The Case of the Missing Dildos

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All parties mentioned are considerably older than 18 years and all sex described is non-violent and consensual and within Literotica’s guidelines.


This is a short tale about what used to be a shallow butt, at least it was shallow until I got it worked out or perhaps worked in is more to the point. Believe me, I got it worked out to my satisfaction and I know she would also admit it was very much to her satisfaction as well.

My name is Bradford Wynn but everybody call me Brad. I finished college as a business major and got into real estate about eighteen years ago. My Dad was a journeyman carpenter, did this line of work for fifty years. I worked for him from the time I was a kid so I know my way around home construction. I’ve got my contractor license ten years back, and can do much of the work myself. Sometimes I flip houses after remaking them or occasionally I will rehab a house on contract. I’ve got a crew to help, but only when I need them.

As to who the aforementioned shallow butt belonged to, well I’m referring to Janice Dawson. No, she is not the wife of Richard Dawson, that creep on the old TV show, the kissing guy. Shit, that fucker got old and died as far as I know, before anyone could file a sexual assault or harassment complaint. Janice was just blessed with the same name. Who or what is she? Janice is a housewife, no kids but an eye out for beefy masculine construction men who visit the Home Depot office near her home.

She’s in her mid 30’s but built real well, “like a brick shit house” is what the old baseball guys would say. She was a brunette, had a very pretty face, lots of dark wavy hair piled up on top, luscious thick red lips, the kind you want to see closed tightly around your dick, two real firm 34 double D’s, a boyish bubble ass and a thin waist. I’ve been inside a lot of plump butt cheeks but the small boyish one’s always gets me harder and deeper. I’m sure you can figure that out.

Maybe that’s just my preference, I mean if one of the “Kardashian Assians” wanted to roll over for me I wouldn’t say “no.” But big asses just aren’t my preference. Just because I like boyish butts doesn’t make me gay, I don’t go for guys although I did once get seduced by a gay designer whose house I was working on for six months. When my cock wasn’t in Daphne’s mouth or ass, which I’m embarrassed to say was a few times a week, it meant Daph was on vacation.

In my defense, Daphne was more she than he. And that old saw about men being the best cock suckers, well I learned that probably is true. But that stuff just sort of happened after too many beers at the end of the day and a guiding hand from mouth to ass that caught me off guard and by then it was too late to stop until I’d deposited my sticky load. That job lasted only 6 months because Daph’s husband Tom came home early one afternoon and found me shoehorning his fem fem lover. But all in all I have no regrets, Daphne was a nice place to stick your dick.

No, please don’t call me the “Butt Doctor,” I’m no Proctologist or “anal-izer” but I have good common sense and if given the choice of pussy or ass, well for me it’s a 50/50 proposition, which one I’ll pick, but for sure, one of them is going to get fucked. Well, let me correct that, with Janice it was a 100% proposition. But the lost Dildos have always stimied me. Did I actually lose them and where and and how did Janice’s husband find them? But let me start at the beginning.

About 14 months ago while shopping for construction materials at the Home Depot, I met a small brunette. I’m close to 6 feet, wide build, ash blonde hair with a little grey at the temples and I’ve always had a thing for small or should I say, short women. Since they are lightweight they can be lifted, moved, and positioned. Not that she was a midget, or little person to be politically correct, but at 5’2″ I felt pretty much in control in the bedroom, at least that’s what she let me feel, but as most of you know, it’s the woman who’s pulling your dick that is the real one controlling or should I say handling you.

I was over in the left hand section of the store where they keep the lumber, and there I was way down the aisle in the molding section. I was doing some measuring, never even saw where she came from, but all of a sudden there she was, without even an introduction she started asking questions while bending over the molding I’d stacked on the floor, lots of questions. Of course with the spaghetti strap blouse with its wide neck, every time she bent over, she afforded me a good quick look at her big titties that hung in view like the orbs of heaven for that one brief second or two as she leaned forward.

“My husband isn’t very handy,” she said, ” if fact he’s not very handsome (that second comment she said under her breath thinking I wouldn’t hear it) .

“Would you be willing to replace a piece of molding that is missing in my home.”

