The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 3

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Rolling the dice…

The estate was a 1960 architect concrete nightmare. Dozens of blocks of flats all of different design, all made out of the same grey concrete, with paint faded doors and decaying plaster board wall inside. They were going to be the buildings of tomorrow but tomorrow had passed them by. Its easy access roofs and it underground warren parking and overhead walkway made it imposable to police so they had stopped trying long ago. They stayed in their cars now only ever driving though in twos for fear of the gangs. The same things that made in a bad place to police made it a good place to run. I love the estate it was home, I hated the estate it was hell.

A roof top vanished underneath me as I sailed through the air the top of the next block of flats coming up to meet me. I hooted with joy as Taz crashed down beside me and kept going. I used to run like this on my own when I was younger but after 2 months spending so much time with Taz it had been so easy for him to join me. The words free running and parkour had not come out yet but I guess that is what we were doing. In truth it had become as much a part of my training as my time up one the roof at heaven. Together we learned how to control our muscle and just how much we could take.

I skidded at the end of the roof and used my momentum to slide down the wall. I pushed off and back flipped across the alley landing on the balcony opposite, Taz came down on the ventilation ducked above me. I ran along the banisters toward the end of the block, I jumped and grabbed at a walk way above me. It felt like I only grazed it but it was more than enough to send me up and onto it scrambling over its sides. Taz had to jump down without over shooting, he crashed ageist the far rail but bounced back and we where off again.

We jumped, slid and scrambled our way down 6 more floors and slid into the window for an underground car park. We where both bleeding, I had missed a corner on a jump and had ripped a gash along my chest, he had missed a landing and rolled badly grazing he shoulder, and panting for breath. We smiled at each other it was a simple joy but a pure one.

“So” he said “are you all set for tonight, your first full moon party as a member isn’t it?”

“Aye some of my friends are going to roll, it is a big day for them, and they haven’t stopped talking about it for weeks” I said. The full moon party was the chances ever 3 month that hanger on got to become members of the Dead Heads. No one had too, we would still protect you from outsiders but you where a second class citizen within the gang with few if any rights. So most joined up once the gang said they were old enough, I was an early developer so I got in early.


“Clepto Mike for one and ar’Faye” I answered.

“Really, best make sour Mike doesn’t nick the dice and little Faye I would love to…” He trailed off at the look on my face.

“I know she has to roll, she wants in, but you finish those words and friend or not I will kick your arse.” I said “She is my best friend has been for as long as I can remember, still I got a plan, so long as she rolls low.”

“Plan, what plan?”

“To keep that wanker Eddy off her, I want you to tell some of the others that me and Mike are like kin, which is true, but do it where Eddy will hear. He hates me and I am going to need help from that vindictive bastard to pull this off” I said

“Alreet” He said and we walked back to base.

We walked into the old YMCA and he went off to find someone to talk to in front of fast Eddy. I walked up to the bottom of the stairs, I still didn’t have walk up privileges but I was close to it. One of the Daves stood at the stairs, his prefix was Disco.

“Alreet Disco, is Bex up there?” I asked

“Alreet Rave, Aye she is up there, do you want to go up?” he asked

“Nar you had best go up and ask if I can see her, she hurts me enough when she is in a good mood with me, I will watch the stairs.”

He went and came back to let me up, Bex would let me up. Her room was part hospital part bondage chamber. I knew she would head there once Disco told her I was here. She dragged me in kissing me, deep, she ran her hands over my chest until she found the wet spot on my shoulder. She placed her thumb over the cut and squeezed. I gasped in pain but didn’t pull back, pain was just part of being Bex’s play thing. She slipped my top off and looked at the cut.

“Shall mommy kiss it better” She ran her tong over the cut, she like the taste of blood even more than I did. She kissed me again, I could taste my own blood on her tong, I was getting turned on.

“Wait stop! I really want to fuck you right now, you look amassing but I need to talk to you” She was disappointed but since I had taken her on a date our ‘relationship’ was now at a point where we didn’t just have to fuck. “Faye is going to roll tonight you know?”

“Yes I know, it has been going around. So is it true or is my dick of a cousin getting all hot and bothered over nothing?”

“Aye it is true but I have a plan, you get to fuck over Eddy and you will get some fun out of it works, so you want in?”

