The Travelers

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I hope everyone will enjoy this, my seventh story so far to be posted on Literotica.

In the past, all of my stories have been somewhat longer than this one. I’ve purposely tried to keep this one to the shorter side.

This is another incest story, and involves adult dialogue. If this is not to your liking, then by all means. Go find another one to read. All characters in this are aged eighteen and above.

I’ve done my best to correct any misspellings or words not used properly.

Any problems you see, feel free to contact me, leave a comment, or hopefully give me a 5 star rating and vote on this story.

Blessings to all…

Mr_Brady 🙂

The Travelers

James Barnes had been driving for many hours. He and his eighteen year old daughter Kim, were on their way to make a new life for themselves. After nineteen years of marriage, James had learned that his wife Karen had been having an affair with her boss at work for the last three years. Since James was a freelance computer software expert he was on his way to take up a new position with a software company a couple of states away from where they had been living.

The reason that his daughter Kim was with him, was because she and her mother absolutely did not get along with each other, and she asked her dad if he’d let her come and live with him. At least for the present, until she found a better place for her to live. That’s what she told herself anyway.

But it wasn’t lost on James that he and his daughter had had their troubles as well in having as good a relationship as he would’ve liked. As it is with most teenagers, it was with Kim as well. She had lived in a very rebellious way toward her parents, and most any authority figure in her life. But in the last few months, it seemed that Kim had the good fortune of getting her life back on track. She was seeing that most of the decisions she had made involving her parents and disobeying them hadn’t worked out in her favor.

So now, here she was traveling with her father, who she wanted to have a better understanding with. She was hoping that he felt the same way towards her. As they traveled the road they were on in the early evening. They began a long overdue conversation.

“Daddy, I’ve just been thinking about a lot of things.”

“What things are those honey?”

“About us, about our family, about how we seem to have really got messed up. And the truth is dad, I know I caused a lot of the problems in our home when I started acting like a total asshole with you and mom.”

“Okay, I want to let you know this Kim, you are not responsible for your mom and I breaking up. I appreciate what you’re trying to tell me honey. But you didn’t cause anything that went wrong in your parent’s marriage. Do you understand that?”

“I guess so dad. But I saw some things happening with mom that I feel bad now not telling you about. Like when she’d be gone while you were away, and I was home by myself. “Before she’d leave the house, I’d hear her on the phone with somebody making plans, about meeting them somewhere. Of course now we know who that somebody was, and what they were doing.”

“Like I said honey those things with your mom and I had absolutely nothing to do with you, and what was going on in your life.”

“And just so you know, all of us go through some kind of rebellious stage. I did, your mom did, and even your grandparents did too. We all have that time in our life when we test what we’ve been taught. When we try our damndest to live in a way that says ‘fuck the world, I’m going to do it my way.’ Oh I guess it’s not a good thing to swear in front of your kid, but you know what I’m trying to say, right?”

“Dad, it isn’t like I’ve never heard the word ‘fuck’ before. You know I’m an adult now, don’t you?”

“Yes I do sweetheart, and what a beautiful adult you’ve turned out to be. I want you to know that both your mom and I are very proud of you. Yep, you’ve gone down your own bumpy road these last few years, but I can tell, you’ve got a resolve to make the best for yourself. And as your father, I just want to do all I can to encourage you, and remind you of how much I believe in you…as a person. Kim, I love you. And I always will. No one can take that away from me honey.”

“For what it’s worth to you dad, please know I love you too.”

“It’s worth very much to me Kim. So very much.”

They let a few more miles pass before Kim asked a question of her dad.

“Why did mom do what she did. Why did she decide that what we had at home, and what she and you had…wasn’t good enough? I still want to blame myself dad, but I know you’re right. Her decision really wasn’t about what I did or didn’t do while she carried on her affair with her boss.”

“Kim, your mother always called her own shots as far as how she lived her life. There were many times I’d try to rein her in, but she just wouldn’t listen to me. She was always determined to do things her own way. And I gotta tell you, there were many of those times bahis siteleri when she’d break my heart in the process.”

