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The following stories claim to be the autobiography of Nicky, a boy model in the 1960s. The reader will have to decide whether they are fiction or autobiography. In some places, Nicky wrote about real people and real places, almost all of whom (by 2021) are either dead or in hiding. He narrates events and actions which were illegal then and are illegal now, and if you do not wish to read about sex between men and boys, you should stop now–especially if your place of residence has laws against reading such material. None of this material is intended to encourage anyone to break any laws anywhere. You have been warned.

If you enjoy this, you may contact the author at ail The full series of Nicky”s life has already been written, and will continue to be posted.

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Nicky writes:


After I had been with Mr. Quirk at Metecue two or three times, school let out soon after Memorial Day. Mom and mu other relatives had arranged that I was going to go to Camp Flying Cloud in Vermont for my first summer, a nine-week camp. Uncle Ted told me more about it, and I was excited to go –it sounded like so much fun, with few or no bothersome clothes or girls. Since my sisters were no longer home, and my father had recently died, my mother did not want me hanging around the house by myself on the weekdays (since she worked). Uncle Ted to the rescue: we were going to go on a long trip out to Vermont by way of Cleveland, Toronto, and Montréal to see some friends of his –and we would see other friends on my way back from camp in August.

Mom packed my camp list and put in some other clothes for traveling and soon Ted and I set out, bound first for Cleveland. Ted wanted me to meet a friend of his, a photographer named David Salobecke (better known as David of Cleveland).

In 1965 David was in his 30s and in pretty good shape. I believe that he met a number of his models at a local gym and fitness club, something which then was not so popular as now. David lived in a very ordinary, lower middle-class tree-lined street in East Cleveland near Euclid Beach. We did not stay with him but had a room at a local Holiday Inn on I-95, where he photographed me. His manner was very natural: he talked me my uncle and me, and then Ted left to “go on an errand” (and leave us alone).

David asked me if I would be willing to take my clothes off for him, and I surprised him by casually stripping completely –I think he usually had to persuade his other models. David brought in a couple of small photographic lights so that he could adjust my position and the lighting to his satisfaction. He worked quickly, and had me turn away carefully because he either did not want my penis exposed, or certainly not my erection (which escort ankara came and went).

David usually wore shorts, and went shirtless whether in the studio or outdoors. He enjoyed touching me, but sexually that was all. (His touch was gentle, just firm enough, and very arousing.). That evening, when the sunlight was less direct and evenly spread, he took several semi-nude (posing strap, or I was turned away) photos of me in a far corner of an otherwise deserted Euclid beach.

David (I later learned) preferred older boys, at least 16, and more muscular, but he did occasionally do younger, such as a boy named Buddy, whom he first photographed when he was eleven (as I was). The next morning we went over to David”s house, where I met two of his models, Lance Weston (who had just graduated from high school the day before), and Keith Ericson.

Keith told me a story about a boy named Dick Jeffries who had been photographed by another Cleveland photographer, with an erection under his posing strap, and nude. Dick then felt guilty and talked to his parents and others and that photographer got in trouble –and Dick felt really bad, so David Salobecke took him in for a while until things settled down. Both Lance and Keith were 16 or 17, no big deal then, but were surprised that I was so casually and confidently nude with them.

David took a few pictures of me with Lance and Keith individually and all three of us nude. I don”t believe he ever published them but passed them to trusted individuals. As soon as I was with these older boys, I had a total erection, of course, and both of them had at least partial –it as contagious. It was the most fun I had had with other boys to that point.

The next afternoon we set out for Toronto, and arrived there quite late, staying at a very elegant old hotel downtown, the Royal York. Traveling with Ted, we often had a small suite that could assure us discretion if we had guests. Ted seemed to know members of the staff there. I was quite dazzled by the old-fashioned style, and Ted cautioned me to be sure to dress well and behave. I remember that we slept in pretty late, and then went to visit another of Ted”s friends, Frank Borck.

Mr. Borck was much gruffer than David (who was really sweet to me); and wanted to photograph me both in his studio and outdoors, after several shots in his studio, including one of me full frontal with my erection.The next day Frank and Ted and I took a long drive to a fairly secluded beach he knew about on Lake Ontario. My poses there were all much more indirect, including using a carefully draped towel. I don”t know whether Frank ever published any photographs of me; I have never seen any.

Mr. Borck took a lot of pictures of young boys, such as the photographs of Wayne Hicks (age 12), Jim and Buster (certainly young or mid-teenagers), and a whole series of Cal and Marvin soaping and washing each other. Cal and Marvin were a boy and a man, and were explicitly sexual esenyurt escort (touching); as published by the Grecian Guild they were censored by “fuzzing” those bits, unfortunately, so that now they simply look dumb. I did not meet any of these boys, except maybe Cal. Frank certainly had a lot of his explicit photographs of “chicken” displayed on the walls of his studio.

