The Neighbor’s Daughter Ch. 01

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Ethan was raking up the grass clippings. The sun was bright and high over his head. He had removed his shirt long ago, and the drops of sweat were running down his back. He stopped to wipe his brow and saw Mrs. Philips coming toward him with a tall glass of lemonade. He rested for a minute and watched her come closer. She was a widow, he knew that, and she had a daughter who was eighteen, but he had never really paid much attention to how she looked. Probably because he considered her to be much older than she actually was, and probably because he had never seen her wear shorts and a halter before.

“Hi,” she said, smiling. “I saw you working so hard out here and I thought you might need something cool to drink when you took a break.”

“Thanks,” Ethan said, breathing hard, and took the glass of lemonade. He tilted the glass to drink and let some of it run over the edge and spill down the front of his bare, sweaty chest. He did it for her benefit, but it felt good, anyway. He had to wonder what she really had in mind.

“I was wondering if you might be able to do a favor for me,” she said, sounding hopeful, but not too confident.

“I’d be glad to,” Ethan said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“If you’ve got some time today, would you come over and help me move some furniture?”

“Sure, Mrs. Philips. I’ve got some time right now.”

“Great,” she said, smiling as her eyes swept up his body. “Call me Janet.” She must have liked the way he looked. His muscles were hard and sore from the work. He was only wearing a pair of shorts, and even though his penis was not erect, it still made a visible lump.

Ethan smiled back at her, knowing now just what her intentions were. He put the rake away, pulled his t-shirt on, and followed her next door to her house. She smiled, but she looked disappointed that he had put his shirt on.

Ethan walked in her front door and was immediately impressed with the decor. Of course, he didn’t expect her to be poor, but he also hadn’t expected her to be so well off.

“This is beautiful,” he said, gazing around the house, which looked much larger inside than it did from the outside.

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it. Would you like another glass of lemonade?” she said and led him inside.

“Maybe when we’re finished.” Ethan was admiring the fine paintings and the sculpture in the corner.

“Okay, then I’ll show you what I’d like to have moved. If you think it’s too much, just tell me.”

She walked ahead of him down the hallway off the living room and he followed, glancing down at her ass. She shook it side to side just for him. How could he deny her what she wanted so badly?

They went to the den at the back of the room. It was obvious that this room was once decorated for masculine tastes, but by that time, little evidence remained that it had been a man’s office. She asked him to move a chair and a sofa to the other side of the room, and Ethan thought that was a small thing to ask, especially since it was something a woman such as herself would have no problem doing on her own. He gladly moved the furniture, because he knew it was only an opportunity for her to invite him into her house.

Her house was cooled by an air conditioner, but even so, he was sweating more than when he had started.

“You’re really working hard today,” Janet said, and slowly stepped toward him.

“I hadn’t expected to be so useful.” The sweat was dripping off his face. Janet reached up and touched his cheek to wipe some of it away.

“Maybe you’d like to wash up while I get that lemonade for you,” she said in a soft, feminine voice, and before he could speak, she said, “The bathroom is right over here.”

He walked past, pulling his t-shirt off as he went to the small bathroom in the main hallway. He turned on the cold water and she came in to find a clean washcloth for him.

“I’ll get that lemonade,” she said, glancing at his body as she walked out.

Ethan left the bathroom door open while he wiped his face and arms and chest with cool washcloth. The cool water was evaporating on his skin and he felt much more comfortable. Janet reappeared a moment later and sauntered down the hall toward the bathroom, holding the glass of lemonade and looking directly at him. Her breasts were not large, but they jiggled with each step.

“If you’re not too tired. I have something else you could fix,” she said, handing him the cold glass.

He tilted the glass back and drank.

“What can I do to help?”

She ran her fingers lightly down his chest. Her fingertips drifted down over his rigid stomach muscles.

“You must let me see what you’ve got in here.”

Her hand dropped to the front of his shorts and lightly touched the growing bulge.

“Mrs. Philips?” he said.

She smiled. “I haven’t been with a man in more than four years. It gets pretty lonely, sometimes.” She began to untie the front of her halter. “Please, come to my bedroom.”

She turned to walk out of the ankara escort bathroom and pulled the halter off, walking away from him naked from the waist up. Ethan tossed the washcloth into the sink and walked after her.

