Sprout Ch. 04

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All characters are 18 or older.


I slammed the door shut and stood in the middle of my room in utter shock, unable to fathom what had just happened and unsure what to do next. To my chagrin, I could still feel my penis pulsing below, squirting out the last bits of cum from the massive orgasm I just had.

The orgasm that was interrupted by my roommate barging in. That I shot into his girlfriend’s black sock. While wearing her red lace underwear. Having just jerked off to her instructions on a FaceTime call.

Oh my God, my life is over!

And the bitch set me up! She knew exactly when Greg would walk in the door — and made me wait for that moment to blow my load!

But what did he see? He was covering his eyes when I turned. Did he know they were Mackenzie’s socks? Could he tell I was wearing her panties?

I squeezed the last of my jizz into the sock and pulled it off. Then I wiped myself down with her other sock that was still in my hand. I couldn’t believe I had the foresight to catch it as it fell off my nose, where it was resting while I sniffed it. Otherwise Greg may have found it and known!

I tossed both socks to the floor and sat down on the edge of the bed with my head in my hands. Millions of thoughts ran through my mind. I considered various ideas of what to do next, none of which seemed right.

Knock, knock

“Hey dude, it’s okay, you can come out, I’m not mad,” my best friend Greg called from behind the door.

I wanted to crawl under my covers and die. But I knew I couldn’t hide.

“Just a sec, I’m changing,” I called out to make sure he wouldn’t open the door.

I quickly moved to my closet to find some pants and caught a glimpse in the mirror of my skinny body wearing Mackenzie’s red La Perla panties. The image disgusted me and I moved to shoved them down my legs. Then Mac’s sneering voice blared in my head.

If you lose, you agree to wear my underwear nonstop for the next week.

Nonstop! How could she know if I took them off now? But a bet was a bet. Fuck!

I reluctantly pulled them back up. I felt the strange wedgie sensation of the thong in my ass crack. Then I tried to get my semi-hard dick into the small pouch in front, but it was too big and stuck out to the side. I looked up and grabbed a stiff pair of jeans off a shelf, hoping they would help contain my pole.

I was still wearing a t-shirt so I made for the door, trying to decide what to say to Greg, when I heard Mac’s voice again:

In fact, you should wear my socks everywhere, too.

Shit! Should I really? I stepped away from the door and picked them up off the floor. One was soaked through at the tip. Gross!

But a deal was a deal. So I sat down on the bed and slipped her socks on my bare feet. The one was super slimy, and I could feel a glob of spooge run through my toes when they got to the end. Disgusting!

I could see how one sock was obviously blacker than the other, totally sodden. So I got some high top sneakers from my closet and put them on to cover up the evidence.

Finally, I stepped to the door and opened it. I noticed that Greg had dropped the sweatpants I’d been wearing at the threshold. Good thing I didn’t cum in those or he might have touched it!

I stepped down the hallway and into the living room.

“Greg -,” I began, but he cut me off.

“Dude, I’m so sorry I walked in on you,” Greg began. “I mean you shouldn’t really do that in the living room, like geez, what if I’d been coming home with Mackenzie? But believe me, I know guys have their needs. Come to think of it, it’s funny you and I have never talked about it…”

Had he not seen the socks and underwear? Did he not see the connection to Mackenzie? My spirits suddenly perked up. And then I had an audacious idea to throw him even further off the scent.

“Dude, it’s totally my bad for doing that in the living room,” I responded apologetically. “One minute I was playing Mortal Kombat and watching the way Skarlet spun and kicked, then the next I had my pants off and couldn’t stop myself.”

Greg burst out laughing.

“You’re such a funny little dude sometimes,” he said with another chuckle. “That’s like the best thing I’ve heard all week — gettin’ off to video game witches. Damn!”

I laughed along with him, until he spoke again.

“And what were you wearing anyway? Was that like a -“

“It was a rag from my room,” I interrupted to avoid an awkward accusation, then I added casually, “My usual, y’know.”

“Ha! Well I could have sworn…well anyway, whatever, doesn’t matter,” Greg said with a grimace and shrug, then he brightened up. “Want to get in a game of Madden before you head to class?”

“Sure!” I responded, happy to have dodged a bullet.

“I call whatever controller you weren’t using!” he blurted out with a snort.


