The French Student Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Jean Dawson was setting in a booth along the far wall of the campus cafeteria. It was late, nearing eleven on a Wednesday evening. She often stopped here at this hour for coffee, before going to her apartment just a block off campus.

She was a sort of work-a-holic. As the recently appointed chair of the European History department, she was determined to prove herself worthy. And, as the youngest Chair in the history of the university, at 28, the pressure she placed on herself was even more intense.

She was reading an essay from the stack setting on the table in front of her. Her red pen getting a workout. This particular student trying to explain that the root cause of the Irish potato famine was caused by the over-burning of peat which caused a drastic lowering of oxygen levels across the southern Ireland farming belt. She shook her head as she scribbled on the page margin.

A shadow passing over the page caused Jean to look up. Beth Howard, Women’s athletic Director and a stunningly beautiful 25-year-old woman, slid into the booth across from Jean. She smiled and sipped a straw in a glass of what looked like Sprite.

Jean waited, watched her. It was common for Beth to stop by. They were both prone to late hours. Jean put the essay, which she was about to grade a D, back on top of the pile. As Beth offered a sly grin, Jean finally spoke. “What?” She asked.

“My office.” She said. “Half an hour?” She phrased the last part as a question.

“It’s late.” Jean replied. “I should be heading home.”

Beth shrugged. She was sliding out of the booth. She looked back at Jean who was still eyeing her. Beth leaned forward, whispered. “Elle Blanchet.” She said.

“The French exchange student?” Jean said. “She is in my Friday afternoon lecture.” She then offered a questioning look to Beth.

“Yes.” Beth replied. Beth was a tall, slender beauty and the nicely fitted black slacks she wore as she stood there, hands on her waist, feet apart, made her legs look even longer. “But this evening.” She winked at Jean. “Ms. Blanchet will be In my office.” She turned and started to walk away. Jean could still hear her voice trailing off. “Half an hour.”

Jean watched Beth all the way to the double doors that led out of the cafeteria and out into the quad and to the West, past the fountain, was the Athletic department. Jean shook her head. She decided to pass on Beth’s offer, To be a responsible Educator. She gathered up her files, placed them in a shoulder bag. Stood and smiled to herself. “The hell with that.” She thought.

She headed to her office where she could drop off the homework she had planned to grade tonight. She checked her watch. It had been twenty minutes. She made her way to Beth’s office.

When she arrived, there was a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl standing in the hall, looking at Beth’s office door. Elle Blanchet. When the girl heard Jean, she turned to look in her direction. She seemed nervous. But then offered a smile when she recognized Jean.

“Professor Dawson.” She said.

Jean grinned. “If you’re going in there.” She nodded at Beth’s door. “I think you might want to call me Jean.”

“Jean.” Elle repeated. “Why are you?” She also pointed to Beth’s door.

Jean grinned and tilted her head. “Beth invited me.” She said. She reached out her hand, touching Elle’s arm. She let her fingers trace down until her fingers found Elle’s. “A problem?”

Elle paused. Looked at Beth and then down where the two women’s hands were now clasped together. Jean Smiled. Elle finally shrugged. “No.” She whispered.

Jean leaned forward letting her lips brush Elle’s cheek. She whispered. “Are you going to open the door?”

After a pause, Elle reached for the door, eased it open. The light from Beth’s office spilled into the hall. A hand on Elle’s lower back guided her in ahead of Jean. Once inside, Jean closed the door. A nervous Elle did not hear Jean turn the lock closed.

Beth sat smiling behind her desk. The room was small, filing cabinets and bookshelves took most of the wall space. Two chairs in front of the desk were the extent of furnishings except for a small loveseat sized sofa at the far end of the room.

Beth stood, making her way around the desk to stand in front of it. She leaned against it and then with her hand to either side, she eased herself up to sit on it. All the while she watched Elle. Elle watched Beth and Jean simply leaned against the wall, wondering how this encounter might play out.

She had been in Beth’s office, late in the kaçak iddaa evenings, many times. Sometimes just the two of them. But often when Beth had searched out a young coed, who it was rumored, might be of similar leanings as the two of them. There were more available than one might think.

