Southern Comforts (Pt. 08)

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The New Girl

Day 3

It was dark when Lexi woke up. She felt worn and weary, so tired that she almost immediately fell asleep again, but there was a bothersome ache in her bladder that she couldn’t ignore the urge forever. The bed felt so good, and Daddy felt so good, and the last thing she wanted to do was get up. Grumbling to herself, smothering a yawn, Lexi left him asleep and went to tend to herself for a few moments.

The ocean’s hiss was a steady, unending sound under her feet. The rooms were flooded with moonlight, clear as shining crystal, guiding her steps from the bedroom and back into it. And yet, Lexi found her feet carrying her beyond the warm, welcome confines of the bed and the sleeping man in it. Rather, the sight of the balcony door across the room enticed her, called to her, even if she didn’t understand why.

Lexi turned and took one long look at the man asleep, blissful, content. It would’ve been so easy to go back to bed–she told herself that she’d only be gone for a moment. After blowing him a silent kiss, Lexi opened the door and stepped outside into the cool, Jamaican darkness.

The balcony was a large, covered patio with several thick-cushioned pieces of outdoor furniture, decorated with dried palm fronds. A switch just outside the door turned on long strands of fairy lights hanging overhead, which Lexi turned off almost immediately, not wanting the light to shine in through the window and wake Daddy up. Looking up at the sky, it was impossible to tell whether it was still night or early morning–the moon was almost full, a swollen orb of silver beauty in a sky pockmarked by twinkling points of light. The ocean and its constant pull and push, roaring and sighing, was ever-present.

Walking out into the moonlight, Lexi leaned against the rail. She could see the beach and the large shadow of the resort in the distance. As expected, the bathers were gone and the beach was empty, now returned to an empty strip of pale, white sand. All was quiet, all was calm.

So it was for a couple of minutes; Lexi closed her eyes and felt content to soak in the cool night and the rushing water. And then…Lexi opened her eyes again and spotted something unexpected, especially at that late of an hour: in the distance, through the trees, the steady light of the lobby was broken by a shadow. She watched one of the hotel doors swing open to reveal a dark figure walking down towards the beach.

A few moments later, Lexi saw the girl from earlier that day, the one who seemed to be Lexi’s age. The one she’d seen squirm and climax on a beach chair with her man’s hand between her legs. A man she’d called her Daddy.

The girl walked with no particular hurry, but what she did do was walk with purpose. She was coming straight for the covered walkway, the one that led to Lexi’s cabin. For a second Lexi thought she might be mistaken, but soon it was plain to see–whoever she was, the girl was headed her way, and was looking right at Lexi.

At the edge of the beach, she halted. The silver moonlight turned her a shade paler than Lexi remembered; her loose hair shimmered. Shielding her eyes, she stared right at Lexi, who realized she was standing in a pool of light herself–it hadn’t even occurred to her to step back into the shadows when she could have.

For a long moment, one girl beheld the other. Then, the one on the beach beckoned to Lexi–waving one hand, she urged Lexi to come out. There was no mistaking the gesture or what it meant.

Lexi had a choice to make. She considered saying no, or going back inside. Maybe she should call the front desk, ask for security. But…Lexi already knew she couldn’t do any of those things. She didn’t dare to speak aloud or call loud enough to be heard over the waves: she didn’t want to wake Daddy up.

All she could do was to step back inside, watch her father sleep for a moment, then cross to the front door and open it. She felt jumpy, nervous, but it was a nervousness of anxiety and excitement, like a swimmer at the start of a race. Not trusting herself to remember the door combination, Lexi eased the door until it was just slightly ajar without closing entirely. Then, taking a deep, cool breath, Lexi walked towards the beach, feeling the waves crash and roll against the pier, urging her on, cheering every single step.

The girl was waiting for her in the sand, far enough away from the nearest cabin that they wouldn’t disturb anyone inside. Lexi never thought of covering up, of hiding herself behind a towel or robe of some kind. It seemed the other girl hadn’t either. Lexi didn’t know why, but she felt drawn to her for reasons she didn’t understand.

They stood on the sand, facing one another, not speaking for a moment. Lexi noted the girl’s larger breasts, her curly hair tied behind her head, a pair of small silver bursa escort earrings in both earlobes. She was wearing a silver ring on her left pinky, and a thin anklet chain on her left leg.

Lexi pushed back a loose bit of hair, gave a small, friendly smile. “Hi,” she said, unsure of what to say.