Later that day, I was walking home after finishing a couple programming classes. I could feel the escort izmir wedgie riding up. My unconstrained penis chafed on the coarse denim of my jeans. At least the socks had mostly dried.

All I could think about was how to get myself out of this awful situation with Mac. I had never been targeted by a bully like this before. She was like pure evil. And no matter what I did, she just kept outsmarting me.

The worst part was she made me hate myself. You’d think being a scrawny 5’3″ guy would have caused me more anxiety growing up, but that’s who I was, and I always accepted it. And other people around me seemed to also.

Except it was different with Mac. She rubbed it in every chance she got. And also reminded me of my lack of sexual experience and what a loser I looked like to most girls. Then she made me lust after her and tricked me into doing perverted things just to make a fool out of me.

Why did she even bother? Was she that sadistic? Or bored? Did she hate that her boyfriend had a best friend? Was she trying to make Greg hate me and ditch me?

That must be it, I thought. Why else would she want him to walk in on me jerking off? Was she jealous? Or just possessive?

Either way, she was a bad person who I couldn’t let win. My dignity and my most important friendship depended on it. I had to find a way to fight back. Yeah, that was it, I had to go on the offensive! But how? I walked and walked, wracking my brain for ideas but everything I thought of had too much potential to backfire.

It was dark outside by the time I got home. The apartment was quiet, so I took off my shoes and padded around in Mac’s socks. Glancing down the hall, I could see Greg’s door was closed and there was a light shining under the door. Maybe Mackenzie was over?

Then I noticed an unfamiliar backpack by the side of the couch. I bent down to examine it and saw the main pocket was unzipped. I pulled back the flap and saw a psychology textbook, and behind it a notebook. There were some doodles on the cover, but no description. I pulled it out and started glancing through notes with titles at the tops of the pages: Henry VIII, Julius Caesar, Hamlet…Mac’s Shakespeare class notebook.

Strangely, my cock hardened from knowing I was in her stuff. I set down the notebook and felt around inside, but those were the only items in the main pocket. I opened the front pocket and found a few pens, some loose coins, and a bottle of lotion.

Fresh off an hour of scheming, I considered whether there was any advantage I could take with access to her stuff. Hmm… maybe her Shakespeare notes could be useful? I had a paper due Thursday but I hadn’t made much headway, especially after Mac came over last night. Mac seemed to do well in the class, perhaps I could get some ideas…

I glanced toward Greg’s door and seeing it still shut, I flipped to where notes on the Hamlet unit started and scanned them over. On the last page, I saw a list of bullets:

Paper Outline:

– Hamlet gay

– Horatio main lover

– Hidden theme that changes whole interpretation of the play


– keeps Horatio “in my heart’s core”

– Kisses Yorick

Her notes went on to list dozens of other references as proof and other points to make. I thought about my reading of the play. How had I missed that? But her logic made sense. At least now I had a better idea of what to write.

I took my phone out and snapped a picture of the page. Then I arranged the two items back inside and left the main pocket open as I had found it. I went to zip up the front pocket when I caught a whiff of something familiar.

I pulled out the lotion I had seen, opened the cap and sniffed it. My cock suddenly raged in my jeans. It was the exact scent I had smelled and tasted on Mac’s feet and legs.

I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to will myself to ignore the urge. But instead, I heard her voice in my ear:

And whenever you need to squirt for me, you can do it in my socks like a good little foot bitch. Any time you want…but only ever in my socks.

I truly hated her, but…

With a resigned sigh, I squirted a glob on my palm, snapped the top closed and zipped it back into the pocket. Then I almost tripped pulling off her sock on the way to my room…


The next day, I arrived a few minutes early to Shakespeare lecture and decided to take a leak. The other night, Mac had promised to sit far away from me in exchange for me licking her saliva off her leg. Oddly, she seemed to have a code of honor for those sorts of agreements, so I trusted I would be free of her harassment during class.

I walked up to a urinal and heard the outside door open. Shit! What if someone sees my women’s panties?

I turned, ducked into a stall, and opened my jeans to pee. Once finished, I refastened my pants, then turned and pulled open the door. Standing right there was Mackenzie!

“Drop escort izmir ’em and show me what I expect to see,” she ordered impatiently.