Beth held out a hand to Elle. Elle remained standing there, watching. “What?” Beth asked.

Elle shrugged. “It’s just.”

Beth smiled and nodded. Her hand still on offer. “I should have asked you.” She nodded toward Jean. She motioned with her fingers. Slowly curling them at Elle. Elle moved toward Beth. When she could touch Elle’s fingers with her own, she took her hand and guided her in between her legs as they eased apart. Both hands went to her slender waist. Her grip was gentle, but she was letting Elle know that she was now the controlling one.

Beth leaned forward. Her mouth traced along Elle’s cheek. Down her neck. Elle leaned her head back giving Beth better access. Beth kissed Elle’s neck, Soft kisses up the front of her throat and under her chin.

Jean’s palms traced up the back of her thighs and cupped her small round ass cheeks practically unnoticed. The cool air to the back of her legs as her skirt was sliding up made Elle look over her shoulder.

Beth’s finger on Elle’s chin turned her head back froward where moist lips were pressed to her own. Jean leaned against Elle’s back. Her small breasts pressed onto her. Jeans hands now under the hem of Elle’s skirt. It bunched around her waist. Fingers eased into the legs of her panties.

Beth’s hands cupped Elle’s face. Her tongue now searching into Elle’s mouth. Elle was growing dizzy. She was growing aroused by the two women. When Beth began unbuttoning her blouse, Elle moaned into her mouth.

Jean began kissing the back of Elle’s neck as her hands worked into the top of her panties. Elle moaned again as those panties were pushed over her hips. When Jean released them, they simply fluttered to the floor. Jean’s hands explored her ass, around her waist, her abdomen, and as fingers traced down over her smooth shaved mound, Elle’s knees went weak.

Her blouse now undone; Beth’s hands were around her. Fingers unhooking her bra. Beth pushed the fabric over her shoulders. Jean was there to slip blouse and bra down her arms, letting them drop to join her panties on the floor. As Beth unbuttoned her skirt, Jean pulled the zipper down. The entire event seemed to unfold like a well-rehearsed play. Beth’s hands cupped Elle’s breasts. Jean’s hands back around her middle, palms over her abdomen slowly easing their way to Elle’s waiting sex.

Beth paused her exploration of Elle’s mouth. “I’m going to let Jean have you first.” She kissed her as she watched Elle’s eyes. She offered no sign of protest. Jean’s hand had found her left arm. Fingers sliding down it’s length, gripping her own.

“Come with me.” There was an eagerness in Jean’s voice as she guided the naked beauty away from between Beth’s legs and toward the far wall. The small settee, where the two women had enjoyed many young coeds, awaited.

Beth watched the two, walk away. The slim shape of the nude girl made her mouth water. The tight ass. The long legs. The olive complexion. Her short curly black hair. And most of all, her willingness. Beth shook her head in amazement of how fortunate she was. She had lost count of the girls who had visited her office. Twenty something Professor’s Assistants. Delicate first year students that required special manipulation. Juniors and seniors experienced and eager for repeat visits. Grad students and even a couple of like-minded professors. She thought of the young high school grad who worked at the coffee shop on campus. She had no interest in attending college or serving coffee. But she was always willing to attend one of Beth’s afterhours office play times.

Jean had turned Elle and guided her onto the sofa. He had knelt on the floor in front of her. As she watched Elle’s face, she lifted her right leg, placing it over the arm. She gripped her left ankle and raised it so her foot rested on the cushion beside her. It caused Elle to lean back. There she was. Legs wide apart, her sex on offer.

Jean waited, looking at her. Just admiring the smoothness of her pubic mound. The small labia slightly spread. Her clitoris in the first stage of arousal, it’s pearl peeking out from under its fleshy hood. The tightness of her abdomen. She could see every rib. She slipped her hands under her thighs. Leaning forward, she kissed her right side. She kaçak bahis kissed and licked her way up until she could take a nipple into her mouth. Her small breasts had petite nipples, chocolate, erect, eagerly awaiting what was to come.

