The Four Sluts Pt. 09

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All the characters involved are either eighteen years or older.


The sun was still hidden under the horizon in the early hours of the Thursday morning. Two buses were idling in front of the school and a large gathering of high-schoolers were climbing onto the vehicles.

Rachel giddily clambered onto the bus in front of the school. Behind her were the rest of the boys and girls varsity soccer teams. Right by the bus door was coach Gordon, checking off each player. After months practicing and playing games they were finally going to the state semifinals. And the boy’s team was going to their finals against the same school.

Her dad Tom was speaking with the boys’ head coach, Zach. Tom was going as a chaperon for the trip, and even though they had a lot of fun with each other Rachel’s extended family was coming to the game to support her. She appreciated it, but she could tell her dad was annoyed. He wanted to take the time away from Rachel’s mom to really fuck her hard and loud in a hotel, instead of the quiet basement sessions they usually had. Rachel wasn’t as disappointed. She appreciated the attention of her family, but was worried really worried they’d catch on to Rachel and her dad.

Rachel walked down the aisle of the bus with her backpack. Their ride had a row of double seats on each side with a triple seat at the very back. The bus was already half occupied with the teenage soccer players. It was mostly seniors in the bus. The substitute juniors and a few sophomores were in the other. Sarah, Lauren, and Elizabeth were sitting in the back of the bus. Rachel wanted to be comfortable for the ride so she was wearing yoga pants a small tank top. Sarah and Lauren were wearing yoga shorts instead, and Elizabeth’s tank top exposed her midriff.

Rachel sat next to Elizabeth who was setting her backpack below her seat. Rachel did the same.

“Are you ready for twelve hours of driving?” Elizabeth asked.

Sarah yawned. “I’ll be asleep for four of those.” Rachel thought that Sarah had the right idea. It was five in the morning, and she couldn’t wait to nap for the ride.

Rachel glanced out of the bus to see Trevor kissing his girlfriend goodbye. Trevor was a tall black senior that had been Rachel’s boyfriend before her dad started taking up all of her time. The breakup hadn’t been so bad for Rachel who was pretty addicted to her dad by that time. But Trevor had trouble forgiving after the break up.

It was a month into dating and Rachel had taken the school bus over to spend some time with him. But when she arrived his dad had told her that he hadn’t gotten home yet and probably wouldn’t be back for another hour. With her dad using her car because his was in the shop she had to call him so he could pick her up early. While she was waiting Trevor’s dad had taken a notice to her increasing exposure of skin. Rachel noticed quickly and decided to see how far she could push him. She spent her time dropping her phone and looking for schoolbooks while on her knees when she was around him to present her already very exposed ass. She laughed at his jokes and touched his arms.

She expected him to clear his throat and avoid her for those fifteen minutes they were waiting. And she was right for ten of those. In Trevor’s room when she was apparently looking for his history book under his bed, which was clearly on his desk, Trevor’s dad had reached his breaking point and without a word grabbed a fistful of her hair, kissing her lips fiercely. It had hurt and scared Rachel, but also immediately turned her on.

Trevor’s dad held her from behind and tore her tight fitted t-shirt off, to expose her topless breasts. He threw her onto her stomach and pulled her daisy-dukes off her legs. It was one of the few days she had her panties on but that didn’t slow him down in the slightest. Pulling his pants down and exposing his cock he clambered on top of her and rubbed his dick between her plump ass cheeks.

Rachel had warned him that her dad was going to be there at any moment, and lied that she didn’t want to cheat on Trevor. But his dad dove his hand over her belly and rubbed her clit, wetting her pussy further. Rachel continued to moan her doubts but he ignored every one of them, until finally hiking her hips up and plunging his cock into Rachel’s sopping cunt. Rachel bounced back enthusiastically, all while saying how wrong and filthy he was. When Rachel’s dad arrived she had quickly pulled away from Trevor’s dad who was too slow to stop her from opening the door in the nude. Tom barely had a second to breath before Rachel was kissing him passionately. Trevor’s dad watched as Rachel made out with her father under the doorway. Quickly she pulled him inside and led the both of them back to Trevor’s room where the two of them had their way with her.

By the time Trevor walked into his room the three of them were already midway through fucking, Rachel was straddling her father’s fat cock and riding him like a bull while he filled her teen pussy. Trevor’s cebeci escort dad was behind, buried inside her asshole. The two older men were passionately grinding inside of the eighteen year-old. The three of them had a clear view to the door.

