The RA Chronicles Pt. 01

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The RA Chronicles: Part 1

(all characters are 18 or older)

Second only to retail, being a Residential Advisor or “RA” was one of the stranger jobs I’d ever had. It wasn’t a “job” in the traditional sense, but they did fully cover my housing, so I wasn’t much for complaining. I also never found it to be a particularly stressful position, my beginning-of-the-semester advice was always the same: “try not to die, but if you must try, try before midnight.” And amazingly, every group of residents I oversaw followed that rule.

I attended a rather large research university with a number of different housing options, which meant my “caseload” so to speak could be as few as fifteen residents, or as many as thirty, depending on where they placed me. I don’t know if I’ll live long enough to commit every interesting story to writing, but several do spring to the front of my mind.


2011, September

Our campus had several multi floor dwellings which we referred to as “towers.” In 2011, I was in the East Tower (take a guess as to the other tower names!) on the 11th floor. Just high enough to take the elevator without people complaining, too high to take the stairs down. The 11th floor had twenty-two residents and me, my room a single. I was just far away enough from most of my residents that I wouldn’t hear them partying, but close enough that they could find me reasonably quickly.

The first hall meeting was uneventful, as they often are. I met all the nervous young freshman residents, as well as a few sophomores. I made things fairly simple and clear, as I always did. I was practically on a script at this point, “Hi I’m Katherine but call me Kat, etc. etc. etc.”, it was a routine, but one I was used to. Everyone seemed quite nice, though I did notice a few anxious looks around. I assured everyone that I was there for them, and we parted ways.


One night, early in the semester, I was in my room, trying to study but actually playing Apex Legends. I didn’t even really like this game, but it helped blow off steam. I heard a timid knock at my door, removing my headphones as I moved closer. “Hello?”

A small voice replied, “Hi Kat, it’s Brooke, is this a bad time?”

I’d remembered Brooke as one of the more anxious residents during our hall meeting. She was about 5’5, shoulder length brown hair, and I remember from the hall meeting that she was sporting a tan, though time had passed, and she was somewhat less so tonight. I tried not to ogle the residents I worked with for obvious reasons, but I usually would. She was at least a 34D and had an equally nice ass to match.

“No, not a bad time, just, uh, give me a sec!” This warning was mainly because I wasn’t wearing any pants. In my defense, it was my room, and it was 2am. I stopped by the mirror, pulling on the nearest pair of leggings I could grab.

I briefly admired my body; 5’7, curly black hair, a 34C chest (thanks puberty), a firm ass considering I did zero working out of any kind (besides walking and sex), I was happy to be at a point where I could be pleased with what I saw in the mirror. My body image confidence was sincerely aided by the additions of a navel and nipple piercings, which, for the first time in my life, made me feel “hot.”

I pulled the leggings on and zipped up my sweater, with a flimsy black tank underneath. I sighed and opened the door, smiling softly at Brooke, who seemed very out of sorts. She was wearing a large gray hoodie, zipped up with her hood pulled up as well. I gestured for her to come in, and closed the door softly behind her.

“Is everything alright? Did you want water or tea or something?” I asked, sitting her at my desk while I sat on the edge of my bed. She cleared her throat and spoke quietly.

“No…no, it’s fine. I just…it’s kind of stupid, I’m sorry.”

Seeing a student struggle in this way always brought out my empathetic side, sometimes too often. “Hey, bahis şirketleri it’s fine, I’m sure it’s not stupid. What’s wrong?”

“I just…feel kind of homesick.”

I smiled and laughed softly in an attempt to reassure her. “That’s it? Oh Brooke, that’s not stupid at all. But I’ll say this, I know it hurts now, but it goes away fast.”

She looked up slightly towards me, “Really?”

I nodded, “Yeah, you haven’t even been here a full month. Once you settle in, you’ll feel perfectly fine, promise.”

She smiled softly, not saying anything, but I could tell she was feeling better.

“Is it…I know it’s late, but do you think I could stay here a little longer? Jesse…snores, sometimes.” Brooke said with a giggle.

I quickly checked my phone, it was two in the morning, but I did really feel bad for her. Even if she stayed another hour, my first class the next day was at noon, so I could sleep in.

“Yeah of course, it’s no problem.” I said, smiling. I reached into my mini fridge and passed her a bottle of water. “Does Jesse snore a lot? She strikes me as the kind of student who just doesn’t sleep.”

Brooke laughed, “She doesn’t, but when she does, she sleeps for ten or twelve hours.”

“Hmm. Hope she goes to class at some point.” I said, laughing with Brooke. I cared for my residents of course, but their academic success was not my responsibility.

