Teaching Him To Fuck

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Sighing, I looked in the mirror again, brushing on a bit more mascara. I was already running late to meet him and part of me said it wasn’t a good idea. I told him multiple times we would just go to dinner then hangout and talk. I would answer his questions then send him on his way. 19 was below the minimum age I usually chose for my partners. But he was a fan of my stories and I saw no harm in indulging him. Especially since he told me he had recently lost his virginity, and I promised I would talk to him again if he did first. I smoothed my green sweater dress down around my hips and grabbed my phone.

“On my way in 5” I hit send, then rushed to put on my boots and coat to leave. His message back came within seconds. “The wait is 2 hours 🙁.” I cursed then stopped to think, standing in front of my door. We could order in at my place but I was hoping to use the time to reiterate this was just friendly. Giving in, I suggested we meet back at my apartment and sent the address.

I paced and sipped wine while I waited, nervous for some reason. I don’t meet ‘fans’ often. Finally I heard a knock at the door and there he was. He was cuter in person and taller than I expected. I hugged him, then told him to sit, placing myself beside him and turning to look at him again.�

‘Too young’ I reminded myself.�

We made small talk while we waited for the food to arrive. I was two glasses of wine in and had hit his vape pen once or twice so I eventually relaxed, enjoying his company. After we ate, I curled up against him while he played with my hair and we talked some more. At this point I remembered I promised we would cuddle. ‘I’ll tell him goodnight after that and send him on his way’ I thought.

Of course, I didn’t take into account that alcohol goes straight bahis siteleri to my pussy and combined with the weed my defenses were down. Not to mention the whole slut thing.

We got in bed on our sides, his arms pulling me close. My ass was right on his crotch and I couldn’t help but pretend I was adjusting a bit so I could rub it against him teasingly. He started asking questions again, this time dirty ones. How many partners have I had? What’s the freakiest thing I’ve done? How often do I have sex? How many in a day? As I answered I could feel his hands start to roam, first over my tits then down to my hips and back up. Small kisses trailed up and down the back of my neck. Alarm bells were going off in my head that I needed to stop him before it went too far but…it felt so nice.

I suggested we cuddle in a different position, turning to face him, intending to put my head on his chest. Instead, I was met with his lips, warm and sensual against mine. Instinctively, my leg went around his, and my hand fisted in his shirt, returning the kiss. I broke it a moment later, my resolve not so firm now. I could still tell him no though right? My thoughts were interrupted by him turning my face back towards his, our mouths meeting again and his tongue sliding into my mouth to pull me into another deep kiss. ‘Fuck it’, I thought. Guess I was going to be the second woman he explored with.

We made out for a bit, his hands sliding under my dress, then pulling my bra down to circle a nipple with his fingers. I responded by taking off both the dress and bra and letting him get on top of me. Despite his inexperience, he was enthusiastic, teasing my tits with his tongue, teeth clacking against the nipple rings when he pulled one in his mouth. Moving lower he eased my panties off, canlı bahis siteleri then dived right between my legs. I nudged him in the direction of my clit, moaning my encouragement as he lapped at my wet pussy. One, then two fingers slid inside me working me open. For only having been with one person he was pretty good.

I tapped his shoulder then brought him back up to kiss me, tasting myself on his lips. “Lay down” I ordered. I got between his legs and began teasing his cock with the tip of my tongue before slowly taking him down my throat. He was nice and hard and I gagged a bit, his gasps encouraging me. The girl he fucked the first time would be a distant memory when I was done. He began thrusting up to meet me, fucking my mouth and grabbing my hair for leverage. The sounds he made were addicting.

Finally, I sat up and smirked at him, then pointed to a box of condoms on my nightstand. A minute later he was on top of me again, slowly pushing inside my soaking wet pussy. But something was wrong. He kept going soft. Thinking it was the condom I asked if he was OK, wondering if I should let him bareback me. I prefer it that way anyway and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

As it turns out, the issue is that he was nervous and had lied to me. He was in fact still a virgin. “Why would you lie?” I asked, confused. Explanations tumbled from his lips, that he wanted me so badly, I had denied him for being one so he made up the story of losing it to a girl at his college, that he desperately wanted it to be with someone who knew what they were doing.

Resigned, I told him to lay back and relax. It was too late, we had already started fucking, so I was determined to make it memorable.

Kissing him again briefly, my lips closed around his cock, tongue swirling canlı bahis over the shaft, taking him down my throat again. When he was hard, I straddled him, sliding his length balls deep, no condom this time. I rode him hard, rolling my hips, watching his face the whole time. Pure pleasure emanated from him as I caught a rhythm and put my hands on his chest, bouncing now. Despite still being a bit upset about his lie, his cock felt good and I quickly got lost in the feeling of him sliding in and out of me.�

I reached down to rub my clit and slowed to a grind. “I’m going to cum on you, then we’re switching positions.” He nodded, too lost in the feeling of me wrapped around him to speak. Focusing on my clit, I made quick circles while I rocked, enjoying the feeling of him buried inside me. Within minutes I was cumming, squeezing his cock tightly and soaking him with my wetness. After catching my breath, I smiled at him. “Your turn.”

Getting on all fours I stuck my ass in the air and braced my hands under me. Wasting no time, he got behind me and pushed inside me, moaning again. “Fuck I’m going to cum” he gasped after a minute or so, slowing down. “Then cum inside me” I ordered, pushing my hips back against him to show him how badly I wanted it. He filled me right after, a huge load that started leaking out as soon as he pulled away.

I cannot believe I just took someone’s virginity.

We laid there and talked, me asking how it was, him confirming it was amazing. “I’m yours for the night. We can do whatever you want” I assured him. I felt kind of honored now that he wanted me to be his first so I would be his personal slut for the night in return.

True to my word when he said he was ready again, I did everything he asked, ending the night with him shooting another load of cum inside me, this time in missionary.

I decided after he left that I would keep seeing him, so he could practice sex and explore new things. Who better to learn from than a self described slut after all?

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