The Move Home Ch. 01

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This is my 14th erotic story and Literotica submission. I am always indebted to Candy_Kane54 (CK) for her continuing commitment to helping me improve my writing style. CK has provided 100 percent of the editing and style advice for all 14 stories. I am so grateful since I would have never written these stories without CK’s enthusiastic and continuing support.

My Lesbian Romance stories focus on the trials and lives of strong and powerful women. Romance, not sex, is the driving factor in these stories, which are 100 percent Fiction; however, many are based on real-life experiences of friends or acquaintances.

Most stories are lesbian love and romance heavy with children present. As a general rule, no sexual activity occurs while children are present in the home. Maintaining this rule requires that relatives and friends share active roles in the stories, allowing the little ones a fun place to visit when the sex heats up at home.

The Move Home is somewhat of a variation on my usual themes since there is a significant Male/Female Non-Sexual romance component. Renee Mia Evans and Jules Alan Evans are siblings reared by wonderful parents in a close-knit family setting.

Jules is two years older and was always protective of Renee during their youth into early adulthood. They were physically separated for the first time when Renee accepted a six-month internship at a major Pharmaceutical Firm based in NJ. Renee was in her senior year at the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC). Her internship commenced immediately following graduation. Two months into her six-month internship, Renee was offered a plum job in the CEO’s Headquarters Office and remains there four years later as a Special Research Associate (SRA).

Jules had taken an entry-level technician job at a local Research and Clinical Trial Center right out of High School. He currently holds a senior position at the company, having worked there for ten years. While working full-time, Jules attended night and online studies at UNCC, earning an MA in Chemical Engineering.

In The Move Home, Jules and Renee have the opportunity of working together developing products for COVID Therapy. Renee returns home to Charlotte, NC, and successfully guides her new division for their US-FDA facility license. She unexpectedly embraces Lesbian Love in Charlotte after eight years of studying and working tirelessly toward her long-range career goals.

Jules has remained at Catawba Research in Charlotte, becoming a Senior Executive at the research firm. Jules now also finds love after meeting his female soul-mate a year before Renee moved home. Jules and his soul-mate are romantically featured in PT. 01, however, without any explicit sex.

All explicit sexual activities in this story are lesbian, with young ladies aged-23 or older. Like my other stories, THE MOVE HOME builds slowly with lots of personal and business background detail before there is any sexual activity. Most explicit sex scenes feature a dominant but absolutely loving woman as the definite TOP controlling the action.

If this is your type of Lesbian Romance-Love-Sex Story… ENJOY!


Renee Mia Evans was thoughtfully sitting in on the Board of Directors meeting of her company, BMS-C, at Chairman Boyle’s request. The board was in final discussions before deciding whether to start a spinoff division from their Cancer Specialty products. There was considerable internal pressure for BMS-C to develop a full line of Coronavirus (COVID) Therapeutic Products. The company would be late entering the anti-viral therapeutics market. However, some of the more aggressive junior execs felt BMS-C could quickly close the gap.

Most knowledgeable scientific experts fully agreed that COVID-type viruses would be a fixture worldwide for the near future. There had been several SARS/MERS outbreaks in the past 20-years, and an endless stream of DNA mutations appeared to be on the horizon for the next one or two decades.

These ambitious junior exec types were all battling for corporate recognition, relevance, and future program directors roles. Virtually 100% of their primary arguments revolved around BMS-C’s worldwide leadership experience in Cancer Therapeutics. To them, it seemed automatic that being a major player in Cancer Therapy offered the company a golden opportunity to become dominant in COVID therapeutics within one or two years.

The current CEO and Board Chairman, Jackson Alan Boyle, was not confident that entering the SARS/MERS/C-19 coronavirus therapeutics market was a wise deviation for BMS-C. Yes, the company was well established in cancer therapeutics expertise, which was the driving force behind their Multi-Billion $USD annual sales record. However, anti-viral therapy was not a genetically identical twin to cancer therapy.