“Well Miss, they all look alike but there are tiny differences. I’d have to cut a small piece to match it or maybe take a photo or tracing kaçak iddaa to get the exact duplicate. They have a good selection here but not all shapes at the same time. Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks for them to restock them all, because one guy finishing off a two bedroom tract house might have bought all of it in one shot, assuming he had a big job.”

“I’ll bet you have a big job?”

Now she was flirting with me and I blushed. I asked her where she lived and fortunately it wasn’t too far away. So I followed behind her car, one of those two seater Mercedes, silver colored with blue upholstery, later she said she had to special order the seats in that color. We got to her home in about ten minutes. It was a nice 1950’s semi-Spanish house, not the fantasy ones built in the 1920’s, but the kind they built when the depression had sobered the architects and before residential air conditioning was as of yet, not invented.

They built these homes on a rise with a big bank of windows on one side of the living room and a mirror image of windows on the other side. The idea was you opened them all and the wind would come whooshing in one side and drive the hot air out the other. That system worked quite well but in this day and age no one wants to keep their windows open for fear of prowlers so they’ve abandoned the system and end up installing air conditioning.

I followed her in the front door, bent over to pick up the newspaper. Her husband was at work, she said, and she took me right to the wall where a gas heater had been removed recently by the guys who installed the central air conditioning.

Whoever had removed the old gas heater did not do it very carefully. When they covered the 20 inch depression in the wall they replaced it with drywall, but instead of using one piece of drywall, they used two panels and the sides of the replacement panels did not butt right against the adjacent wall so there were a bunch of unpainted unsanded seams left to catch dust and looked sorely.

“What you should do is sand and spackle these drywall panels where they’ve been incorrectly butted.”

“Butted,’ she kinda smiled when I said that word and her eyes, just for second opened wide and rolled up a bit before closing momentarily.

I continued, “…up against each other or better yet use white plaster, it dries faster and sands nice and smooth.”

“Yes see, here is where the panels don’t meet exactly, there’s a gap. We fill it in and let it dry then sand and replaster, then sand and if it looks ok we then paint it. Then we fit a matching piece of molding at the base, carefully measured so it snaps right into where the missing molding goes, but we gotta paint most of the wall if you want a neat job.”

“I like a neat job,” she said, “sounds good,” Janice was grinning. “That’s fine, and what would that cost?”

“It’s no big deal, just means I’d have to make a few trips.”

“Well you are here now, she sidled up to me, so close that the warmth of her body and a slight perfumed scent had a pleasant impression on me.”

I sensed where we were headed and she confirmed it.

“Well that’s fine with me,” and her hands reached out to cradle my cock which was showing as it had already erected beneath my thin jean shorts. I just stood there as she worked her left hand up the loose faded cut down blue jean shorts and up the sleeve against my thigh with no effort, the blue jeans were short enough that my balls popped right into her hand.

“Why don’t we continue this conversation in a more comfortable place,” Janice said, as she led me into her bedroom, much like you would lead a horse into a stall, my cock was now tightly secured in her hand.

Well, one thing led to another, as you might imagine, clothes were strewn around the room and a lot of kissing and sucking, dick, tit, pussy. I was ready, I took out my wallet condom and began to roll it on when she said

“Oh no, you can’t wear that, I’m allergic to the stuff the condom is made of.”

“So what do we do?”

“Just cum between my legs, I’ll clamp down and I guarantee you won’t feel you are missing a thing, you’ll feel so good you’ll be back for more.”

“Really?” I wasn’t quite sure.

“That’s what my hubby does, he never complains. She pulled my hand to her crotch, “See how smooth my pussy is, you’ll be fine.”

“What about bareback? Why can’t I make love to you bareback.”

“Oh no, you’ll get me pregnant, the last thing I want is any kids.”

{What would you, dear Reader, have done in such a situation?}

So I did what she suggested. It wasn’t so bad, she griped my cock between her slippery thighs and ass and I shot my huge cum load all over her ass and the pillow she placed under her, I think it was her husband’s so I guess I was being disrespectful, but it wasn’t intentional– so shoot me!

