Stormy Weather Breakdown

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The wind was ‘blowing a gale,’ as my father used to say. It was a wet, chilly November afternoon. I was working inside my shop doing some winter maintenance on my tractor when I heard a car door slam from off in the distance. Being the curious soul that I am, I glanced out the door. Through the torrential rain, I could barely make out a car and two people with coats over their heads as they tried to stay dry. They were headed towards my house, and when they got a little closer, I could see that they were both women.

I yelled for them to come to the shop because no one was in the house. They turned and raced towards me as I held the door open for them. Their mascara, lipstick, and hair were all smudged and unkempt as a result of the weather.

“Oh fuck, thank you,” one of the females said between gasps. She wiped the rain from her eyes and cheeks as she removed her beige jacket from over her head. I could tell she was a badass right from the start. She stood 5’4 tall and had long black hair that reached her medium-sized breasts. Her outfit consisted of a thick black turtleneck, regular-size brown boots, and skinny blue jeans that complimented her lovely round ass.

The second lady had thin, straight black hair that tapered inwards at the shoulders; she couldn’t have been taller than 4’11” or heavier than 95 pounds. She wore a heavy white wool sweater, a leopard pattern scarf, stovetop black knee-high boots, and a glossy black handbag with her initials, ‘A.F..’

As soon as they noticed the shop stove sitting in the corner, the two girls ran over and rubbed their hands for several minutes in silence. Once they had a chance to settle down and warm up, the tallest female commented.

“I’m sorry for bothering you; my fucking car broke down. Adrienne and I couldn’t catch a phone signal to call anyone. My name is Niki, by the way.”

“Hey, I’m Larry. You picked a great day to go out joyriding.”

“That was no fucking joy ride, believe me. All I wanted to do was get my sister and get my ass back home from work.” Niki whined.

“Damn, I love a woman that swears,” I thought to myself.

“Where do you work?”

“Adrienne works as a receptionist at an office building. I own a little shop where I sell soaps, perfumes, and other shit.

“Damn, this stove feels so amazing!” Adrienne crooned.

Niki stood next to the stove, soaking in the heat.” Can I use your phone to call the auto club? My phone’s dead, and hers isn’t receiving a signal.

“Yeah, of course.”

“You know what, I have a couple extra charging cords and blocks in the house. You can charge your phones while you’re waiting for a tow.”

“Oh, thank you, err… can we go in now and maybe dry off a little bit too before calling them?”

I nodded, then walked up to the fire, extinguishing it. I motioned for the two ladies to stand just outside the doorway.

“Stay here until I get the side door open, then run to the house when I wave, okay?” They both nodded as I locked up the shop. I ran to the house, opened the kitchen door, and waved at them.

The two sprinted across the gravel driveway and up the steps to the house.

Adrienne took off her scarf as soon as she stepped inside. “Oh shit! I’m sorry for the mess I made on your floor; your wife will be pissed off at me.”

“Nah, there’s no wife, ex-wife, or girlfriend.” I admitted.

There’s just the cat and me here, and she’s the boss.”

Adrienne agreed with a corner smile. I have one at my place, and he rules with an iron claw.

“I’ll get you some towels.” I returned seconds later and handed the towels out.

“If it’s not too much to ask, can we use your bathroom to freshen up?” Niki enquired.

“Yep, No biggie… it’s up on the right. If you want to dry your clothes in the dryer, knock yourselves out, it’s just in there. I pointed

“Oh, thanks a lot,”

“Would you guys like some coffee or tea? I’ll make some while you’re getting cleaned up.”

“I’m desperate for a coffee.” Adrienne bossed.

“You’ll have to excuse this crazy little freak; she has a caffeine addiction,” Niki snickers. I’ve never heard her refuse one yet, and yes, I’m having a coffee too if you’re brewing it.”

The ladies took off upstairs.

“Niki, did you see his pecker trying to get out through his pants?!?” Adrienne squeals.

“Oh fuck, I think likes us, no doubt. That’s a fucking loaded weapon. I want that thing between my legs.”

“Y’a think… no shit!” Niki snickers. “Look at my nipples, they’re hard just thinking about it.”

“What’re we going to do?”

“There’s a couple clean shirts, let’s put them on.”

“What about pants?” Adrienne asyabahis yeni giriş asks.