“Ok izmit escort tell me, but while you do I am going to have a smoke” She lit a cigarette I took a long hard drag. I smiled in expectation of the pain to come and began to talk as she drove the glowing red end into my bear chest.

The night was quite warm for early December, the full moon gave enough light that it didn’t matter that half the street lights had been smashed. I stood on the corner outside the YMCA, my body still hurt from the ‘conversation’ with Bex if she kept up her relationship with me for much longer I was going to have to get her to quit smoking. I nodded to most of the members that passed, exchanged words with those that were friends of mine, it was a simple tactic but most of them would now remember me.

Once all the big players had arrived I followed them in, talking loudly with Cain making sure people saw. He headed up stairs and I took my place by the door of the common room. The mattresses had been moved from the middle of the room to be replaced by a small table and open floor. 8 boys and 5 girls stood in one corner, all where in my year, most had turned 13 to look old enough to join. I nodded at Mike. He was a compulsive thief, I would trust him with my life but not my watch but all that had changed when be found cars. He stole his first one when he was 9, he could barely reach the peddles but he never stopped. I had put it around that he was going to make a good driver for the gang.

The elites of the gang came downstairs and took up their places on the walls. Lacy called Mike’s name first, I had made shore of that, people remember the first but after that it got samey. He walked to the table, Lacy set down a cup and a pair of dice. The dice where old, people say that they were made from the bones of a dead man but people said allot of things. Mike shook and rolled. 5 wasn’t a bad roll, any roll lest than 7 was good, Eddy’s boys walked around picking lads off the walls, I was the last of the 5 to be picked, and I looked over at Eddy the smug look on his face disappeared when I winked at him. This was a test as much for me as it was for Mike.

He stood in the open space on the floor and the other lads spread out around him. We smiled at each other and the bell rang as I head butted him. People chanted and clapped as he stood up well as the 5 of us hit him but no one ever stood for the full minute once he went down we gave him a kicking until the bell rang again and we stopped, this was tonight’s entertainment . You can do some damage in a minute but none of us had really gone for his head, he was bleeding a bit but we helped him up. He was in. I grabbed a bottle of WhiteLighting that was being passed along the wall and handed it to him.

It carried on boy after boy, the third one rolled a 11 and had to be taken upstairs to be fixed up. The fifth panicked and started swinging once the bell rang. It was bad form but he still stood his ground so he was in but they didn’t let him passed easy. The boys pass, they where now lads members of the gang and now it was the girls turn. The girls were going to run train.

The first was an over developed curvy blond with curly hair called Stacie, she had got a reputation as a bit easy. In fact I had lost my virginity to her in the school toilet almost a year ago. She was the fittest girl coming on tonight and I watched as some of the gangs top lads move forward, not waiting to be picked it was a good president for later. She rolled a 6 to the disappointment of some. Cain pushed forward, a growl sending other out of his way. Stacie began to take off her pants to the jeering of the crowed, you could see the wetness on the inside of her legs. I doubt she was turned on but the girls that were smart would have masturbated before coming here.

Cain pushed her roughly onto the table and undid his fly. He slammed into her hard, thrusting over and over again as we clapped and cheered, he pushed her top and bra over her breast and they jiggled with each thrust. She started faking her own pleasure but it was clearly not real. Cain finished quickly his body tensing over and over, he pulled out and slapped her arse hard.

“Next” Cain yelled.

This time she didn’t even bother to try and act like she was enjoying it, she just lay back and took it one after the other. The lads where horny and she was attractive so the count of 6 didn’t last long. I clapped as she stood to take a shaky bow at the end. I knew Bex hated this, if she had her way the girls would take a beating just like the boys, so I hadn’t cheered as it went on and I knew that she would be watching me. She was help away to clean up and the next girl stepped forward.

She was a tall, skinny, geeky brunette called Amy that was joining solely for protection from the other gangs. She was shaking even before she rolled, she rolled 11 but I smiled, it was good for me as most people that had a higher rank than me would have had ago, then the guilt hit I was truly sorry for the girl. Tears began running down her face as she stripped her chest was little more than two lumps around her nipples standing out from her ribs but her legs where quality yahya kaptan escort long and toned. Again lads push forwards, some looked for me to do the same as my status would have put me within their number, when any met my eye I nodded towards Bex.

