Seduction of Mrs. Clarke Ch. 01

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Episode I

I am a 45-year-old, married mother of one. My sister and I talk on the phone at least once a month to catch up. Here is one of our conversations.


Jane: How have you been sis?

Good, how about you? (We chit chat for a while)

Jane: Hey Jo, whatever happened about that boy who was bullying Tommy? When we last spoke, you had gone to the principal to try and get him to leave Tommy alone.

I may have oversold the bullying, it really was just picking and pranks, but the principal didn’t do anything.

Jane: It sounds much different than when we last spoke. You were quite upset and it sounded serious.

Well, I found out some more about it and the situation has changed.

Jane: So tell me what happened.

Well, like I said after I talked to the principal, nothing changed and then one day I had to pick up Tommy at school for a doctor’s appointment. Tommy pointed out the boy and as you said I was quite upset at the time so I told Tommy to sit in the car and I approached the boy.

Jane: Wow, what did you say tiger lol.

Well I walked right up to him, and said, “you need to leave my boy alone.”

He turned slightly and said, “who are you lady,” very snarky. I told him who I was and then he looked me up and down and said, “wow I never knew Tiny Tom, had such a hot mom.”

Tiny Tom was the belittling nickname he had given Tommy.

Jane: So, what did you say?

Well, I was a little taken aback and said; “never mind that, are you going to leave him alone?” He looked me up and down again

“Damn: you are such a MILF,” he said.

“Are you even listening to what I am saying,” I said, and then explained to him about Tommy being so sick when he was little and how that was why he was smaller and weaker than the other boys, hoping this would help him understand.

“So will you please be nice to him?” I say, but is silent for a second, he continued to devour me with his eyes and a look on his face that he was considering something.

“What are you willing to do for me?” he said, and then flashed a devilish smile.

I was disgusted and just said “Well you better leave him alone.” and left.

As I was walking away, I overheard him graphically describe my body parts that excited him to his buddies.

Jane: Wow how brazen he is.

I know, right.

Jane: So what does this boy look like?

He is a very good-looking boy. Do you remember Paul Dixon when we were in school?

Jane: Oh god, that hot?

Well he doesn’t look exactly like him but he reminds me of him.

Jane: I remember how you and all the girls were so infatuated with him.

I wasn’t infatuated with him.

Jane: Oh yea, well what about that notebook where you had written Joanne Dixon a thousand times.

Oh stop it.

Jane: I bet that is why he thinks he can get away with anything. Those kinds of people usually do.

Yes, you’re right, so anyway, I had to take Tommy to the doctor but the next day I was back in the principal’s office telling about the exchange the day before with the boy.

Jane: What did he say?

He started off by lecturing me about how I shouldn’t have confronted him and told me to let him take care of it, which I knew how effective that had been. So I left walking to my car trying to think how I could resolve this situation, and when I reached my car there he was.

Jane: The bully.

His name is Matt; but yes. I guess he had seen me on the way in or out, so this time he confronted me. As I sat down in the car, he held the door open.

And then he says, “Nice to see you again Mrs. C.” as he again ogled me with his eyes. “What were you doing tattling on me?”

I didn’t like that he used the word tattling, it made me feel like a snitch, but I said, “Yes I did talk to the principal about you, so you better watch your step.”

“Well let’s see how that works out for you.” he quipped. So apparently, he had as much faith in the principal as I did. He then put his arm across the top of the car and leaned in real close.

“But If I decide to treat your little Tommy nice on my own, maybe you will do something nice for me.” And then kissed me on the cheek, shut the door and left.

Jane: You’ve got to be kidding me.

No, it happened just like that.

Jane: bonus veren siteler What did you do?

Well I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there staring at him as he walked away thinking did that just really happen. And then he turned around locked eyes with me and gave me a devilish smirk.

Jane: So he caught you staring at him?

I didn’t mean to be staring, I was just sitting there trying to collect my thoughts.

Jane: But he thought you were staring.

I don’t know, yea I guess. I’m sure that looked bad.

Jane: So what did you do next?

Well, I didn’t know what to do. I thought about it for a few days trying to decide what to do, but I didn’t have to. All of a sudden, he stopped harassing Tommy. He even kind of befriended him and started to look after him somewhat.

Jane: Really?

Yes, I thought what I told him about Tommy maybe finally got to him. But I soon found that was not it.

Jane: It was what he told you in the car wasn’t it?

Apparently, because one day Tommy comes home and says, Matt said he is going to come over and hang out one day. Of course, I told Tommy that wasn’t a good idea.

Jane: Was Tommy disappointed?

No, not really. He was glad the harassment was over, he didn’t really like Matt, he was just going along to keep the harassment from starting again, so he didn’t care.

Jane: So you didn’t let him come over, did he start harassing Tommy again.

