The Unexpected Date

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Before I start, I will disclose that the names in the story are changed, so if they match someone you know, this story is not about someone you know.

So, growing up in Southern California meant my wardrobe basically consisted of halter tops, tube tops, short skirts and sundresses; all of which were pretty much interchangeable except the tube tops. As every female knows, wearing those actually did require a bit of forethought. If an activity was very active or required your arms to be raised above your head, you were almost guaranteed a wardrobe malfunction. So going to a beach volleyball game or a job where you are getting objects continuously from a top shelf would be hazardous to a girl’s modesty. Also, wearing a tub top on a date was absolutely forbidden, for obvious reasons. Luckily, my job at the ice cream parlor meant I never had to reach above my head so I was free to wear whatever I wanted.

Physically I had long almost black hair, hazel eyes, 5’5″ and would guess a 34c-25-34 body. I never considered myself glamorous and rarely wore make up; however, I would still get a lot of looks and cat calls when passing a construction site. Seriously, do those guys ever work? Basically I was much more Marianne than Ginger and was not expecting to be cast for a Bay Watch scene.

Another important fact to the story was that I was very shy and my father was ex-military and very strict. As a result, instead of dating in high school I developed a very close set of friends who were both males and females, but not any official boyfriends. That is not to say that I did not go out on dates, just that they were always group dates so I never had a serious boyfriend.

Consequently, I decided to reinvent myself in college. I vowed that I would no longer be the shy wall flower, so after meeting my new dorm mates a group of us went to our first frat party. I did not really know what to expect and while we had talked about sticking together, within a few minutes I found myself talking to a guy with a drink in my hand. I found myself dancing with the guys who did not think of me as just a friend. I actually had to move the guy’s hand from various body parts. It was still somewhat of a surprise when he asked me to go to his room.

While I had to decline his offer as I was not yet ready that much attention, I did have to smile inside. I was actually being desired. From that time on, whenever I went to a party I almost always found someone for dancing. However, along with the offers to dance came offers for sex. Not sure why college guys think that just because a girl will dance with them that they are also going to sleep with them. As a result, at the end of my freshman year of college, I returned home with a lot more confidence but still very little experimentation. On the down bonus veren siteler side, returning to the group of high school friends meant returning to my role of cute sister, or so I thought.

So, my story takes place during the summer between our freshman and sophomore years of college. On this occasion we had plans to go to a movie together as one of our last get togethers, not the last one but getting close to it. Given that this was an inactive group event I had no problem throwing on a comfortable tube top and short skirt and heading off to work. For some reason the tip jar seemed to fill a bit more on tube top days but who knows why. Anyways, my shift finally ended at 6:00 but when I made my way to the usual meeting spot instead of the group 10, only Bill was standing there.

“Hi Bill, what’s going on?” I asked. Now Bill was about 6′ tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and was on the high school baseball team. Also, he stayed in shape through his first year of college. In my opinion he was the cutest guy in our group and I am quite sure the other girls would agree. He was wearing the usual So Cal casual guy stuff as in shorts and tank top, how cliché. On the plus side it did show off his muscular body quite well which was never a disappointment.

“Everyone went to the beach and they sent me to come get you. But to tell you the truth, I would rather go to the movie like we planned if that is ok with you?”

I was not prepared to go to the beach and was kind of mad that they had changed the plans without letting me know. “Sure, whatever. If they can have a spontaneous beach trip we can have a spontaneous not beach trip.”

Ken had a perplexed look as he replied, “uhh, so we are going to the movie?”

“Yeah, let’s go to the movie.” Bill did not always get my witty humor.

As we walked through the mall Ken took my hand, which sent sparks up my arm. I

almost pulled away but the casual conversation continued so it seemed almost natural. When we got to the theater Bill said, “Don’t worry, I got this.” as I reached for my purse. When we were sitting in the dark theater Bill again took my hand, which honestly made it difficult to concentrate on the movie.

After the movie Bill insisted on giving me a ride home even though it was a bit out of his way. Obviously it sure beat riding the late bus.

As we got to the top of my secluded driveway, Bill parked behind the large trees that blocked the parking area from the house. While this may sound suspicious it really was not. The lower parking area had the easiest access to the main gate so it was the one everyone used. As Bill turned off the car he turned toward me. “Laura, I hope you know how much I am going to miss you once summer is over. You probably don’t know this but being near bedava bahis you was the best part of high school for me.”

“Yeah right.”