Mac stood with her hands on her hips, looking fierce. She wore grey faded jeans, black Doc Martin shoes and a black leather jacket over a Metallica t-shirt. Her hair was big and wavy, and she had on heavy make-up. I felt blood rush to my crotch.

Recovering from my surprise, I grimaced, then reached under the side of my pants and pulled up the red waistband of her panties. I looked up at her face and gave her my best ‘Satisfied?’ look.

“I told you to drop your pants,” Mac said with annoyance. “I need to make sure you’re not cheating and wearing little boy’s underwear on top.”

I clenched my teeth with resentment, but I was eager to end the encounter before someone walked in, plus I knew she had seen my junk before. I quickly unbuttoned and pushed my jeans down, leaving her panties in place.

“Hahahaha,” Mac laughed loudly, then she reached out and lightly tapped my suddenly raging hard-on. “Poor thing, it doesn’t fit in my panties at all, does it.”

I blushed, then started to pull my pants up when she spoke again:

“Nuh-uh. Show me the socks first. I want to see everything all at once.”

I scowled, then I stepped on one of my heels and slipped a shoe off. I followed with the other until I stood directly on the tile floor in her socks. I lifted my pant legs to expose my feet, then looked up at her gorgeous sneering face.

“Okay?” I growled.

“Hm,” she said sharply, then began to turn away.

Relieved, I started to pull up my pants, but to my horror she turned back around.

“You know…” she said contemplatively, “Our bet was for you to wear my underwear.”

I glared at her, uncertain what she was getting at.

To my shock, she spread the sides of her leather jacket and pulled up her t-shirt, revealing a red lace bra straining to contain her large protruding breasts. The matching bra to the panties I had on.

In spite of the flutter I got from seeing her awesome boobs, I caught her insinuation and it pissed me off.

“No way!” I responded, setting my jaw and glaring at her.

Her t-shirt dropped down, then she reached both hands behind her back, under her jacket.

“Oh, come on, I know you’ve been missing the other half of the ensemble,” she taunted. “I bet you even played with it that night before jerking in my panties.”

I said nothing because she was right. Instead, I watched as she slid an arm out of her jacket and fiddled inside her t-shirt. I started to back away and bumped into the toilet with nowhere to go.

“Imagine how good the full set will look on your petite little girl figure,” she continued with a mocking giggle.

She slipped her arm back in and repeated the motions with her opposite arm. Her free hand reached under the front of her shirt and out came the bra.

“Take your arms out of your sleeves,” Mac stated with a sly smile.

Just then, the main door to the bathroom creaked. In an efficient but unhurried motion, Mackenzie took a step into the stall and shut the door behind her, latching it. She was suddenly directly on top of me.

I had never stood so close to her before. I felt so tiny — not only shorter but smaller in every measure. Her familiar scent filled my nose, mixing with the leather of her jacket. She had an air of confidence and rebelliousness. Her look reminded me of the bad girls in high school who smoked and got into fights — who I secretly lusted after.

Then I twitched as I felt my long, skinny penis bump into her leg as it bobbed up and down out of control. Mac bent down so her face was close to my ear.

“This can go one of two ways, creampuff,” she whispered menacingly. “Either you lift up your shirt and put on my bra…or I’ll do it for you.”

She raised her head and looked down her nose at me expectantly. I pursed my lips and shook my head in defiance. She leaned in again.

“What if I said I’d let you suck on my tit?” she breathed lustily.

Standing back up, she lifted the side of her shirt to expose a huge cone-shaped boob with a small nipple sticking out. Then she grabbed it from the bottom and lifted it upward. Her neck craned down and to my shock, she took her own nipple in her mouth!

She looked me in the eye as she sucked. Then she released it with a loud kissing sound and her tongue swirled around the red part. She winked. Her nipple was suddenly twice the size as before!

Next, she lifted her head and squeezed the bottom of her breast, pressing it toward me. It was at the exact height of my mouth! Losing all restraint, I leaned in and licked my lips.

To my dismay, her other hand pressed firmly into my shoulder, stopping me in place. Then she dangled her bra directly in front of my face, blocking the view of her nipple. It smelled just like I remembered, her sweat mixing with a scent that I now knew was her lotion. I recalled pushing my hand inside, amazed at how big the cup was, only now realizing it barely even contained her giant orbs. My cock pulsed and rubbed against the fabric of her pants, just above her knee. My heart thumped faster, and my breaths became short.