Brooke looked at her phone for a minute. Her hoodie was so long I couldn’t tell if she was wearing anything under it. Most would, walking around at night, but it was hard to tell.

“It’s kind of cold in here.” Brooke said, pulling her arms into her sleeves.

“Yeah, when the AC goes on, they don’t turn it off until winter. Do you have enough blankets in your room?”

Brooke thought for a moment, “I should be fine.” She said with a smile, though she shifted uncomfortably, clearly bothered by the cold.

“Wow, you’re freezing.” I said, standing up and walking over to her. I put my arm around her and rubbed her shoulder briefly, though Brooke took notice.

“Oh wow, your hands are warm.” She said, laughing softly.

I jokingly pressed my hands to either side of her face, pulling away, “You really are cold. We need to huddle together for warmth or something.” I said, laughing with her.

Brooke smiled and shrugged, “We can cuddle if you want.”

I froze for a microsecond. I couldn’t tell what her intentions were, but I wasn’t sure it mattered. Was this a bad idea? Definitely. Was I going to do it?

“Yeah sure, if you want to. Just, uh, don’t say anything. I can’t have everyone lining up here cuddle every night.” I laughed, still unsure if this was something I should do. Though I could feel that resistance slowly slipping away.

I stood up off my bed, which was a full size. This was quite the luxury given that every other room had twin beds, but such were the benefits of the Residential Advisors.

“Do you usually sleep in a hoodie?” I asked, noting her sweatshirt.

She started to unzip it, “No, usually just a nightgown.”

I nodded and turned, taking off my hoodie as well. I turned to look at Brooke, now standing in a short, nearly completely transparent black nightgown. I nearly fell down as my brain attempted to turn me away, grabbing my phone off my nightstand and taking a deep breath. I turned back towards her with a smile, “That’s so cute! Is it kind of see-thru?” I asked as I actively looked right through it. Her nipples were bigger than mine, and completely hard.

She looked down, “Oh, yeah, a little I think.” She smiled and got into my bed, me following her. I was taller, and thus offered, “Should I be the big spoon?” Brooke excitedly nodded as she turned back away from me. I paused for a minute as I did my best to remember if I told my residents this year that I was gay. I was 99% sure I did (I usually do), but was this the one time I forgot?

I settled into bed behind bahis firmaları Brooke, sliding my arms around her as she conformed to my body. She sighed, “You are so warm!” She said, only slightly above a whisper. My desk lamp was still on, but I wasn’t getting up to turn it off now. I tried to make sure her nightgown was pulled all the way down, but it was hard to tell. I tried to keep track of how long we were laying here, as I didn’t want her to fall asleep.

“Brooke? Can you move just a little? My arm’s falling asleep.” I said, laughing again.

She quickly responded, “Ooh, sorry Kat!”

“It’s fine, just move a little–” in the middle of this sentence, Brooke moved quickly, and as a result, pressed her ass hard between my legs as she adjusted herself. As this happened, my sentence melted into a moan, my hand quickly covering my mouth after.

We lay there motionless for what felt like hours before Brooke quickly turned to me, “Are…are you alright?”

I smiled softly at her, “Yeah, I’m fine, you just moved kind of against me and…it felt really good.”

Brooke understood me immediately, as I could see a blush wash over her face in the low light. “Oh…I…did you want me to keep doing it?” She whispered.

I couldn’t put two thoughts together as I tried to assess the situation. I knew I was wet under my sweatpants, and that was about it. All I could say was, “Only if you want to.” Brooke smiled and turned around as she moved herself towards me. I stopped her briefly, “Brooke, have you ever…done anything with a girl?”

She stopped and turned towards me. “No, only boys. I really want to…with another girl.”

I nodded as she turned around and moved close to me. I moved my arms back around her as I felt her pulling her nightgown up to just under her breasts. Before I could even react, she was slowly grinding herself into me from behind. I slid my hands down and held her by her hips, moaning softly as she pushed into me. I felt her arm move back and try to pull my sweatpants down. “Eager,” I noted in my head.

I pushed them down, wearing nothing underneath as I pressed myself into her. She let out a quiet but high pitched moan, feeling my skin against hers. “Kat…” She uttered between moans, her movements reaching a steady rhythm with mine. “You’re wetter than I am…” she said, punctuated by another moan.

I stopped my movements, taking that as an invitation. I dragged my nails slowly down her back, feeling her shiver, and hearing her moan softly. I moved my hand to her thigh, rubbing softly as I felt her shuddering. My hand slid higher, eventually resting between her legs, her warm wetness radiating towards my hand. As I slowly but firmly pressed my fingers against her lips, I heard Brooke mutter an, “Oh God–” before quietly moaning and whimpering. I felt her gush around my fingers, dripping down into the palm of my hand as I slowly moved them against her.

