The Temp Ch. 07

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All three people were frozen in place.

Susan continued to stare at the naked couple with her eyes and mouth wide open. Martin still had his withering penis lodged in Theresa’s tunnel. He looked over his shoulder to the HR director and had no words to say. Theresa lay with her legs splayed wide. She was mindful of Martin’s cock shrinking while his cum-shot drooled out of her slit. None of them were capable of doing anything but staring at each other in shock.

After a long time, Susan cleared her throat and looked to the floor.

“Um, sorry to interrupt,” she stammered nervously, “I was, I mean, I came to see if you were gone yet.”

“Uh-huh,” Martin muttered nervously, “I um, we were just–.”

“I know what you were doing!” Susan blurted, “I, well. Whatever you do, it’s none of my business!”

“Uh-huh,” Martin repeated in a daze.

“Just tell me please!” Susan said, “This was, um, consensual?”

“Oh yes!” Theresa exclaimed, “If it was anyone’s fault, it was mine! I was the one, I mean, Martin would never have even looked at me if I–.”

Susan nodded with her face still flushed beet red.

“Okay!” she said, “That’s all I need to know!”

Martin and Theresa still stared toward her, and she swallowed nervously. She was not aware of it when her hands cupped her large boobs and squeezed softly.

“Well!” she said, “I guess I’ll just, um, see you Monday!”

She walked quickly toward the door to the other wing and stopped. She was breathing heavily and the sight of the couple on the couch refused to leave her mind. She could still see them, Martin on top thrusting into the younger girl. Theresa with her arms and legs passionately wrapped around him.

“Wow!” she breathed, “It’s been so long!”

She began to think about the last time she had sex. It was a long time ago! At least six months! Watching them had made her soaking wet!

“I never even imagined Martin that way!” she muttered.

Again she saw his erect cock sliding in and out of the other girl.

“She seemed to be enjoying it!” she whispered.

Susan crept into the corridor leading toward the bathrooms and peered back toward Martin’s office. She wanted to see if they would continue making love or if they would dress and scurry out of there.

“Oh my God!” Martin moaned, “This is a disaster!”

Still naked, he was now sitting on the edge of the couch and leaning forward with his head in his hands.

“We are so screwed!” he wailed.

Theresa’s eyes welled with tears, and she hugged him. She was still naked too.

“Oh Martin!” she exclaimed, “I’m so sorry! I never meant for any of this to happen!”

“No, it was my fault,” he said with a sigh, “I should have known better! I was the one who let my guard down. I shouldn’t have said anything that day I saw you in the bathroom. I should have just walked away!”

“I’m so glad you didn’t,” she whimpered, “I was hoping you’d catch me.”

Martin stared at her in surprise.


Theresa blushed and buried her face into his chest.

“I casino siteleri wanted you to catch me,” she whispered.

She looked into his eyes sadly and put her hand between his thighs. He stared with wonder into her face while she started to massage his cock. Before he knew it, it was hard as a rock again.

“I love feeling it get hard like that,” she breathed, “That’s what really turned me on that day you caught me. When I saw your hardon inside your pants. It made me so wet!”

He groaned and sat back. She put her mouth on his dick and took it all in. In no time, Martin was thrusting his hips forward to meet her wet mouth. She put a hand on his testicles and sucked his length to the back of her throat.

“I want you to cum inside me again,” she said and crawled up into his lap, “Please take me Martin!”

Martin could only gasp in response. He pushed her onto the floor and shoved his hardon into her pussy. She groaned loudly and gripped his hips with her legs.

“That’s it Martin,” she whispered, “Fuck me!”

Outside the office door, Susan was captivated. The sight of watching two people fucking so intensely was arousing enough. To see that one of them was a man she had known for years, a man she had never imagined having any kind of social life, made her cunt steam!

She had to suppress a moan when she reached under her skirt and into her panties. She pushed a finger into her tunnel and gritted her teeth at the pleasure.

Martin was now sliding his dick in and out of Theresa at a slow pace. Each thrust buried his cock all the way inside her. Each pull back left only the head still between her lips.

Theresa was thrashing from side to side as she held him with her arms and legs. Her moaning was getting louder with every thrust.

When she came, she tensed and held onto him for dear life. Martin just kept plowing into her. With the slow pace he used, he knew he could go on like this for a long time.

He did.

By the time he did cum, Theresa was a sweaty mass of cooing flesh underneath him.

Meanwhile, Susan had cum three times while she watched. Her panties were pooled around her ankles, and she had pulled her bra up so she could tickle her nipples.

When the couple finished making love, she quietly gathered up her underwear and tiptoed out of the office. When she returned to her own office, she fingered herself to two more orgasms before she finally went home.

Monday Week 5

Having spent the entire weekend together, both Theresa and Martin were mostly sated by Monday morning.

Martin sat at his desk with a grin as he downloaded the batch of spreadsheets he needed to work on. He arranged them in order of priority and lined them up on his desktop to be done.

“Can I talk to you?” Susan said diffidently from his office doorway.

Martin looked up and nodded.

“Come on in,” he said.

“Where’s Theresa?” she asked warily, wondering if she might be out of sight under his desk.

“She’s not in yet,” Martin said, güvenilir casino “I always get in about an hour before she does.”