“That’s why it’s important to choose the words we say to people. Our words are very powerful. They can be used as weapons…or they can be used as blessings. We get to choose how they’ll be. I know I’ve made my mistakes with that so many times. And I wish that I could take back many things I’ve said to others. Your mom didn’t seem to have the ability, so many times of being ‘self aware’ of her own behavior and her actions. Fact is, there were a few times that I told her to her face how impetuous she was. And no matter how pissed off she could see I was, she went ahead and did whatever the fuck she wanted to do!!!

“I’m sorry honey, but I just get so angry thinking that her’s and my life didn’t work out together like we thought it would when we were younger. And now, many nights I feel all alone. I don’t want it to be this way. I miss your mom, I really do. I miss having a woman in my life. And I miss having the kind of relationship that a man and a woman have.

“I don’t think you’re having to be told about the birds and the bees honey, but your dad gets awfully lonely sometimes. And I don’t think it’d be right to go out and find someone I could do a one-night stand with. That just wouldn’t be right for you either. But the truth is. I’ve been goddamn lonely. And right now, there isn’t much that I can do about it.”

“Dad, I hope you don’t mind me telling you this, but I heard a lot of the fights that you and mom had. And I heard the words…the hateful, angry words she used against you. I remember how she would try to get you do something to her. Maybe even try and make you hit her. But dad, you never did. Even through all the mean disgusting things she said to you. I just couldn’t understand it. I think by my hearing what she said to you, helped to shock me out of my toxic mess, and made me choose to be a better daughter for you.

“I can remember one time, mom told you how you weren’t satisfying her anymore. Dad, I hope it’s okay to tell you this. Please don’t think your daughter is some kind of pervert or something like that. But I saw you recently, right after you had gotten out of the shower. I saw you naked dad. And as far as I’m concerned with what I saw you packing, mom should’ve never gotten tired of you. Especially because I didn’t see one bit of flab anywhere on you. Is that okay if I tell you that?”

When James heard his daughter tell him that, he wasn’t sure if he was proud, embarrassed, or just simply aroused. He knew there was no way he could return the compliment to Kim without her knowing that just about the same thing had happened to him a few weeks before that. Not long after his wife had left to go live with her lover, he happened to see his daughter in her room. She must’ve not known that he was in the house, because her door was more than partially open, and she was totally naked. She was just there in her room, walking around. It almost looked to him as if she was openly displaying herself, or maybe it was that she was trying to pick out some clothes to wear. But it was overwhelming for him as he lustfully gazed, as she was totally in the nude.

James felt he did his best to turn his eyes away from looking at Kim. But for some reason, he just kept staring at his naked daughter. He could tell her eighteen year old body had grown up quite nicely, and he didn’t want to look away from watching her. She had all the attributes of her mother, with a few extra thrown in it seemed, for good measure. Her body was slim, but not too skinny. His daughter’s breasts had to be at least size thirty-fours, with nipples that stood out, and the areolas nice and brown, accenting her nipples. She turned around so he could clearly see her bare ass, and it was about the nicest he thought he’d ever seen. And from where he was standing, he could clearly make out her pussy, and the light colored hair that slightly covered it…

“And dad, I’ve got to tell you this too. Many of my friends that would come to the house told me that my dad was…and I quote, ‘a stud.’ I fucking kid you not dad. They said you were a stud!! ha-ha. I even had a few of them ask me if my older brother was available.”

“If you’re trying to get your old man to blush, I guess I’m about ready to do that honey. It seems I was blessed with good genes passed down to me from your grandparents. And evidently those good genes got passed onto my beautiful daughter as well. I know you’ve never had any trouble in getting the boys to be interested in you. There were times, more than once, when I thought I was going to have to get my shotgun out to chase some of those fuckers off.”

“Actually dad, I wish some of them you would have. I don’t want you to have a conniption fit, but there were a few of those guys that had me doing some things that I wish I wouldn’t have.”

“As long as nobody forced you into anything honey. I hope that’s not the case. Because if it is, you need to canlı bahis siteleri tell me. I’ll go to them even now and beat the living fuck out of them. I can’t allow anyone to hurt my family. Especially you Kim, you’re all I have left. With your mother gone off now chasing after whatever she’s got on her mind…this week anyway. Next week, it’s probably going to be something totally different. Where the hell did I go wrong with her?”