Rachel was too busy moaning to say anything to Trevor, but behind a few stray brown locks her sharp grey eyes stared him down. Her dimples were flushed red from the exertion.

“You should leave son.” His dad had suggested in between thrusts.

Instead Trevor had stayed and watched, both horrified and incapable of pulling away. The sight of her naked body being dominated and used was too intoxicating to pull away from. He had watched as the two of them shared each hole. He watched as Rachel deep throated his father and let her dad fuck her anally. And he watched as her dad filled her womb with his semen, while he dad covered her face with his own. Rachel and her dad left Trevor and his dad to discuss what had just happened.

Fortunately he had found Laini and they were mostly happy together from what Rachel had heard. And Trevor’s dad ended up as one of her typical clients, so he had him persuade Trevor not to say anything about her and her dad.

Trevor got on the bus with Sam (who also had something of a problem with Lizi for their breakup) and Jack, an old friend of theirs from middle school. The guys passed by the four girls and sat in the three seats behind them. “I didn’t know Drew left you of your leash Lizi.” Sam said. The guys chuckled lightly with their friend.

Lizi turned around on the seat so that her knees were on the cushion. She pouted at the guys. “You don’t have to be so mean Sam. I’m sure one of these days a girl will stoop down low enough for you.”

“Ouch” Jack whispered, a grin on his face.

Lizi bit her lip. “Jack you don’t have to hang out with these guys all the time. You know it’s been awhile since we’ve hung out. I’d appreciate a guys opinion on this.” She slowly stuck her leg out from her seat so the guys could see her creamy smooth skin. Lizi put Jack’s hand on her inner thigh. “Do you think that’s smooth enough?”

Jack stammered out an unintelligible response.

Lizi giggled and winked. “Let me know later?”

“Leave him alone Lizi.” Rachel pulls her friend down and back to the seat. “I’m trying to sleep and you going to keep us all up like that.”

Lizi slid back down to her seat, shrugging. Once everyone was on board the buses rumbled to a start and they were on their way. It wasn’t long before people started falling asleep.

Sarah and Lauren were leaning on each other, passed out. Elizabeth was leaning on the glass with her eyes closed, and Rachel was curled up in her seat. The first hour was boring and quiet with only the bus driver awake. But if any of the girls had been awake than they would have noticed that the boys behind them were very much up, and had been taking turns touching Rachel and Elizabeth’s boobs in their sleep.

They nearly had heart attacks when Rachel moved in her sleep and uncurled. But fortunately she was still dozing and now had one leg outstretched into the middle aisle. Trevor took this opportunity to get out of his seat and start fingering her pussy through the stretchy fiber of her yoga pants.

“Dude what are you doing?” Jack hissed.

“Getting her revved up man.” Trevor then peaked under her shirt to discover no bra. He took out his phone and stuck it up her tank and started taking photos. “Let me know if you see someone waking up.” Rachel started to breath heavier in her sleep.

“Dude you’re going to wake her up.” Sam said with an amused smile.

Trevor scoffed. “Like I care. This girl owes me her pussy. You guys have any scissors?”

His two friends gave him perplexed looks. “Why would we have scissors?” Sam asked.

Trevor took his dick out and started rubbing it on her covered pussy. “Good point. You still have that knife Jack?”

Jack pulled out a Swiss army knife and handed it to Trevor who was not fully grinding on Rachel’s pussy, while tweaking her nipples. “What are you doing?”

“Getting what’s mine.” He pulled one of the bigger knives out and cut open a whole in Rachel’s yoga pants, uncovering her soaking pussy. Now he was rubbing his dick up and down the folds of her vagina. “Shit, she’s so warm guys. I think she’s fucking ready.”

“Dude I don’t know about this.” Jack warned.

“Trust me she’s just as much of a slut as her friends, with or without proof. She’ll wake up and be begging for more.” Trevor lined his cock up with the sleeping girl’s pussy and slipped inside her. Rachel breathed in sharply in her sleep. “Oh fuck yes.” Trevor slowly fucked Rachel, caressing her legs and fondling her tits.

“Dude, don’t hog her I want a turn.” Sam whispered, feeling secure under the snores of the bus. Trevor let his friend inside his ex-girlfriend. Jack, while still uneasy, joined in, not wanting to be left out. Soon the three of them were taking turns cebeci escort bayan filling Rachel’s cunt. Each one of them would fill her once or twice; exit and the next guy would enter. All of them kept an eye on the surrounding sleepers, especially Elizabeth, who was mere inches away from them.

