brought our slippery delights into her cavern. She tightened her pussy muscles on me. That felt great to me, but I didn’t see or sense much change in her. When I pushed her knees to her chest, I knew the angle was right to stroke her G-spot. That finally got a gasping reaction. Something was wrong. Denise should have exploded in orgasm by then. Using my fingers on her G, I got the same mild reaction.

As the camera continued to record our five-some at the open door, I slid my cock back into Denise and noted the gentle reaction. Adding a finger alongside my cock tightened the fit and barely amped up her response. My last tactic was to twist a finger into her sweet ass as I fucked her. That got a reaction and she finally surrendered to orgasm. “Stev, come here and fuck this pussy. See if you can get her to cum any better than I could.” He smiled at the challenge. His cock has deeper with thicker veins than mine.

As he repeated my actions with the same results, Dan laid his head in front of me. “You don’t mind if I taste my wife on you, do you?” Not waiting for an answer, he sucked my semi hard cock into his skilled mouth. After lapping every bit of our shared cum, he sucked me into his throat and gulped. I felt dizzy and nearly came again. He hummed the Star Spangled Banner and by the fifth word, I was filling his belly and mouth with more cum than I thought I had.

After lapping my balls and cock clean, he confessed, “Denise has developed a response problem. She has the desire to fuck and cum, but seems to have lost capacity. Doctors have found nothing wrong other than a low response to stimuli — they have some fantastic dildos that do things a human can’t. She rarely climaxes and never peaks the way she used to.

We seduce people since we enjoy it, but also hope to find someone who can make her cum freely. You and Stev are the closest humans have gotten. Our son, Donny, is very good with her and she enjoys fucking him, but has the same problem with him. We’re going to try sex and swap clubs next when we feel they are safe. If you have any ideas to help her cum intensely on demand, let us know. Meanwhile, enjoy her tonight. She is willing and enjoys eating cum from us all.”

“I’ll make notes as I fuck her a few more times. Her dryness may be a problem, but she tastes great. There are two things, maybe three, I’d like to explore. I can’t imagine what a sex dynamo she’ll be when she can feel more. Let’s get busy focusing on fucking her more. It’s time to finally get her clothes off and practice. Did you know we are typically the seducers? This is a change for us.”

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