Trying Something New_(1)

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Trying On Something New (3rd Person)

Toni and Justin just got back to her and her sister’s, Davina, new apartment from spending all day at the mall shopping. Justin just bout Toni some new outfits but had not seen them on her yet. It’s been a long day and they are both tired.

“Well it looks like Davina isn’t home again,” Justin says as they walk inside the apartment. Justin likes it when they are alone because Davina is always all over the place and not letting them get intimate.

“I see,” Toni sarcastically expresses with a smile. She looks at him as if he was stupid and giggles a little bit, showing off her beautiful smile. Justin loves her smile. She has the biggest one ever, making her teeth jut out every time she laughs at his jokes. “I’m gonna put the stuff down in my room, can you lock the door babe?”

“Sure,” He says as she walks lightly on her tiny feet to her room.

Not even a minute later when Justin walks into Toni’s bedroom, she is under the covers pretending to be asleep, like she always does. She is still in her clothes she wore to the mall. A cut off sweater that is slightly see-thru showing of large boobs inside her bra and giving a perfect view of her trim tummy. She has on skinny dark blue jeans that give her firm butt and tone legs a sexy as ever look and spongebob socks that reach up to her cute little ankles. She thinks she looked like a bum today but Justin thought was stunning, like always. Toni frequently wears revealing clothing and Justin hates it. He has been telling her for the past 3 years they have been dating that he Doesn’t like it but she somehow finds a way to pull it off. Today he didn’t mind it as much. He thought he looked like a bum too. He wore a black workout adidas fitted shirt that emphasized his broad strong shoulders bulky chest and huge muscled arms. He never wore an undershirt so sometimes when he moved you could see his chiseled back and wash board abs. He had on adidas sweatpants and his “luck” animal draws. You never know… 

“Babe, you swear…” Justin chuckled as he walked over to the other side of the bed. “I know you ain’t really sleeping.” he moved the blanket and slid into the sheets behind Toni. He moved his strong hand around her soft toned waist and inched closer to her body, feeling her heat and warming her still. “Babe, come here,” He stated and she turned around on his command. “Are you asleep?”

She was facing him now. He looked at her mid length black hair pulled back into a tail and touching her ear. She put his hand on the small of her back as she turned and moved in closer to him to where she was eye level with his chin. She smelled of fresh beauty products but never used any make up. She was natural gorgeous. As she looked up Justin saw her giant puppy dog brown eyes that just made him melt. She looked at him as if he was her guardian, her king, and her lover. 

“Yes baby…? she whispered. Her lips quivered when she spoke. They was just as amazing as the rest of her features. They were full and pink and tasted like heaven. There was a small beauty mark right below her lip and other places of her body that added to her sex appeal. “No I’m not asleep.” she answered. Her lips quivered again, showing there was something on her mind.

“Are you tired?” he asked, feeling she was thinking about something.

“No, I just wanted to lay down with you,” Toni responded and place her hand on Justin’s face guiding him closer to her. He kissed her forehead, she loved that so much. “is that ok?”

“Ofcourse.” he stated and rubbed her back while he moved in to kiss her. Her lips were not cold but just had a slight chill to them. They were soft as cotton and felt amazing to the touch. He wasn’t trying to be sexual so he casually touched his lips to hers without adding his tongue into the equation, expecting her to do the same. But Toni was not trying to be casual. She grasped tightly onto his face and held his lips to hers for several moments. Continuously rotating her lips with his with a passionate kiss. She then inserted her soft wet tongue into his mouth and massaged the roof for a second. Instinctively Justin begin to suck on her tongue, holding it hostage within his mouth knowing that it turned her on.

Toni giggled slightly and finally withdrew her tongue. She began to feel slightly warmer then she previously did and so did Justin. They locked eyes and Justin saw in her beautiful big windows that she was wanting him, she was terrible at hiding it. Justin slid his hand lower from the small of her back to her ass only gripping it lightly then brought her right leg onto his left one. They began to kiss again.

Slowly Toni brought her hand from Justin’s strong neck to his bulging traps then his rock shoulders to his gaping arms then his stomach. Justin’s body tingled as she light floated down and so did she, feeling hotter after touching each iron like muscle. She lifted his shirt a little bit, just enough to get her hands under it and caress his hard earned pack. She was getting more and more turned on the more they kissed, alternating sucking on each others lips and tongues. Closing their eyes occasionally.

Justin again grabbed her soft backside but this time more firmly. Sending chills thru her body and making her suck harder on his tongue. He loved to watch her react to his actions. Justin was very experience and keen on Toni’s hotspots, always doing everything she liked. Turning her on instantly. Toni lifted his shirt more and rubbed softly on his chest and nipples. Pulling them a little and giggling when he retreated. He chuckled too. 