She was standing by her bed with her back to him. She pushed down her shorts, bending over to show him her gorgeous ass, and climbed onto the bed. She lay on her belly with her head turned to look at him, smiling at him dreamily. Ethan pushed down his shorts and Janet gasped. Her gaze was fixed on his cock.

He approached the bed. He slipped a finger in her cunt and twirled it, making her gasp and moan.

“You’re really wet,” he said, pulling her hips up.

He knelt behind her and pulled her legs apart. His fingers opened her petals and the head of his cock touched her opening.

“Oh God,” she moaned, pulling the sheets.

He put his hands on her hips and his cock slid easily into her pussy, stretching her and filling her completely.

“Oh no … oh no,” she cried.

He thrust his thick shaft deep into her and she screamed. The base was tight against her cunt lips. He slid it out a fraction of an inch, then drove it deep again, holding it all the way in her, and she screamed again.

He bent over her back and reached under to squeeze her boobs. He licked the back of her neck while he thrust his hips, pulling them out slowly a bit, then forcefully jamming them back into her so that she gasped and whimpered. He ran his hands up and down her slim sides, and his hips pumped steadily and firmly.

“Oh God, yes,” Janet moaned.

Heavy gobs of cum spurted into her cunt. Janet turned her head to the door. Her daughter Sandi was standing just outside, watching. She waited until Ethan finished cumming and told him Sandi was watching. Sandi ran to her room and shut the door.

He pulled his cock out and laid beside her. Janet laid on her side and toyed with the hair on his chest. His cock glistened with her pussy juices.

“Would you do me another favor?” she said.

“After this, how can I refuse?”

“I want you to make love to my daughter.”

He hesitated. “Is she a virgin?”


“Why do you want me to do it?”

“I’ve always been turned by the thought of my daughter doing things with a guy. She went out one time with a young guy a year behind her in school. I was in bed, reading, when they got back late and went to her bedroom, giggling. I could hear them kissing and breathing hard and telling each other how much they were in love. There were some sighs and moans and I heard the guy tell her to suck his cock. But …”

“You want me to show her how to do it right?” Ethan said. Janet smiled and nodded. “I’d be glad to.”

“Clean up and meet me in the kitchen. I’ll get Sandi.”

He went to the bathroom to clean off his dick and put his shorts back on. The thought of taking her sexy daughter’s cherry had him erect already. When he went to the kitchen, he found Janet there looking at something out the window.

“What’s up?” he said.

“I’m just watching Sandi. She’s just getting out of the pool.” Janet turned to Ethan. “I guess I’m a little nervous about her losing her virginity.”

The door opened and Sandi walked in. She saw her mother first, then saw Ethan sitting at the table.

“Hi,” Ethan said, with a smile. Sandi blushed and looked away, with a shy smile. Her wet hair was slicked back and she had a towel wrapped around her shoulders that covered most of her bikini.

“Sandi, this is Ethan,” Janet said.

“Hi,” she said, blushing even more. Sandi might have been only be eighteen, but she had the curves of a full grown woman.

Sandi sat at the kitchen table across from Ethan.

“Do you have any homework tonight?” Janet asked, and set a plate of cookies on the table.

“No. I had a math test today, but I did real well on it.”

“Good. Was that the one you were worried about?”

“Yeah,” Sandi said. She looked at Ethan like they had been friends for a long time. “I studied for three days for that test.”

“Wow. I had to study for two days for a government test last week.”

“Did you pass?” Sandi asked, her shyness disappearing. She threw the damp towel of her shoulders and let it hang over the back of the chair.

“Yeah. I got a B.” Ethan smiled at her and she laughed at him with interest and a sense of lively fun. Sandi was a gorgeous young woman. Her big, blue eyes were more rounded and a deeper blue than her mother’s. Her hair was a light honey brown, and she wore it long and straight down her back. She leaned forward when she laughed, and a tawny piece of her wet hair tumbled over her eye and she swept a hand up to push it away.

Her lips were very full. With her generous mouth, she looked like she could do an excellent job of sucking his cock, if he showed her how to do it right.

“Maybe you’d like to take Ethan to your room and show him your CD collection,” Janet said. Sandi looked at her mother, as if to make sure it ankara escort bayan was all right.