“Where the hell did we go wrong with our family? Dad, I know I’m only eighteen, but I want something solid for us. To know that life holds a little more than empty promises and lonely regrets. I know now though, how lucky I am to be alive, and to be with you. Dad, I know life hasn’t been the nicest to you, but I have to say how good it is for us to be together. For us to have each other. Dang, I think I’m going to make myself cry.”

The father put his hand out for his daughter to take, which she did. And both of them were getting even more tired as the road, and the coming nighttime loomed out ahead of them.

When they finally arrived at their motel, there wasn’t real good news waiting for them. But it wasn’t all bad. No matter what the news was, this was the only motel on this stretch of highway for at least the next hour or so.

“Look buddy, I can’t do any better than that. I’m telling you, I’ve only got one room available to you, and it’s got a King-Sized bed. And no, I won’t be able to do anything about the water situation until maybe the soonest tomorrow sometime. There’s only enough water in the pipes to use the toilet a couple of times, and maybe enough that one person in each room can get a hot shower. Take it, or leave it. Hey, at least the owner agreed to give you a twenty-five percent discount. What else do you want?”

“Okay, we’ll take it.”

James went and told Kim the news. He was concerned that she wouldn’t want to sleep with him in the same bed.

“Kim, I want to let you know I was able to swing us a room. The good news is that the A.C. is working. But there’s a slight problem with the water…and there’s only one bed in the room.”

“Dad, are they kidding us? That’s all they got? He’s saying only one of us can get a shower? That’s fucking crazy!!”

“I know it is. But do we really have a choice at this time of night? Honey, I’ve driven all day, and frankly I’m too pooped to participate in anymore driving for right now.”

“Dad, you’re right. I guess I was just hoping for more. And right now, more isn’t on the agenda tonight. I’m sorry for complaining. Let’s go check out our room.”

Father and daughter were happy at least when they realized that they were on the ground floor and wouldn’t have to walk up a flight of stairs to get to their room.

Once they opened the door, they were greeted by a room with the air conditioning already working, an adequate sized TV and fridge…and a really decent looking, King-Sized bed.


Even though he had insisted, Kim knew it was her dad who really needed the shower instead of her. Beside that, if they were going to be sleeping in the same bed that night, if one of them still was smelly it would mess it up for the other. She knew what she had to do.

“Look dad, I think it’s really the only option open for us.”

“Kim, let me ask, during your wild rebellious years did you smoke a lot of pot or something? Because you’re telling me that you think you and I need to take our one shower together. Do you know what your mom would tell me if she knew we’d done something like that?”

“Dad, let me just say this…FUCK mom, and FUCK whatever her fucking opinion is on anything. We have to do what is good for you and me dad. Not her, she’s out of the picture now. She walked away from us. There’s only you and me now dad.”

“But honey, I’m going to see you naked. Hey at least let your dad have some honor okay?”

“So you’re going to see me naked dad. What the hell, you already have anyway, right? I know you were looking at me in my room a few weeks ago. I guess there’s no harm now in telling you that I knew you were in the house, and I left my door purposely open. I wanted to see if you’d look at me dad. After I had seen you, I felt it only fair that you should be able to see how your daughter had grown up so far. I hope you’re not mad at me daddy, but I had a couple of friends that allowed their fathers to see them naked. And from what they told me, it worked out good for them, and their dads.”

“So tell me, who are you, and what have you done with my daughter? Holy living fuck Kim, how do you expect me to process what you’ve just told me!!?”

“Dad, I’m not sure how any of us can process what’s happened to us, and to our life as we knew it. I’m just saying that right now, we only have so much water, and we both need to get some kind of a shower. And we need to stop talking about it, and get it behind us. That’s all I’m saying.”

When the two of them, father and daughter got into the canlı bahis shower, with it’s limited amount of water, they did their best to get in and get out before the water available to them ran out.

As they stood inside the bathroom, but outside of the shower stall, they helped each other dry off. It was there that their final inhibitions were able to be done away with. As the father and his daughter stood together totally naked, it became simply the man displaying his naked form to the woman who was with him.