Chairman Boyle had been the dominant force in BMS-C’s ascendency to the worldwide leader in güvenilir bahis cancer therapeutic product development. Now well into his 12th year as CEO and Chairman of the Board (COB), he certainly was open to further in-depth discussions on this potential new high sales $USD product area. But he really questioned his young tigers’ theory that success with this project would be a walk in the park.

Chairman Boyle specifically invited Renee to this meeting as she was his SRA, focusing on new product development and expansion opportunities. However, Renee was decidedly baffled at the why of her invitation to this high-level meeting. Her usual routine was to provide the Chairman, Judy Walker, and Directors with an in-depth, well-written report highlighting any and all cautions or reservations regarding a specific product area expansion.

At twenty-six years old, Renee was unquestionably the least powerful person in attendance, so she avidly read the faces of each speaker’s pitch. Renee did not care whether they were PRO or CON, as she was utterly focused on evaluating the confidence levels of their various presentations.

Renee also continued having concerns about why Chairman Boyle had sought her official presence at this high-level meeting. She felt a bit inadequate with being in this plush boardroom with several attendees earning 5X her income. So Renee was desperately trying to appear nonchalant as if her presence was more than an occasional occurrence for such high-powered meetings.

There were the inevitable questionable looks at her presence from several higher-level junior executives. Most of them hoped to advance upward to the corporate inner circle based on this potential blockbuster product line. For this reason, each young exec sought to assess or determine Renee’s threat level to their ambitions.

Actually, most of the attendees were personally unaware of Renee’s existence, which was fine with her. All official attendees knew Renee’s name since she had authored several critical reports for the Chairman during her four-year tenure. Too many of them, however, Renee was considered just a glorified paper pusher.

The one undeniable fact was Renee adored Chairman Boyle and his Executive Associate (EA), Ms. Judy Walker. On paper, Renee reported independently to the Chairman. In actuality, she worked closely with Judy Walker, who fully respected her.

After receiving the Chairman’s summons to attend this meeting, Renee spent the next three days researching COVID Therapy. She wanted to attain a complete understanding of every possible aspect and outcome of the COVID Therapy Project. Renee was keenly aware that any misstep on this project could adversely affect BMS-C’s sterling reputation in the Cancer Therapy R & D Field, not to mention the Chairman’s office.

Due to the potentially disastrous fallout of BMS-C stumbling on the COVID project, Renee watched every individual presentation like a Hawk! Being utterly dedicated to the Chairman’s Office, Renee would do everything humanly possible to protect Chairman Boyle and Judy Walker’s corporate reputations!


Renee is twenty-six years old and started working at BMS-C as her first job after graduating with a Business Administration degree from Gilford County Technical College’s (GTCC) two-year AA Degree program. She then transferred to UNCC, earning a BA in Business Administration, focusing on Marketing Research. Renee has worked for the Chairman of BMS-C, Jackson Alan Boyle, for four years, since graduating-UNCC at age 22. Renee currently serves as SRA to Chairman Boyle.

Renee was reared in a rural community south of Rock Hill, SC, which is considered a suburb of Charlotte, NC. Her parents were low-level factory workers, and their family was considered lower middle class. Renee has an older brother, Jules Alan Evans, age 28, who started working right out of High School as a laboratory process technician at Catawba Research.

Jules knew how badly Renee wanted to attend university, so he started working full-time immediately after high school to help her financially. Jules finally attained his BS/MA Degree in Chemical Engineering at age 25 from the UNCC Evening School and Online Program. Jules still works at Catawba Research as the on-site ‘Clinical Trial Planning Manager,’ assisting the Clinical Trial Specialists. They travel 80% of the time.

Both Renee’s brother, Jules, and her parents provided financial support for her university studies, allowing Renee to complete her BA Degree locally. She lived at home with her family and was studious in every way. So Renee graduated from UNCC without owing any student loan debt. She was an excellent student and always maintained a 3.90GPA or higher in High School, GTCC, and UNCC.

During her senior year at UNCC, Renee impressed all BMS-C Marketing Development Team members participating in a University Job Fair held in Charlotte. So after graduation, güvenilir bahis siteleri Renee was offered a six-month paid internship at BMS-C’s headquarters located in the Raritan Valley of North-Central Jersey. BMS-C also provided housing in a campus-type setting for their interns. Renee gracefully accepted the internship, although it was difficult to move away from home and family for the first time in her young life.