No, he continued to treat Tommy better, but then one day I get a knock at the door, and it’s him: He is standing there without a shirt on.

Startled, I said, “Oh it’s you.”

“Nice to see you too Mrs. Clarke,” and looks me up and down and says; “you look very nice today.”

What are you doing here?


Excuse me.

It’s Matt, call me Matt.

“Ok Matt, what are you doing here?” He gives me a look like you know what I’m doing here.

“Is Tommy here,” he then says sheepishly.

“Yes, he is but I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be here.” He props himself casually against the door jamb and says…

I thought you would be more appreciative of how I have been treating Tommy.

I did feel like I was maybe a little harsh because I was appreciative for whatever reason, so I softened my tone and said, “I am appreciative. Thank you for being nice to him.”

So are you going to show your appreciation and ask me in?

I stammer for a second trying to decide how I should respond. “I’m not sure if tha…” but before I can finish.

At least let me use your bathroom.

I again stalled and said “um…,” but before I could utter anything else he started to unzip his pants and said…

Well, I will have to do it right here then cause I need to; really bad.

I almost shouted, “oh for goodness’ sake, stop that and go use the bathroom.” I showed him where the bathroom was and he entered but left the door ajar. I remember thinking, is that because he wants me to peek on him; and strangely enough the urge did occur to me, but naturally I didn’t. I noticed that I didn’t hear him urinating even though the door was open and I waited and waited: Finally, I said, “are you ok in there?”

Yes great, I’m just finishing.

This made me think, is he masturbating in there? I sat down on the couch and crossed my arms and tried to think what am I going to do about this situation. Apparently, he didn’t flush because I didn’t hear when he came out because he was standing beside me at the couch when I noticed him. I started to get up but he put his hand on my shoulder and applied slight pressure so I could not stand up. He sat down sideways on the couch facing me.

Look Mrs. Clarke, I know things got off to a bad start, but we are on the same page now, aren’t we?

Not catching the full innuendo, I say, “well I still am not sure how sincere you are.”

He looked deep into my eyes and said; “I can promise you I am very sincere” and put his hand on my knee.

I took his hand off my knee and slid away from him on the couch, and said “what do you think you are doing?”

“Just relax, don’t be nervous,” he says and starts to slide toward me.

I stood up and said, “you need to leave, this is inappropriate.” And get this – he looks me straight in the eyes and says…

It’s not inappropriate bedava bahis if we both want it:

He’s 18 or 19. Where does he come up with this stuff?

Jane: I know has he been to Casanova school or something?

I know, right.

Jane: So, what did you do then?

Well, I was so stunned I just stood there for a moment, his words running through my mind. He was right it would not be inappropriate if we both wanted it, but wait why am I thinking that, do I want it, no wait…. then he breaks the silence and says…

Oh yes you want it:

It was as if he was reading my mind. I began to mutter, “no it’s…,” and he pats the seat beside him.

Come set down Joanne let’s talk about it.

Jane: Omg you didn’t go sit back down, did you?

No, but strangely enough I did feel that urge, but my head is spinning again. He called me by my first name this time. How did he know it, and how did he know where we live, has he been stalking me? But before I can finish my thoughts he stands up and starts toward me. This startles me back into reality, I say, “Matt you need to leave” and I begin backing away. What is he going to do now, what am I going to do? Then it dawns on me – “TOMMY, COME SEE YOUR FRIEND OUT” I yell. Matt looks at me with a look of disappointment, frustration and a bit of anger. Luckily Tommy responds quickly and comes bounding down the stairs, but as Matt passes me, he leans in and says…

I can see you’re not ready yet.

Ready YET, that presumptuous little shit. Well, he and Tommy banter a bit and I usher them to the door and say, “you boys can talk outside, Matt needs to leave.” Tommy exits the door first but as I am standing there holding the door when Matt passes by me, he caresses my ass and whispers in my ear…

When you’re ready Joanne, Tommy knows how to get a hold of me.

Well, I’m flabbergasted, I stand there holding the door in a daze as I see him fist bump Tommy and say “see you later bro” and then stride down the walkway I look at his svelte body and think, I feel sorry for the poor girls that become his target. They will be enamored by his good looks, fall victim to his charms, and do anything to get his approval. Just then he gets to the end of the walk, turns to walk down the street then turns and looks me directly in the eye and winks. I turn and shut the door and lean back against it and think OMG.

Jane: I bet you were fuming.

You would think so, but for some reason no. I stood there for the longest time playing the events over in my mind. How did he know where we live, oh Tommy must have told him, but did Tommy also tell him my first name? I don’t think so, he never uses it and that doesn’t seem likely, but today with the internet you can easily find such information. Has he been googling me on the internet? If so, why has he devoted so much attention to me? What did he expect to have happened today? Is he just playing with me, trying to get back at me because I dared to confront him? What do you think Jane?