“Good!” she said with a sigh of relief.

She entered the office and sat in the chair facing the desk.

“Martin, this thing you have going on with Theresa could lead to trouble!” she said sternly, “It may seem harmless enough now, you know, when you’re both enjoying the, well, you know, the sex!”

Martin nodded sagely and sat back in his chair. He looked her in the eye to show she had his attention.

“I know!” Susan went on, “I’ve seen it happen in the past! Two people who work together, you know, they fall into something that they think is just fine. Then, after a while, the relationship falters. People become emotional and hurt. Then they start doing things to sabotage each other. It’s not good for the people involved and it’s definitely not good for the workplace!”

“I understand Susan,” Martin said gravely, “I’ve tried to dissuade her from coming on to me, and I’ve tried very hard to resist her advances! But it’s not easy!”

Susan nodded sympathetically.

“You’re saying then that she initiated this whole thing?”

“Oh yes!” Martin replied, “I never even imagined this happening! I certainly didn’t engineer it!”

Susan let out a breath and looked at the desk in thought.

“Should we let her go then?” she asked softly, “There might be some sticky issues with that. You know, being in a romantic relationship with her boss. If she wanted to, she could make a lot of trouble!”

“No,” Martin said, “What we’ve been doing hasn’t affected my work. I keep up with all the tasks I have to complete. And to be honest, I haven’t given her a lot to do! I’m just so used to doing things my way, I haven’t asked her to do much more than pack away the year-end files from last year! They needed to go into storage, and I haven’t had the time to pack them up myself. It’s the perfect ft for her.”

Susan sighed and pursed her lips.

“Well, just be careful Martin,” she said, “Young girls can get stars in their eyes. Try not to lead her down any paths you’re not certain you want to take!”

“I’ll keep that in mind Susan,” he said, “Thanks for keeping me on my toes.”

Susan laughed and stood.

“I’ll get back to my office now,” she said.

She left the room and seconds later the door to the main wing of the office opened and closed.

Martin looked down between his thighs in time to see Theresa tighten the grip her lips had on his cock. She looked intensely at his member as he blasted a load of cum onto her tongue.

Martin gasped and looked to the ceiling for a moment.

“Thanks for not saying anything,” he mumbled.

She grinned and crawled out from under the desk.

“No problem,” she said.

She swallowed the load in her mouth and swiped at her lips to remove the tell-tale white stains clinging to her chin.

Tuesday Week 5

Susan walked toward Martin’s office with a tingling in her belly.

Since canlı casino she had seen he and Theresa making love on the couch and then on the floor of his office last Friday, she wasn’t sure whether to hope to see them at it again or to ensure they never did it again.

She sighed with the uncertainty and then grinned.

‘What if I do catch them again?’ she asked herself.

The thought sent shivers down her spine and made her huge nipples visibly harden.

She glanced side to side to ensure no one had seen. The last thing she needed was for her coworkers to see her hard nips poking against the inside of her bra! She glanced down and saw them both clearly. Even the faint pink color showed through her button-down blouse.

When the inside of her panties started to get damp. She had to admit to herself that she was hoping to catch Martin fucking Theresa!

‘God forgive me, but there it is!’ she thought, ‘Watching them last week made me so hot! Even thinking about that memory makes me horny!’

When she reached the door, she paused and took a deep breath before opening it.

‘God, look at me!’ she thought sternly, ‘I’m a grown woman! I’m over forty years of age and here I am blushing like a schoolgirl!’

She opened the door and walked through.

If she expected to see Martin thrusting his cock into Theresa’s vagina while she leaned back on her desk, she was disappointed.

In fact she was disappointed!

She paused and tried not to let it show on her face.

“Morning Theresa,” she said as casually as she could.

Theresa blushed when the older woman walked in. She well remembered the moment when she had walked in on she and Martin.

She smiled and mumbled a greeting and then went back to stuffing file folders into boxes.

“Hi Martin,” Susan said.

“Hi Susan!” Martin replied, “What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing really!” she said absently, “I just came to, um, you know. Say hello.”

“Oh,” Martin said, “How are things?”

“Just fine!” Susan said with a bright smile, “And you?”

“I’m good.”

They stared at each other expectantly, each one of them hoping the other had something to say.

The silence dragged on, and Martin let his gaze slip toward her massive cleavage.

His eyes went wide, and he swallowed visibly. Susan followed his eyes and then looked at her boobs. Her nipples were standing out almost a half inch! They even showed the rosy-pink color they turned when she was really turned on!

She blushed bright red and threw her arms across her chest.

“I’m gonna, um, go back to, um–,” she stammered.

“Yeah,” Martin mumbled.

“See you!” she said and then practically ran from his office.

She glanced toward Theresa and blushed even redder.

On her way to the door, she detoured and went to the exit door instead.

‘I can’t walk through the office like this!’ she thought desperately, ‘In fact, I think I’ll just go home! At least I can finger myself there! I can make myself cum once or twice and then relax!’

She scurried to her car and started the engine. She drove quickly to her home and practically ripped her own clothes off as soon as she got in the door.

By the time she got to bed that night, she had given herself five orgasms. Each one of them more intense than the last.

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