Rachel was quiet at first. But the longer they went they more she felt it. Her breathing became heavier and faster, until it turned into shallow moans. Until Sam was forced to cover her mouth, at which point Rachel shook her head awake. She blinked at the three of them in shock but couldn’t make a noise with Sam’s hand over her mouth. Trevor buried his cock deep in her pussy and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Trevor leaned into whisper in her ear. “Today I’m going to fuck you like you never let me.” Lifting from her ass Trevor carried Rachel back to their triple seat and lay back with her on top and facing the glass. Sam squeezed between the seats in front and their cushions to fill her mouth, while Jack used his knife to cut another hole in her pants and prodded her sphincter with his rocklike meat.

As the rest of the bus slept the three friends fucked Rachel as hard and as quietly as they could. Luckily she was muffled enough that her groans and frustrated squeals were relatively quiet.

Even though Rachel was pissed that she was getting raped in her sleep she couldn’t deny that their cocks turned her on. And Trevor’s fingering was incredible. But the guys were pretty rough with her. While they couldn’t slap her around and make too much noise they fucked her hard and deep. And Sam had no issue fucking her mouth like a pussy.

Trevor’s cock wasn’t that long, but it was thick and meaty, and stretched Rachel out. Her juices poured down his prick and warmed him comfortably. Sam’s cock was long, and went deep into Rachel’s throat cutting off her air supply and keeping her quiet when she was spitting up pre-cum. Jack’s was the biggest though. She was shocked by how much he stretched her hole out, and his dick was so long that she thought she could feel it in her belly.

“Fuck Trevor you were right.” Jack said quietly. “This was totally worth it.”

“Yeah she’s definitely a little whore.” Sam agreed. “Look at how she’s taking my cock. She’s done this a lot.” Rachel flicked him off. He punished her by choking her for ten seconds. She hit his legs but him and Trevor grabbed them before they made too much noise.

“None of that, hear me slut?” Trevor twisted Rachel’s nipples.

“Shit, I think I’m going to cum soon.” Sam said.

“Don’t, we got to keep her quiet.” Jack warned.

“I can’t hold back man, she’s licking all over my shaft.” Jack and Trevor could tell Sam was about to lose control.

“Alright, alright. I’ll take her from there.” Jack slipped out of Rachel with an audible pop and she sighed in relief.

Howling silently Sam filled Rachel’s throat and mouth with his semen. There was so much that it started leaking from her lips. In a quick exchange Jack too a spot in front of Rachel and slipped in her mouth while Sam pulled out. Then as Sam shimmed out of the leg area Jack replaced him to be less conspicuous.

Sam rubbed Rachel’s ass cheek and smiled at her gaping hole. “Seems a shame to just leave a spot open like that.”

“Get someone else.” Trevor grunted.

“Yeah, make her belong to the team.” Sam quietly walked up the aisle two rows to their friend Victor. Victor was a little short and had dark caramel colored skin. He was one of the forwards of the team.

Sam shook Victor awake. “Hey Victor, wake up.”

Victor groggily woke up. “Hmm, Sam? What do you want man? I’m trying to sleep.”

“Have you ever wanted to fuck Rachel?” Sam asked in a whisper.

Victor looked at him with half lidded eyes. “I mean yeah sure. Why?”

Sam only responded by jutting his head back towards the back of the bus. Victor had to let his eyesight adjust before he could really see what was happening. Then he had to crane his neck to see Rachel’s ass in yoga pants, with two holes cut in them.

Victor’s eyes widened. “What the fuck?” He shoved the boy siting next to him. “Hey, Andrew. Wake up. you got a see this.” When their friend Andrew woke up he had the same reaction.

“Want a turn?” Sam asked.

“Fuck yeah.” Andrew said.

“Alright but keep it quiet, we don’t want to wake up the whole bus.”

“Is she letting everyone do this?” Victor asked in disbelief.

“Hmmm not exactly.” Sam said, guilty.

“Ahh.” Andrew said realizing.

But Victor shrugged. “She doesn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight. I bet she’s enjoying it.”

With that Andrew and Victor made their way to Rachel’s ass. Victor had first dibs and shoved his thick cock into her gaping hole. Sam stood around to act as cover. Eventually Trevor couldn’t last any longer and filled Rachel’s pussy with his sperm. He lightly slapped her on the face “Like that whore?” and slipped out from escort cebeci under her. Andrew took Trevor’s spot and Rachel groaned as she was filled back up.

