Troubled Roads Ch. 01

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This particular chapter contains mild themes of peril to be used in later chapters but is mostly a memory of a young woman’s first time.

Echoing throughout the empty darkness around her, Faye’s near maniacal laugh cut through the silence of the night with sharpness akin to a razor blade. It had been only thirty minutes since the last gas station, but at 70 miles an hour it might as well have been an ocean away. Whether here among the arid badlands or among the crashing waves of the Atlantic she was alone all the same.

Knowing even before she peered at the face of her cracked and dying cell phone, she confirmed that she was without signal and without much battery. Alone,in the middle of the night, on a dark and lonesome road, and with very few resources available to her, Faye just kept laughing. A stomach rolling laugh on the verge of despair.

She had just had to push her luck…

“Balls.”, she grunted when her fit of laughter subsided.

Her step-mom had warned her that the tire looked a little flat before Faye had left for the weeklong 25th birthday vacation in Las Vegas. Faye had assured Cathy that she would air up the tire at the first gas station she came across, but of course Faye had not wanted to stop at the very first station at the edge of her small hometown, nor the next station just off the highway, nor the next station at the intersection of the highway and this oh so quaint scenic route.

She eventually forgot about the tire until about 2 minutes ago when there was the sound of rapidly escaping air and a sharp pull to the right that quickly brought her beat up Ford truck to a stop on the edge of the broken asphalt where the road met the arid dirt.

“Well, I really hope that donut is still good.” Faye sighed and shook her head. She just didn’t know what would happen if the spare tire was bad. It could be hours until another person found her and even longer until someone stopped to help.

Making her way back to where the spare was kept, she opened the compartment to find a relatively fine looking temporary tire and the tools needed to lift the truck and unfasten the bolts securing the now exploded rubber mess that had once been her front right wheel.

After roughly 5 minutes, Faye had jacked up the truck and was attempting to unfasten the first lugnut when she realized she really might be in trouble. The nut was tight, like really tight, like rusted together tight and she was very concerned she might not have the strength or weight to break it loose without slipping the truck off the jack.

All things being equal, Faye possessed both the strength and leverage to break the nut loose, but things were not equal and though her 6′ 1″ frame was heavier than many young women her age, the corrosion of many months or even years (when was the last time she had rotated the tires…) held the bolt firmly in place.

“Double balls.” Another grunt.

Faye was no couch potato, and possessed muscles more than a few men might envy, but she just couldn’t get this bolt loose. She stood back and breathed deep trying not to sweat from the exertion.

Faye stood erect at her full 6′ 1″ height and stretched her arms up towards the plethora of stars overhead and took in the night for a moment. A cool breeze graced her pale skin and lapped at the freckled curves as though eager to envelop her in momentary comfort and safety. Her fiery orange hair softly ebbed to and fro on the breeze, tickling her nose, shoulders, and the exposed skin of her upper back.

Though she had tried not to sweat too much, moisture had nevertheless blotched her white dress in places, sticking casino siteleri the fabric to her skin and becoming semi-transparent. Additionally, after bending low to torque the jack she also felt in this moment her white cotton panties riding snuggly between her ass cheeks, exactly where they were not supposed to be if she was to be comfortable.

Picking the cotton fabric back out from their none to welcome home, Faye reflected on the turn of events and what exactly she could do. After only a short time she realized there just wasn’t much within her power to do. Then she started contemplating what exactly she was willing to do if the opportunity arose.

Talking quietly to herself, Faye paced back and forth along the edge of the road punctuation each sentence with a noncommittal hand gesture.

“I have 13 dollars in my wallet. If I’m lucky I just pay someone for help and go about my way. But if I’m not lucky…what exactly could I offer?”

She thought deeply at this and the only answers that presented themselves were, well, favors of a sexual nature. Faye was not totally inexperienced with sex or sexuality in general but could she really do something with someone she didn’t even know? Someone that would just take advantage of the situation? What if it was another woman? Faye had kissed girls before and even felt up Kamilla Harrison during her Freshman year in college but more than that was beyond her understanding. She appreciated the female form, and had flicked the bean more than once to her celebrity girl crushes Amy and Eva but would she be able to do more with a woman?

