The Pool House Ch. 03

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If you haven’t already read the first two parts of The Pool House, now would be a good time to do so.

Edward answered the door in white shorts and a loose cotton shirt.

“Oh, hello, Yvonne. Nora told me that you’d be joining us this afternoon. Come on upstairs. We’re just about to get started.”

She followed Edward down a hallway and through a door into a sort of locker room with a big shower area, some baskets, a mirror, and a counter piled with towels. Edward pointed to a door at the other end of the room.

“They’re through there, in the yoga room. Go ahead in when you’re ready. I’ll join you in a minute.”

He left her inside and closed the door. Yvonne had brought a gym bag with some loose clothing and a towel. She changed quickly and opened the door to the yoga room. A blast of warm air hit her, as if she were walking into a sauna. Nora and the swimmer were stretched out in formal-looking poses on a canvas mat that covered the entire floor of the den-sized room. Both were naked.

Yvonne made a startled sound and stepped back. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to … interrupt.”

Nora broke her trance with an effort and smiled. “Oh, no, it’s fine. We were just warming up.”

Yvonne felt completely at sea. “Is there something wrong with the heat in here?”

Nora laughed. “No, we practice bikram yoga here – at least as far as the temperature goes. We don’t really follow the standard sequence of poses. The room needs to be kept around one hundred degrees. It helps keep your muscles loose. I think it’s more comfortable naked, but you’re welcome to do it however you like.”

Her head was still buzzing. “Okay, sure. I guess that makes sense. I’ll be back in a second.”

Yvonne stepped back into the shower room. Didn’t these people ever wear clothes? Well, she was almost used to it by now, and she’d be awfully uncomfortable in there in her sweats. She stripped and put everything back into her bag. Then she nodded at the frightened-looking girl she saw in the mirror and walked back through the door.

The swimmer unfolded himself from a full-lotus position with a sort of tropical languidness that seemed perfectly in tune with the room’s steamy climate. She found it mesmerizing. He stood beside her and settled into a simple pose, his head back and his arms forming a circle in front of him. Yvonne tried to duplicate it, certain that she was doing something wrong. He touched he back and guided it into the proper curve. He bent her knees slightly until her whole body felt balanced somehow. She held the pose until her muscles began to object.

Nora noticed her shaking. “Try this one,” she said. She flopped over onto her stomach then lifted the front of her body upward, resting on her forearms. “It’s the first one I learned. It’s called the cobra.”

It didn’t look much like a cobra, but it showed off Nora’s long legs and tight butt beautifully. Her skin was so creamy and smooth. Yvonne was impressed that the swimmer was able to keep his cool.

The door to the shower room opened, and Edward walked in, somehow managing to look stylish even when he wasn’t wearing anything. He began stretching, putting his palms flat against the wall and sticking his butt out. He grabbed one ankle and pulled it up behind him. His muscles tensed and relaxed as he moved smoothly between stretches. She could believe Nora now about Edward being adept. Maybe there was something to this yoga thing. It was certainly sexy to watch when it was done well.

Edward kneeled, then reached back to grab his ankles. His hips arched forward, sort of putting his cock on display. He had it on the swimmer – and maybe Jim too – for thickness, if not length. His body was a lot hairier, too. She wasn’t sure which she preferred, the swimmer’s smoothness or Edward’s pelt. It was fun to think about, though. She smiled to herself. However innocent this scene was, four naked men and women made for some interesting possibilities. And who would know?

Edward straightened up. Evidently they were about to begin. Taking the cue, the swimmer moved into a cross-legged meditation pose, back straight, forearms resting on his thighs. The subdued lighting shimmered on his dark skin and highlighted his cheek bones. He looked like calm god. Yvonne tried to copy his position. It hurt. She stretched a bit more and sort of got it.

“Good,” said Edward. “Very good, actually. Most people don’t get the back posture right away.”

Actually, she had been trying to stick her breasts out a little further, hoping the swimmer would notice. But he was in another world. Edward was paying attention, though. He sat down beside her and demonstrated exhalation breathing. Yvonne tried to copy him with limited success. With attractive naked men on either side of her, breath control was a bit of a challenge.

Edward made a liquid transition to a tangled-looking pose that balanced on one leg – showing off a little, Yvonne decided. She tried to imitate him and ended up sprawled on the mat, laughing. She gathered herself up quickly when ankara escort she realized that her legs were wide open and her pussy was completely exposed. No one seemed to have noticed. She tried again and got pretty close. Yvonne grinned. This was actually pretty cool. Kind of like an adult version of Twister. She asked Edward if there were any poses that involved two people.