They kissed and touched like this for a couple minutes. Then Justin, feeling like this moment should be taken up a notch, slid his hand across her body and began to stroke her soft boobs thru the sweater. Toni shook a little from the excited but slid back in the bad.

“what’s wrong baby?” Justin asked, not understanding why she moved away from him.

“nothing! It’s just that I wanted to try something different today. Like show you my new clothes first… Maybe try them on for you…” she stuttered as she spoke the words, looking at everything else in the room but him with a mischievous grin on her face. 

” like put on a show, for me?” he grinned as they locked eyes again. He loved when she modeled for him.

“yes baby!” she exclaimed, jumping out of the bed and dashing to her new clothes. “i want to try them all on and see what you think? Is that ok?”

“yea, go ahead” he said. He knew what was coming.

“ok. Be back in a sec.” she rushed into the bathroom smiling from ear to ear knowing she was about to please her man.

“you ready babe?” Toni yelled from inside the bathroom.

” yes Toni,” he replied, ready to feast his eyes on whatever she brought out.

“ok, here I come.” she flung the door open and was dressed in a blue blouse with no shoulders that cut into her cleavage revealing her large succulent breasts. She also had on some Jean shorts that were cut up to right under kocaeli escort her round butt showing her long luscious legs. “what you think?” she asked as she twirled around smiling with her eyes closed.

“you look amazing Toni.” Justin answered admiring her awesome rack and great ass that curved perfectly with her growing hips down her toned legs. “I love it.” he noticed her jeans showed a little bit of her pink panties where her vagina was. It looked plump and the lips looked like they were trying to get out of her pants. Opening her eyes, Toni noticed what he was looking at and blushed a little. Loving the fact that he adored her body so much. 

“ok, time for the next one. It’s even better,” she said and slipped away into the bathroom again as quick as she had last time. Even thought she would be right back Justin missed her sexy atmosphere in the room. Just from that outfit she wore he was beginning to feel hot again and a bulge started to grow in his pants. 

Moments past and Toni once again asked Justin if he was ready for her to come out. He confirmed that he was and she swung the door open again entering the room in a skin tight red dress with matching heels. The dress had no straps and had a slight dip in the middle of the top letting a little mor cleavage show then last time. Her boobs looked great again as they bounced around while she moved to show herself off. They were perfectly round and large, quite large and still growing much to Justin’s pleasure. Her nipples were getting hard as he stared at her and they were pretending out of her bra to be seen even from out of her dress. She put her hands on her hips and strutted towards him. “you like this one too?” she asked smiling bigger every time she saw him look her up and down. She twirled some more and her beautiful legs gleamed in the light. He could see almost her whole leg due tot he dress only going down to her barley mid thigh. Those amazingly smooth member of her body sent chills down his spine and his dick got even harder now.

“let me see what it looks like from behind again, babe.” he said slyly, just wanting to get a glance at her ever growing ass.

“like this?” she turned and bent over knowing what he was thinking and her pink panties were visible again only this time they were slighty moist. Justin saw this and his hard dick jumped a little. He could see her plump pink pussy lips getting wet from the inside out and saw her thick twat. He could smell her pussy lubricating itself and his dick swelled.”ok.” she said standing up straight again. “last one. And I promise this one will be the best!” she gave him a flirty wink and retreated back to the bathroom this time for almost five mintues.

“my dick is so hard.” Justin thought feeling his aching penis as he waited for toni. “I need her to do something now.”

Almost immediately after that thought, the bathroom door glided open and Toni could been seen standing in the threshold. Her hand was sliding up the side of the door hinge and her left leg was cocked over her right with her left hand on her hip. She looked at Justin with a tiny grin, knowing he wanted to devour her. She wore a black lace bra that made her boobs like ginormous. They filled up the entire bra and bulged out the top almost begging to be released. She also wore a pair of matching lace panties that were almost be completely see thru. The panties arched perfectly over the cheeks of her butt making it look fat and juicy and her legs came out of her bottoms with effortless beauty. 