After waking up a few more guys a queue had formed, and guys were taking numbers for next inside of Rachel’s fuck holes, none with her permission. But when the fifth guy had taken a number they were dismayed when her phone started to vibrate.

“Fuck.” One of them said.

“Get it.” Another said.

But it was too late. The single vibration had woken Elizabeth up. Groggily she turned to look at the phone only to see an empty seat beside her. She looked around to see Rachel getting gangbanged behind their seat.

Elizabeth simply raised an eyebrow and asked, “What are you guys doing.”

When no one answered and Andrew, Victor and a guy named Francis didn’t stop fucking Rachel Elizabeth grabbed Rachel’s phone. Rachel had gotten a text from her dad. All it was, was a picture of his throbbing erection. Elizabeth’s mouth watered.

Elizabeth looked up at Rachel to see a pleading look in her friend’s eyes.

Elizabeth grinned. “She looks like she’s enjoying it boys. But I don’t think you’re being rough enough with her. Don’t be afraid to really teach her a lesson or something.” The guys all gave each other astonished looks. “You guys keep going, I’ll keep the front distracted.” She gave Rachel a kiss on the side of her cock filled lips that was met with an annoyed look from her friend.

Elizabeth got up and pulled off her own yoga pants to show lacy panties underneath. And in front of all of the guys she pulled her panties down and took a photo of her pussy on Rachel’s phone, and sent it to Tom. After putting her panties back on. She left them and walked down the aisle. The closer she got to the front the more she swayed her hips back and forth.

When she got to Tom’s seat he gave her a perplexed look. “Elizabeth, what are you doing here?” He wasn’t sharing a seat with anyone, and the seat across from him only had coach Gordon, who was also asleep. Directly in front was the driver, who couldn’t see the two of them. Behind them was more sleeping players, but many empty seats as well.

“Oh Rachel wanted me to let you know that she’s preoccupied right now.” She replied bouncily. Tom turned down the aisle to see what Rachel was doing. But all that they could really see from their vantage point was a group of boys talking.

“I don’t see her.” He said still looking.

Lizi pulled his head away so that he was level with her bare midriff and panties. “She’s trying to sleep. She said that anything you needed, I could take care off.” Lizi widened her stance so that her legs were more than shoulder with apart. She looked hard at Tom and bit her lip.

Tom stared at Lizi’s bare legs. He touched the insides of her thighs and noted their smoothness. There was a small wet spot at the bottom of her panties. He gave her a grin as his hands moved up and down here legs. “Anything, huh?”

“You know what they say, anything.” She said sultrily.

With that Tom whipped his cock out. Lizi dropped to her knees and licked the tip, causing it to twitch.

She giggled. “Hmmm, aren’t we excited?” She licked it another couple of times before it was fully wet with her saliva. After that she dove mouth first onto his cock. Tom gave a sigh of satisfaction

Lizi let it pop out of her mouth and she jerked it off. “Do you like face fucking your daughter’s friends?”

“Ohohoho yes.” He replied.

She licked at his balls. “You’re a bad man, taking advantage of young teenage girls like us.” She dove back on his cock.

“I take advantage of young sluts like you.” He shoved her face down, choking her on his prick. She sputtered and gagged up spit. “You’re a cock-addicted slut aren’t you?” Lizi smiled around his dick and nodded. “And who taught you how to be such a good little whore

“My big brother, and my daddy.” She said after pulling out again.

As Elizabeth blew on Tom’s dick, he pulled out his phone and started taking photos. She played right along, winking and smiling at the camera phone, even shoving her head down without hands and rubbing the wet dick over her face.

“These are going right to your dad.” Tom said as he sent the photos. Lizi continued to gobble on his prick. Tom’s phone vibrated with a response. “He says you should be punished for pleasuring another man without permission. He says teenagers who act like whores should be treated like whores.” Lizi responded by deep throating him harder. “Good guess, but no. Put your face on the floor and your legs up here.”

Lizi did as she was told and placed her face on the dirty floor of the bus, while her legs straddled Tom’s lap. He pulled her legs up so her knees were closer to him and that her pussy was hovering just over his raging cock. Moving the panties to the side he filled her pussy with his cock and started to fuck her. Lizi moaned has her friend’s dad filled her to the brim. His cock was long and thick, and slipped easily into her sopping wet cunt. She writhed and gyrated as best as she could on the strange angle into her pussy. She was breathing heavily into the filthy floor. Her tank-top rode up on her body so that it was bunched up at her arms, and exposing her perky breasts.

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