“Nooo, no… no bottoms, and don’t button that last one up either, leave it open. I want him to see our bits. One of us or maybe both of us will get laid tonight.”

“It’s funny,” Adrienne reminisced. “We used to throw fish like him back in when we were 20. Now look at us twenty-five years later, we want him, like right now!”

“I know, damn it, I hate my pussy sometimes. I hate getting older because the fishes don’t come around like they used to, and the ones that do come want minnows. C’mon… let’s go.”

Meanwhile, I brewed the coffee and wiped up the spilled water next to the door. I then took out my tablet and read the news while waiting for the ladies to return downstairs.

“Hey Larry, thanks for letting us use your bathroom. I hope you don’t mind us wearing your shirts.” Niki said.

“No, don’t mind at all, you look better in my shirts than I do.” I flirted.

“Thanks!” Adrienne smiled with her eyes closed.

Just as the two stepped forward towards the table, I noticed they had no panties on. My cock practically jumped out. Adrienne’s pussy was clean and bare, and you could see she had tiny lips. Niki, on the other hand, was somewhat bushy with suitable size lips. Suddenly, it got hot in the house.

“Oh, thanks for the coffee. Mmm… so warm.” Adrienne commented while I placed their coffees on the table.

“Not a problem.”

Adrienne was well-groomed, had a pleasant demeanour, and was cute. She had big brown eyes, model-like features, petite lips, and a pretty smile.

On the other hand, Niki was pretty for a 45-year-old woman, with just the right amount of flesh on her bones. She was 5’4 and weighed around 115 pounds. She wore dark-rimmed eyeglasses and had the most inviting and playful eyes.

We sat and chatted for a bit.

“How come you’re not married, you’re not bad looking?” Niki asked.

“No one ever came around,” I guess. “Probably wouldn’t know what to do if one did these days.”

“I don’t know, I just saw you checking out my pussy a few seconds ago. So I don’t think you’ve forgotten.”

Adrienne pipes up, “Do you like the smell of pussy Larry?”

I snapped back without thinking, “shit… I love the smell, taste and feel of pussy.”

Adrienne pushed her chair back, came over to my side, lifted the front of her shirt and pulled her lips apart.

“Well, smell this… does my pussy smell nice. Couldn’t you just take your pecker out and ram it in there?”

Niki lifted the tail of Adrienne’s shirt and gave her a couple of hard slaps. “Do you like her flat ass?”

“Oh shit!” I was speechless and couldn’t say a thing. Adrienne sat down, and Niki and I kept the flirting going.

Unfortunately, nature decided I had something more important to take care of, so I edged out of my chair and strolled up the stairs to the bathroom. Adrienne came in behind me a couple minutes later as I was doing my business at the toilet.

“Is there something wrong, Larry?” “What are you doing?” She asked quietly.

“Oh, no… nothing’s wrong. I’m just taking a piss.”

“Oh good, you ran away from the table in a disturbing way. Niki was worried she said something unintentionally. That’s why I came up. But, if that’s all, do you mind if I watch?”

“No, not at all.” I laughed lightly. “No…I suddenly had to go, that’s all. Too much coffee today.”

Adrienne walked up to me and wrapped her arm across my back while I pissed in the toilet.

“That’s beautiful, Larry; here, let me clean you up. Then you can watch me.”

After I finished, I turned to Adrienne, and she licked my cock clean. Then she removed her towel and sat on the toilet with her legs spread, and I had the perfect view of her pissing.

After she stopped, I commented, “You’ve got a nice stream going there, Adrienne.”

“Thank you, does it bother you being in the bathroom with me?”

“Nooo, I don’t mind at all.”

“That’s good, because I find it sexy to just be ourselves.” Adrienne admitted.

“I’ve always wanted a girlfriend like that. All I’ve ever had was,” Close the fucking door,” “don’t look at me.”

“Well…now you have two girls that like being in the bathroom together with you.”

After we washed our hands, we went back downstairs.

Niki, looking worried, “You okay Larry? I didn’t say something to offend you, did I?”

Adrienne chuckled, “No, he just had to pee real bad. That’s all. So we watched each other pee.”

Niki breathed a sigh of relief, “Oh good, scared me there. I kinda liked you.”

