The Prize

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Lee and I have been married about ten years, and even though we still enjoy sex, the frequency has been way down from where it was. I knew he wasn’t cheating on me, as he’s just too good of a man, and I would never consider doing that to him, but I missed the days when we’d have sex for no reason other than because we could. We both grew up in strict religious homes where sex was only for the purpose of procreation, but in the early days of our marriage, we found it enjoyable, even if it was, as some would call it, pretty vanilla. We were both virgins on the day we married, and had never engaged in any kinky sexual practices or activities like watching porn or using sex toys. The closest we ever had was the occasional love scene in a movie, which we’d often blush and turn away from.

We had even cut back on how much we talked and I felt like we were drifting apart. I love Lee with all my heart and I didn’t want our marriage to end because we had stopped communicating. Sue, a good friend of mine from work invited me to one of those “adult” parties where they sell sex toys, lingerie, and other erotic items after I shared with her in a moment of frustration, how things between Lee and I were deteriorating, especially sexually. After some coaxing, I went to see what all the fuss was, though I nearly backed out as the thought of discussing sex in such a public forum was just against everything I had been taught. Sue assured me that it was a safe form and “what happened at the party, stayed at the party.” I was the only “newbie” there, as everyone else, including my friend, were regular clients.

When we arrived, I was given a ticket for a door prize that I had to write my name on, and a catalogue. I was shocked as I flipped through the pages at the different types of toys and negligées I saw. There were even things for the guys to wear, though many left NOTHING to the imagination. Our “hostess” was Kelly, a lady I only casually knew, and not someone I thought was into this kind of kinky stuff. She had always struck me as someone like me, sexually conservative and not adventurous. Yet, after a couple of glasses of wine, I learned that I was the only one not into this. Our sales lady was Kimber, a bubbly, full-figured, redhead who demonstrated her oral skills with one of the ten-inch dildos. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t choking on the dildo nor could I believe any human being could do such a thing. I always thought the term “deep throat” was something out of Watergate, not a sexual act. The purpose of this demonstration was to sell a numbing agent that a woman could use to ease her gag reflex and thus give her man the blowjob of his life. I had never given Lee a blowjob before, and he had never asked me. For us, foreplay was just the use of our hands, and kissing never went below my waistline.

I guess there were about twenty women including me, and I listened to the different women share stories about what worked and what didn’t work for them and why. I began to think that maybe this was what Lee and I needed to bring back the spice to our love life, but I still wasn’t sure. A couple of times I was asked to share, but Sue would intervene on my behalf and share one of her stories. I couldn’t believe what the women were sharing with me was true, but Sue assured me, they were. Kimber did her sales pitch, presenting different toys, lotions, oils, and clothes that were available for purchase. She demonstrated what she could, by rubbing a bit of the lotions or oils on our skin, turning on the vibrators so we could see and feel how they worked, and much more. Then she grabbed the bowl and said, “Okay ladies, time to pick some winners!”

Kimber had five different prizes: a bottle of warming oil, a bottle of massage lotion, some scented candles, a $50 gift card, and the grand prize of deluxe vibrator set with a bullet, a slender vibe for anal, and a full size eight-inch vibe that looked a lot like Lee’s cock. Now, everyone except me was excited for the big prize, whereas I was hoping to win the candles or maybe the gift card. The warming oil went to the woman who shared about a swing that she and her husband loved to use, especially because it took the stress off her body and allowed him to fuck her in ways they couldn’t do before. The massage lotion went to the woman who shared about using a strap-on with her girlfriend. I had never knowingly met a lesbian before and I found she was for the most part, a charming lady and not the demon I had been raised to believe all homosexuals were. My friend won the candles, and said if I didn’t win anything, she would share them with me. The gift card went to a woman who said she would book the next party in a month and that we were all invited.

“Okay ladies, the grand prize goes to…” she reached into the bowl and dug around, then slowly pulled her hand out and said, “Cyndi!”

Everyone looked around the room, as I sat there stunned and embarrassed. Sue squealed and said, “Cyndi! You won the grand prize!!!”

I slowly raised my hand and I felt the glare of the ladies in the room. Kimber bounced (yes, I swear she bounced) to me and said, “Congratulations! Ankara bayan escort The reason the others are so upset is because these are valued at over $200, are the newest in our collection, and won’t be available to purchase for another month. So, you get to try them out and next month at the next party, we want a full report on how good they are. If you do that, I’ll give away another full set as well as one of each so four more ladies will get to experience these.”

