Sex, Drugs and Pink Leggings

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She was the one I thought was going to be my forever person. My heart did weird beats and rhythms when she was around. My dick did weirder beats and rhythms too.

We met on an anonymous social media type website that had become synonymous with prostitution and drug dealing. Since I was neither a dealer or hooker, then I was there for procurement.

I was terribly addicted to methamphetamines, it was the drug that took me from zero to “fuck like a pornstar” in a few hits. It skyrocketed my self-esteem, made me money and was an amazing painkiller. And I was out of it, and my regular supplier had disappeared, so I was on my phone, hunting.

There is a whole other language when it comes to asking for drugs. A certain way of phrasing sentences that only dealers and users understand. There’s also a whole other language used by people who used to be in the game, but now they’re narcs trying to get time off of their upcoming sentences. Possession of methamphetamines in my state is almost mandatory prison time, so if you knew so-and-so got pinched, you had to completely disavow any knowledge of that person because chances are they’re gonna roll on you.

Anyways, in regards to those 2 languages spoken on the internet or phone, there is a very fine line that separates them. One wrong word and you’re blacklisted.

After getting nowhere for several hours, and really starting not to feel good, I took a break and relaxed for a bit, thinking about how just a couple months prior I had as much as I wanted anytime virtually free. All I had to do was drive.

I was a mover, a transporter. I would take my dealer to his dealer, and then deliver to the customers that couldn’t come to us. And sometimes I’d be approached by other people asking me to move or transport for them also as a one time special circumstance deal. One month in particular that summer, I drove over 10,000 miles spending hundreds of hours in my car. I moved substantial amounts of drugs, and cash, sometimes people, I moved a trunk load of assault rifles, I even moved a dead body once. That all collapsed like a house of cards very abruptly, and I had to get out. Problem was I have to start paying for my dope again, but that’s another story.

The thing I found strange about meeting her, was that she messaged me first. Dealers, or plugs as they were more commonly called, never messaged first. If they did it was either a scam, or a cop. Usually I ignored those, but something told me to cautiously proceed with this one.

I chose my words very carefully even though I took major precautions making sure I used a VPN, fake GPS, and had several layers of security on my phone protecting my identity. Drug addicts are some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet, just with poor decision making skills. After a few minutes of tap dancing I started to get a feeling that this girl might be the real deal. I began loosening up and remembering I’m talking to a woman, I started pouring on the charm. And I poured it on thick. Surprisingly it earned me a visit from the lady that very evening.

I was nervous as hell, I raced around cleaning and hiding anything that might have any kind of identification on it like my last name. Tweakers are very paranoid people, and liking her didn’t mean I trusted her.

I made sure and had my weapon where I could reach it just in case. And I waited nervous as hell, and smoking dope wasn’t helping matters at all. I showered, shaved, purposely didn’t put on underwear, and took an erection pill. Of course sweat pants because a boner is much more prominent in sweatpants.

She showed up around midnight, driving an old beat up Honda that will probably outlast most cars today, and I remember thinking, “I really hope she’s not here to kill me or something,” and the butterflies in my stomach started growing into bats in my belly.

She got out of the car and finally saw her in something other than a picture on the internet, and I was blown away. She was one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid eyes on. Her güvenilir bahis full hips and big supple ass filled in her pink leggings perfectly. I can just imagine what she would look like doggy style and the sound of my hand smacking her gorgeous ass cheeks.

We went directly to my bedroom because that’s where I keep my addictions. I never allowed it to leave my room.

She sat in my favorite chair, and I took my place on my bed just a couple feet away. She smelled of cigarettes, meth, and a hint of perfume. I was in heaven. My cock was like a throbbing piece of concrete. I had to almost sit on it to keep it in my sweatpants. I wanted her so bad it was making me crazy, but I had to keep my cool and act like the gentleman I actually am.

We chatted about everything and nothing for a while in between hits of dope, my patience getting thin and dick harder and harder. I had to make a move.

With this drug you eventually get to a point where the filters come off and you’ll say whatever is on your mind regardless of the consequences. I was just about to tell her what I was thinking when she set her pipe down and said, “stand up, I need to look at something.” Being the normally submissive type, I stood up without a word, hoping my manhood wasn’t going to suddenly come to attention.