BMS-C is an outstanding company, providing excellent support for their several interns since many are from small towns. Renee absolutely enjoyed her six-month internship. She participated in all social and business development after-hours programs open to the marketing interns.

After two months of interning, Renee bumped into a nice woman, Ellen Daniels, during one of the higher-level social events. The two of them chatted off and on for most of the function. As the two-hour Meet and Greet general activity slowed, Ellen asked Renee if she had applied for any of their open positions. Renee told Ellen that she hadn’t yet, but she was really enjoying her time here, and the headquarters people were all so helpful.

Ellen explained that she was VP and Director of Human Resources. There were two senior-level openings in Marketing that Ellen felt Renee should consider applying for. Ellen asked Renee to meet her in Personnel at 11:30 AM on Friday, and she would take her to lunch. Renee followed up, continuing their easy conversations from the previous meet and greet. Before they parted after lunch, Ellen advised Renee to dress very business-appropriate on Monday, as she will be interviewed at 10:00 AM. A stunned Renee said she definitely would follow through, thanking Ellen profusely.

Shortly before the interview on Monday, Ellen personally came to the marketing interns’ work area for Renee, taking her to Chairman Boyle’s office. Ellen introduced Renee to the Chairman and another lady Ms. Judy Walker, his current EA. The four of them talked for almost two hours, mainly on Renee’s various UNCC Market Research projects.

The Chairman thanked Ellen for her recommendation. He definitely felt Renee should be offered the position as his SRA. Judy Walker enthusiastically agreed, saying it would be a real pleasure training and working with Renee.

Just Like That Renee Had A Job In Chairman Boyle’s Office After Completing Two Months Of Her Six Month Internship!

Obviously, it was not just like that since BMS-C routinely used six-month internships as a screening tool for evaluating potential senior-level hires. The VP of Human Resources, Ellen Daniels, knew most of Renee’s background, BA Degree in Business Administration, grades and personality from her Internship application documents and historical summary. Eyes had been on Renee from the first day of her internship, with both Ellen and Judy feeling she was the special one.

Renee’s work ethic and easy-going personality during the first two months of her internship sealed the deal. Ellen and Judy had worked together to develop Renee’s job description and pay package and just needed Chairman Boyle’s final okay.


Renee had worked closely with Judy Walker for four years before being invited to this critical meeting. Until now, she had primarily assisted the Chairman’s office in evaluating various high-level projects detailing market accessibility analysis on certain BMS-C product groups. So Renee did not understand how her special projects research related to the current discussion. She had no idea why she was sitting here with the many high-powered go-getters.

Chairman Boyle had been covertly watching Renee during most of the five presentations from BMS-C’s rising stars. He noticed that Renee consistently displayed a ‘poker face,’ which was hard to read, seemingly appearing bored out of her mind with all five presented proposals. So Chairman Boyle decided to test his theory on her. His gut feeling had been gnawing at him on a subconscious level for months, reasoning that he potentially had a Rare Gem working for him.

After the fifth presentation concluded, Chairman Boyle commented, “Let’s stop here and evaluate the morning’s previous presentations before continuing.

“Renee, what are your thoughts so far on this expansion decision?” queried the Chairman as he slyly awaited her reaction.

After an internal shudder and a “What the hell is going on?” thought, Renee quietly stood, maintaining her poker face. “Chairman Boyle, co-workers, and board, my only point of reference is the market accessibility projects I have expertly performed for nearly four years. At this point in our meeting, none of the presentations have addressed the central issue on the table. There have been long-winded, pretty little speeches all morning. But each presentation has contained virtually zero substance relating to the costs versus benefits of our critical YES/NO decision on this COVID Therapy project.

“Will iddaa siteleri someone please tell me where we will build the plant for this new product line? We certainly dare not manufacture an anti-viral RNA-based product alongside our expanding lucrative Cancer Therapy Product line. One whiff of a production error could possibly result in a hugely nightmarish cross-contamination issue.

