Thanks to the Army

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I was sitting down in the cold dining room wondering what to do with that house, something I used to do any time I had free, avoiding to think of Martin, his picture and last letter still in a corner, looking distant through the opaque glass of the cupboard.

Tightening my shawl around my body I thought there was food and shelter, I definitely could not complain, but …

My legs locked tight, trying to feel that tingling in my underwear, one hand slipped under the shawl to feel a nipple getting harder, pointing up, sensitive to the fingers rubbing it through the dress, but not much more than that.

I stood up and walked to the kitchen, cold tiles accompanying my thoughts.

Rationing meant the house turned rather cold; the kitchen was the warmer room, smaller and there was often a fire on. I shivered at the thought of another night alone, and how many still to come before the war would end.

I glanced a look out the window, it was just about time to fix those ugly boards to the window … I sat on the armchair, thoughts rushing through my mind; the kitchen being the warmer room I had dragged it there a few weeks before. It was less comfortable but also less lonely than our double bed upstairs.

My hand slipped down again, under my dress, moving my panties to the side to tickle my hair, work round the hollow between my labia getting my finger wet before jabbing one inside … oh just too small.

Moved it in and out, added another finger, trying to feel something … just that light tingle and mild wetness wasn’t enough to make me shake and scream. I rested my back against the armchair and closed my eyes in a sigh.

A knock at the back door, I must have dozed off, of course I sat there just to sleep. And it was a dream. Who would dare go out in the snow … and during curfew? This house is so far away from what is left of town, or any main road … another knock.

Maybe someone looking for shelter, I got up quickly to open the door …

“Sorry to bother you, Miss. I am trying to reach my Squad and need shelter for the night; may I have your permission to stay in the barn?” I recognized the uniform: he was welcome.

I moved on the side of the door, “Come in, if you can stand a cold house.” He looked at me to reply but did not open his mouth, instead he walked in with an embarrassed look. I could tell he did not expect such hospitality.

“Take a seat, I will fix you something to eat.” So I turned back to the stove sighing in relief, strangely feeling embarrassed, unused to have anyone around.

I watched the bubbles bahis siteleri of the egg frying, having my own hens surely had its advantages and the whites just slipped on the dish like a lazy tongue, lapping the vegetables underneath, the cheese looking glistening from the heat, maybe I was surprised it wasn’t panting …

All the time, the soldier had been sitting behind me in silence, I took a deep breath and turned around to serve him the food, along with a couple slices brown bread. “You did not have to Miss, it’s hard to find food.”

I stopped him shaking my head, “This is a farm, there are animals and more food than most people have.”

I sat down in the dim lighted kitchen, in front of the guy now ravishing his late dinner.

His rifle still across his back, he must have been walking for a few days, maybe lost in the moorland; now that all was covered with snow it was difficult to understand where one was going “Have you been out there for a while?”

His beard was a proof, “Three days, Miss. Slept in a barn on the first, found some shepherd shelter on the second, and had to shelter myself outside last night; it was good to see your farm! It’s so cold out there!”

I smiled lightly.

“But are you alone in a place so big, here Miss?”

I nodded, not very willing to get into the subject and hiding the ring still on my finger. He must have seen it as he pointed to my hand and asked whether my husband was deployed somewhere.

I served him more tea and bread, pondering my answer “He was …” I took my time, reflecting whether I should say more, “… until he wrote he’s been discharged after an injury and will move in with an Italian he met fighting there. I could keep the farm.”

“Oh Miss I’m sorry,” he said looking embarrassed. “Though you should be happy you have the farm, all this good food,” I nodded, vaguely agreeing.

I stood up and left my shawl on the chair as I knelt to add some wood into the stove, I knew the tight dress I was wearing would show him much of what he was probably craving, and I had no reason to not do it.

“How long have you been … without a woman?” I asked, sure he must have been a few years younger than me too … he may have blushed, but with his cheeks hidden by his beard I couldn’t tell.

Instead I saw that spark in his eyes, which gave me the only answer I wanted. I knew he was willing and I could feel that clear tingling in my underwear.

He was still sitting as I walked to him, my breasts occupying all his sight … he smelt my perfume, female scent, a dream after having been canlı bahis siteleri in a trench. He stood up, my face close to his, smooth soft cheeks against rough beard.

“Let me take care of you,” I whispered to his ear. My hands were already finding their way to remove his rifle … I felt a hand on my waist. Male contact, what I was craving, my fingertips ran over his kaki shirt, sensitive, feeling the man underneath.