She scooted forward in my chair and pulled my sweat pants down without a word and took my cock in her hand and started to lightly stroke it. It became as hard as it’s ever been instantly. I looked down at her the same she looked up at me and before I could speak she hissed in a very seductive tone, “you knew this was going to happen didn’t you?” I nodded my head rather quickly and sensing my submissive nature she very sternly said, “you’re going to be a good boy and not cum until I tell you, aren’t you? I nodded more aggressively, “because if you do, I’m going to be upset, and you’re going to have to be punished.” I looked down at her with the most wide-eyed stare, my jaw almost hitting the floor. I managed to squeak out the word, “okay.” Holding my cock with a grip like she was hanging off a cliff, she growled at me, “you will address me as mistress, or momma, do you understand?” I hesitated a split second too long trying to form a complete sentence in my head when I felt a sharp pain on the top of my dick shift. I looked down and she had a mini riding crop in her hand.

“Answer me!”

“Yes m-mistress.” I fumbled over my words as I tried to comprehend what exactly was about to take place.

“Good boy. Momma likes her boys when they do as they’re told. She took my cock in her mouth, and it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt.

I started moaning a little louder, feeling like my soul was being sucked out. And just as abruptly as she started, she stopped. Never letting go of my dick, she stood up and looked me in the eyes. That’s when I knew she was my forever person.

She pushed me backwards on the bed and instructed me to sit still. I did as I was told because I was a good boy after all, and she took my sweats off and proceeded to take her pink leggings off.

Standing naked from the waist down right in front of me I could see where the top of her pussy started and I began to drool. She climbed on top of me, but instead of sitting on my rock hard cock, she climbed up to my face, and I could smell her beautiful aroma, and feel the heat coming from her love box.

“Be a good boy and eat mommas pussy. And if you make me cum on your face, you’ll get a very special reward.” I didn’t hesitate this time and began giving her pussy a tongue lashing like I’ve never done before. And I could tell it was becoming more and more effective because she started rocking on my face faster and her moans were getting more high pitched. It was perfect.

After what felt like hours, but was actually about 30 minutes, my jaw started aching, and I was getting ready to tap out. Punishment be damned. But her swaying and moaning became furious and she yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear, “oh fuck I’m güvenilir bahis siteleri gonna cum. Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” And her body became very tense, and her pussy started pulsating. I knew I was getting my prize. She yelled for a few more seconds before falling silent and shaking. She slowly got off of my face and she fell backwards into my chair.

“That was fucking amazing,” she mumbled, no-one has ever made me cum like that. You get a gold star and an extra special prize.” She stood up, reached around behind my head, pulled me into a passionate kiss, tasting her own juices. She then got down on her knees, looked up at me with the most innocent shy eyes and almost in a sing-song voice said, “It’s daddy’s turn now, I need my daddy to teach me how to be a good little girl.” Confused for a second, but finally gathering my thoughts, I looked down at her and my heart almost burst open. I think I was starting to catch some feelings.

I reached down to help her up, and sat her on the edge of my bed and ran my hand down the front of her shirt.

“You made daddy’s face sticky. Are you happy with what you did?”

“Yes daddy, that was lots of fun, can we do it again?” She replied, sounding like the little girl she was playing.

“I’m afraid not little one, because you see, daddy doesn’t like it when dirty little girls make him sticky without asking permission first. You’re going to have to face the attitude adjustment.” I said firmly but seductively.

“What’s that? She said, her voice shaking, “I won’t do it again daddy, I’m a good girl.” I could hear the hurt in her voice and see her eyes actually well up, but I could also see the seduction and hunger in her eyes. I almost fell for it.

“Go stand in the corner until I say so.” She stood up, defeated, and moped to the corner.

“How long do I have to stay here daddy? She asked, “I promise I’ll be good.”

I reached into the toy box under my bed and took the paddle out. I bought it a while ago, but never got to use it.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak little one. Speaking out of turn gets you into extra punishment. Now put your hands up against the wall like you’re about to be frisked by the police.” She did as she was told and I walked over to her and gently rubbed her ass with the paddle.

“You’re going to have to get paddles for talking out of turn. Only naughty girls speak when they’re not supposed to.” I lightly tapped her ass a few times, slowly getting a bit harder, I could hear her whimper. And it was exhilarating. I finally reached the crescendo and with one resounding whack, I reddened her ass, and she jumped and screamed a little. I gently rubbed her red ass cheeks. I got down on my knees and kissed her red marks, then proceeded to get in between her cheeks and lick her tiny pink asshole.

She jumped again, and moaned loudly, “oh fuck Steve no-one has ever done this before don’t stop.”