“No really. I love this group we have but mainly because you are in it and I would rather have you to myself but at least this way I get to spend time with you. And I love your new confidence, it really is very sexy.”

“If that were true, why didn’t you ask me out? I was available all summer not to mention all through high school.”

“uhhh, have you met your dad?” He had a point. As I mentioned I was quite shy and coupled with my protective father I guess I did seem a bit out of reach. “Besides, when we came up to meet you I met your college boyfriend.”

“That guy was not a boyfriend, he was just one of the guys on the floor.”

“Well he acted like he wanted more.”

I just let that comment pass. A lot of college guys act like they wanted more from me.

After a few moments of silence he asked, “Can I have a good night kiss?”

“That would be nice,” I replied as we both unbuckled our seat belts and turned towards each other. As our lips touched the shock was so great I got light headed. As his tongue caressed my lips I felt them part allowing him to slide his tongue into my mouth. His right arm went around my shoulders and his left hand caressed my right breast. So, I guess we were considering this a date.

After a few minutes of kissing I felt a slight tug as my tube top slid down and his hand moved onto my bare breast, opps a tube top wardrobe malfunction. As opposed to other rare occasions where a guy tried to get under my shirt, this time I did not swat his hand away and actually kissed him harder. As he broke the kiss his lips moved down to kiss my neck, then moved down further to suck on my tits making my nipples so sensitive that I all but passed out. I pressed his face against my tingling breasts as he sucked and fondled one then the other.

As my head started to clear I realized that he had guided my hand onto his hard cock. I had fondled other guys’ cocks, but this was the first time there was no fabric between his cock and my hand. I am not sure if he had guided my hand into his shorts or if I had initiated that on my own, but either way it was the first time I had direct cock contact, so to speak.

It really felt different then the caresses that occurred over the pants. It was so hard and yet so smooth. The veins and ridges were somehow unexpected as was the ridge around the head of his cock. As I stroked his cock his hand moved up my leg and tried to caress my pussy. This time I did move his hand away and turned my body so that I was kneeling on the car seat away from his reach. This position also allowed my bare beasts to rub against his muscular chest.

“Sorry, deneme bonus I got carried away for a second there.”

“That’s ok.” I replied and went back to kissing him; not recognizing the irony that I was stroking his cock while not letting him finger me. As I broke off the kiss to look at his hard cock, his right arm which was still across my back gently applied downward pressure. Humm, was I ready to try this? I did not fight the urge and nervously allowed myself to slide down his tanned body. As I reached his hard cock I kissed it, guessing it seemed like the thing to do. Then I tentatively opened my mouth and allowed his cock to slide past my lips and into my mouth making contact with both my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

I knew that there was no way I was going to get his whole cock into my mouth. Just the head of it felt like it filled my mouth. I did bob my head up and down and felt more comfortable with it going further and further into my mouth. I found myself starting to moan a bit with excitement then realized that one of his hands had moved from my beast and was now caressing my panties directly over my clit. I was on fire and moaning harder. In fact, I was so attuned to my pleasure that I did not notice that his cock was actually getting bigger in my mouth.

Then everything happened at once; his finger slide into my panties to touch my clitoris and pussy lips. My hand went to move his hand away, maybe because I did not want his finger to slide further inside of me or more likely because I was having my first real orgasm and was getting over stimulated. Simultaneously, his other hand on my back went ridged to keep me from moving as his thick cum started shooting into my mouth. It all happened so fast and I was in such pleasure from the ongoing orgasm that I instinctively swallowed the cum in my mouth without really registering the texture or the taste. He probably shot 5 loads into my mouth each one instantly swallowed. As we both started to relax I sat up and came to my senses. As I pulled up my tube top I said, “I better not hear about this from anyone.”

“Absolutely not. You are way too special to me,” he replied as he also organized his clothing. He then pulled me in to kiss me again. After a few minutes of kissing I reluctantly broke away and said good night as I got out of the car.

I was a bit nervous the next day when we all got together.

“So what happened with you and Bill yesterday?” one of the girls asked me.

Bill quickly replied, “Like I said, nothing happened. We decided to go to the movie instead of the beach.”

“Yeah, aside from running to Vegas for that quickie marriage nothing happened,” I replied as I winked at the girlfriend.

“Wait, that did not happen,” Bill protested. Yeah, he really does not get my sense of humor.

“Ohh, Bill and Laura on a real date, what a cute couple,” one of them teased, and the subject was just as quickly closed. None of the group ever found out about that date or that Bill and I had several more real dates in the weeks that followed.

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