Our affair continued on a few weeks. I shot my load in the afore mentioned method but she also gave me super blow jobs she said she learned how to do and perfected her when she was in her college kaçak bahis sorority where she claimed she once blew a record 14 frat guys in one night and usually 8 to 10 every Saturday night for quite a few years before she graduated. Of course she swore me to secrecy so please don’t tell anyone, especially Mr. Dawson, her husband, that is, who thinks she is a perfect virgin prude. He has no idea she was a record unpaid cock sucker.

“Why did you blow all those guys?” I asked her.

“I guess I just love cock, all sizes and all races, black, white yellow and brown and I love how each cock has it’s own taste and texture.”

I say, “Never trust a woman!”

As long as she was shaved nice and smooth there wasn’t any problem doing the dirty her way, but I finally had had enough.

So as I said, there reached a time when I said, “Look Janice, I’m really enjoying all our sex, and you are an expert blowjobs artist.”

“I’ve never been called that before?”

“Oh sure you have.” She grinned when I said that. “You’re not talking to your hubby.”

“And quite frankly, it’s a compliment Janice, Jesus, you even tongue my ass, and your boobs are great and your pussy tastes wonderful, but if I can’t get my cock into you I’m afraid there isn’t much chance that this affair is going long term.”

She looked distressed, so I continued,

“What I’m thinking is we should go for anal, you know butt fucking, that is just as satisfying for a man as pussy fucking.”

“I’ve never done such a thing and I’m sure you are too big for me.”

When she saw how serious I was she demurred.

“OK teach me, I’ll try.”

I took her into the shower and showed her how to use the shower telephone almost shoved up her ass to clean herself out and I pointed out how she was only a few quick steps away from the toilet. I left her there until she got the hang of it. I could hear the toilet flushing several times. Then I could hear the pitter pat of the shower. When she finished she came into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her. I rubbed her down till she was almost dry and then positioned her belly down and creamed her ass up with some moisturizing cream that was on her bureau and I thought all was ok.

I played with her ass until I was able to get my finger in, fortunately I’d cut my nails that same morning, little by little I thought it was working. Finally I put the head of my cock inside and as I eased in she let out a scream so loud I was afraid all the neighbors would come running. Obviously this system wasn’t working.

“Ok,” I said with obvious frustration, we’ll try this again, but not today, but as hot and bothered as I was, my dick was already dripping in anticipation and I had to get some immediate satisfaction. I rolled her over onto her back and put my cock between her big tits, told her to hold her tits together and using that same moisturizer cream as a lube, I gave her tits a work out she probably hadn’t had since she was in high school or maybe at her college frat parties. I came so hard she caught it in the face, but she was a good sport, licking it off her lips with a smile.

We tended to do have our sex once a week and the next week I came well prepared. I had stopped by a sex shop and discussed the matter with the young gay dude who ran the place. Taking his advice I bought two rubber dildos, one was rocket shaped and of a medium size about 5 inches and ¾ of an inch wide, the other was a full 8 inches of flesh toned plastic about 1 ½ inches wide, about as close to my actual cock as they had for sale. They had the same size in black but I figured I’d keep it real. Sure they also had some monster cocks for sale that I would never be able to compete with, but although I am no slouch, I’m surely not 12 inches long and beer can wide.

“Listen Janice, let’s give this try. Go wash up, lube with this, I gave her a container of silicon lube, and then slowly stick this little guy in you, well you know, leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes to relax your sphincter and when you feel it’s getting loose, then we’ll try to put the big one up there, with the lube of course, and if we can get it up there then you are ready for the real flesh one, mine.”

What can I say, she did as I asked, came back to the bedroom with the 5 incher in place. We cuddled for about 15 minutes, and all that time the small dildo was in inside stretching and relaxing her. When she sensed her sphincter had relaxed, she pulled out the smaller dildo and asked for help inserting the larger one. We gently got the 8 incher up her butt with just a little difficulty, it was 2 or 3 inches longer than the smaller one and the last few inches were somewhat problematic, but I got the job done and she was a good sport, only gasping two or three times and before taking a deep breath. We left the biggie in for maybe ten minutes, when I pushed gently on the end of the 8 inch dildo and saw it almost slip inside I knew it had achieved its purpose, so I grabbed it and gently pulled it out with a slow twisting motion.