Flesh was displayed to flesh. Both were able to take in the view of the other. And that’s when flesh began touching flesh. Lips were brought together, hands entangled with hands. Eyes that couldn’t pull away from the other’s eyes. The realization became clear to the both of them that they were responsible for helping the other in this new for them, time of bonding.

They hadn’t even bothered in getting dressed as they found themselves laying together on that King-Sized bed in their room. James, the father initiated their incest as he laid his daughter down on the bed. Spreading her legs with his hands, he brought his mouth and tongue into Kim’s moist pussy, savoring her flavor as he drove his tongue as deep into her lady hole as he could. Within moments she had her legs wrapped around her father’s shoulders, with her hands pulling his head into her muff.

“Oh daddy, daddy, lick my cunt!! I can’t believe I get you all to myself now. How could she push you away? Ohhhh dad, that feels so fucking sweet. Your tongue licking my pussy daddy. Let’s never stop doing this with each other. Oh oh oh, yeah; I’m cumming daddy!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!

After the father’s tonging ministrations had brought his daughter to orgasm more than once, she had him lay his head back on two pillows, and gave him the gift of her mouth. Kim took her father’s cock in to her mouth, finally able to taste her daddy’s savory penis.

“Oh baby, yes, that’s nice. Oh, your mouth honey, makes daddy’s cock feel so fucking good. Oh that’s nice Kim, yes, suck daddy’s cock honey. Suck daddy!!”

As Kim gave her father the gift of her mouth, she thought back to when she saw her father naked. The cock that she saw then, she knew that she was going to do her best to get her father in the situation they were in now. She wanted to have his cock in her mouth. After hearing what her mother said to her father and how she tried to emasculate him in any way that she could…Kim knew she was going to do all she could to help her father in his travels and temptations through life.

James knew he didn’t want to cum in his daughter’s mouth. At least not yet. He knew they both were wanting to have each other in a way that fathers and daughters weren’t supposed to.

He had Kim lay back down on the bed. He brought himself over his daughter and spoke…

“Kim, daddy loves you honey. You have turned into such a beautiful woman, and I am so thankful that you’re sharing your body with me.”

“Dad, I’ve wanted this for a long time. I’ve wanted you to fuck me. I’ve wanted to have my daddy’s cock in me, and know what it feels like for it to fuck my pussy. Fuck me daddy!!”

The father moved his body into his daughter’s body. They were one.

“Oh dad, your cock feels so fucking good in me. Fuck me, fuck your daughter!! Fuck me and know that I don’t want this to be a one time thing. I want to take mom’s place, and I’ll be your woman, if you want me.

“Fuck my pussy daddy and cum in me.”

“Oh baby, I love you so much. Is it safe to cum in you?”

“I’m on the pill dad, it’s safe. I just want to feel you spewing your cream inside me.”

“Why my mother would ever give up this great fucking cock, and run off with that woman that she had for a boss, I’ll never understand it.

Dad, I love your cock, and I want it in me always. Do you hear me? Never stop fucking me daddy…ever!!”

If there was any self-esteem lost for James by his wife leaving him for another woman, mating with his own daughter more than made up for that. He hoped she wasn’t just trying to bolster his ego, or anything close to that.

But as he moved his cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy, he felt better about himself than he had in months. Could this be the real thing, with his own beautiful daughter?

He had to admit it, he was falling in love with her. And as far as he could tell, his daughter was in love with him.

As he finally reached that internal understanding about he and Kim, he felt his loins tense up. Having never stopped thrusting into her, James began voiding his semen into his own offspring and enjoyed a wild soul rocking orgasm unlike he’d ever had before in his life.

“Oh fuck!! Cum in me daddy!! Give me the same seed that brought me into the world. You’re making me cum again, and I can feel your cock splashing my cunt with your cream…OH FUCK!!!”


In the morning as they were checking out, James thanked the manager for their lovely night’s stay.

“Well, I just wish we could’ve done a lot better for you sir. We originally promised you two rooms, and then could only supply you with one. And then we had the water situation. We’re sure sorry about that.”

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