“I know you like this one daddy,” she remarked noticing him in awe at her amazing body. ” I picked it out special for you.” she noticed his pants bulging and slightly twitching and a smile developed on her silky pink lips. She bite them slightly to control herself from attacking him immediately. He didn’t notice however, for his gaze was on her body and her sexy gait. She came towards him slowly to let him bask in her gorgeousness and finally when she reached him she stopped. She bent over ever so slowly until they were eye to eye. He tried to make eye contact with her but her hanging breasts were right in his face only inches away from his mouth and they looked awesome. He finally collected himself and stared her in the face. Without saying words she grabbed his neck as he simultaneously grabbed her face and they passionately kissed again, sloppier this time for they both were reaching the point of no control. Justin vigorously stood up and griping Toni’s from ass in both hands. Again she felt chills in her back and moaned lightly. He fed off her reaction and pressed himself towards her. She felt his long thick dick from her stomach to her thigh. It throbbed as it touched her thru his pants and she wanted to relieve him off all that pressure

As Justin moved his hand to her bra he gripped her firm large breast in one hand and pressed against her chest. His strength got the best of her and she moaned again this time a little stronger. He squeezed her boob only enough to pleasure her and stuck his tongue deeper in her mouth. As she felt the pleasure within her increase she sucked his tongue harder and began to feel the urge to suck something else. She slid her tiny hand into his pants and draws without anything slowing her down and gripped his large dick. He moaned and breathed heavily at her action and his knees wobbled for a moment. Toni also moaned with surprise. Even tho she has had his giant dick many times, every time is like the first, plus it’s been a while.

She revels in his girth and starts stroking his shaft softly at first. Feeling it all the way from the base to the tip. She holds her hand on the tip for a moment, gripping the large mushroom head that she loves so much. This makes Justin moan again louder this time and his dick twitches in her hand. It’s getting harder with every stroke now and the twitching doesn’t stop. Toni continuously pumps his dick from base to tip feeling all the veins and bumps on it. Justin unhooks her bra while she is rubbing harder and faster on his aching organ and her giant boobs flop out of her bra is it falls to the floor. Her nipples are hard and poking far out of her areola. They look bigger then usual. His mouth waters as he stares at her bust and she moistens even more, the smell of her wet pussy begins to get stronger. Justin kisses her one more time then slowly begins to lick down her neck biting it tenderly. She gasps as he does making her panties full of juices. 

Justin grabs one tit again and lightly licks the other with the tip of his tongue. Toni shivers a little but smiles with her eyes closed. She loves that. he licks circles around her nipple and then puts the brown nub in his wet mouth sucking soft then hard. “justin!” Toni grips the back of his head and starts rubbing his hair looking at him lovingly as he sucks her melon sized breasts with his eyes closed. She closes her eyes and hears slurping sounds. She was still holding on to his dick but was not stroking it. She continued to pump it faster and faster while he rotated sucking darıca escort on each of her soft breasts. 

She suddenly popped her tit out of his warm mouth and said, “baby, I want to suck your dick.” she looked at him as though he meant the world to her with her big beautiful eyes under his nose and kneeled on the floor while grabbing his waist bands and pulling them all the way down. As she did his still throbbing hard dick flew up out of his pants and slapped her right in the chin. Her breasts jiggled at the surprise strike.

“sorry babe.” he apologized but she didn’t mind. It turned her on knowing that this thick throbbing dick was about to be in her control, while she pleased her man. She smiled and bit her lip and she looked at it right in from of her face. Gazing at his beautiful penis, Justin could feel her warm breathe on the tip causing it to throb more. She gripped her tiny hand to his tick long shaft again. He quivered. She giggled. She glanced at his eyes one good time then dove in. She slid her lips and sucked on the head and licked the tip with her soft skilled tongue. she pumped more. He shook with pleasure. Throwing his head back and closing his eyes. “Toni…” he whispered and moaned something inaudible. 

Her boobs swayed back and forth as she threw her mouth over his long dick. Her tongue continuously rubbing against the under side of his penis and and shaft and her hand gripped tightly around his thick dick pumping it hard. She was in her zone. She drew her had back and a line of precum connected to her mouth from the tip of his dick. She grabbed his shirt telling him without words that she wanted his clothes on the floor. With his pants and draws at his ankles he quickly slid them off and stared as her breasts jiggled as she leaned back to give him room. Then he tore of his shirt and Toni’s heart dropped as he towered over her, his muscles looking twice the size they did with his clothes on. Her gaze went from his beautifully constructed face to his broad shoulders to his wide chest and bulging arms to his toned abs to the v line leading to his tremendous cock to his strong athletic thighs and hips. She felt he was the man.

she forgot her etiquette and spit on his dick. Rubbing the saliva on his shaft mixing it with the precum. Then she lifted his dick over her face and licked where his balls met the base and twirled the balls in one hand and massaged the tip of his large head. Keeping eye contact the whole time. This caused him to back his hips and twitch. “Fuck babe,” His cock throbbed and he groaned and almost coughed from the pleasure. She brought him back down and began to suck his dick wildly. She mad loud slurping sounds with her mouth and tongued and moaned slightly. It was making her so wet knowing that he loved what she was doing. Justin grunted every so often and kept thrusting his hips at her throat. Her lips kept sliding down his dick inch by inch and he finally grabbed the back of her head. Now he was in control. He gripped her hair as she bobbed back and forth on his throbbing dick. He was sweating now and he could feel that he was coming close to his climax now and he wanted her to make it happen, his way.