“Wait, I’ve got to use these and then come back and tell you all about them?”

“Of course,” said Kimber. “That’s the rule! Misty’ll share about the lotion, Becky’ll share about the oil, Sue’ll share about the candles, and Cassie’ll tell us about what she bought and how she used it with her lover.”

“It’s okay Cyndi,” said Sue. “Remember what I told you before, what happens at these parties, stays at these parties. Besides, our men or women benefit from these.”

The word ‘women’ threw me until I remembered not all the ladies were straight. Now, I felt bad that not only had I won the most expensive prize here, but that the hostess wouldn’t get credit for my prize. Even though I knew couldn’t afford to spend $200, I knew I would have to order something. I flipped though the catalogue until I found a nice pair of satin boxers for Lee and a matching baby-doll nighty with matching panty set for me that wasn’t too expensive. As Kimber was taking my order, I quietly asked her, “How do I use these… things?”

Kimber started to laugh, then stopped and said, “Oh god, you’re serious.”

I nodded and said, “Maybe you should give these to someone else.”

“Absolutely not! Come with me.”

Kimber grabbed my hand led me into Kelly’s bedroom. There in the safety, and privacy of Kelly’s bedroom, I shared with Kimber that not only had I never used these things, but that I had never given Lee a blowjob and was curious if she could share with me, a few pointers about it and how to do the deep throat thing she demonstrated to us earlier. Kimber explained how I could use a banana to practice on, explaining some of the techniques she used on her boyfriends in the past and how much they enjoyed them. She told me it was something that would take practice and time, and to not be surprised if I gag for my first few tries.

Then Kimber had me lie back on Kelly’s bed, and pushed my skirt above my waist and through my panties gave me a private explanation and minor demo of my new toys. At first, I was so shocked that this woman was touching me with these toys, until she shared that she was single, and bisexual. I was more than a little embarrassed that I had to ask her what bisexual meant, and even more so when she did. Kimber put the different vibes on my clit and I couldn’t believe how amazing the sensation was, or how close I came to having an orgasm with just the short demonstration. Kimber commented on how wet my panties got, and how fast it happened. I reached down and felt the moisture, and was more than a bit surprised at how wet they felt. Kimber also shared about how she’s used the eight-inch both vaginally and anally and found it, “mind-blowingly erotic.” Her words, not mine. I said that I had never had anything in my anus, aside from those foul and nasty procedures the doctor performs for my annual “female” exam that we all dread.

I was sure all the ladies were standing by the door listening, but when we were done, everyone was swapping stories and hadn’t even noticed we’d left. I carried my prize home and waited to share with Lee what I had won. For the next week, while I awaited my order to arrive, I bought a bunch of bananas and tried what Kimber told me to do. The deep throat trick turned out to be much harder than I thought. I also decided to try the vibrators. I started slowly with the small bullet on my nipples and then onto my clit, and was shocked at the sensation. My nipples hardened like never before, and they seemed to really respond in a positive manner to this unusual sensation. I was so aroused that when I moved it to my clit, I had an orgasm. The sensation was erotic and amazing. My clit tingled and throbbed from the sensation of the bullet’s vibration in a way I’ve never experienced before. The next time I tried, I put the eight-inch vibe into my pussy. It felt like Lee’s cock as far as size goes, but the vibrations were providing me sensations that I never knew I could feel. I swear there was lightning shooting from within my body and radiating all over as I orgasmed so fast I thought something was wrong with me.

My next experiment was with the thin anal vibe. I was so nervous as I had never put anything into my ass before (I don’t count those doctor visits). I put the lube that Kimber gave me as a bonus gift (she said it would help and make it easier to use) and slowly slipped it into my ass. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt, as I used it alone with no bullet on my clit, or eight-inch vibe in my pussy, just the anal vibe in my ass. It wasn’t as horrid as I feared, but erotic, sensual, and amazing. I worked it slowly, feeling every curve and vibration, until finally I felt Escort bayan Ankara a sensation I had never experienced before. My body tingled all over and I had been working the entire vibe in and out of my ass, working at full speed. Soon I had an orgasm I didn’t know I could possibly have experienced. I felt my pussy become so wet, my body shook and convulsed, and my mind blurred with all the new sensations I was experiencing. My curiosity levels were increasing about my new toys, and Kimber’s words echoed in my mind, but I was also struggling with guilt as I was enjoying these new toys, without Lee.