Amy wasn’t prepared, she hadn’t started herself before hand, but that didn’t matter to one of Eddy’s cronies who went first. His hard entrance clearly coursing the poor girl pain, she was sobbing openly by the time he was done and the next lad took his place. It was a pathetic sight watching her take her 11, I looked to see the other Berserkers felt the same even Cain who had so recently taken Stacie. It would mean more support for me but I was a rough price. The lower orders didn’t seem to notice their leaders dislike cheering all the more at the girls pain, I think that was the first time I felt self-loathing for myself and my gang, it was an emotion I was to get used to.

Once the sceptical was over Amy tried to stand but her legs gave out and she feel. The lad next to me laughed and I had had enough of them all. I hit him, it was a beautiful overhand right my go to punch, and he went down like a puppet with his strings cut. His mates moved forwards but one look from me sent them back to their places.

“She just took her number. She is a member now! AND ANY ONE WHO LAUGHS WILL DEAL WITH ME!” I was passed caring about the rest of them. I felt Taz and Cain move in case I lost it and needed pulling off. I walked over to Amy and helped her up, my eyes begging for someone to stop me. I passed her off to a pair of girls who half lead, half carried the girl upstairs to be seen to.

I had the floor now, all eyes were on me and my eyes were on Eddy. Fast Eddy, my boss’s cousin, a coward, a bastard but very smart, powerful and vicious. Eddy had a thing for virgins and that is where my problems started. About a week ago it went round that Faye was one and Eddy heard. He wouldn’t touch her I had decided then and there, she was not going to lose it to that wanker. She was going to lose it to someone that cared for her even if that was me, I didn’t love her not then but she was my best friend and I would take care of her.

“Ar’Faye it is your roll” The dice fell and I broke eye contact to look at the number, 4 I could work with 4. I took Faye’s hand “Taz, Dale are two you coming” Dale was I pretty lad in Taz’s year, had a reputation as a heart breaker and I knew why.

Eddy exploded into motion talking so fast that it was hard to follow “You don’t too pick who is going to do her, I do”

“You didn’t pick Cain or any of the others. They did by being harder than the others, if you think you are harder than me I will fight you over her” the look on his face was worth the trouble this would get me. Eddy was 16, bigger and stronger than I was but he was a coward and I was a young monster.

“That is still only 3” his last resort.

“What you don’t think Bex can fuck twice as hard as anyone else here” at the mention of her name Bex stepped forwards, now it looked like her plan not mine, everyone knew I was her plaything.

“It has to be done down her”

“If you are that desperate to see me naked then you can fight Rave” said Bex

With that she took us up stairs.

The room she picked had two large beds and a curtain down the middle.

“Taz, you and Dale can have the bed on the right, you got as much time as it takes us” I said

Taz looked panicked, half crazed “You know about me, us…”

“Aye I know, I have been spending more time with you than anyone, you good but you need to learn not to stare at Dale’s arse when he leaves the room.” Taz was red now, I wasn’t sure if he was going to laugh or kill me “but I am cool with it, most lads would be into it but hay. You… Are… My… Friend Taz” My hands where flat, out to my sides, trying not to look like I was a threat.

“And Bex?” he asked after a deep breath

“She knows everything that goes on around here, she knew before me, hell she probably knew before you.” This got a smile “so I am cool with it, really, and Faye won’t have a problem. So you two have fun. Oh and” I kissed Taz “the rule say she must have sex with four of us, I think that is enough contact don’t you.” We both broke down laughing.

I pulled the curtain across and left them alone. I took Faye’s hand and lead her to the other bed, I kissed her, it felt strange and forced, she didn’t know what she was doing. I broke off and looked into her eyes. Faye was pretty in a childish way, chubby checks and a button nose framed by long strait red hair and covered in freckles. She was still short, not making 5 foot yet, her hips had begun to develop faster than her breast giving her a pair shaped look.

“You set this up for me” she said

“Well for you and for me, as you are very sexy” I laughed “and pissing of Eddy is its reward and Bex does like to watch”

“Watch, I am going to do much more than watch” Bex leaned in and kissed Faye. It may have just been the male part of my brain but that looked as a far better than my kiss felt.