Would she be able to do more, or anything really, with a man she didn’t know either? Having at least had sex before with a couple of different guys, Faye was more familiar with how things worked in that department but the prospect made her nervous. Jake Hung, her Vietnamese friend, who did in fact live up to his family name, had been her first back before they had separated to attend different universities back in 2015, and it had been an inspired but inexperienced foray into the sexual arts.

She still remembered looking down at his soft penis while they were both naked in her room and wondering what she should do exactly. She had watched some porn before but she knew that was all acting and extreme made up situations to stoke fantasies. So she had simply reached out and gingerly grabbed his soft four inch member and marveled as it stiffened in her hands to an impressive girthy seven. Even within her larger than average hands it was a little intimidating. She knew men could be bigger, she had seen bigger in the pornos, but to actually hold it in her hand she felt it was big.

She started on Jake by stroking his cock slowly at first, and increasing in speed. He had not been circumcised, it wasn’t in his culture really, and so she had eventually pulled back the soft tissue back over his glans exposing his cock head to the cool air. Even from her rough volleyball hands he almost immediately started leaking copious amounts of precum, with which she had used as lube to soften her hands and to increase the stimulation.

Wanting to test the waters as it were, Faye had eventually taken her fingers and brought them to her mouth to taste her friend’s arousal. It was a little salty but not wholly unpleasant and the idea that she had made him leak this fluid had unleashed arousal of her own. Sure it was because her reaction to the precum had not been overtly bad, Jake had asked in a quavering voice if Faye would take him into her mouth. She obliged and slowly licked then engulfed his member with her warm güvenilir casino mouth. She tried not to use her teeth but it was her first time and her mouth wasn’t that big. Nevertheless it seemed that Jake was having fun as his moans of pleasure were loud enough to nearly give them away. At the time she was 19, old enough to be considered an adult, but she still lived with her step-mom who Faye was certain would not have approved of Jake deflowering her step-daughter.

After about five minutes, and over a tablespoon of precum, Faye had to have a break and dislodged herself from Jake’s cock. Twitching with longing, Jake’s cock was on the verge of explosion but Faye was glad they had stopped for a moment, she wanted to take things all the way today and it wouldn’t do for Jake to blow his load early.

It was Faye’s turn now to ask Jake for service but the nervousness overtook her and she practically whispered, “Eat me out Jake.” Faye laid back on the bed and spread her legs for her shy friend, dripping with anticipation at a feeling she had longed to experience.

Jake shuffled forward and looked deeply between Faye’s legs. She had trimmed up but was now embarrassed wondering if she had only made a fool of herself. But after Jake figited a moment Faye realized Jake was just nervous.

Ever the scholar, Jake leaned in closer to the folds between Faye’s legs and bringing his hands up gently parted her outer labia, exposing the moist flesh within. After studying a moment longer he brought his finger up to her clitoral hood and fiddled with this for a moment as well.

The moment his fingers touched her clit, Faye felt a shockwave of pleasure different than any she had experienced. She obviously had played with her clit before, but now she experienced ALL the pleasure as she felt nothing with her hands and everything with her clitoris. This wave of pleasure was only the first however as Jake’s soft tongue soon found its way to her fleshy bud.

Lapping at her clit and then sucking on it, Faye knew Jake was trying his hardest to please Faye like she had pleased him. However, just like Faye, Jake quickly needed a break and the waves of pleasure all but disappeared.

But now it was time. Jake reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube Faye used with her small vibrator and slathered his hardened dick with the stuff. Later Faye would realize they had forgotten a very important step, namely working the vaginal opening up to cock fucking with finger fucking first, but in the moment all was lost to nervous anticipation.

