Time with a Mature Stripper Ch. 03

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We laid naked in her bed talking until I heard her stomach growl. The nightstand clock read 8:09. After taking photos and having sex, we’d laid there for over 3 hours. It seemed like only 20 minutes had passed though.

I said “lets get something to eat before you have to go back to the club.”

Stephanie said “ugh, I forgot my shift is in two hours. Do you mind running and grabbing something for us, Wil? I need to start getting ready.”

I replied “sure, no problem. I saw a drive through up the street. Burgers sound alright?”

She said “yeah, no mayo on mine please.”

She kissed me on the cheek and got out of bed. I watched her pale, round ass cheeks as she went into the bathroom. I got dressed and went out to my car. There was a fast food chain a few blocks away from Stephanie’s apartment. I went through the drive thru lane and got two burgers both minus mayo, two fries and two sodas. My dash clock said 8:34 when I got back to her apartment.

I went inside and started putting everything on the small kitchen table. Stephanie came in and she had done her makeup while I was gone. It looked great. Blue eye shadow that complimented her blue eyes, eye liner that was applied perfectly, a little pink on her cheeks, no lipstick though. It was tastefully done. Not too much. Just a little to make her eyes really stand out. She was wearing a tank top, comfy looking sweat pants, and sandals.

She said “thanks, it takes me a little time to put my face on.”

I said “it looks very nice. Ready to eat?”

She nodded and we ate our food. Once we were finished, she applied bright red lipstick. It would look good with her red hot pants, red bikini top, and red heels she had shown me earlier. It was after 9 at that point and I needed to drop her off at the club. Her car was still there from last night.

I pulled up and said “knock’em dead tonight!”

She smiled and said “that’s the plan stud. I’ll come to your place when I get out. Unless 2am is too late?”

I said “I’ll still be up.”

She blew me a kiss as she got out and went inside to change clothes. I went back to my apartment and thought about the last 24 hours on the way. I’d met a stripper that was hotter than any woman I’d ever dated. Big boobs, big butt, beautiful blue eyes, great smile, and dark black hair. It didn’t bother me at all that she was a year older than my mom. I’d gotten an excellent lap dance from her, and then somehow managed to turn that into a sorta date afterward. She’d given me an expert blowjob in my car before we’d gotten a late night breakfast. Then we’d gone back to my place and we’d had sex on my couch. Then this morning, we’d had sex again. Then again that afternoon! My dry spell was definitely over. This afternoon, I’d been taking photos of her because we were going to try a website she could strip on to reach more people. I really hoped it did well for her. I had a feeling it would though.

I got back to my place and started straightening it up some. Not that my apartment was a mess, I’d just moved in a month ago. But I made the bed, put dishes that were in the sink into the dishwasher, made sure the bathrooms were clean, usual chores. When I was done, I grabbed a beer, turned the tv on and sat on the couch. In the same spot where I’d gone down on Stephanie last night. I smiled at the thought. I found the History channel and watched alien shows until I nodded off. I woke up when there was a knock on my door. I looked at my watch and it was 2:25. I opened it and welcomed Stephanie inside. She was back in her normal clothes and sandals.

She looked beat and I asked “how was your shift?”

She said “not bad. Had a guy buy a private dance and made decent tips during my turns bonus veren siteler on stage.”

I went to the kitchen and got another beer for me and one for her. She thanked me and then sat on the couch with a sigh. She pulled a packet of something that looked like wet naps from her bag and cleaned off all of her makeup with one.

She took a drink and said “my feet are killing me. Those heels look great, but they’re not comfortable at all.”

I sat on the other end of the couch and said “here, prop your feet up.”

She kicked her sandals off and put her bare feet in my lap. I started rubbing her feet and ankles. She let out a groan of satisfaction. She leaned back and got more comfortable. I massaged her calves too.

She closed her eyes and said “oh my god I’m going to suck your dick so good for this. You can’t imagine how good this feels after wearing fuck-me pumps for four hours. That’s the secret Wil. The secret to getting blowjobs is simple. Rub her feet. Her feet always hurt. Men rarely know that secret.”

