The Black Tattoo Artist

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Becky and I had been in a hotwife/stag-turned-cuck relationship for just over a year. We had soft swapped, hard swapped, and had a few FMMs as things progressed. Lately, she has gone to clubs on her own, and either stayed the night with someone, or she would return and cuckold me with whoever she picked up.

We were having lots of sex on our own, but Becky definitely preferred other men to me. And on our trip to the seaside for the weekend, we already had planned a club visit for our first evening at the resort. This meant that we had all day to sit on the beach with samosas and beer, under an umbrella.

While we relaxed, a young black guy wearing basketball shorts and a head full of dreadlocks, roamed the beach with a thick book, showing various people what was inside. Becky followed him for quite a while before she caught his eye and signaled him to come over.

At this point, Becky was laying on her tummy in her lime green two-piece speedo, the bottoms tucked into the meaty crevice of her ass cheeks to give them a full tan. Her 36Cs spilled from the bra as she propped herself up on her elbows, smiling sweetly at him.

“Is the lady interested in enhancing this beautiful body with some of my art?” he asked.

“Well, maybe,” she replied, “What are you offering?” Even I caught on to her sexy innuendo. He knelt down, set his book on her towel, and extended his hand.

“I’m Richard. These are all my works of art,” he said, opening the book to show pictures of women wearing his artwork. The first pages were flowers of all colors, on every body part you could think of, including just above clitorises, and on luscious backsides. Many more pages included Asian writing, sea creatures, statements like ‘LIVE LOVE LAUGH’ and the such. Richard touched her shoulder to show her where the picture she was looking at could be inked, and Becky didn’t flinch.

“Your wonderful ass is a great place to show off my art.” I might just as well have been in the water, because he paid no attention to me at all. And then he flipped the page, and the illustrations there were clearly for hotwives and cucks. Pictures of stags, the Queen of Spades, silhouettes of two men and one woman, words like FILL ME UP, SLUT, HOTWIFE and ONLY 8″+ ALLOWED INSIDE, were plastered all over the page.

He knew exactly who he was dealing with when Becky focused on these pages. She pointed to a picture of a skeleton key beside a padlock with the silhouette of a rooster on it, (as in cock locked). Becky turned to me and said, “Wouldn’t that look good on my boob, right here?” She drew a circle with her finger just above the fabric of her right cup. Richard caressed her pale breast where she had pointed, his cocoa colored fingers contrasting her whiteness.

“Anything would look good on your boobs, Bec,” I offered.

She pointed to another picture at the bottom of the page, which was a set of big, red kissing lips, like the Rolling Stones logo, with the word HOTWIFE scrolled beneath them. Becky rolled onto her back, her head almost touching his knees, and said, “Could you put that one here?” while her one hand lowered the waistband of her bikini bottoms to reveal her trimmed, blond landing strip, her other hand pointed to the smooth white skin just above and to the right.

Richard bursa escort lowered his hands to the towel on each side of her chest, and stretched to see the area she pointed to, his satin shorts draping over Becky’s face like a satin mask. As he held that position, his semi-hard ebony dick appeared between his shorts and his left thigh. It was a monster, probably seven inches long, and wasn’t even hard yet.

“Yes”, he replied, ignoring her mouth stretching up to taste the precum dribbling from the blue-black helmet. “I think it would look good right there,” caressing the tender skin so near her clitoris. He looked back between them, smiling as Becky bathed his dick with long licks. The handsome young man added, “I could put that anywhere you want.” Richard looked to me with his cocky smile and lowered his chocolate hose into my wife’s waiting mouth. His grin widened as he looked around to see another woman nearby, watching him slowly pump his ample dick down Becky’s throat. I doubt that even Bec could handle his thick cock down her throat, once it was fully hard.

When Richard pulled himself off of my wife, I heard the loud ‘pop’ her lips made as she released his hardening cock. He tucked himself into his shorts again, stood up and said, “My chair awaits you,” taking hold of Becky’s hand and helping her to her feet. He looked at me and said, “You can wait here, unless you’d rather watch.” I’ve watched lots of guys with Becky, but I was sure this guy would be impressive.

Bec held out her hand to me as she stood, so i gathered up our valuables, leaving her beach bag and our folding chairs behind, and followed them down the beach to a small hut. Inside, the hut was divided in two, with an old style barber chair and a table set up with his ink tools. There was another chair for him, and a small stool in the corner. Through the open doorway, his unmade bed and a small fridge were on display.

“We can do the cuck lock first,” he offered, as his hands slipped the tied bow free across the back of Becky’s neck. The bra fell, her full breasts cascading from it, puckered pink nipples at full attention. My wife swung the bra around at her hips and undid the other bow, tossing the tiny top towards me as I sat on the stool. Becky stepped toward me and leaned down for a kiss. Her lips still had his salty taste as our tongues danced.

Becky turned to Richard and he guided her to sit in the plush, red leather antique chair, naked from the waist up. “This will be more comfortable,” he offered, as the dark man operated a lever that fully reclined the back of the chair. Another lever raised her legs up so that she was lying horizontally now, with him seated just off to the right side of her head. Richard gathered Becky’s long hair and laid it on the opposite side, baring the nape of her neck and ear to him.

It wasnt long before his pen began stabbing jet black ink into her pale, right breast; his other hand carefully dabbing away any excess fluids. With his dreadlocks falling along side of her face and his head so near, Becky inhaled his scent, and soon I noticed the darkening of her bikini bottoms as her sexual fluids began to seep through. Not long after, the skeleton key took form, and, as Richard began the outline of the lock on her breast, he turned görükle escort to me and said, “How about getting us some beers, Bro?”