I furiously lapped at her asshole like a rabid dog. With her hands still up against the wall, I could feel her shaking again. Then I saw the drips on the floor from her pussy squirting.

I brought her hands down and held them behind her back and walked over the love seat in my bedroom, sat her down on the edge of the seat and said very sternly, “keep your hands behind your back. Don’t let me catch you if you don’t keep them back there. The punishments are only getting harder. You may speak to tell me you understand.”

She looked up with her mascara running down her chin and she whimpered, “yes daddy, i understand. I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on.”

For the first time I can remember, when I saw the look in her eyes my heart cracked a little bit, and I broke character. I sat down next to her, took her hands in mine and I looked her in the eyes, “this is crazy. We went from a business relationship to this in the span of just a few minutes. I just met you and I’m acting out a fantasy that I never thought I would. I’ve never said anything to anyone about, and never would have either. But you iddaa siteleri knew. I have to tell you, my heart is doing some weird fluttery thing here, I think I might be catching feelings”

She looked at me, the corners of her lips turned up ever so slightly, her eyes brightened and she said, “there’s a strange comfort here. Like you’re a protector, and I’m safe with you. As for all this”, she grabbed my still very erect penis, “it felt natural, like it was the right thing to do.”

Still kinda shocked and excited I leaned in for a kiss and was met with a deep passionate kiss that went on for what seemed like an hour. We both stood up and went and laid on my bed and for the next several hours we played and explored and smoked dope and played more.

As the sun was coming up, I knew our time was running out, I had to get my nut. If she left and I didn’t cum I was going to be pissed. So I rolled over, opened her legs, got her amazing pussy wet with a little spit and slid inside of her.

“Oh fuck yeah” she moaned, “fuck”

I was slowly moving my hips back and forth, feeling every bit of her on my member.

“God you have an amazing pussy. Feels so good.”

My thrusts getting a little faster,

“Fuck my pussy, god fucking harder” she squealed, “fuck yes, fucking harder.”

I straightened my back, hooked my arms under her legs so her legs rested on my shoulders and I began pounding her as hard as I’ve ever done before. I’m sure if anyone could hear her screaming they probably would have called the cops. It was furious jack hammer fucking that sounds like 2 giant hands clapping. Finally, I felt the orgasm about to happen.

(It’s worth mentioning that my orgasms are wildly intense and last for upwards of a minute or more.)

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum, oh fuck here it comes, oh shit” and the waves of intense pleasure hit harder than anything I’ve ever experienced before. I don’t remember what I said, or the sounds I made, the next clear memory is her looking up at me asking if I was okay. To which my reply was, “better than okay, I should have warned you about that.” I slowly climbed off of her, moved over a bit and collapsed laying on my belly, my body shaking all over.

“That was absolutely amazing.” she said, “I’ve never seen anything like that, that was awesome.” I shakily looked at her and I squeaked, “I’m not sure what year it is or what planet this is” I moved up onto my side and said, “you’re fucking amazing. You’re the perfect package. Don’t go. Stay here. Let’s eat something, fall asleep and all will be well.” She stood up, her legs visibly shaking, looked at me and smiled, “I can’t, I have to go. I have deliveries to make, and I have to feed my cat.” She scooped up her clothes and stumbled to the bathroom. I grabbed the pipe, took a big hit and was blowing a big fat cloud when she came out of the bathroom dressed, looking a little more composed.

“Don’t worry” she said, “we’re not done yet, I want more of that.” She pointed at my limp, now probably dead penis. She came to my side of the bed, leaned down and gave me a small peck on my lips. Said she would text me later, and like that, she was gone. And I never saw her again. She vanished into thin air. For days I texted and called. Checked the jails and hospitals, nothing. It was like she never existed. I was devastated.

After a few days of worry and hoping every message I got was from her, I gave up. Somewhere out there is my perfect person, the complete package that’s the missing piece for me. Maybe the universe will bring her back. Until then, I’ll go on about my business, never forgetting that amazing night.

The person in this story is completely real. The sexual encounter never happened, but the rest of it did. As well as the disappearance. It’s been about a month since that night we talked all night about life, the universe, and everything (42 don’t panic) and I’ve since given up on trying to find her, but, I have that memory that I will carry with me forever.


A note from the author:

Drugs are terrible. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol addiction, please seek help right away. Recovery is possible. I’m proof of it. I’ll talk with anyone struggling with addiction, and show them that they’re not alone.

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