“Okay,” Sandi said. “Come on.” Sandi took him down the hall to her room like he was a new puppy dog her mother had just brought home. Her bedroom looked like it belonged to a teenaged girl, with posters of hunks and rock stars and flowers on the wallpaper.

Sandi bounced on her bed and Ethan sat down on the edge. She handed him the latest CD she had just bought, then showed him the D.H. Lawrence book she was reading. As he leafed through the book, she gazed at him very seriously.

“Would you look at a girl like me if I was old enough to flirt with you?” she said, her big, innocent eyes gazing directly to his heart.

“Certainly,” Ethan said, putting the book down.

“You would?”

“Sure. Just looking at you turns me on,” he said, as he looked down at her breasts so she could see him looking at her body. She straightened her back and subtly pushed her breasts out. The surprisingly skimpy bikini exposed a lot of skin. Her skin had cooled and her nipples were hard points that looked like they might push right through the fabric.

“You can really get excited just by looking at me?”

“Yeah. Look,” he said, bending his knees apart to let her see the bulge in his shorts.

His hard cock was plainly outlined under the thin fabric. She gasped, looking directly at his groin, but he could tell from the look on her face that it was only how she thought she should have acted. Her curiosity and desire were plain in her eyes. He knew she was dying to fuck him, but he was sure she would fuck just about any man who walked through her door, and he just happened to be the one.

“Looking at me makes you like that?”

He nodded. “Go ahead. Touch it.”

She tentatively moved a hand to his erection and left it there, her fingers curiously stroking its length. Her lips were getting fuller, her voice lower and hoarse, and her breathing deeper. Her thighs were drifting apart.

“Can I see it?” she said.

“Have you ever seen one before?”

“Of course. Don’t be silly,” she said, acting like it was no big thing.

Ethan pushed down his shorts and his erection popped up. Sandi gasped and giggled in embarrassment. She put her hand around its middle and slowly stroked.

“But it’s so big,” she said, staring at it. “How can you get a thing like this into a girl?”

“I never met a girl yet who didn’t like it,” Ethan said, watching her hand move casually over his shaft.

“Were they virgins?”

Ethan shrugged. “Some of them.”

He rested his hand on her bare thigh. She stiffened noticeably, but did not remove her own hand from the hardness in his shorts. His fingers crawled under the material of her bikini, slowly twirling through the fine, soft hairs on her pussy. She gasped and tilted her head down to watch. One of his fingers stroked down into the crease of her pussy, sliding softly across her small clit. She was wet and he could sense that she was feeling weak from anticipation.

She might be a young virgin, but she knew what she wanted, even if she didn’t know how to make it happen. She laid back on the pillows. Her thighs were exposed to her hips, and her knees were spread apart. Her breasts spilled out around the edges of the tiny bikini top, but the small pieces of fabric still covered her hard nipples.

He crawled up on top of her, laying his body on top of hers and spreading her legs. The hard lump of his cock rested against the soft, warm mound of her pussy, and her pelvis worked up and down, rubbing her pussy against the hardness like a cat scratching itself on a tree. He kissed her lips lightly, tracing a path from her chin to her throat to the soft, fleshy parts of her breasts. He pulled aside the bikini fabric and licked her nipple. His sucking made her hips start humping on the mattress. He slowly worked down between her boobs, across her taut belly to her mound.

She lay back and closed her eyes as he moved between her legs, pulled her bikini bottoms all the way off, parted the lips of her cunt with his fingers, and licked her. She wrapped her thighs around his neck and squeezed his head as close to her cunt as she could, rocking her hips. He had the feeling she was going to cum. She ground her whole body up, and let out a soft cry of pleasure. She humped his face as his tongue worked over her clit. She screamed, grinding her hips against his face and lifting her back completely off the bed. Her back arched up again and again and she screamed like he was torturing her.

She finally collapsed on her back, completely exhausted. He crawled up and kissed her mouth again, to let her taste the juices from her own cunt that were smeared all over his lips. She wrapped her arms around him and licked it up as she kissed him back, enjoying new sensations she had never thought were possible.

His hard cock was pressed along her bare, wet slit, and it excited her so much she was trembling. She was holding him down in escort ankara a tight grip. He had not realized how anxious she was to be rid of her virginity. He moved his hips to slide his organ over the moist, soft lips of her cunt, and she responded with a deep groan.