Seeing success illegal bahis was within reach, we killed the lights, closed the drapes and I put her into the all fours position at the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and standing behind her spread ass cheeks, I lubed myself up and dabbed a bit onto her rosebud and started to enter,

“Please go slow,’ she said.

“You just bare down, and work my dick into you.” and she did and little by little I penetrated her until I was balls deep in her ass. And then the fun started,

“Oh my God, you are in me.”

“Yes babe.”

“I’ve never felt anything like this before.”


“It’s more than good. I feel like you own me.”

“That’s what everyone says.”

“Do they?”

“Yes, there something submissive about taking a cock up your ass that makes you surrender completely.”

“I do.”

“You do what?”

“I surrender, you own me now.”

“Say it again hon.”

“You own my ass, Brad, you own it for now and forever.”

And it was good to hear that and good for me to be there inside her cute bubble butt–very good. Her sphincter was loose enough that I could take full swooping entry and recede until I was almost out of her and then bang it back into her as her breathing became more rapid.

I took my sweet time. I figured she owed me that for making me wait so long. She was tightening now as I pulled partially out of her, as if she was afraid I might pull out. Of course there was not a chance I would pull out, it took too long to get where I was going and I was enjoying every inch and every second.

As I began to pump in and out, changing my speed, slowing, then starting again, on the down push she would moan, but she never asked me to stop, so I was pleased when I heard, “I almost there” that she shouted and, “don’t stop, please don’t…, a…a. oh…Oh God I’m cuming,”

And with that piece of information I finished my fucking with a rapid flurry pounding my spunk down her ass hole as if there was a fire in the hole and I was sure to be the one to put it out– and we both came at the same time. When I finally withdrew, my jizz was all over the place. Her husband’s pillow, the sheets, and her butt cheeks were all wet, and when she finally got to her wobbly feet, my cum was running down her legs.

“Oh, Brad, I think I’m in love with you. Oh God that was was just wonderful, and so much cum, oh my God I can’t believe how wet you made me”.

We rested up a good half hour after washing up, and I helped her take the bed apart. She carried the evidence of her infidelity to the washing machine and no doubt in an hour the sheets and pillow case would be fresh and soft for her husband’s arrival later that day and no one would suspect the state we left then in.

“You know, cum has it’s own flavor and smell but yours is kind of neutral and hardly has any smell at all– I like that.”

“Well you should know Janice, seeing that was something you majored in in college.”

“Oh I shouldn’t have told you,” she laughed.

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.”

I put the finishing touches on the molding repair and gave her a goodbye kiss, caressed her big breasts and left with the two warm fleshy dildos tucked in my inside jacket pocket.

After that we got down to a regular schedule, her hubby was at his firm’s district headquarters every Wednesday so that’s when we had our rendezvous. We followed the same system, a 20 minute interval to wash and insert to stretch , the bigger one for the final test and then bingo!

Summer turned into fall and although I like pussy, we were almost exclusively anal. I didn’t abandon my predilection for eating her pussy, but my cock was quite content laying claim to her splendid ass and cuming usually once but sometimes just the thought of what we had done inspired me to make a second naturally lubed entry into her sweet chub ass.

Then in the second week of November came the fatal mistake. I left her, got in my truck and when I got back to my workshop I realized the two dildos went missing. Somehow I forgot to take them home after our play time. Somehow she never handed them back after washing them.

And there they were, standing sentinel on the bathroom sink, like two soldiers home on leave when Jerry, her hubby, ran into the bathroom after his long trip back from central headquarters shouting, “I’ve gotta piss”, holding onto his piss filled cock when he reached the bathroom sink, his bladder too loaded to get him to the toilet, he let go with a golden stream right in the sink and while the last of his hot stream was being washed down the drain with cold water he was confronted by the two soldiers standing at attention.

“What the fuck are these Janice? You giving yourself a workout when I’m away?”

Janice was as fast at thinking as she was adulterous.

“Oh Jerry, I’ve been feeling bad that you can’t uses my pussy for love making but I was watching Oprah and she said it was common for married woman like myself to offer up the other end to be pleasing to her husband. And you know how I want you to vent all your energy here at home. So I’ve been practicing and if you like, you can start to use my body in our love making.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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