I looked over to notice she was biting down on my pillow. I appreciated her not wanting to make any noise, but I was a teaser at heart, and couldn’t resist, well, teasing her a little. I took my hand away and grabbed her shoulder, rolling her over towards me. She laid back and looked up at me, her face completely flushed as we locked eyes. I held up my dripping fingers and slid them into my mouth, and back out. She tasted sweet, but all I could do was smile as I watched her face.

“Put them in me,” Brooke said breathlessly, “please, please,” she begged, as I slid my hand down and started to rub her lips again. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I was all-in now. I heard her yelp as I slid my fingers in, already feeling her drip again. The sound of her heavy breathing and writhing against my sheets made me feel wetter as I pushed my fingers in further. I used my other hand and pressed a thumb into her clit, feeling it throb as she thrashed beneath me. I was surprised at how quiet she was, most of the kaçak bahis siteleri noise she made escaping her lips in squeaks and squeals. I watched her start to shake and shudder, her hands gripping my sheets.

I could see her trying to speak, but she didn’t need to. I could feel her orgasm building against my movements, and I wasn’t going to let up until she felt it. As she got closer, I went for a finishing touch. I leaned over, my sopping fingers still inside her, and took her fully erect nipple into my mouth. I flicked it with my tongue a couple times before dragging my teeth over it, hearing her noises become more insistent.

I gave it one last little flick before pulling back, Brooke arching her back and reaching climax. I could feel her dripping down my arm right before I felt her squirt, directly at my chest, my tank top now sporting a wet spot. I took my fingers out, licking them clean again, as I let Brooke return to Earth. She had a hand on her forehead, her chest heaving. Brooke wasn’t the first exhausted freshman to be coming down from an orgasm in my bed, and she wouldn’t be the last.

I teasingly scratched her thigh with my nails, “You made a little mess.” I said, laughing as I showed her my shirt. Brooke, her eyes now open, laughed before covering her face.

“That’s so embarrassing.”

“It’s really not.” I said, laughing. “Not the first time that’s happened to me.”

“I’ve never…done that before.”


Brooke nodded, somewhat shamefully.

“Well, I’m glad to be your first.” I said, laughing again. I didn’t even want to look at the clock. “Uh, it’s really late–“

Brooke quickly interjected, “I can, uh…return the favor if you want.”

I paused and bit my lip. “Are you sure?”

Halfway through asking, we were already switching positions, me sitting up against my headboard as Brooke crawled between my legs.

“Just, uh…tell me if I’m doing good?”

I nodded as she licked her fingers and moved between my legs. She started like someone who had never been with a woman, licking slowly and tenderly, but unfocused, moving her tongue constantly.

“Just, let me…” I said, grabbing her head and moving it down slightly, “Yeah, right there, you just keep it, mm, right there.”

Now that I’d picked a spot, she grabbed my thighs and really dug in. I moaned out, covering my mouth quickly as it was turning to morning. I bucked my hips against her face as she continued, not slowing at all as I bit my lip again, trying to contain myself.

Brooke lifted her head. She looked up at me, her wide eyes blinking as my cum dripped off her lips and chin. “Am I doing okay?” Is likely what Brooke tried to say before I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her against me again. She continued working her tongue into me until I felt my legs start to quiver.

“Fuck, fuck Brooke, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna, oh god–” I said, before squeezing my eyes tight and gripping my bedsheets. My orgasm tore through me, being a little louder than I should have been as Brooke did not loosen her grasp. I was still vibrating and trying to catch my breath when Brooke eventually slid back, her face completely wet. I watched her lick her fingers clean, then slowly around her mouth.

I finally caught my breath with a sigh as I sat up. “You…you think you’ll be able to get to sleep now?” I asked with a laugh.

Brooke stood up, straightening out her nightgown. “You don’t wanna keep going?” She smiled, I could tell she was joking, but I forgot how much energy freshmen always had. She reached down and grabbed her hoodie off the floor, slowly pulling it back on.

“Thanks for…well, that.” She said, giggling. She walked closer to the bed, where I had still not moved. She leaned in and whispered, “I promise I won’t tell anyone.” But did take a second to drag her tongue over my neck before pulling away. She smiled and slinked away, quietly opening the door and retreating back to her room.

I collapsed to one side, reaching for a bottle of water. “God damn it Kat,” said the judgmental part of my brain that I did my best not to listen to. The next hall meeting shouldn’t be awkward…right?

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