The Next Best Thing

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As 20 year old Teri stood at her till in the small local store she works in, she noticed a tall, heavily built older man, around 60, browsing the shelves, giving her smiling glances as he did so.

Teri, also being tall, blonde haired and with a very buxom, womanly figure for her young age, that her unisex polo shirt and trouser uniform couldn’t disguise, was used to amorous male attention whilst at work, but this particular man had become a familiar face to Teri as he had been coming into the shop at least twice a day that week buying only single items, which Teri thought quite strange. He had already been in the shop a couple of hours previously to buy tea bags, yet here he was back in again; it’s as if he was only buying these items as an excuse to keep visiting the store, arousing Teri’s suspicion and curiosity.

At busy times, even when another queue was shorter or a new one opened up, the man always made sure to be in Teri’s queue so as to be served by her, and even though the man always engaged her in friendly chat, Teri sensed that the man was tense and really wanted to speak to her about something but was just waiting to pick his moment or was just finding it hard to pluck up the courage.

On this occasion the shop was quiet; with the other staff in the back room there was just Teri and the mysterious man in the shop.

The man approached Teri’s till, as usual clutching only one item, this time a small bag of sugar.

“Hello, back again I see…forgot the sugar, eh?!” said Teri with a smile.

“Ha, yes, I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on!” replied the man.

The man then asked Teri for a pack of batteries which were very low on the display directly behind the tills; she turned and crouched down low for the batteries, inadvertently displaying the top of a red lacy thong she was wearing as she did so. This didn’t go unnoticed by the man who found that a very delicious site indeed.

The lacy thong Teri was wearing belonged to her mother, Julie, with whom she was still kind of living with just down the road from the store. Teri does have her own place, a one bedroom flat a couple of blocks away but she still tends to find herself at her mother’s house half the time. Teri and her 41 year old mother are quite close, more like friends than a mother and daughter, and they frequently share their underwear.

The man looked longingly at Teri as she scanned the sugar and batteries with her dainty hands, and when the transaction was done Teri smiled at him as he picked up his purchases, and turned to head out of the store.

The man took only a couple of steps before stopping and turning back around to face Teri.

“What have you forgot now?!” Teri said said playfully.

“Haha, artemisbet yeni giriş no, errm…I’ve been meaning to ask you something…” Said the man.

Realizing her hunch about this man’s apparent unease was right, Teri awaited his question adopting a smile and friendly receptive body language.

“Are you Julie’s daughter…Julie Banner?” He asked.

“Yes, yes I am…do you know her?” replied Teri.

“I knew it! you look just like her, and I knew she had a daughter called Teri.”

“A lot of people say I look like her.” Teri replied.

“I’m an old friend of hers, god I haven’t seen her for 20 years.”

“Really?! wow!” Teri said. By “old friend” she knew the man meant old boyfriend really.

“Her surname isn’t Banner anymore, she reverted back to her maiden name after divorcing her husband – my dad.”

“Oh I see, ok.” said the man.

“What’s your name then?” Asked Teri.

“David.” He replied.

“I’ll tell her you’ve asked after her if you like.”

“No, no don’t do that…if she’s with someone else then I don’t want to…well, you know!”

Teri was very intrigued and wanted to know more about this man and his connection with her mother but by this point other customers started entering the shop, So Teri suggested they meet later that day to talk more.

After Teri’s shift at 8pm David was in his car in the store’s small carpark.

It was cold, dark and raining as David waited with the heaters on and the windscreen wipers on.

Eventually Teri emerged, spotted David’s car and dashed across the carpark and got into the passenger’s seat.

“God the weather’s terrible, isn’t it…thanks for waiting for me.” A slightly damp Teri said.

She then pulled out her smart phone to log on to Facebook to show David her mother’s profile which had lots of recent pictures of her. David looked really impressed with Teri’s phone, like he’d never seen one like that before and seemed unsure about Facebook, which Teri found really strange and wondered whether David had been living under a rock for the past 20 years!

Frustratingly for Teri, the internet didn’t seem to be working so she innocently and naively suggested they go to her flat to use the wifi there, which normally would be a potentially dangerous thing for a young woman to do with a stranger, but she didn’t sense bad vibes from David.

“Do you miss her then?” Teri asked David, pushing her phone back into the front pocket of her tight trousers as David was negotiating their way out of the dark small car park in the heavy rain.

“Errmm, yeah…I do think about her a lot…I have done for the past 20 years.”

“You must have had other girlfriends in that time though, surely?!” artemisbet giriş Teri asked.

“Yep, yep of course.” David said while nodding, unconvincingly.