Jean took each nipple in kind and made no rush moving on. When she did, it was to Elle’s mouth, Lips on lips. Tongues entwining, slick with spittle. kissing down her neck, down between breasts. Licking now, over her abdomen. Eagerly, urgently, Jean’s tongue bathed over her mound.

When that tongue flicked over her clit, Elle grunted. She reached for Jeans hair. Her fingers lacing into it. Jean’s mouth closed around her petite pussy. Her tongue lapping the length of her sex. Elle’s ass rocking to match that Jean’s assault.

Elle was oozing juices and jean was happily consuming it. Her tongue stroked that sweet pussy with ever increasing speed. Elle would grunt or moan and jean would stab that rigid tongue into Elle’s soaked vagina. Elle was painfully forcing her legs ever wider. Jean pressing the tip of her tongue ever deeper.

Elle was now pumping her hips. Her head lay back and to the side, Her mouth ajar. When she came, she was sobbing and pulling at Jeans hair. if it was painful, Jean gave no indication. She sealed that tasty nub between her lips. She sucked at it. Her tongue lashed at it and the girl lay there, an orgasm in full bloom. The more jean sucked, the more Elle whimpered, rocked, rolled her ass, lifting her pussy as if wanting to give it to her lover.

As all climaxes do, Elle’s finally started the slow descent until there were just the sounds of women breathing. Hands caressing, with eyes still closed. The gentle hand on Jean’s shoulder finally took her attention away from licking the last drops of Elle’s sexual goodness. When she lifted her head from between Elle’s legs, she let the fingers of her left hand trace over Elle’s abdomen, brush the tip of her swollen clitoris, and journey on up her right thigh as she slowly stood up on weak legs.

She looked at Beth, grinned and mouthed. “Thank you.”

Beth whispered. “Stay.” As Jean walked back toward the other end of the room and the small, connected bathroom, she let her hand run down between her legs to caress a rather sensitive clit of her own.

Beth lifted Elle’s left leg off of the sofa, and let it settle on the floor. She removed her right leg from over the sofa arm and placed it on the floor as well. She looked down at the sated beauty, then patted Elle’s thigh as she was beginning to stir. “Stand up.” Beth instructed. Elle was having difficulty focusing, much less standing up. “Come on.” Beth said again.

Elle struggled but managed to scoot to the edge of the cushion and press herself up. She stood there a little wobblily bit she finally presented a small grin. Beth put a hand under her chip and kissed her gently. “That’s better.” As she spoke, she was guiding a supple Elle to turn around and face the sofa. “Up on your knees.” Beth whispered. And she offered a guiding hand to Elle’s back.

“I, I don’t think.” Elle mumbled.

Beth kissed her on the back of her shoulder, pressed a little harder and Elle raised her right leg, her knee settling on the sofa. “I think we should at least try. Yes?” Beth said. Elle’s left leg joined her right. With both knees on the sofa, Beth placed a hand on her abdomen and one on her back and bent her forward until her chest rested on the back of the sofa. She patted Elle’s ass. “Spread your legs.” Elle struggled to move her knees apart. She looked at the beautiful site. A nineteen-year-old willing to give herself to her. She ran her hand down Elle’s back from between her shoulders, down the length of her spine. She let her hand pause on Elle’s amazing little ass. Her thumb passing down along her crack. She teased her tight rosebud and then patted again. “Wider.” She said.

Elle paused and then lifted her right leg and placed it farther to the side, and then did the same with her left. With her hand still on Elle’s butt, Beth knelt behind her. Elle was just as spread now as she was when Jean had pleasured her. Beth smiled and the fingers of her right hand slid down over her ass cheek and along her thigh. Behind her knee and along her calf. When she had Elle’s foot, she raised her other hand and took hold of both ankles. As Elle gripped the sofa cushion. Beth pushed her feet outward. This caused Elle to arch her back and press her ass back to Beth. “Beautiful.” Beth whispered as she brought her mouth to Elle’s pussy. Her labia were open, she was illegal bahis wet and the first pass of Beth’s tongue from clitoris, along the length of her sex spreading her labia, her vagina, over her taint was agonizingly slow.