Jake aligned his member with her sex and slowly eased it towards her opening. After a moment of resistance Faye softly whispered “It’ll be alright. Just keep going.” Another moment and his cock head was slowly but unyieldingly spreading apart her hole. Faye grabbed a pillow and bit into it as a moderate amount of pain shot through her body and a single tear started to form in her right eye.

Jake was going to stop when Faye insistently moved her hips to continue his penetration and further spread her sex open. A little more pain and then he was inside several inches. Faye could not read the expression on Jake’s face as it looked to be a mixture of pain and rapture but she was proud she had taken him, or at least part of him, into herself.

Jake gently pulled back maybe a quarter of an inch and pushed forward the same amount, slowly pumping Faye’s pussy with his cock, though trying to minimize the discomfort. After what felt like the longest minute of her life, and likewise the shortest, she could see that Jake was nearly ready to finish canlı casino and was about to slowly pull out when she softly cooed “Jake, finish inside me.” Whether he knew that she was on birth control for the period reductions or not, Jake made no protestations and after a few more pumps moaned a soft almost purr.

The warmth that spread inside Faye could only be described as ecstasy.

She cooed again to Jake “Let it soften inside me. I want to feel it.” And so Jake did his best to remain inside Faye as his seven inch cock quickly shrank to four while inside her.

After a hasty cleanup Faye looked at the clock and realized only about 15 minutes had elapsed from beginning to end. She was not disappointed at the length of time, nor the fact that she hadn’t reached orgasm herself either, she was disappointed however that Jake Hung was leaving for Maine in only a few hours and she would not feel the warmth of his cock in her hands or the warmth of his seed in her sex for many months, if ever.

It turned out that it had been “if ever”. She had a couple of other suitors during college but nothing too serious. She was a tall girl, strong too, that alone scared many men off and despite her volleyball scholarship, Faye was intent on earning her college education through book smarts, not just athletic ability which was a factor in limiting her sexual partners as she was busy studying more often than not.

Eventually Faye graduated college with a Bachelor’s of Science in what can only be described to laymen as “genetics” and a regional playoffs trophy from her team coming second in the region during her senior year of college.

Jake on the other hand had found romance in Maine and after barely graduating, love is a powerful distraction after all, had fathered two children back to back with a small young New Yorker. Faye figured he never got over the feeling of that first creampie…

Snapping back to reality and realizing her panties were now soaked, Faye breathed deeply again and watched the stars slowly twinkle in the sky. With a start, Faye heard the approach of some sort of vehicle and nearly started crying when over the nearby hill what looked like a sheriff or deputy was making their way towards Faye.

Quickly slapping on the emergency lights and stepping tentatively into the middle of the road, Faye flagged down the vehicle with earnest but not crazy arm motions. Inside the brown vehicle were two deputies, a man and a woman. They pulled up behind Faye’s truck and climbed out of their vehicle.

“We’ll howdy ma’am.” The young man began. Looks like you’re in need of a little help. What seems to be the problem?”

“Well my tire blew out, my phone is almost dead, I have no service anyway, and my lugnuts are rusted tight. Is there any way you can help me out, I’m kinda desperate here?”

The male officer looked over to the older female officer who nodded ever so subtly towards the male officer and stepped forward. “We’d be happy to help young lady. Are you all alone?”

“Unfortunately. I was supposed to meet my dad in Las Vegas for my birthday but he had to fly out to Chicago for some sort of business meeting.”

The older female office nodded again to the male officer and Faye got the feeling that something was amiss. She just couldn’t quite figure out what was going on though. The older female officer approached closer to Faye saying, “Well like I said we’d be happy to help you, but it would be only fair if you helped us too.”

Faye was getting nervous now, but said, “I’m not sure how I can help you officers but I’d be willing to do just about anything to get out of here.”

The female officer approached within arm’s reach of Faye, and Faye suddenly felt a sense of dread as the officer reached her hand up and gently but invasively brushed her fingers against Faye’s cheek.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll think of something…”

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