The girl gave a little smile back in return. “American, like I thought.” Hearing it again, Lexi could hear a hint of the Jamaican accent in her voice, but it was faint.

“You almost sound American, too.”

“Thank you.” The girl seemed to accept that comment with pride.

“Why are you out here?”

“To see you,” the girl said. “Isn’t it obvious?” She smiled. Again, Lexi was struck by how pretty she was, the pleasant symmetry of her face, the lovely color of her complexion. It was hard not to stare.

“But…why? It’s so late.” Lexi looked up at the moon, then back again.

“What’s your name?”

Lexi blinked. “Lexi. What’s yours?”

“Mia.” The now-named Mia reached out and took one of Lexi’s hands in hers; Mia’s skin was especially warm, Lexi thought. Mia laced their fingers together and pulled her down the beach.

“Wait, where are we going?”

“Just walking,” Mia said.

“But–!” Lexi looked back at the cabin where Daddy was–she hoped–still sleeping peacefully, unaware that she’d slipped away. “I don’t know if… I’m not sure I should–“

“Do you really want to go back?” Mia asked. It was an innocent enough question, but there was a hint of something else, daring Lexi to keep going. “It’s only a little walk.”

Part of Lexi knew that she should go back–Daddy wouldn’t want her wandering. But then, he was asleep, wasn’t he? He didn’t know she was out; he wasn’t awake to tell her not to go. And Lexi realized she did want to go with Mia, if only because she could.

“No, it’s fine.” Lexi thought she saw a pleased look on the other girl’s face, and they started down the beach together, hand in hand. For a few moments, the only sounds were the constant crash of the waves and the palm fronds waving in the breeze. “I was watching you earlier today,” Lexi finally said. “It was too hard not to.”

“Oh, that.” Mia gave a little laugh. “Daddy loves showing me off like that. I used to be so scared of what people would think, but in a place like this, what he does to me is tame sometimes compared to today.” It wasn’t so much that Mia called her lover by that name, but rather how she said it that struck Lexi. Mia said it so casually, as simple and uncomplicated as though calling him any other sort of name.

Lexi bit her lip and looked over at Mia. “He does?”

“Mm-hm.” Mia gave a sly, knowing smile. “Go ahead and ask. We both know you’re going to anyway.”

“Ask what?”

Mia’s sly smile just got wider. “You want to know if he’s really my Daddy or not.” She sounded so sure of herself, with no room for doubt.

“But why would you tell me that?”

“Why not?” Mia laughed.

“B-because I’m a total stranger!”

“You’ve seen more of me than most strangers,” Mia argued, eyes flashing in the dark. “And I’ve seen more of you, too.” She leaned in close, her voice softening. “I watched you suck a man’s cock and take the whole damn thing down your throat after you begged him to cum with you.”

Lexi felt her face go hot. She certainly remembered that.

“So, if you’re expecting me to be embarrassed or shy, darling, I think you came to the wrong resort.” Mia’s grin had turned smug by that time. “So: ask me.”

“Well…is he?”

Mia laughed again. “What do you think?” Rather than immediately clarifying, she stopped walking and stared Lexi down, a knowing smirk on her face, almost like she could read Lexi’s mind.

Lexi felt her eyes get a little wide. “He is? Really?”

“You’re one to talk!” Mia stepped up close, right in Lexi’s face. “Look me in the eye and tell me you’re pretending–just using his imagination to help get his rocks off. Go ahead.”

Lexi opened her mouth, then closed it again. It wasn’t that she couldn’t lie, it was that she didn’t want to.

“Can’t do it, can you?” Mia’s tone sounded excited, even thrilled. “And you’re not the only one who likes to watch, either, remember.” Mia’s voice, her body warmth, the way she stood so close, it all made Lexi feel hot all over. “He’s your Daddy, too…isn’t he?”

Lexi bit her lip. “Well–“

Mia laughed. “You can say it! It won’t hurt anything.” She leaned back ever so slightly and gave a toothy smile. “It’ll feel good to say it out loud, I’ll bet. Try it.”

“He…” Lexi licked her lips and nodded her head. “Yes.”

“He’s your Daddy. Your real one.”

Lexi took a breath and nodded again. “Y-yes.”

“There, see?” Mia spread her arms and turned in a circle. “No meteors falling out of the sky, no boiling oceans, nothing.” She took Lexi’s hand again as if she’d never let it go and started walking bursa escort bayan again. “How long have you two been together?”

“Just since we got to the resort, a day ago.” Lexi did feel warm from admitting the truth out loud, but it felt good, too.