He rolled off and lay beside her. Her legs were spread wide. His cock stood up, slightly bent over, but covered with her juices.

“What next?” she asked, touching his chest.

“Hold on,” he said, and pulled her on top of him.

She giggled but quickly got the idea and sat up, straddling his thighs, raised herself over his erection, held the lips of her cunt apart, and guided the head of his cock into her. She looked like she was ready to drop herself on him like an experienced whore, but her tender hymen would stop her from taking it too deep.

“Oooohh,” she winced, and jerked back.

“Take it easy, Sandi. Don’t hurry. You can stop any time if it hurts too much.”

Ethan held her lightly around her hips to help her keep her balance. He was trying desperately not to get too excited and pull her down before she was ready, even though he was dying to shove it into her. He knew how good her tight cunt would feel, but that’s not why her mother brought him over her. The anticipation was just as unbearable for him as it was for her.

Sandi was on her knees over him, and the head of his prick was not more than an inch inside her before it came up against the wall of her cherry. He lightly caressed her clit with his wet thumb to keep her interested. She lowered herself a bit farther, winced in pain, and jerked up again.

Her puffy lips were pouting like those of a woman overwhelmed with lust. In her eye was the look of stern determination. She moved lower on him until the end of his cock pressed hard against her hymen. She squirmed, trying to use his fingers on her clit to reach another orgasm, but he only rubbed as light as a feather so she wouldn’t be able to get off. When she seemed just hot enough to cum, he pulled his finger away a little. In order to get the intense stimulation her body lusted for, she had to take his dick deeper inside. She began to get so anxious that she pushed herself down on him without regard to the discomfort of the sharp pain.

Finally, moaning deliriously, she shouted and accidentally jammed herself down on his shaft as hard as she could. His cock burst through her cherry like it was nothing more than a piece of tissue paper. Sandi was very still, with her eyes and mouth wide open and her breath coming in short, quick gasps. A little more than half of his cock was in her cunt.

“Are you okay?” Ethan said.

She lowered her weight a little bit more and gasped when his cock slid deeper.

“Oh my God. It’s in. I can feel it.”

She straightened her back, sitting high over him. Her nipples softened to supple flesh as she lowered herself all the way down on him. Her expression softened and her features changed to a look of deep ecstasy. He pulled her down to his chest and let her clit rub against the hardness of his cock. Her sensitive nipples brushed his hairy chest with each stroke of his hips. Her own hips slowly began to grind, matching the up and down motion of his hips, and before she knew it, she was fucking.

Ethan locked his lips to hers and squeezed her tits. She was tremendously tight and felt as wonderful as he imagined. She moaned her knees squeezed in on his sides. Her hands gripped his shoulders for leverage, so she could move her hips up and down, and it only reminded him that she was a rookie when it came to having sex. It would take time to learn how to move her ass without thinking about it.

She sat up straight over him again. Her long hair flowed down around her face and over her shoulders, down to the tips of her nipples. Her breasts jiggled when she came down on him. She pressed herself down firmly, and the tip of his cock touched the end of her womb.

He wasn’t sure he should cum inside her, but he didn’t see how he was going to get her off before he did. He didn’t want to just throw her off, he didn’t think she would understand. On the other hand, he wasn’t sure if he should risk getting her pregnant by cumming inside her.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said, and Sandi’s eyes lit up.

“Oh yes. Do it inside me so I can feel it.”

He stopped holding back and let himself be immersed in the intense pleasures of her body. She looked incredibly erotic sitting on top of him, her legs spread over his waist, the darker hair of her bush mixed with the light hair on his mound. Her breasts were swollen and quivering with each motion of they made. Her body was covered with a light sheen of perspiration that made her shiny and glistening.

It only took a few more deep strokes and his cum was spurting in her cunt. Her eyes widened and her mouth closed in an O shape. She began to coo with delight and he could see goosebumps breaking out on her skin. She bounced harder and her hair danced in front of her bright eyes.

When his orgasm trailed off, she stopped bouncing, and her expression changed to a warm, pleased grin.

“It’s so warm,” she sighed.

She was rocking her pelvis back and forth slowly. Her fingers squeezed the hard muscles of his chest.

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