“Oh, sure. Fridge?” I asked stepping toward the back of the hut.

“No, Bro. At the store. Two blocks up the beach and across the street. Might as well make it a six pack, the lower one will take a while.”

Becky was loving this. “Take your time, baby. He knows what he’s doing.” Her wink and smile stayed with me as i walked along the soft white sand. I gazed at the various beautiful women on the way two and from the store, but my mind could only imagine what Becky was allowing Richard to do while I was away.

As I approached the hut about a half hour later, Richard was just lifting himself up off Becky who was lying flat on her back in the large leather chair. I stood at the doorway watching his flaccid dick flail from side to side as he walked over to the sink and washed his hands. His fat cock had the shimmer of his semen slathered from tip to root, which then drew my attention to Becky’s legs which were drawn up and dangling over each upholstered arm. Her vagina oozed his creamy sauce, now frothy from his churning it, after he spent himself inside her.

I gazed at her gaping opening, beer box still in hand, and Becky lowered both hands to toy with her pussy lips, creating tendrils of silvery slime. She watched me drink in her presence, placing the beer on the floor by her feet. Her pink labia were saturated in cum, and a thick pond of semen filled the depth of the very pink interior flesh of Becky’s vagina, that Richard’s manly dick had just abused. The meaty folds looked weary from his pounding, and her whole vulva was red and inflamed.

Richard snapped on his first rubber glove and called out, “Somebody needs to clean up that whole area so I can ink the tat down there.” Becky nodded at me and I lowered myself between her thighs. Richard’s other glove snapped as he stood near me and directed me to make sure the leather was cum free as well.

I smelled the heady mixture of semen and Becky’s pheromones as I neared the heated and sopping flaps of her pussy. My hands held each of her ankles as I delved into the warm, sloppy slit. Becky guided my head into the parted folds, pulling me deeper into his spent cum, and she whispered, “That’s my good boy.” Once I had found and consumed his manly deposit, my tongue roamed down along the smoothness of her taint and onto the pucker of her ass.

I lapped at the snug opening, clearly not penetrated by her well endowed lover. After some oral care back there, my nose delved between her labia and dripped with his cum from the bridge and down over my upper lip. I licked the dollop away as I pressed my tongue wide and flat against the cleft of her labia so I could draw upward as though the sensitive folds were scoops of ice cream.

Richard’s cum was much more bitter than my own, yet the churned up load slithered easily down my throat, making my cock harder.

Richard stood right next to me and said, “Don’t forget to show your appreciation, Bro.” His heavy, softening tube dangling still more than eight inches long, radiated heat as it hung next to my cheek.

“He’s got a great dick, baby. Clean him up too.” I did as told, finding escort bayan dried flakes of cum near silvery pearls of his load, and I bathed his sour black shaft with long, lapping licks. I turned my head upwards and opened to take in his thick, dark helmet. Another pearl of cum oozed from the opening as my lips sucked in the head and my tongue lapped at it. Richard pulled from me and sat in the chair near Becky’s shoulder and slid his wheeled chair closer to the bottom of Becky’s chair. I finished mopping up their sexual fluids from her pussy and lower belly.

Richard said, “Grab a towlette and sanitize this area here,” pointing toward the smooth skin just to the right side of Becky’s landing strip. I found the wipes container and toweled my wife clean for him to begin the hotwife tattoo, also wiping the seepage that covered the lower pad of Becky’s chair.

Becky watched as i disposed of the cleaning wipe and called me to her as Richard settled down to work below. She reached down into my shorts and began to jack my cock off as she whispered, “You’re such a natural cuck boy, aren’t you? He fucked me really, really hard.”

I responded with a deep kiss, giving her back their scent and taste from my cleaning. She pulled my cock for less than a minute before I grunted and spilled my seed on the floor. “Such a good boy,” she murmured. He looked up at me with disgust but i quickly retrieved another wipe and took care of my mess from his floor boards.

When I returned to Becky’s side, in a more normal tone, she asked me to return to the beach and retrieve her cover up from her beach bag, so she wouldn’t burn either of her new inkings.

I hadn’t thought about that, so I strolled back, taking my time as Richard would be a while detailing the red lips and hotwife lettering. I could hardly wait to show her off on the beach once the swelling receded. I walked with a semi-hard under my shorts as I imagined the looks Becky would get from other hot looking women, knowing that she fucks lots of guys. I also enjoy the humiliation as other guys approach her and try to seduce her. These tattoos would make it much easier for men to approach her and ask her to fuck, even as she held my hand. She always makes up with me after, so I don’t mind letting her go to get what she wants.

As I approached the hut with her cover up in hand, Becky was just standing up out of the chair. Richard removed his gloves, and returned to apply more salve to the lock and key tattoo on her breast. Even swollen from all of the punctures, it looked really well done.

I said, “Richard, you really do nice work.”

Becky chimed in, “Yes, and not just with your tattoo pen!”

“Thanks Bro,” he offered as he bent down and applied salve to Becky’s other tattoo. I gasped audibly as his hand moved in slow circles over the raised and tender skin just above the bikini line. I realized that there was no red color at all in the ink. Looking more closely, it wasn’t lips and a hotwife tattoo. It was the Queen of Spades tattoo.

I looked at Becky who was waiting to gage my reaction. “Sorry, babe,” she said in fake sorrow, “but once Richard fucked me like that, this seemed like a better choice.” Her hand softly caressed the oily skin, admiring her homage to the well-endowed black male.

Richard sat back in his chair, and said, “That will be three-hundred dollars, Bro.” As I handed him my card, it felt exhilarating to think I was paying him to satisfy Becky, and that he just threw in the tats for free.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32