Bex began to strip off Faye’s cloths. She gebze escort took of her top and bra first knowing I had a thing for girls in just pants. It was the first time I had seen her topless. Her freckles continued down her neck onto her chest stopping in a ragged line about an inch above the swell of her adolescent breasts. I slipped my own top over my head and she gasped. I really was a mess when I looked down, I had more than a dozen scars on my chest and the open wound from this morning run the where also the cigarette burns new and old and bruising all over the place. I had got use to looking and feeling like this but it was a shock to her.

“How did this happen?” she said running her hand along the scars. I almost laughed, she had heard all the stories of what I did, of who I was and yet she never really heard any of it not the pain or the damage.

“I lived, you want to try it sometime” this time the kiss was real, passionate and slow. I moved my hands around her hips until they came to rest on her waist band. I knelt to pull down her pants reviling her delicate little pussy covered in soft red hair, even on my knees my face was level with her chest, I kissed her between her breasts. I picked up the now nude girl, she weighed nothing, and carried her to the bed. I could hear groaning coming from behind the curtain as I laid her down. I took of the rest of my cloths and looked over at Bex.

“Are you going to join us?” and I put my attention back onto Faye. Her skin was smooth and her flesh was soft. She smelled nice and I inhaled deeply. I ran my tong along her collar bone making her shiver involuntarily. I felt Bex’s hands on my pants pulling them down, my semi hard cock sprung free. Bex pushed me to the side and so she could get better access her right hand found my cock while her left found Faye’s slit, getting a shocked squeal from her lips. I descended my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth, I sucked slowly, teasing with my tong. Bex let go of my now solid member to focus on Faye. I shaper intake of breath signalled when Bex’s mouth reached her pussy. I let her hard nipple slip from my mouth and move to the other. After a few minutes like this Bex toch my arm.

“She is ready Rave, take it slow” She said and moved off the bed giving us room. I lined my body up on top of hers, keeping eye contact and as much of our bodies touching and possible, she pull her legs really too far apart but I wasn’t going to bring it up. I pushed into her slowly giving her time to stretch and adjust until I hit her hymen. I stopped looking down at her with adoration.

“This will hurt, are you ready?” At the little nod I trust forward feeling her break. The breath look of pain on her face made me stop. “Do you want to go on?” again the nod, I kept it slow until I was completely inside her. I stayed there letting her get use to the feel. Then I began to trust still slow, building tempo until it match her natural rhythm. As her moans built with my own I notices Bex was now naked and touching herself. She grabbed my throat, pulling me up and breaking most of my body contact. I was about to push her off, to move back to the embrace with Faye when she leaned down. Her tong licked rapidly at the point where my cock entered Faye, getting her clit and the base of my cock. The new sensation almost sent me over the edge and it was only then that I realised how close I was.

I focused on not cumming, this night was about Faye, I was not going to cum first. I was lucky, Bex’s tong had drove Faye wild, her body was squirming all over the place. Her back arched as her orgasm hit, screaming my name. As her pussy contracted I came sending pulse after pulse deep into my best friend. Bex moved out of the way and I rolled of and lay next to Faye. Her body fitted perfectly next to mine, folding into me.

“I love you Rave”

I looked down at her and I knew it was true “I love you to Faye” and I knew I meant it.

Bex was smiling, I knew she was a romantic at heart even if she expressed it with burns. “You two aren’t going to sleep yet are you because in the words of a friend of mine ‘Now that is one’”

Faye whimpered slightly as Bex closed in…

We came down stairs satisfied and happy, Taz and Dale had kept it up as long as we had. After we had talked and they had decided that they should find girlfriend to help them hide. Amy seemed like a good idea, I doubted that she would be interested in sex after tonight and the protection of a guy like Taz would help. The party had broken up, I would learn later how angry Eddy was after, he took it out on the next girl, and had lost a lot of face by losing it. I noticed 3 lads waiting in to common room and smiled to myself, Eddy didn’t have any tact.

“Taz can you see that Faye gets home ok, I have something to do” he nodded and we went different ways at the door. I could feel people behind me. I turned a corner and waited. As they came around the corner they looked shocked and I charged, fist swinging, laughter ring in my ears…

I cleaned blood off my top as my dad walked in.

“How did it go ar’kid”

“it went well da, real well da”

I walked to my room and said to the wall “I love you, goodnight”

“I live you too, goodnight” came Faye’s voice from the other side and I went to sleep with a smile on my face

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32