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Big Tits

Chapter 3

Poor little Patti was forced by their vicious Pitbull Toro to turn herself around in her chair and get on her knees, her big beautiful rounded ass up into the air, her legs spread widely out, her upper body and head laid onto the cushion of her chair, her arms spread outwards as her hands clutched and grabbed at each cushioned arm, her outright crying spilled out into the room.

Her whole body shaking in total fear of how viscously Toro had forced her into this position, her ass was shivering and shaking just as her whole body was, the crying screams of her horror of it all filled the living room, I sitting there myself on the couch naked from waist down, and forced to sit here and watch him take her.

Toro had moved around as she was horridly forced by him into this position, as now he was right behind her standing right there, where she was on her knees, and her legs and feet sprawled out widely on either side where he stood.

Looking and staring right up into her pussy, his head bent ever so slightly, as he acted as if he was outright and totally inspecting her pussy for readiness of his next pleasure from her.

Suddenly he sent his whole head and snout right up into her ass cheeks, and using his mighty muscular strength he brought his head upwards, making her ass move upwards first, then forced her knees up off the floor, as he shoved her ass further up into the air now, above where her head and shoulders were laid out onto the cushion of the chair.

Patti was crying and screaming out shaking all over in her horrid fear of him and his vicious ways with her, her knees immediately did as he nudged her to do and moved upwards towards the chair forcing her big beautifully rounded ass further into the air.

Having stopped his nudging her up higher again Toro leaned his big broad pitbull head up between her legs looking again directly at her blonde haired covered bushy pussy inspecting again her readiness to take him and perfect positioning to do so.

That’s how my mind thought as he had done this each time now.

Seemingly now fully satisfied with her positioning and readiness to take him, he backed his huge head out from just under her, the full blonde bushiness of her mound I could outright clearly see now as his huge head had cleared away.

Now Patti was totally and absolutely in no way mentally ready for him to take her, she was crying and pleading her mental unwontedness of this!

But her beautiful little spasm ing pussy told absolutely other wise. Oh how it squeezed inwards and back outwards making even her outer lips dance and twitch from her inner actions of her pussies depths. Sitting there as I was, I could see it clearly and fully outright, escort izmit that she had indeed a snapping pussy.

No wonder my bastard of a damn Brother took to her as he did, outside the fact of her small height, and her perfection of both body and beauty, but to teach their damn pitbull to take her like this was horrific, outright horrific!

If I had a gun I’d have shot that damn dog right there and then, and believe me I so wanted to go find one and do just that.

I was raised even as the woman I am, that when an animal turned into this kind of outright vicious beast, you got a gun as fast as you could and shot it dead then and there!

Oh I had several times rushed into our house grabbed up my dads shotgun and ran outside and killed rabid skunks and like creatures. It’s a part of ranch and farm living.

But truly as my mind endured seeing all this it wasn’t Toro’s fault at all, it was that damn bastard of a Brother of mine’s fault, for teaching him to do this to her, that’s where the fault lay.

I now shifted on the couch as I watched this horrid act before me, and Toro turned his head to me and that evil sadistic growl and snarl at me, made me stop moving altogether and sit there obedient, and totally at his mercy, as she was, but nowhere near in the sense of what he had her positioned for, opposed to what he had me sitting obediently to watch and witness!

And truly I do believe Toro was outright torturing her by leaving her like this and he not just immediately jumping up and taking her.

He was acting as if he wanted her outright broken to the core in her mind, being positioned like this crying and pleading out for both her life, and her body being forced to be given to him.

Suddenly I was filled with absolute total horrid disgust thinking suddenly why had my Brother insisted I come here and stay? Did that Bastard intend and fully do this so I would have to sit and see this happen?

He damn sure knew it was going to happen! Hell he’d trained Toro to do this to her when he was away! Hell yes he planned for me to have sit here and watch this!

Outside of all the shit he’d done to me while living at home, and I’d forgiven his sorry ass for all that yes but by damned I’d never forgotten it. And I will probably never divulge in a story of any kind the things that Bastard had forced me to do when living at home.

And now these years later, having insisted I come here and stay while he was away from home with his job.

The same horrid things he had forced me to do back home, led right up exactly to what that Bastard had taught Toro to do to his beautiful loving wife!

Toro was taught outright by him to treat, and do all this to my loving little Sister In Law Patti.