Happily, my order arrived the next day and I knew it was now or never. I slipped on my new baby-doll, and fixed Lee’s favorite meal. When Lee came home, I greeted him with a passionate kiss, explained to him that I had bought him the shorts, and asked him to put them on. His shorts fit him perfectly and the royal blue looked so good against his skin tone. On me, the color of the baby-doll really made my eyes pop and I felt pretty and sexy. Over a candle-lit dinner, I pulled out my prize and told Lee the story of how I won them and what each one was to be used for. I confessed to using them over the last week, how amazing they felt when I climaxed, and how guilty I felt about doing this without him.

“Would it make you feel any better if I said I thought of buying you one of these vibrators for you?”

I won’t lie; this did come as a bit of a shock to me. “Why didn’t you?”

“I just didn’t have the nerve to go in to one of those adult stores.”

I explained to Lee about how I had to try them, how Kimber gave me a minor demonstration, and how I wanted to do that with him now. I showed him how they work and explain that Kimber had also given me some lube for the anal vibrator so I wouldn’t get hurt. At first, Lee was resistant, saying he didn’t want to use them and that they made him feel inadequate as a lover. I begged and pleaded then told him that four other ladies were going to win these under the condition I used them, and since I sucked at lying, we could just use them the one time, and then I’d give my report and we’d never have to use them again. Lee kissed me and agreed.

When we finished dinner, I abandoned the dirty dishes (something I had never done before) and led Lee into our bedroom with my toys. I had lit scented candles so the room smelled sweet and erotic, with the soft candlelight enhancing the mood of the night. I knelt before Lee and slipped of the new boxers off his body. Kneeling before him, I took his semi-erect cock into my hands, and began kissing the head.

“What are you doing?” Lee asked.

I smiled and slowly slid the head of his cock into my mouth. I looked up and I swear Lee’s jaw was on the floor. I still couldn’t fully deep throat him, but I did lick and suck his cock using the tricks Kimber had shared with me, and the techniques I had practiced with the bananas. Lee sat down on the bed as I suspect his legs were getting weak, and he began to moan. He put his hands into my hair and moved it so he could watch me suck his cock for the first time in our marriage. His cock grew within my mouth and I ran my tongue around the head, tasting his pre-cum for the first time. I was more than a bit surprised that it wasn’t as repulsive as I feared, but found it sweet and salty. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and slid my head up and down on his now rock hard cock. I’d lick the shaft, and a couple of times my teeth would rub against his cock, but what I feared would hurt Lee, made him gasp and moan even louder.

Lee reached down, and lifted me up under my arms and kissed me with a newfound passion. Our tongues danced in their erotic coupling, as the heat of our kiss added to the intensity of this moment. I honestly couldn’t remember when Lee kissed me like that, but I knew I wanted him to do it again. He laid me on our bed and the desire and lust in his eyes was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Since my baby-doll has a separate panty, he grabbed them with his teeth, and slipped them off me and grabbed the bullet, turned it on to low and rubbed my nipples with it first. When I had done this alone, I got really aroused, but when Lee did it, the sensation tickled and I laughed.

Lee smiled and said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard you laugh Cyndi.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, I forgot how much I liked it.”

Lee kissed me hard and deep, as he took the bullet and began rubbing the top of my pubic hair, tracing my triangle patch until he reached my sex and my clit. I gasped with the sensation. “Oh fuck! That does feel good baby.”

Lee smiled, and I realized I haven’t seen him smile like that in a while, a really long while. “Wanna try two?”


Lee grabbed the eight-inch vibrator and slowly pushed it into me, then turned it on. There was a familiar scent in the air as Lee said, “God Cyndi, you smell so sexy.”

“Is… oh… that me?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I can’t remember the last time I smelled that luscious aroma. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.”

I felt the vibration Bayan escort Ankara begin to shake my body, especially inside me. I moaned and threw my head back. “Oh fuck Lee!”



He increased the speed in both as I felt him move the eight-inch vibrator in and out of my pussy. Occasionally he replaced the bullet with his mouth and I moaned louder. Why we had never done this before I will never know, but I knew what I wanted next. “Make me cum baby! Please!”

