Tina and The Janitor

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Ball Gag

So, you might already know that i live with Pete, the old guy that likes to wank using my underwear. I often went to sleep late so i could stand at Pete’s door, listening to him jack off using my dirty panties. I had taken to standing outside, naked, rubbing my clit and sliding my fingers into my wet pussy. Waiting for him to cum and trying to time it so i came at the same time. I even kept a pair of my lacey panties that had his cum all over them, sucking them so i could taste him every time i masturbated.

I had finished my course to teach foreign students English, and got a job at a local high school. It was fun, the other teachers were welcoming. There were lots of hot men. I was hoping to go out with them after work and suss out if anyone was single, so i could get rid of my sexual frustrations with a hard cock rather than with my own hands.

I worked late a few times so i was prepared for my lessons the day before.

One night at school, i was still there quite late, everything i had saved earlier on my computer had gone. I finally finished but couldn’t see anyone else in the building. The door to the exit was locked, but i knew the janitor had a spare key and he should be around somewhere.

I went to his room, but no sign of him. Looking through the cabinet, i found the key. As i bent over to get it, my ass sticking up in the air, i knocked over a huge packet of nails all over the floor. I heard a low growl at the same time as a hand gave me a little slap on my butt. I whipped my head around, seeing Eddie, the janitor. He looked at me up and down.

“What are you doing, you naughty girl?” “Oh, I’m sorry Eddie.” I stammered. Feeling the heat rising to my face. “I was looking for you, to get the key for the front door.”

Eddie was in his early fifties. A shaved head, huge muscles, a little weight on his belly, and tattooed arms. He was a little rough, but in a hot way

“Hmmm, well look at that mess you’ve made. I suggest you pick all that up right now.” He said with a smirk.

I bahis şirketleri got down on my hands and knees to pick all the nails up. There were tons of them, rolled all across the small room. “Mmmm…nice view there Tina” Eddie growled. My ass stuck up in the air, my skirt riding up and my panties on show. I felt his hands suddenly on my ass cheeks, slowly rubbing and massaging them. He then started to part my panties and slid his finger down my crack. I let out a little moan.

“You like that huh babygirl?” He asked, “Mmhmm” i replied, suddenly feeling very horny.

Staying bent over on the floor with my hips up, he ran his fingers further round, sliding them over my mound. “Oh honey, you’re already wet for your Daddy.” I felt my pussy shiver with anticipation. He put one hand around my waist and his fingers were quickly under my panties. Brushing the outside of my lips, i couldn’t help but let out another moan. It had been a long time since someone else had taken charge. He kept rubbing while whispering in my ear, “Oh baby, i am gonna fuck you so hard you’re not going to be able to keep the smile off your face when you see me tomorrow.”

Slowly he started to slide his finger in between my lips, up and down getting faster and faster, growling in my ear, his thumb circling my swollen clit as i gasped. “All in good time Tina baby” he said. Taking his hand away, i could hear him sucking his fingers. “Oh you taste like honey. I’m gonna have me a taste of that.”

“Get up off the floor and lean onto the counter.” I did as i was told. Leaning over the work counter with my chest on it. He slowly pulled my panties off, sliding them down my legs. Eddie grabbed my right leg, shoving it up onto the counter, exposing my butt and now my increasingly wet pussy. With his fingers rubbing over my ass cheeks, he bent down. He started to lick up the top of my legs, over my cheeks, getting to the top of my crack. His tongue slipped down and he left a wet trail, spreading my cheeks wide he continued bahis firmaları to lick down and stopped at my rosebud. “Mmmm…” I groaned as he suddenly stuck the tip of his tongue in my hole. He carried on under and got to the bottom of my pussy, lapping up the juices that had started to dribble down. “Well Tina baby, you’re gonna get a lot more wet than that.”

Eddie was now crouching down, pushing my leg higher, with his nose against my butt, licking furiously. “Oh my god Eddie, please do it harder.” he took his hand off my leg and shoved a finger hard up my cunt. It felt amazing. “Oooooh yeah, harder” “You’re definitely a little slut huh? Say it Tina, I’m a little slut, you dirty, naughty girl.” “I’m a slut, and i want your cock inside me.” With that, he rubbed my clit hard and continued licking me.

I heard him pulling his belt and opening his zipper. He whipped his belt out, cracking it on the floor. “Tina, naughty girls get a spanking, and you deserve a few.” With that he slapped my butt hard. Ouch! He rubbed it with his hand, and the next slap came. “Aaahhhh” i moaned loudly. This happened a few more times, in between him rubbing my ass. Suddenly, i felt his belt spanking me, so hard. “That’s it honey, you love being spanked with my belt.” Giving me another crack with it, i had tears running down my face, it was so sore but i felt so horny.

“Thats enough for now” he said, throwing his belt on the floor. Grabbing my hand he turned me round, putting it on his cock, which was very hard and very big. “Play with it bitch.” I held the head of his dick while he thrust himself in and out of my curled hand, my hand moving with the rhythm. He snaked a hand down my body again and continued to rub and pinch my clit. “Play with your tits, pinch your nipples until they’re angry and poking out.” He groaned. I did as he asked, touching my nipples.

He started to moan and grunt as i moved my hands up and down his dick, his head dribbling with pre-cum. He pushed his fingers back in and out of my pussy kaçak bahis siteleri until it was sopping. Grabbing my leg and pushing it up again until i was wide open, he suddenly shoved his hard cock into me. Oh my god, it felt amazing, filling me right up, squelching as his juices mixed with mine. “You’re so big Eddie,” i moaned, “and you’re so tight Tina.” he gasped. He started to fuck me hard, then slowly pulling out and ramming it back in. Both of us groaning together. It felt so hot. I started playing with my clit at the same time, my pussy pulsing as he brought me to my first orgasm. “I’m going to cum,” i screamed, feeling myself pulsing around his cock.

Suddenly the door burst open and his colleague Terry was standing there. Not missing a stride, Eddie laughed and told him he was a little busy right now. I would have been embarrassed if i hadn’t been so turned on. “So i see Eddie, but what’s in it for me?” He asked rubbing his boner through his trousers. “Turn round Tina and suck his dick while i fuck you.” Terry pulled his dick from his trousers and i turned, bent over and took it in my mouth. Eddie shifted back around me, thrusting himself back into my wetness. He moved his hand round and played with my clit at the same time.

Meanwhile, i took the head of Terrys cock, licking the tip, putting my tongue into the hole, sucking his salty taste. Shoving more of him inside my mouth, he grabbed my head, pulling it towards him, fucking my mouth at the same time as Eddie was fucking my pussy. Both of them groaning in time. Me moaning against Terrys cock. “I’m gonna cum Eddie” shouted Terry. Keeping my head still he grunted loudly, filling my mouth with his salty seed, just as Eddie thrust in for the last time, screaming “Fuck me,” finally shooting his load in me. While still rubbing my clit fast, i came hard, as Eddie slowly slipped out of me.

“Well, that more than made up for your mistake Tina, leave your panties here and Terry will let you out.” Breathing hard, i walked with Terry in shaky legs as he opened the back door, and i left, with cum dribbling down the insides of my legs and still tasting it in my mouth. Feeling so satisfied, as i walked away, wondering what else i could do next time in order to get into trouble.

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