Put izmit escort into the position she was in by Toro who outright forced her into doing it, threatening her very life if she didn’t, leaving her this horrible way crying and screaming out for her life and not be forced this way to succumb to her inevitable fate.

Toro was taught and outright trained by my damn Brother to do this to her in this way!

He stood right there behind her trembling, and shaking with fear body, her cries of begging for her very life coming from her.

Suddenly before my watching eyes it appeared!

Toro’s long fiery hot looking tip began to emerge from his thick sheath between his legs, elongating outwards from inside it, dripping with his precum desire as it emerged from inside there, then followed by his thick swelling out shaft coming from within and outwards, made me instantly drop my mouth open in the total awe of it’s look and size.

As further and further it began to extend outwards from his sheath, that long tip began wildly dancing about slinging his precum about as it danced about, as now his breathing began to deepen, and his tongue came out of his mouth as he began panting in heated breath, his cock growing outwards even more, and swelling out into even a more huge thickness and dark red hotness.

I sat there stunned and in total awed amazement at just how damn well built Toro’s cock was, and my own belly twitched and trembled as I watched that long finger length tip dancing wildly about, knowing all to damn well just where that would soon be up inside little Patti’s pussy.

Finally the growing outwards cock of his stopped the knot still hidden and contained within his sheath swollen out where it lay awaiting it’s own coming forth and being buried forcefully up into Patti’s little swollen with need pussy.

Now as Toro was fully heated and ready to take Patti, his tongue lulled out from his mouth dripping with his loudly panting with lust and heated desire drooling’s.

He then turned fully towards her where she was positioned and ready to accept him atop her small womanly body.

As he was now positioned to lunge himself up onto her, he turned his head back towards me as if making damn sure I saw it every bit unfolding before my eyes.

Then his head turned back again his front legs squatted down just a bit and then and there lunged himself up atop Patti’s whole back as the wind was knocked from her and her back bowed and molded downwards from his huge heavy weight atop her now.

Her head instantly shot upwards as her breathless scream tried to echo out into the living room, her tshirt thankfully covered almost over her entire beautifully sculptured womanly breeding izmit kendi evi olan escort hips and waist.

Toro’s hind legs danced about wildly between their bodies joining now, as his thick muscular front legs folded around and locked into her hips clutching into them powerfully as she was pleading and screaming out her head thrown upwards swinging about making her beautiful blonde hair go flying about, as now his huge head was going from one side of her head to the other.

Then he maddeningly lunged his huge head and snout right into the right side of her head and viciously growled and even snapped right at her ear and grasp a mouthful of her hair and outright then and there tugged his head up and back pulling her hair horridly tight making her scream out from the pain of it.

Doing that made little Patti stop wailing her head about as he moved his head with hers, and released her hair now filled and drenched with his heated drooling’s, his open mouth now alongside her right cheek of her face, his labored heavy breath colliding right into where she was opened mouthed gasping and trying to get her breath back, from how he had knocked the wind out of her pouncing atop her as he had.

I saw his huge beastly dog cock wildly pushing about up between her outstretched and shaking legs of both the total fear of it all, and the heavy weight of him atop her, while way up under her it would push then as he adjusted his hips and pulled backwards it would come back into view.

As his huge front legs wrapped solidly around her waist and breeding hips pulled her this way and that way the power of them to much for her to even fight against as he made her maneuver her upturned ass this way and that, as the long tip of his cock bounced up through her pussy lips and collided with and slid over Patti’s now fully elongated out clit making her scream and cry out from it.

Something snapped inside me at this point, and I’d had totally enough of him treating her this way, and making her do this for him!

I was going to make that him pay for how he had done this to her all this time, as I heard poor Patti scream and cry out as he had now began to enter her and fuck her.

Soon the cries of the humiliation and the rape of her by him, changed into cries of her outright pleasure as faster and faster Toro fucked her, as I wanted so to do what I had now in my mind figured out to do and end this raping her as he had been doing, but to far into the thing of it all now.

Suddenly Pattie screamed out and was pleading for him not to put that in her, and knowing all to well it was that he was working that huge orange sized knot up into her pussy now.

Then the screams of the horrible pain of her pussy being stretched beyond it’s limits to consume his huge knot, changed into pleading cries and moaning grunts as he filled her lithe little belly outwards from squirting his hot cum seed inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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