“Additionally, I am reasonably confident the FDA would be unhappy with BMS-C proposing to manufacture a range of anti-viral therapy products in the same facility as our cancer therapy products.

“However, most importantly, these potential SARS/MERS/COVID-type anti-viral therapy products will require our engineers to bring new production instruments and tools online. This new instrumentation will be totally alien to our current manufacturing personnel. Also, what is the lead time for training/retraining and the actual $USD cost for this component?

“I’d want to see actual solid forecasted numbers on the cost of this type manufacturing transition, such as production staff hiring and training. We will also need to develop new Quality Control (QC) testing regimens, hire and train QC technologists and prepare FDA-approved product release protocols. All of these items require the VP of Manufacturing approval and signoff. To the best of my knowledge, there is not even a proposed Procedures Manual for handing COVID raw materials in the process.

“Finally, where will this new facility be located? Will BMS-C encounter special zoning or environmental issues obtaining approval for COVID waste disposal? The success versus failure percentage-based risk factor in $USD will/can vary enormously depending on the new plant’s location,” Renee finished with a flourish.

There was a stunned silence permeating the entire Boardroom when Chairman Boyle asked, “Let’s say the board signed off today on moving forward. If you were placed in charge of the COVID Therapy project, Renee, where would you build the new facility?”

Renee answered without delay, “Of the few potential high-value sites that come to mind, I would definitely choose Charlotte, NC.”

“Why is Charlotte preferred?” asked the Chairman.

“May I use our conference speakerphone, sir?” Chairman Boyle nodded yes, and Renee dialed a number.

“Catawba Research, how can I help you?” a warm cutesy voice answered.

“I am Renee. Is Jules available to speak with me for a moment?”

The voice replied, “Hi Renee, I am Emily Jo Madison in reception. Yes, Jules is accessible for a business call!

“Wait a minute! Holy Smokes, are you The Renee?”

“Hiya doing Emily Jo Madison? Thanks so much for your warm welcome. I do not smoke holy or otherwise, and yes, I am Jules’s sister,” giggled Renee.

Emily comes back at Renee, “You know that everyone here at Catawba thinks you are totally awesome, and I now know why.”

“We are on a business speakerphone, and shame on you, Emily. You have frightfully embarrassed me in front of Chairman Boyle and our Board of Directors on the line!” Renee smirked.

Jules comes on the speaker, “Don’t worry Emily, Renee likes you, as she only pranks people she considers a friend. Hello sis, it’s been quite some time since we spoke during normal business hours, so what’s going on?”

“Hi bro, I am phoning from our corporate boardroom, so this is a quite serious business query. It appears the timing of a new project may possibly favor a move home! Will you fully support me in a BMS-C / Catawba Research business venture should the opportunity arise? Most likely, we will need Catawba’s scientific expertise for a high probability of success?” Renee quietly asked.

“I can assure you 100% that Catawba Research will seriously consider any BMS-C proposal put forward by your office. Please keep me posted as this potential new project proceeds through your internal approval process. Then we can aggressively move forward on an expeditious in depth evaluation at Catawba when necessary!

“I will tell Mom and Dad you phoned for a business conversation, also asking me to say hello for you. Both have terribly missed your not being here. They understand that you are busily working hard and do visit home two or three times each year, but you are their baby girl,” Jules said, ending the phone call.

Renee continues her response to the Chairman, “Catawba Research has previously performed COVID-19 Testing Phase I Clinical Trials and is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. They also have a limited amount of FDA approved specialized anti-viral therapeutic manufacturing space available for contract production and a Pilot Plant.” At that, most meeting attendees were rendered speechless.

Chairman Boyle called for a pause in the meeting to speak privately with Renee and Judy Walker. He wanted clarification from Renee about whether she had talked about the COVID project in detail with her brother.

When asked this question, Renee replied, “Boss, I only had a three-day notice of being invited to this COVID meeting. Additionally, I did not know you would ask me to comment on the five presentations. So I did not have any details to discuss with Jules.

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