Jane: I think he is clearly trying to seduce you. Isn’t it obvious?

No, it is not obvious. He’s a good-looking young man that I would bet could get any girl at school to go out with him.

Jane: Quit being coy, you know you are an extremely good-looking woman and he doesn’t want a school girl, he wants his hot MILF.

Oh, stop it.

Jane: Don’t you find it flattering you have this young boy so interested in you.

Well, I would be lying if I said no. It certainly is flattering to think I can excite a young boy so, and a hot young boy to boot.

Jane: See you have thought about it. And you do think he’s hot. Come admit it Jo, you have fantasized about what might happen. I bet you have even been aroused by it.

Jane, don’t go there.

Jane: No, let’s go there. You need to work this out. I’m sure you have some confusing emotions. We need to talk about this. I’m your sister, remember, we share everything.

You’re right, but I’m even embarrassed to talk about some of it, even with you.

Jane: That’s only because you are feeling guilty about some of your thoughts, but remember our pact, no judgment, no guilt with us.

Ok, you’re right and I can tell it will help to get it out, so here goes. I have felt extremely flattered that I excite this boy so much. And to excite him to the deneme bonus point that he has devoted at least a fair amount of time in pursuit of me. I didn’t acknowledge it then, but I now realize I felt a level of attraction for him the first time I saw him. And the way he is so confident and sure of himself has made him only more attractive. My heart jumped a little that day when I saw him standing in the doorway. And when I said I had the urge to peek in on him in the bathroom, I had to fight that urge with all my might. And when I thought he might be masturbating in our bathroom, I got aroused. I wasn’t sure if it was from the fact of him doing it in our bathroom with door cracked practically daring me to watch or that I turned him on so much he felt the need to masturbate.

Jane: Well, that is natural Jo so don’t be hard on yourself. Did you go look and see if he did masturbate since he didn’t flush?

I did and yes, he did, a lot, and then realized he purposely left it for me to find. I since have played out the events wondering what if. What if I hadn’t removed his hand from my knee, would he begin sliding his hand up my thigh, and would I have stopped him. When he said it’s not inappropriate if we both want it, why did I consider that I wanted it. When he said come sit back down Joanne, what would have happened if I did. I swear if he had said it any more demanding I think I would not have been able to resist. And what would have happened if I hadn’t thought to call Tommy? Would he have forced himself on me?

Jane: This boy really has gotten in your head hasn’t he.

Yes, yes he has, and I don’t know what to do about it. When he said “you are not ready yet,” it’s as if I accepted that like it was an eventuality so much that it made me a bit angry. And when he said “when you’re ready,” not “if” you’re ready but when you’re ready, I also deep down accepted that as truth. I tell you Jane; it scares me how much of an effect this boy has had on me.

Jane: Well, he has clearly worked at it. And he is good, very good. I don’t know if he completely realizes what he is doing or if it is his confidence that is infectious. But when you related some of what happened it got me aroused. I am sure it has aroused you. Have you continued to think about it?

Oh gosh yes, it’s almost all I can think about at times. And yes, it has aroused me. After he left and I shut the door I began running all of the what ifs through my mind and I got so aroused I had to go masturbate. And then that got me more aroused when I thought me and him both masturbated in this house today and I masturbated again. I swear I think if he were to show up at the door again, I would let him take me then and there. Am I going crazy?

Jane: No you’re not crazy. You may be crazy over this boy, but you’re not crazy.

But I don’t want to be crazy over this boy.

Jane: Have you seen him anymore?

No, that was the last time, oh I mean I saw him at a distance at the school and some events in town. Each time when he noticed me he would lock eyes with me and sometimes wink. And on almost each occasion afterward Tommy would say Matt has asked if it is ok for him to come over again.

Jane: And you never said yes.

No, I was too afraid of what I might do. But each time I would almost expect a visit and it would generate another masturbation session.

Jane: You have really fallen for this boy.

Well fallen is not the right word. It’s not like I would leave Bob for him. But he does generate an excitement in me that I can’t ignore, and in all honesty don’t want to ignore.

Jane: Why do you think he never showed up on his own again?

I have thought about it a lot and I think it is because the last thing he said to me is “When you’re ready, Tommy knows how to find me.” He has stayed true to his word. He is waiting for me to say I am ready. I have to admit if that is the case it is even more endearing.

Jane: So do you think you will ever give in and try to see him?

I want to say no, but I do think about it, but you know me, I’m too much of a chicken to do that. But thankfully I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Jane: Why is that?

He is a grade ahead of Tommy and he has already graduated, got an athletic scholarship and gone to college.

Jane: You almost sound sad about it.

You know I am somewhat. It’s like all the excitement has gone out of my life. And Tommy even misses him too. You know, the other day he said to me, “Mom, it’s funny but I actually miss Tommy and would like to see him again.” And I said, “me too dear.”

To be continued….

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