I put my arms around Niki, still asyabahis giriş wearing my shirt. “I like you too. Believe me if I was pissed off, you’d damn soon know about it.”

I hugged her; the three of us sat back down. Just then, the yellow flashing lights of the tow truck shone through the windows.

“I’ll go out there while you two stay here where it’s warm and dry.” I offered.

Niki leapt to her feet, her shirt open, exposing her cleavage and firm stomach, and grabbed her purse from the counter.

“Here, take my credit card and use it if he charges you for anything,”

Just before I walked out the door, Niki gave me a quick hug and a kiss.

“All right, I’m off!” I yelled as I headed out the door.

It was still pouring heavily, albeit not as heavily as it had been a few hours before. The tow truck driver had already opened the hood and examined her car as I got closer to the vehicle. With a “Hello,” he hardly acknowledged me.

The tow truck driver rummaged about the engine for a few minutes before returning to his vehicle, pulling out a little box, grabbing something square, and plugging it in.

“Okay, start it up, wait five minutes, so the car’s computer recovers.”

I did what the driver told me. Sure enough, it fired up. I sat inside the car as he went back to his truck. $200 later and barely a goodbye, he was gone.

I brought the car around to the house and parked it.

“Look Niki, it’s running.” Adrienne cheers.

I stepped in the door, handed Niki the invoice and her card. She was already dressed and was putting her coat on.

She quickly examined the invoice. “Aw, fuck, well…what can I say?”

“So, you guys are leaving already?” I asked.

“I am, but you’ll be stuck with Adrienne till tomorrow morning.” Niki poked her tongue out. “I’ll pick her up at seven, I would’ve stayed too, Larry, but I have a lot of work to do at the shop and I should go back. Thanks for everything… and fuck my sister hard.”

Hey, that’s a terrific bargain: I help you with your car, and you leave me your sister. We ought to be doing business more often.”

Niki answered with a thoughtful ass reply. “Mmm… sorry, but I’m all out of sisters!”

Niki hugged us and took off. She was gone a few seconds later.

I went into the kitchen, where Adrienne was fixing dinner. “Mm… it smells good!”

“Thank you,” she said to me with a hug and a kiss. “I hope you have no problem with me spending the night with you.” Niki is having a hectic time; it’s almost Christmas. She wanted to stick around too, but there were too many orders to send.”

“Oh, I enjoy your company.” It gets a bit lonely around here sometimes,” I added, “You know, in another week, I’ll be caught up on my equipment; if she wants help, tell her to let me know.”

“Awww… I love your company too, and thanks for offering to help her. She really likes you. I can tell. I love you too.”

“How can you like me that fast?”

“Hmm… call it women’s intuition.”

Adrienne, waiting for dinner to cook, stood with her hand on the chair’s back, looking around the room.

“What are you looking for?” I asked.

“Oh nothing, I was just thinking.”

“I thought I smelled smoke.” I teased.

She laughed hysterically and flailed me with the sleeves of her shirt, then she jumped in my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck.

I opened her shirt, kissed her chest and played with her nipples. “Wow, they’re hard!”

“Beth calls them bullets, she says they almost hurt her boobs when we hug. They’re almost always hard because I think about sex all the time. Reach between my legs. Is my pussy wet?”

“Yep, soaking wet. Mmm…tastes good too.”

She got up,” I think dinner’s ready. How about some juice?”

“Huh… juice?… I don’t have any juice?!? I ran out yesterday.” I said with some confusion.

“She grabbed my glass off the table, pulled her shirt apart, and held it between her legs, “No silly, I mean mine… you know, ‘Piss.'”

All I could do was stare at Adrienne as she let herself go. She had the nicest yellow stream that filled her glass halfway up in no time.

“Damn right, I want that juice.”

Then she picked up another glass. “Here, fill this one, so I can get some of your juice.”

I gladly stood off the chair, pulled my pants open far enough down for her to grab my cock and hold it in the glass. I let myself go and fill it slightly over half. Adrienne took a small sip, smiled and placed that glass next to her plate. She bent back down and cleaned my piss-covered cock.

“Mm, well, c’mon, let’s eat.”

The two of us got to know asyabahis güvenilirmi each other over dinner, and we enjoyed each other’s company. While we were laughing, Adrienne let out a couple of loud farts.

“Damn, did I just hear a sonic boom?” I kidded.