He nodded gravely. “That would be called the Kama Sutra. Perhaps you’d like me to demonstrate?”

Yvonne put her hand to her mouth, her face turning bright red. Edward and Nora laughed gaily. “I’ll stick with yoga, thanks,” she said when she’d regained her composure.

The swimmer ignored them. He moved into a standing stretch. For all his stillness, the heat was getting to him. Sweat ran down between his shoulder blades and his skin shone.

Done with stretching, Nora moved into a pose with one leg thrust forward, her thigh parallel to the ground and her other leg stretched out behind her. Nora’s back was arched, which presented her breasts to excellent advantage. That must do a number on the glutes, Yvonne thought. And it seemed to interest the swimmer. He looked her up and down, his gaze lingering on her tits for a second or two. Well, perhaps his interest was strictly professional. But Yvonne still felt a bit miffed.

“I’m going to try that one,” she said, and struggled into an approximation of Nora’s position.

The swimmer stood up and walked over. He put one hand under her front thigh and shifted her forward slightly. His other hand cupped one buttock and tilted it forward. He ran his hand along her back, adjusting the curve. He raised her arms, putting her in a variation of Nora’s pose, and then ran both his hands along the sides of her torso. Did he really need to do that?, Yvonne wondered. But the memory of his touch lingered, making her pussy tingle. Then he was gone, doing something complicated with Nora, his expression never changing.

Time passed. The swimmer’s silence fell over all of them. There was only sound of breathing and the drip of sweat.

Nora was now in a sort of split, her legs spread wide. Her pussy was completely open. Yvonne couldn’t help herself: She had to stare. Bare of pubic hair, the soft inner lips glowed and the pink hood that hid her clit beckoned above her dark opening. Jesus, Yvonne thought, I’d better not try that one. She stood up, wobbling slightly, her muscles remarkably tired.

“I think that’s enough for me. I’ll just watch for a while.”

Edward nodded. His palms were pressed together. It had the effect of bunching his back muscles. He let out a deep breath.

“Right, I’m with Yvonne. That’s enough for one day.”

He stood up and stretched, smiled at Nora, then lifted her to her feet. She stretched as well, lifting her arms above her head, pulling her breasts taut. Yvonne watched carefully as Nora lowered her arms. No sag. Another point for yoga? Yvonne felt a small twinge of envy, admiring Nora’s litheness.

Finally, the swimmer stood up, and Yvonne followed three very tight butts as they filed into the shower room. The recessed area in the room had four shower heads arranged in a square. It was certainly a lot larger than the shower stalls in her house, but it was still fairly intimate for four people. Yvonne held back for a moment, just a bit uncomfortable with the lack of personal space.

Nora, as usual, wasn’t shy. She turned on one of the spigots and stood under it with her head tilted back, letting the water run through her hair and down in streams over her body.

That looks nice, Yvonne thought. And I really do need a shower. And, what the hell, I’ve been naked with these people all week. She stepped down beneath the vacant spigot and focused on getting the water the right temperature. To her right, Nora handed Edward a scratchy-looking sponge and stood near him with her back turned, expectantly. Edward began rubbing the sponge up and down her back. Nora closed her eyes and purred. A moment later the swimmer was at Yvonne’s side, holding another sponge and looking questioningly at her. Yvonne smiled and nodded. Why not?

The swimmer began to stroke her back, just as Edward was doing to Nora. The coarseness of the sponge’s texture made her nerve endings tingle. She looked over and noticed that Edward had dropped his sponge and stood with his chest against Nora’s back, kissing the side of her neck. Yvonne looked away quickly when Edward’s hands started roaming over Nora’s body. The swimmer still had his sponge, but it had moved lower, circling against the small of her back. Yvonne sighed, the stimulation almost more than she could stand. She suddenly needed him to touch her like Edward was touching Nora. She snuck another look at them. Edward was rubbing soapy fingers over Nora’s nipples and his hips were jammed against her ass. The swimmer glanced over to check on them as well, but his intentions were less voyeuristic; he was simply confirming that his actions were unobserved. He moved closer. His cock, so serene and uninvolved earlier, ankara escort bayan made contact with one buttock. It wasn’t uninvolved now. Yvonne froze. The sponge kept up its circling, now along the sides of her hips. His cock slid across the soapy expanse of her butt and came to rest in the space between her cheeks. He moved a little further forward, until his chest was against her back and his cock nestled at the entrance to her pussy.