But I just stood there like a statue, unable to move. She was so intimidating, so hot, so dangerous, so sexual, so evil…so good. My head was a fucking mess, stuck in limbo. But my cock just kept throbbing, knocking against her…

Then her hand gently took hold of my shaft and lightly caressed. Her fingers felt cool and soft, and surprisingly gentle. My body shook and I almost came as she finished her second stroke. Then she stopped. The bra flicked up and down in front of me.

And I immediately pulled my arms out of my sleeves and grabbed at the bra. I wasn’t actually sure how it worked but I managed to slide my arms through the two loops, then I lifted the ends behind my back and tried desperately to get them to attach. I looked ahead eagerly at Mackenzie’s boob and kept struggling, unable to figure out the stupid clip.

Finally, I tipped my eyes up to her face — I must have looked totally pathetic — and she gave me a knowing smile. Then she leaned in and reached around to clasp the bra for me. And her nipple went straight in my mouth!

Holy moly!

Her breast felt and tasted so good! It was covered in her spit and reminded me of when I licked a gob of it off her leg. Her nipple seemed to grow and fill my mouth. It had a bumpy texture on my tongue, and I swirled around trying to feel every part of it. My nose pressed into the soft skin and plump flesh behind it, and I recalled the time she let me paw her tits and regaled that I now had my mouth on one!

Then I heard a urinal flush and the main door swing shut. With the interruption, I realized my cock was between her knees and that I was unconsciously humping back and forth, bringing myself closer to bursting. I suddenly felt ashamed and tried to slow myself down and think. It was so weird that she was letting me do this, what was she getting out of it? Should I try to make her feel good? Maybe I could turn her on?

I changed from sucking to flicking with my tongue and licking the soft skin around her nipple. Then I tentatively raised a hand under her shirt toward her other breast. When she didn’t object, I took hold and started twirling my fingers around her nipple and squeezing her lightly. I felt it get harder and grow bigger. Her arm behind me seemed to pull me in tighter – maybe I was succeeding!

The idea that I might be making her horny made me even more excited, and my hips started moving faster again, fucking her legs back and forth. She lifted a hand to stroke my hair and the side of her leather jacket covered my head. The air got steamy and smelled even more strongly of her. I was turning her on!

For a moment, I felt bad about wanting to get back at her and rummaging through her backpack. How could I possibly think this wasn’t all worth it? Who cares if she’s mean, she’s so fucking hot!

I twitched as something moved below and I felt a strange sensation in my ass. After a moment of dismay, I realized she was holding the waistband of the panties and tweaking the thong from side to side, rubbing it against my anus. Then she pulled up, and I felt the crotch gather snugly around my balls. I gasped.

Then I suddenly moaned as her finger rubbed my little nipple through the bra cup. The friction of the lace felt so weird and exotic. I could feel myself getting close…

“Reach down and get a sock,” she murmured as if she could read my mind.

Oh my God, she wants me to cum!

Not wanting to release her boob, I pulled my dick away from her and lifted my leg awkwardly, pressing my knee against the side of her leg for balance. It slipped a couple times and it almost seemed like I was trying to mount her — or climb her.

Finally, I established a grip and reached down to claw at my foot, trying to slip the sock off. After a few false starts, I managed to slide it down, miraculously without ever losing suction on her luscious tit.

Back on two feet, I moved my hand toward my unit and Mac suddenly snatched away the sock. One of her hands grabbed my shaft while the other pressed at my tip with the mouth of the sock.

And I fucking came right then, gushing a load straight out before the sock was in place to catch it — and straight onto to Mackenzie’s jeans.

“What the fuck? You little creep!” she cried out angrily.

But I couldn’t stop, my cum just kept pouring out. Lost in ecstasy, I kept gobbling greedily at her tit. And to make matters worse, I pressed my crotch right into her thigh, spraying shot after shot of sperm up her pant leg.

All of a sudden, my mouth was ripped off her boob and my body spun 180 degrees. A hand pressed down roughly on the back of my head and my face was immersed in water. I choked and spat. Something tasted faintly of…

I heard a loud sucking sound and felt wind against the sides of my head. My stomach leapt into my throat.

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