That sounded fair to me. I’m not a “feet” guy, but I didn’t mind giving a foot massage. I just didn’t want her toes in my mouth or anything. To each their own; just not my thing. But I figured foot content would sell on her site when and if we uploaded any. After about ten minutes, Stephanie let out a soft snore. She was asleep. I shook her gently to wake her back up.

I said “lets go to bed.”

Sleepily she said “what about your bj? You earned it.”

I chuckled and said “we can do that tomorrow. Come on.”

I led her to bed and we got in. I kissed her on the forehead and turned the lamp off that was on my nightstand.

She got close and said “you’re a sweetheart. I’m glad you stopped in last night.”

We fell asleep quickly, snuggled close to each other.

The next morning, I woke up first. I looked over at Stephanie. The blanket was around her waist and her tank top was askew. Her left tit had fallen out in the night. Yesterday, she had jerked me awake. I figured turn about was fair play and lowered my mouth to her pink left nipple. I gently sucked on it and twirled my tongue around it and felt it harden between my lips. She stirred and I felt her lace her fingers in my hair.

She said “mm, nice wake up call. I love having titties licked.”

I let the nipple fall from my mouth and said “good morning. Feel like fooling around?”

She grinned and said “I always want fool around in the morning. Morning sex is the best. I masturbate nearly every morning if I don’t wake up next to young stud. I believe I owe you a blowjob after you rubbed my feet though. Will you be able to get it back up if I suck you off?”

I said “absolutely. You can make me hard by just letting me see your body. Where do you want me?”

She said “you’re such a flatterer. How about on the edge of the bed? Want to film it for my page?”

I told her yes as she got out of bed. She readjusted her tank top, ran her fingers through her hair and put her pillow on the floor next to the bed. I grabbed my phone and started the video mode. She knelt down on the pillow and I got undressed and sat in front of her.

I asked “how do you want me to cum?”

She shrugged and asked “how do you want to cum? What do you think would entice the most customers online?”

I said “probably if I came on your face. How do you feel about facials?”

She said “I’m not squeamish, I just like it when a guy cums. Just warn me first. Ready?”

I nodded and hit record. My cock was already semi hard after I had sucked on her nipple. Stephanie started by stroking my cock to full hardness. I watched her and also made sure the view was centered on bedava bahis camera. She smiled into the camera as she took the head of my cock into her mouth. I let out a soft sigh. Her mouth was warm and wet as she lowered her mouth downward on my shaft. I felt her suck on the top half of my cock and she made some light sucking and slurping sounds.

After a minute of that, she raised her head up and ran her tongue around the tip of my dick. My hips bucked involuntarily from the sensitive stimulation. Stephanie also tickled my balls with her finger nails. She then made eye contact with the camera and very slowly lowered her mouth down my shaft all the way to the base. She kept looking at me as she deep throated me. I groaned quietly as she lapped her tongue on the underside of my dick. She breathed in and out of her nose once and then raised her head off again. Then lowered her lips all the way down my shaft again. The second time made her gag a little and she quickly raised her head back up. She let out a “whew!” with a laugh and started stroking me fast. I was getting close, but I was able to hold out for a while longer.

She let go of my dick just long enough to take her tank top off. Her big boobs wobbled as she did and I made sure to capture them on camera. Her nipples were hard and sticking out. With a grin, she took me back into her mouth with a slurping sound. Stephanie sucked hard on me and vacuum sealed her lips on my shaft. She began to bob her head quickly; her lips on my shaft felt incredible. Almost as good as her pussy felt. She kept up her fast bobbing and her lips pushed over the edge of orgasm.

I warned “I’m gonna cum! Ah, fuck!”

My legs shook a little as I felt myself start to cum. Right as my first spurt shot out, Stephanie removed her lips and grabbed my saliva covered dick. My first shot landed across her lips. She jerked me fast while aiming my tip at her face. She grinned as another string of cum shot out and landed from her nose to teeth. Another shot hit her directly in her right eye.

She yelped “ah! Shit!”

Her right eye had to be shut. She kept jerking me the whole time though. She stroked a fourth and final shot onto her right cheek. She stuck her tongue out and caught the last few dribbling drops of my spunk onto it. She swallowed what she caught on her tongue, kissed the head of my prick, said “thanks for watching” and then I hit stop.

I said “I’m so sorry I got you in the eye!”

She laughed and said “it’s fine, how do I look?”