Not here, she thought desperately. Edward and Nora — they’re right next to us! She looked over at them again. The rising steam of the shower almost obscured their lower bodies, but she could see that they were facing each other now, lost in a passionate kiss. Well, maybe for a minute, since they’re distracted …

The swimmer reached around and pushed the tip of his cock between her inner lips. It was right there, right where Jim’s had been a few nights earlier. She leaned over a little to give him a better angle. The sponge was gone now; he held her hips in his hands and pulled them gently toward him. The tip of his cock pushed her lips apart, burrowing in deeper. The walls of her pussy moved reluctantly apart, and something inside her stretched, pulled taut. It hurt! She let out a little cry and twisted away from him reflexively.

She was breathing hard and her body was shaking. Edward and Nora were disengaging themselves from each other as well. Had they heard her? Had they noticed anything? Apparently not. They were still looking at each other, smiling. Nora turned off her shower and Edward did the same. Yvonne turned around to see the swimmer with his enigmatic smile, radiating calm despite his still very evident excitement. He bowed to her, his palms pressed together, and left the shower area.

Edward and Nora picked up towels and began to dry off. They spoke quietly to each other. Yvonne lingered for a moment, trying to reassemble her thoughts. She was completely out of control. It was if that night in the pool house had changed her somehow, started her down a path. And once she’d taken that first step she couldn’t ever go back to where she’d been. But it had to stop now. She gritted her teeth and forced her thoughts away from her aching pussy. She turned her faucet off and picked up a towel, looked around. The swimmer was gone.

She was about to put her clothes back on when she head Nora’s voice, sounding casual and chatty.

“What did you think of the workout?”

Nora was wearing a bathrobe and had started up a hairdryer. Yvonne had to step closer to talk to her. She took a moment to wrap her towel around herself. Her hands were shaking so badly that it took a couple of tries to get it tucked in properly.

“I kind of get the idea that I’ll be sore in the morning,” Yvonne said, holding on to the edge of the sink to steady herself.

Nora smiled and finished up with her hair. It looked perfect.

“You’ve got a knack for the positions. More than I do, anyway.” She walked over to a door on the far side of the room.

Yvonne wasn’t sure what to do. But she had to follow Nora to continue the conversation. The door led to a huge bedroom – probably the master bedroom. It was elegantly furnished with colorful wall hangings, a four-poster bed with embroidered pillows, and, of all things, a bird cage with a green parakeet hanging from the ceiling. Edward, towel around his waist, was standing in front of a mirror, combing his hair back. Yvonne hesitated, but Nora waved her into the room, still chatting.

“I always feel so loose after one of those sessions,” she said, collapsing onto the plush blue comforter on the bed. She rolled onto her back, the bathrobe falling open to expose one slim leg.

Edward turned towards them. “She just likes an excuse to take a long shower.”

Nora patted the spot on the bed next to her, pointedly ignoring Edward. “Sit,” she said to Yvonne.

Yvonne smoothed the towel under her butt and settled onto the comforter. This feels like a slumber party, she thought. It was a simple pleasure she missed from growing up. She had always enjoyed the feeling of freedom and closeness she felt in a friend’s bedroom with the door closed and no parents allowed. But her heart was still racing and the ache deep in her pussy kept distracting her, demanding her attention.

“What happened to your instructor?” Yvonne asked, trying to keep the plaintiveness out of her voice.

“Oh,” said Nora, “he only comes in for an hour or so.”

That made sense, Yvonne supposed. He was only hired help, really. He wouldn’t be invited into the mistress’s boudoir. She smiled to herself. At least not while her husband was around.

As if on cue, Edward sat down at the end of the bed and began massaging Nora’s feet. Nora made a contented sound and squeezed Yvonne’s hand.

“This is my favorite part.”

For a minute or two, Edward rubbed and manipulated various toes. Then he dragged a fingertip along her sole.

Nora reacted violently. “Edward! Don’t do that. You know how ticklish I am down there.”

Edward escort ankara flashed a mischievous grin and repeated the act on the other foot. Nora shrieked and pulled her foot away. The bottom part of her robe opened up entirely, exposing her smooth pussy. Edward relented after that and began rubbing her feet again. After a minute, he leaned over and began to kiss them.