Mia eyed Lexi out of the corner of her eye and grinned again. “It’s good, isn’t it? Like…really, really fucking good.”

“Well, yes…but doesn’t sex usually feel good?”

“I think you know the difference,” Mia said. She stopped again and took both of Lexi’s hands in hers where they stood under the shade of a drooping palm tree. “We both do. It’s the way they look at us. What it feels like to kiss them, suck their dicks, knowing they’re cumming inside our little pussies.” Mia’s voice got hotter and softer, even with the beach abandoned, no one around them but the night and unblinking moonlight. The other girl’s words made the heat Lexi felt start to burn brighter in her loins, made her mouth start to water.

But Mia wasn’t done: “And when they’re fucking you like an animal and you whisper ‘Daddy’ in their ear, it drives them fucking insane. Right before they go all tense and their cocks fill us up with so much cum that it spills out every single time. That’s the difference between regular sex and what we get to have. We know how good and how wicked it can really get… You know what I mean?”

Lexi had to swallow, soothing her dry mouth and catching her breath. “Yes,” she whispered.

For a moment, they just stared at each other. Then Mia did something Lexi never would’ve expected: she took Lexi’s face in both hands and kissed her. The sensation made Lexi gasp in the other girl’s mouth, then her tongue was sliding and twisting about, wrapping and tangling about with Mia’s.

She caught the girl’s arms and gently broke the kiss, panting hard, only pulling back enough to catch her breath. “Wha… Why?” Lexi asked. She had so many different ways of voicing her surprise, but every other word vanished from her mind, as if she’d never been kissed before–in a manner of speaking, she hadn’t. Not like that, anyway.

“Because I wanted to,” Mia said. She was panting too, breasts heaving, dark eyes shining in the moonlight. “Because when I see you with your man, I feel the same way that I do with mine. When I was watching you today, I felt the same way… Do you know what I mean?”

“I think I do.” Lexi knew it was the truth so she didn’t try to lie or hold back. “I couldn’t help but watch you with him today. I felt…I don’t know…like I had to watch. The way you were wriggling at the end of his fingers, and how satisfied he looked when you came, it was…” Lexi took a soft, hissing breath, unable to finish.

Mia nodded. “He likes to play with me in public. Just watch: yours will too, I’ll bet.” She smirked and gently pushed Lexi backwards, following until Lexi was pinned between Mia and the trunk of the palm tree. “His appetite’s just going to get stronger. Soon, he’ll be touching you everywhere, saying dirty things right out in the open. You’ll get wet just from a look, or the sound of his voice. You’ll turn into an addict.”

Lexi took a soft, shivering breath. “A-addict?”

The other girl nodded again. Her voice got even softer and hotter, like a serpent slithering into Lexi’s ears and coiling at the base of her brain. “To his cock. To sex, to cumming at all. You’ll start dreaming about it, craving it. You’ll want to pleasure him. You’ll want him inside you all the time–mouth, cunt, ass, it doesn’t matter, you’ll go mad without it.” She stroked Lexi’s cheek and smiled. “You won’t even realize it until it’s all over, only to then realize you knew it was happening…and you won’t care anymore, because becoming your Daddy’s own private cock-sleeve is so fucking good.” Mia took in a slow, soothing breath as her eyelids fluttered. “Fuck, I’m so horny right now.”

Lexi couldn’t say anything for a moment. She didn’t know what to say. Her mouth was dry, but given the tense fluttering in her belly, she could feel the same sort of desire growing, inside of her. “Did…did all that happen to you, too?”

“Mm-hm.” Mia licked her lips. “I’m my Daddy’s slut; no one’s sluttier just for him, and he knows it.” Leaning in close again, Mia’s breath was so hot across Lexi’s face it seemed to scald her. “When I watched you suck your Daddy’s dick like you were born to do it…heard what you said to him while you were riding his mouth…I knew we were two of a kind.” Mia pressed soft, moist kisses across Lexi’s jawline, moving towards her mouth again. “I couldn’t get you out of my head, Lex. I had to see you again. I want you so fucking bad right now.” Mia paused the last kiss, her mouth so close to Lexi’s she could feel them moving when the other girl spoke again: “Is that…alright with you?”

Lexi was trembling in Mia’s arms. The words the girl was saying, the way she escort bursa said them, the closeness of her body and her physical presence, all of it was like Mia had crawled somewhere inside her head. Lexi had only ever felt that way about one other person, and he was still fast asleep in their suite. “Yes.”