My white cum was on her lips, nose, cheek and eye. I took a picture of the facial. It was incredibly sexy.

I said “you look so fucking good.”

She got up to wash her face off and said from the bathroom “think guys will want to buy that?”

I replied “definitely. I would.”

Walking back into the room she said “good. I love giving blowjobs. And after that foot rub, you deserved one.”

I said “happy to do it. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready again”

She dropped her sweat pants and panties and stood in front of me fully naked. Her breasts drooped slightly and her black bush was neat triangle. Her hips made her have a nice hourglass figure. Her waist wasn’t wasp thin, but not fat either. She was gorgeous.

I laid back down and she followed suit. She spooned up against me. My semi hard prick pressed against her large butt, her back pressed against my chest. She was laying on my right arm, I reached around her and started squeezing her boobs. I heard her sigh and she started pushing her ass against my cock. I kissed her neck and she pushed against me more urgently. I kept kissing her neck as I pinched and pulled on her nipples. Her ass motions against my dick deneme bonus got me hard after just a few minutes.

She said “it feels like you’re ready. Which is good because I’m so ready for your cock. I love young men. Ready again so fast.”

Stephanie lifted her left leg up a little and reached between her legs and grabbed my cock. I readjusted some to let her more easily guide my dick into her hot, wet pussy from behind. I loved being inside her. In a spooning position, we both started slowly moving our hips. This was a new position for me, but it felt really good. After a few seconds, we got the timing right and fell into a steady humping rhythm. I’d pull back and she’d pull forward which caused my prick to slide in and out smoothly. I kissed her neck again and started massaging her tits again. She let out a low moan and without saying anything, we picked up the pace. My cock would pull nearly completely out before thrusting all the way back into her. Stephanie made soft moaning sounds after every few thrusts.

The clapping sound of my hips and her ass slamming together got louder as we fucked harder. She reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clit. I could hear my dick sliding in and out of her pussy; the slick sound was turning me on even more. Stephanie’s pussy was starting to grip me tighter on each inward push and her breathing was coming out in pants and gasps. I pinched and pulled her nipples a little harder and she made a “ah!” sound.

She panted “oh god, you’re going to make me cum. Oh god, so close. Close. Ahhohfuck!”

She slammed herself back onto my cock and then suddenly stopped. My cock was deep in her and her cunt clamped around it. She ground her ass against me as her hips shook. She withdrew her arm and stopped rubbing her clit. I gently massaged her boobs while she came. Deep moans escaped her mouth as she rode out her orgasm. After a minute, she started to catch her breath and stop shaking.

She said “did you cum? You still feel hard in me.”

I said “no not yet. Do you want to keep going?

She said “no, I can’t. Too sensitive after that. I’ll take care of you though. Let me blow you for you, instead of the camera this time. I want to swallow your load.”

She slid out of bed and got back onto her knees. I moved back to the edge of the bed and she sucked me back into her mouth. I put my right hand into her hair and she started bobbing fast right away. She made an “mmm” sound and I knew she was tasting her own cum and pussy on my cock. Her tongue was moving on my shaft and swirling around my tip. I pushed her head down further on my shaft and she looked up and smiled around my cock in her mouth. I was close to cumming, stood up.

She sat back on her feet and I said “open your mouth, I’m going to cum.”

Stephanie opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out a little. I stroked my cock fast and pointed the tip at her tongue. I looked down into her eyes and she winked at me. That did it. I groaned and came hard. I spurted out one, two, three, four, five thick shots onto her tongue. My white spunk was pooled in the bottom of her mouth covering her tongue. She grinned up at me and swallowed my cum in one big gulp. I sat down on the bed and she kissed my cock and laid her head on my thigh.

She said “your cum is tasty. I hope you didn’t mind getting off in my mouth instead of my pussy.”

I laughed and said “no, it was great. I want to cum with you in every way I can. Face, mouth, between your boobs, pussy, you name it and I want to do it.”

She raised her head and said “well good. I don’t have to work today. What do you say we take pictures all day and get off a hundred times?”

I laughed and said “the spirit is willing but I don’t know if I can go quite that many times, but yeah, lets make some content.”

She said “first though, breakfast.”

I nodded and we went to the kitchen.


Thanks for reading. I’ll keep writing if you all like them.

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