“That’s better,” Nora said.

But Edward’s kisses didn’t stay on her feet for long. His lips moved along her calves and up to one well-toned thigh. Nora squeezed Yvonne’s hand again. Edward shifted around on the bed so that he could reach Nora’s inner thigh. She spread her legs to give him better access. Yvonne could see a film of moisture form at the entrance to her pussy.

This was getting a little too personal, Yvonne thought. Time to retire discreetly. She started to get up, but Nora held on to her hand tightly, her eyes closed, oblivious to Yvonne’s predicament. Edward was completely focused on Nora. His mouth kept moving higher on her body and his hands began to trace the edges of her hip bones. His lips nuzzled the silken skin of her upper thigh. Please, thought Yvonne, stop there. I don’t want …

But he didn’t stop. He crawled between Nora’s legs until his head was right over her pussy. He just stared at her for a moment, admiring the creamy pink flesh of her hips and her flat stomach and the pink lips shining with moisture. Edward’s head moved lower. Yvonne held her breath. His tongue snaked out and dragged wetly along Nora’s slit. She made a small “oh” sound and tilted her hips upward towards Edward’s face.

Yvonne’s breathing deepened. This is what Jim had been doing to her sister! She shivered, imagining Jim’s shaggy head between her own legs, or maybe the swimmer’s smooth one. Or Edward’s sleek one.

Nora groaned and lifted her knees, opening herself completely. Yvonne couldn’t help herself. She kept looking at the place where their bodies met, at Edward’s tongue swirling around the hood of Nora’s clitoris until a hard, fleshy nub began to peek out. His face moved down to cover her pussy completely. Nora and Yvonne gasped together. He must be sucking her clit, Yvonne realized. Just then Nora bucked her hips and let out a low moan. Her breasts heaved and the skin of her chest shone with perspiration.

The caged parakeet must have been disturbed by the agitation coming from the bed. He began to flap his wings and make shrill calls.

For a moment everyone stopped moving. Then, chuckling lightly, Edward got up, leaving Nora sprawled on the bed, hair disheveled, legs spread, skin moist with sweat. He walked over to the cage.

“You’re absolutely right, Curly,” he said. “You shouldn’t have to watch this.”

Yvonne was confused for a moment. Did that mean that they were going to stop?

Edward undid his towel, leaving him naked again. His cock stuck straight up, dark with blood. He draped the towel over the cage, effectively shielding Curly’s sensitive avian eyes from the debauchery. Then Edward seemed to remember that Yvonne was still in the room. He looked at her with his trademark boyish grin.

“You, on the other hand, young lady, are evolved enough to make up your own mind about what to look at.”

He slid back onto the bed until his face was level with Nora’s. He leaned down and kissed her. Their bodies touched lightly. His cock rested against her crotch, smearing sticky fluid on her soft skin. Nora kept Yvonne’s hand in hers as she lost herself in the kiss. Nora drew her knees back until they almost touched her chest.

Oh, no, Yvonne thought. They’re going to do it! Right in front of her! She couldn’t stay on their bed. Nora had to let go of her hand sooner or later. Then she’d step out quietly, get her clothes.

Edward raised his body slightly and reached between them, positioning his cock at the entrance to Nora’s pussy. Neither of them said anything, but their lips separated and they looked deeply into each others’ eyes.

Edward slid into her with a slick, wet sound. Yvonne’s mouth went dry. Her own pussy throbbed. She folded her arms across her chest, hugging herself, afraid that she might touch herself if she didn’t. But then, why not? They weren’t paying any attention to her, and even if they were … well, they were comfortable with her watching them. Why not the other way around? She sat up and loosened her towel a bit. Her hand crept between her thighs.

Edward was pumping smoothly in and out of Nora’s pussy. He pulled almost all the way out after each stroke, the prominent rim of his cock forcing her inner lips apart, then drawing them inside as he sank back in up to his balls. Their wet slapping sounds mixed with whimpers from Nora. Yvonne could smell their juices. She looked down at Nora’s face. Her eyes were closed, and there was a look of uncomplicated joy on her face that made her look like a school girl. A flush started on her neck, and her breasts moved up and down with each impact of their hips.

Yvonne realized that Nora had let go of her hand; she wasn’t even sure exactly when it had happened. She could leave now. But … she wasn’t sure if she should. Edward and Nora were sharing their most private selves with her. It was like a gift. What would they think of her if she refused it?

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