Lee increased the speed of the eight-inch beast until it was at max, and worked my clit with the bullet. “Come on baby, cum for me!”

“More!” I cried out.

“Oh yes, I’ll give you more. After you cum on the toy, I’m gonna fuck your pussy with the anal vibe in your ass.”

“Yes! Yes!”

Lee’s dirty talk was turning me on so much, and I couldn’t believe he was saying these words to me, or how sexy I found them. “You want me to fuck your pussy with my cock baby?”


“Tell me!”

Well, I would have, except my orgasm hit right then and instead my body shook, and all I could do was scream. I flopped around as I swear my hair straightened, my toes curled, and every muscle and nerve ending in my body exploded with the sensation from my pussy. Once the orgasm passed, Lee pulled the eight-inch out of my pussy and slammed his cock in to me hard and fast with the bullet still on my clit. Then he rolled me over so I was on his chest, kissing me deeply, and I felt the pressure on my ass.

“Tell me you want it baby.”

“I want it!”

“You got it!”

I knew Lee had already put the lube on the vibrator, and slowly pushed it into my ass. I moaned at the sensation, then I felt him turn it on low and we both felt the vibration as Lee said, “HOLY FUCK!”

“You feel that?” I asked.

“Yeah! Oh Cyndi!”

Lee kissed me and sat me up pushing the anal vibrator further into my ass. Lee thrust into me as my ass and my clit were stimulated with the new toys, and my pussy was filled with his magnificent cock. We started kissing with a passion we hadn’t shared in years as we fucked like a couple of teenagers. I felt the anal vibrator go faster and soon I was having a second orgasm. My pussy clamped around Lee’s cock, and it added to the waves of pleasure that raged through my body. Lee pushed me back down and began to fuck me with an aggression we haven’t experienced in years. Each thrust was deeper and hard than the last.


I had a third orgasm and my mind began to blur as Lee moaned, and with one final thrust, he shot and I felt him fill me with his cum. I have no idea how much he shot or how long we had fucked, but as my orgasm began to wane, he turned off the new toys, removed the one from my ass first, and then the one from my clit second. We kissed until his spent cock slipped from my pussy, then he slid off me and we drifted off to sleep.

I woke a few hours later still wearing my baby-doll top and saw Lee looking down at me. We started talking and before long, we were laughing and kissing. We made love again without the toys, but found we missed them. Over the next three weeks, we made love several times using the toys and found the lost spark our marriage needed. I had even shared with Lee about how Kimber suggested using the eight-inch vibe in my ass, and Lee was excited at the idea. It took a bit of coaxing to get me to try, but Lee promised if I didn’t like it, we’d never do it again, and he’d still fuck my pussy hard. I got on my knees and with a lot of lube, and passionate kisses, I felt Lee slip the huge toy into my ass, while I held the bullet on my clit. Lee only got about two of the eight inches in me when I dropped the bullet and began to orgasm harder than I had with the smaller toy. Lee dove under me, licked my clit, and fingered my pussy while the eight-inch beast shook in my ass, driving me to orgasm after orgasm until I nearly fainted and Lee’s face and chest was completely soaked. After a bit of rest, and a thorough cleaning of the eight-inch toy, Lee and I tried real anal sex with the thinner vibe in my pussy, (I was afraid I’d be hurt with Lee’s huge cock in my ass and the eight-inch toy in my pussy.) Lee went so slowly at first but soon he had his full cock buried deep in my ass, and he was fucking me like never before with the thinner vibrator enhancing the sensation for us both and making our climaxes even more powerful.

When it was time for the next party, I proudly shared the success Lee and I experienced and how we liked to use certain vibrators for specific things. I also thanked Kimber for bringing the spark back to my sex life. That night, Kimber sold at least one of the vibrators to every guest except the other winner of the grand prize, and I signed on as a sales girl. It didn’t take long for me to become a successful saleswoman and was only second to Kimber, as I couldn’t quite master the deep throat trick she could do. Lee loved my new job as we got to try out the new toys first, and I used our experiences to share with the women at the parties. The added bonus was the huge extra income I was also bringing in that allowed us to do more and enjoy a better quality of life both in and out of the bedroom. Kimber and I became a sales team and then later, a bit more.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32