With Lexi’s permission given at last, Mia’s next kiss was so much more desperate and hungry than the first had been. They wrapped their arms about one another, legs brushing against each other, until they both ended up coiled together on the sand, lying beneath the palm’s dark, slender shadow. They bother fumbled about for a few moments, each touching the other, wanting to feel the other’s body, but both girls seemed equally inept at knowing what to do.

Mia took charge quickly, pushing Lexi back into the sand while Mia began to slide a line down Lexi’s bare belly with both lips and tongue. It felt like fire singing her flesh, and Lexi whimpered, wrapping her hands up in her hair and squeezing tight.

“Mia!” Lexi shuddered and had no strength in her as the other girl pushed her legs wider and wider apart.

“Hey Lex.” Mia spoke in a soft, lustful hum, her breath sliding across Lexi’s pink cunt. “Talk to me like you talk to your Daddy–I want to listen.” Then she closed her eyes and pressed her face in between Lexi’s thighs, assaulting the swollen clit there with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck!” Lexi called out the word, letting the ocean and the wind hear it, wondering if anyone else could. “M-Mia! This…this is crazy!” Lexi could hardly believe how good it felt–it was raw and overpowering, like her body was craving something only the other girl could give her. “You’re eating my pussy, Mia,” she said, whimpering and whining with each breath, breasts already heaving, cunt already aching. “Your tongue feels so good. Eat me, Mia, please don’t stop! Mmmm!” Lexi grabbed two handfuls of sand and squeezed so hard her hands began to shake.

Mia’s eyes caught the moonlight as she looked up at Lexi, shining like silver–it reminded Lexi of a predator toying with her prey, teasing it before opening her mouth to take a big bite. Mia opened wide as if to do just that, then slid her tongue along the entire length of Lexi’s smooth slit, christening it, tasting all of her.

Lexi couldn’t look away. She was transfixed, her head swimming, flesh ready to burst from the roiling heat inside her. Lexi moaned and sighed with every touch, wanting more, loving every second. She rested one hand atop Mia’s curly hair while propping herself in the sand with the other, rolling her hips, pushing up against that slippery tongue. “So good, Mia, it’s…it’s so good! Eat my pussy, please, play with my clit! Please! More!”

Mia brushed a hand clean of sand and picked up her head, sucking one finger clean before she used it to swirl and stroke Lexi’s pink button around and around. “You like that, don’t you?” she said, staring down at the pale girl’s cunt, licking her lips like she was still hungry for more. “Felt good getting eaten by another baby girl, didn’t it?”

“Yes! Fuck yes, so much!” Lexi gasped and fought back a sob as she fell to her back again. Straining, aching, she opened her legs as wide as she could and used her fingers next, stretching her pussy lips open even wider. “D-does h-he call you baby, too?” she asked, voice trembling, pleasure burning through her so hot that Lexi was sure she was about to burst into flames.

“‘He’ who?” Mia said. She stopped her stroking and smirked at Lexi, who whined in protest. “Say it, Lex. Say it out loud.”

“Say what?”

“His name,” Mia whispered, eyes narrowing, smile spreading like she was a devil made flesh.

It only took the flash of a moment–a pounding heartbeat, a stuttered breath, a clench of a cunt muscle–for Lexi to realize what Mia meant. “Daddy,” she said, swallowing, panting. Lexi’s reward was Mia giving a long, exaggerated lick of her fingertip and a slow, savorous flick of her clitty. “Daddy!” she repeated, crying out.

Mia bent in closer, her breath hot across Lexi’s cunt. “What is he, Lexi?” she said, followed by a moment’s slippery tongue-lashing.

“He’s your Daddy!”

Mia raised her head again. “And what about yours?” As she asked, the girl slid her wet finger into Lexi’s soaked quim, stroking her G-spot, pressing her fingertip up hard.

“My Daddy!” Lexi wailed as a cool, late-night wind howled over them, covering her in goose flesh while Mia’s finger drove her crazy. “My Daddy, he’s my fucking Daddy!” she growled, teeth clenched, pounding her head back on the sand below. “Fuck! Mia! Mmmmm!” The only time Lexi had ever felt as good as she did right then–nerves alight, muscles tense, skin tingling, eyes dilated, heaving for breath–was with Daddy. The power that name had over her was terrifying.

Mia laughed. “That’s right!” Crawling back up across Lexi’s cool body, the girl clutched at Lexi and kissed her again, passionate and hungry. When she pulled back, Mia stared down at Lexi and smiled. “And I’m his Baby, just like you are for yours. Aren’t you?”

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