Elle began to quiver. “I, I, Oh damn.” But Beth’s tongue continued up along her ass crack, over her anus and Elle’s ass twitched. “I better, maybe we, aw fuck.” Elle muttered.

“You like that?” Beth said and made another pass the same way. Elle was jerking her hips at the end of this one. “How many will it take to make you cum for me?”

“I, I can’t” Elle tried to say.

Beth kissed her ass cheek. A soft loving kiss. Her fingers massaged the other cheek. “Are you sure?” Beth lowered her mouth, the tip of her tongue started to tap on Elle’s clit. Elle began to jerk. As that tongue stroked between her folds and dove into her vaginal passage, Elle started to whimper. When it retreated only to stroke the sensitive flesh between vagina and anus, Elle was reaching back trying the touch Beth. When the firm muscle began to worm into her anus, she grunted and began to shake. She tried to straighten but Beth’s firm hand pressed her back down.

Beth withdrew her tongue and sat back. She smiled at the sounds of the panting girl before her. How she twitched her ass cheek every time Beth brushed a finger too close to her anus. She waited. Letting the girl calm some. Running a wet thumb along her ass crack when she began to settle. Holding her right there on the edge of the cliff. Enjoying the girl’s tender agony.

Beth sensed movement and looked to see Jean had returned. Her face nicely washed. Beth motioned her to lean toward her. When her mouth could reach jean’s ear, She whispered. “Get undressed.”

Beth turned and with an outstretched tongue, she pressed it to Elle’s clitoris once more. The voyage from there to anus was more determined, slightly faster. Now, without pauses, she repeated it over and over. To ever growing vocals from Elle. She had to hold the girl in place with more firmness. She sucked the clit harder, Shoved her tongue deeper into her vagina and lingered longer at her anus and that, was causing Elle such sexual anguish. Finally, Beth reached around so her fingers found that raw and sensitive clitoris. As she stroked the clit and tongued her anus, Elle could no longer prevent the orgasm that was erupting inside her. She came with tears and the thrashing of her head. She jerked her ass up and down. She was soaking Beth’s fingers. Beth continued her dual assault on Elle until she finally slid down, collapsing on her side.

Beth patted her ass. “Good girl.” She finally stood. When she turned around, she saw Jean leaning against a bookcase intently watching what had taken place there on the sofa. When she passed Jean, she eased her hand along her side, cupping a breast and then letting her fingers trace the side of her cheek. “I’ll be right back.” She winked. “See for you can help her get dressed.”

When Beth emerged from the bathroom, Elle was zipping her skirt. Jean was finishing buttoning her blouse. Beth walked over to them wearing nothing but a robe. She kissed Elle. “I hope I, we can see you again?”

“I, it was, well, sure.” Elle finally offered a grin. She shrugged her shoulders. “Guess I’ll go.”

Beth went over, unlocked the door, and held it open for Elle. When she was in the hall, Beth closed the door, and turned the lock.

Beth looked at Jean, smiled and untied her robe. As she walked back to Jean, she let the robe slide off of her shoulders and on to the floor.

Jean looked at the robe. “Not a very good way to treat your robe.” Jean said. “Letting it lay on the floor.”

“Wait till you see how I treat you.” Beth said. She smiled at Jean. “Lay down.”

Clearly it wasn’t Jeans first time on Beth’s office floor. She lay there and looked up at Beth who seemed to be in no hurry. She was enjoying seeing the chair of the European History Department on her office floor. Naked, willing, and about to be used by her. Beth straddled Jean. Jean raised her arms over her head. Beth slowly knelt, a knee on either side of Jean. She eased herself forward, inch by inch. When her sex was directly over Jean’s face, Beth ran the fingers of both hands down between her legs. As Jean watched, Beth spread her labia. Using the two fingers of her left hand, she kept herself spread. Two fingers of her right hand went to Jeans mouth. She pushed them in, gathering Jean’s saliva. Then, she ran those wet fingers along her sex, over her swelling clitoris.

“I invited you to enjoy young Elle with me.” Beth said. Jean nodded. “There is a price to pay, as you know.” Jean nodded. Beth settled her pussy onto Jean’s waiting tongue. Still stiff and eager to please.

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