After a couple of days in Toronto we left for Montréal, where we stayed longer –four or five days at least (hard to remember now). That stay is much more vivid in my memory, because of the Ted”s two friends there. The first was a photographer named George Henderson and the second named Guy Provencher (they worked with me separately).

As in Toronto, Ted and I stayed at a very elegant old hotel right downtown, called Auberge. I learned that Ted was very at ease in French –this was the first time I was in a place that spoke another language, and in the 1960s English was becoming frowned upon in Quebec. We stayed in a two-room suite with a lovely view, I remember, and Ted entertained several guests who had nothing to do with photographing boys, but were active as artists or in the technical photography business. To them I was just a nephew with whom Ted was taking care of for a week or so — I could successfully hide in the next room, where I first read the old Nordhoff he definitely did not was us to pose. Upon our return to Montréal, he paid Peter or Pierre cash, and he dropped him off (nude) at his house, where he spoke in French with Pierre”s mother. I have to believe that she knew exactly what was going on.

Mr. Henderson came into the hotel with us, but our work was done: he and Ted retired to the bar and I went to bed.

The next day Ted and I went to his apartment in a more suburban section of the city, where he photographed me both in his apartment studio, and outside in a very private garden (he said the neighbor was a blind old lady; in any case he did not seem worried). Mr. Henderson never published any photographs of me, so far as I know; he did publish several of Peter “and friends,” whoever they might have been. I cannot discover whether he published much at all after about 1964, and in any case I never saw him again –did he simply go out of the business, have legal problems, or something else?

Mr. Borck and Mr. Henderson were my first photographers who really specialized in younger boys. The third was Guy Provencher, who could not have been more different. His is a fascinating and difficult story, because about a year after he photographed me he was arrested and eventually spent some time in prison. Guy was an actor, and was in his later thirties when I knew him. I learned later that he had done radio work and then played a regular character named Bill Wabo in a Quebecois televised soap opera Les belles histoires des pays d”en haut. This seems to have been very popular in Quebec, and ran from 1956 to 1970 although Provencher”s character was retired when he went eskişehir escort to prison for two or three years after his arrest in 1966. The newspaper recorded that the police are seized a lot of photographs, some were undoubtedly of me. Unlike today when such a conviction would condemn a man to a life of unceasing ostracism, Guy did return to the theatre and eventually played an old Iroquois in The Black Robe, a 1991 film directed by Bruce Beresford that apparently was well received. Guy died in 2013; his last film was Hochelaga (2000).

M. Provencher asked me to call him Guy, and working with him was definitely a sexual experience. Guy wanted me nude at all times, even specifying before we met that we must both be nude. He photographed me while himself nude; when I became aroused, so did he. He would often touch me both sexually and affectionately during the session, and after he was finished with photographing we would have sex. He sucked me; I had not yet sucked a grown up (I would a few weeks later a camp–Rick”s beautiful cock). He obviously really liked boys and had pictures of them (both that he took, and others) around the house, especially on a wall next to the bed upon which he placed his boys (and where we had sex afterwards).

None of Guy”s published photographs (at least the ones that I have seen) contain frontal nudity or erections, but he took plenty of those, especially the classic pose in which the boy kneels, erect, facing the camera, arms up and hands in back of the head (the inspection and submission pose, or just “the pose”). Guy liked to photograph boys with boys, usually one a couple of years older than the other, including explicit photographs of them having or suggesting various kinds of sex. He seemed to love young adolescents sucking pre-pubescent boys and photographed that often, but none of these boys visited to suck me.

Part Indian, Guy was very smooth, uncircumcised, and with very gentle hands. He was the first man to lick my pussy and he sucked me like no one had before. He also liked to ejaculate on me, another first for me. He loved that I had such frequent and shaking dry orgasms and taught me how to come faster that way –a great preparation for later that summer, though I did not know that at the time.

Guy loved to tell me stories of growing up as an Indian (Iroquois, I believe) and his sexual adventures with other Iroquois boys.

Ted knew everything that Guy did with me. When Guy came to the hotel he brought two boys with him, Marc and Pierre (a different Pierre), each of whom spoke little English (and I little French) –not that we needed a lot of words. Guy took many, many pictures of us playing and being sexual, mostly sucking and kissing, and showering together, and playing with him and his beautiful cock. Our suite had a wonderful bathroom with a huge tub, and we all played in there.

Eventually all fun things end, and I was sorry to see them go.

I don”t know whether Ted had some kind of premonition of trouble, or simply wanted me to meet Guy. In any case, no wonder there were no published photographs, and I”m sure the police destroyed a lot of them. Ted and I left Montreal and he took me to Camp Flying Cloud near Plymouth, Vermont. I wrote about this in my first chapters, but will write more in detail in the next.

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