No… no… that was the cat! “She teased.

Adrienne rose from her chair, spread her ass cheeks in my face and pointed.

“If you don’t help me with the dishes after we’re done, I’ll fart in your face.”

“Well, if that’s going to be your best offer, go for it!” I shot back.

Adrienne playfully slapped me on the shoulder, “That’s not my final offer, it’s my first offer and believe me hun it’s not my best offer either.”

“Oh, but I did like your first offer.” I said as I grabbed her ass and licked her beautiful tiny brownish starfish for several minutes.

“Wow, no one has ever licked my asshole before.” Adrienne said happily.

“Was it okay?”

“Fuck yeah, I loved it, keep doing that. You can put your fingers in there too if you want.”

I licked her for a bit, then stuck my finger up her butt hole, pulled it out, and licked it.

“Put your fingers back in, next time I want to taste them,” Adrienne asked.

I did just that, and she giggled, “Mmm… that’s different.”

We stood up and cleared the table. We were nearing the end of the dishes when Adrienne’s shirt remained open.

Adrienne asked, “What do you want to do now?”

“Well, we could watch tv and cuddle on the couch.” I suggested.

“That sounds great, you got any porn? I love the messy hardcore stuff.”

“Wow…marry me!” I joked, “most women get mad if you watch porn.”

“Where the hell are you finding these women, some kind of celibacy group?” Niki was slightly miffed. “Niki and I fuck to porn all the time dirtier and more hardcore the better. Let’s look for something we can watch and fuck together. Take your clothes off too.”

The two of us watched several videos and played the night away. The following day Niki came in as I was making breakfast.

“Hey Niki, want some breaky?”

“Damn right I do, I never get anything at home… we’ll, did you guys fuck or what. Adrienne, you say no, I’ll never speak to you again.” She teased.

“Honey, show her your pecker.” Adrienne ordered.

I walked out from behind the counter bottomless with an erection.

“Holy shit Adrienne, that fucking thing is huge. Honey, you gotta fuck right me right now before we leave. If you don’t I won’t get anything done all day.”

“Go ahead, Larry, fuck my sister.” I’m going to get ready to go.” Adrienne took off into the laundry room, grabbed her clothes, came out into the kitchen, started putting makeup on and getting dressed; all the while, I boned her younger sister.

“Well…how is she Larry?”

I shot back, “Tight!”

“That’s because she hasn’t fucked a dick in awhile!” Adrienne answered in smart-ass stone.

“Would you guys stop making me laugh!!”

“No way, Adrienne and I are having too much fun annoying you.”

“Well, I want some warm cum in my pussy before we leave.”

“Well… your wish is my command.” I pounded her as hard and fast as I could,

“Whoa! Larry!!” She screamed. Good thing I don’t have any neighbours. Finally, I let go and creamed her pussy.

Niki leaned on the counter, gasping. “Fuck Adrienne, how did you live through the night.”

Niki turned around, stood with her legs apart and licked the juices she wiped from her pussy. “You do realize, we’re coming back tonight!”

Adrienne spoke up,” No we’re not!”

“Huh…Adrienne, what are you talking about? I’m not letting this fish get away, come hell or high water!”

“That’s because we’re moving in. You don’t want someone else dangling a line in our pond, do you? Hmm…)

“No, definitely not! Larry we’re moving in, like it or not.”

It was around 1:00 I decided to drive into town and visit Niki’s shop.

“Hi, Larry, What’re you doing here?” I thought I’d check to see if you needed help, see your shop and you,” I told her.

“Aww, that’s sweet thank you, yeah… I could use some help after. There’s no one here now. I’ll close up and you can fuck me like you did this morning.”

Niki closed the shop and took my hand, and led me to the back of the store.

“I’ll just pull my pants down and you fuck me. Don’t take your clothes off, just pull your dick through your pants and fuck me.”

I came at her pussy hard and furious, and she almost went down on her knees a couple times.

“Shit Brian, you know where to stick that thing. Fuck, it feels so good. Finally, I creamed her pussy. She pulled her pants up.

“I hope there’s no one at the door!”

Niki walked over and turned the sign around, but there was no one there.

“Great! No one will know we were fooling around. Come on, I have lots of jobs for you to do.”

What can I say? It’s going to be a great Christmas!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32