Teri felt that David probably hadn’t had another woman in that time and although he seemed a nice person, she was beginning to wonder whether it was a good idea indulging this strange man who seemed to have an obsession with her mother.

“She’s with someone else isn’t she?” David asked, though Teri felt that was more of a statement than a question.

“Ermm, yeah she’s been with a guy called Richard…they’re not married but he’s all I’ve known as a dad for 15 years now.” He didn’t show it but that wasn’t easy for David to hear.

“So you like wearing thongs then do you?!” Said David out of the blue, breaking a few minutes of silence.

“What??!!” replied a shocked Teri.

“I saw your thong back in the shop earlier, when you crouched down.”

“Oh god, sorry!” said a slightly embarrassed Teri.

“No, don’t be sorry…you’re a little minx just like your mother.” Said David with a grin.

Teri didn’t really know what to say, so she didn’t say anything.

They then arrived at Teri’s place; just before Teri got out of the car she noticed the wifi on her phone had connected and with sound of the rain bouncing on the roof of the car, David looked at the phone screen as Teri scrolled through the pictures of her mother.

“She’s so beautiful, and you look so much like her it’s scary.” Said David. That was his way of telling Teri that he desired her.

“Do you fancy me then?” Teri asked David bashfully.

“Is it that obvious?” David responded, gazing lustfully at Teri.

Teri then opened the door and got out of the car, conscious that David was looking at her butt, imagining the thong under her work trousers.

Before closing the door she leaned into the car and invited David into her flat, biting her bottom lip like a naughty girl.

It’s a good job that the people in the flat above were out and those below were away on holiday otherwise they would have been treated to the sound of a banging headboard as Teri and David had wild noisy sex.

“GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME, OH GOD FUCK ME, FUCK ME!” Teri screamed, naked in a doggy position on her bed, gravity making her belly hang and her ample young breasts dangle and sway as David was behind her holding her by her love handles, throwing his meat into her pussy as his balls slapped against her, then as he orgasmed and ejaculated inside her he called out Julie’s name instead of Teri’s, which he hoped she didn’t notice, but she did.

“Am I as good as my mother then?” Teri asked, with her head on David’s shoulder and twirling his chest hair with artemisbet güvenilirmi her finger as they lay together having just made passionate love.

“Oh yes, you are…you really are.” David replied before kissing Teri on the lips.

“I apologize for calling out your mother’s name.” David said.

“Oh I don’t mind, I thought it quite sweet…I can be her If you want me to be.” Teri replied.

Teri doesn’t realize it but he really does fuck like her mother, she does all the same things, gives head just like her, rides like her, grinds her hips like her and makes the same sex noises; For David, making love to Teri was like making love to Julie all those years ago.

The next day after work Teri went back to her mother’s place. She hung up her coat and kicked off her shoes before entered the living room where she found her mother on the settee engrossed in the television program she was watching, and as usual at that time in the evening wearing a robe with just her lacy lingerie underneath and with a glass of wine..

“Hello dear.” She said to Teri, her eyes still fixed on the tv.

“A man called David asked after you old friend from 19 years ago he said he was… do you know him?” Teri said, not mentioning of course that she and David had sex.

Her mother chuckled.

“What’s funny? Teri asked as she was deciding what chocolate to choose from a box of chocolates on the coffee table. “You’ve had all the best ones I see!” Teri then said, jokingly.

Her mother switched off the tv and turned towards Teri with an evil grin on her face. “Oh yes darling, I know him alright.” She said.

That got Teri’s attention.

“He’s good in bed isn’t he?” She added.

Teri was stunned, she didn’t know what to say.

“He fucked your brains out I suppose?!”

“You know about it??” A shaky Teri asked.

Her mother chuckled to herself again.

“Know about it…I arranged it, darling.”

“You arranged it??!!”

“Yes, you see, he and I were lovers up until he was sent to prison for hiring a hitman to kill a business rival…well he was released a few weeks ago and started contacted me again…he’s still in love with me but I don’t want anything to do with him, I’ve moved on…So I told him to go for the next best thing.”

“The next best thing?” Teri asked.

She put down her drink, got to her feet and without caring that her robe was open revealing her body, walked right up close to Teri and caressed her face with her hands.

“Yes, you, darling. You’re just like me aren’t you? everyone says so, you’re like a 20 year old me and I knew he’d fall in love with you straight away… and it’s about time you had your first real experience with a real man.”

Teri couldn’t speak as she was processing all this… but there was more.

“There’s something else you should know, Teri.”

“What, mum?” asked an anxious Teri.

There was a dramatic pause before she dropped the bombshell…

“David is your real father.”

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