“How do you … Miss?” I could feel a slight embarrassment in his tone, I knew with me being older he wasn’t feeling in charge of leading the game; good, I meant to lead it all this time.

I bit his chin, breaking his question, enjoying scratching my teeth on his beard, slightly pulling the skin. I licked his lips, pushing my tongue in his mouth, both his hands closed on my waist and moving down on my ass, feeling the smooth roundness.

My mouth had not stopped teasing his beard, biting his lips, hands running on his shirt, unbuttoning inch by inch, exposing male scented skin. Hummm I couldn’t hold back, running my tongue on his chest, salty flavor of sweat in my mouth … I could well see that bulge, slowly put my hand on it, touch light as a feather … I saw the thrill in his eyes, knelt and brushed my cheek against that bulge then backed up, starting to unbutton my dress.

I offered myself to his sight, silk white skin and a body that does not need any bodice to fit in the dress … Our eyes locked, and I could read the excitement in his eyes as I reached the last button my dress falls on the floor leaving me in my underwear, light panties made of a thin fabric, my breasts hanging free, firm yet soft and inviting.

I saw the look in his eyes right before he grabbed my waist and started ravishing my breasts … I could have screamed, if just I did not want him so much. His beard on my nipples, strong male hands fondling my ass, his mouth licking and pulling while my hands find their way down to his crotch, to unzip his pants.

His hands left my ass for a moment to slide down his boxers. His cock sprang up fiercely, perfect manhood to give me the pleasure I had sought for so long. I turned around quickly, my eyes feverishly seeking something to lay on the floor.

Our wedding quilt.

Laid in the middle of the room, on the floor beside the stove, it was looking perfect at its place, a rough military blanket underneath to make it softer.

Sitting on the blanket, I grabbed his hand and pulled him down, whispering to his ear to lay and let me do. It felt so good to hold his cock in my hand, hard like an iron bar, canlı bahis I could see the veins pulsating and the red hot tip, glistening wet. I tasted it, my mouth descending slowly on his pole, his eyes locked on me, his chest raising quickly.

My tongue, soft and wet, welcomed his cock in my mouth, replacing fingers, then moving up, slowly, fingers clinging back on his shaft, moving together with my tongue. My lips left the tip just to blow my breath on his skin, to welcome him again in my mouth.

Salty fluid on my tongue, I licked it all off and moved faster on him, my free hand cupping his balls. I moved the tip of my tongue down his shaft, going round in small circles, to reach his balls.

He was so hard and I was so wet, with a hand still on his cock I stood and slid two fingers in my cunt, getting them all wet, then offered them to him, smiling as he enjoyed licking my juices off my fingers.

I returned my fingers to my cunt, slid them in and wet them again, to slowly pull them out and smear juices on my ass, before letting one finger slid in.

In and out, lubricating my ass, one hand on my nipples and my soldier on his elbows and hard cock pointing up, his eyes were sticking to me, waiting for my next move. I could see his chest lifting quickly as he stared at my mouth, then my breasts hanging free.

I slid another finger in my puckered asshole, craving cock, opening me for that steel shaft.

The guy was quick, as I offer him my back, kneeling on all fours, he stood right up immediately to grab my hips. “Fuck my ass …” I whispered grabbing my wedding quilt, offering him my hole.

Wasting no time, I had brought him so close to coming, he applied all his weight and the head popped in with a scream I couldn’t hold back. It was a burning feeling, I felt spread so open like my hole could break. I felt so naughty as he started moving in my ass sending thrills down my spine … my hole gripping tightly to his shaft, squeezing it … he moved in long slow strokes, his balls slapping on my cunt, spreading juices everywhere, two fingers slid in my pussy, playing with my clit … I almost couldn’t hold back.

I loved when he was deep inside, slapping my ass cheeks, pumping hard, his grunts behind me were almost as exciting as the pain in my ass.

His cock was so hard I knew he was close, and I was too, wildly rubbing my fingers on my pussy, I moved together with his blows and screamed my pleasure as I came splashing my juices on his balls.

He let out some loud grunts and grasped to my shoulders as he shot his load in my ass. Panting heavily he collapsed on my back, both on our sides, his cock slid out of my ass, falling on my ass cheek to trace a wet line as the panting soldier rolled on his back.

His semen painted a round stain on my wedding quilt.

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