“You…wanted…something…different right…babe?” he groaned between strokes of her hand. She felt his dick growing and throbbing inside her mouth and guessed what was coming next. The more she sucked and pumped the more he throbbed and soon it was inevitable. “AHHH, FUCK!” Justin roared and grabbed the back of Toni’s head tight. He forced her mouth all the way down his dick almost reaching her hand at the base of his masssive cock. She croaked a little. The breathe ran quick out of her nose. Her eyes widened as she felt his dick expand and blast a large load of cum into the back of her mouth. She grabbed his base tighter and kept pumping the cum out of his dick. Trying not to choke she began swallowing his cum. There was nothing else she could do. But it was such a large and long load for her that it spilled out of her mouth and onto her neck and boobs. 

Finally the cum flow slowed and he let go of her hair. She drew her head back and caught her breathe. She was gasping now. His dick took up almost all the room in her mouth to breathe. Justin heaved heavy breathes and knees buckled a little as the tiniest bit of cum ran out the tip of his penis. Toni looked at him curiously, smiled and then licked the cum off his tip and licked her lips till it was all gone. She leaned back onto her hands in satisfaction, while he gathered himself.

“you wanted something different,” he exclaimed with a smile and a laugh. She shyly smiled and stood up, saying nothing she slid off her panties. The smell of her pussy was distinct now. Her lips and clit were soaked from the enjoyment she felt from sucking him off. Her cleanly shaved cunt glistened in the light and the wetness dripped from her pussy to her knee. She looked at him longingly. He knew what that look was and he reacted almost immediately. He had regained his strength. And grabbed her by both arms.

He was still sweaty but she didn’t care. They were both completely naked and he threw on her back onto the bed. She bent her knees and brought her feet as close to her butt as she could. Justin inched his way up her leg kissing every perfect curve. As he got to her pussy he kissed it and put both his hands on her boobs. She arched her back in pleasure and closed her eyes. She began to perspire. He licked her pussy once and looked at her. She shivered. She stared down at him and  felt the heat from his warm mouth at the entrance of her pussy. He squeezed her boobs firmly and had her nipples in between his fingers. She drew back. Her hips thrusted up in the air and her ass clenched. He started by putting his tongue on her clit and rubbing it around then sucked it several times, pausing before each individual suck. 

He loved to tease her. Her fingers dug into the bed. Her toes curled. The room filled with the smell of her juices running down her pussy to her butt, on his mouth and chin and neck. He loved the smell of her wetness and had to make it wetter. He released one tit and brought it to her thigh. He gripped firmly and she shivered again. Then he stuck that finger into her pussy and she yelped. She moaned and quiver. It felt so good. He licked and sucked her clit and pussy lips harder and she arched her back more and more. He loved how she tasted, rich and flavorful, and his dick began getting hard all over again. Toes curling, knees bending, and eyes closed. She bit her lip. She ground her hips with his face and swiveled back and forth on him.

She didn’t need to say anything. He knew she was close to cumming when she started pushing down on his shoulders. When she pushed on him, she was about to cum. Justin stuck his tongue down her pussy entrance and spread her lips apart to reach as deep in as he could. “Justin!” she moaned loudly. She shoved on his muscular shoulder and dug her pussy into his face. She came strong. Her pussy tightened around gölcük escort his tongue and her juices flowed into his mouth. Then she grabbed the back of his head. He didn’t stop licking and she didn’t stop cumming. She bent forward from the force of her cumming again. “Oh Fuck that feels good!”

As soon as the long orgasm wave ended, Toni’s legs fell apart and she fell back on the bed in exasperation. “Baby, that was the best you’ve ever done.”

“thanks baby…but we ain’t done yet.” he replied slyly to her and she smiled while he couldn’t see her face. She played with her boobs and nipples just waiting for him to take the last stand and and destroy her insides. He grabbed her ankles with his strong hands and dragged her towards his now long and hard dick. She was surprised that he reacted so quickly and greatly but was too horny and weak to stop him. He lowered his dick to the slit between both her pussy lips. He licked his lips with anticipation and she licked hers with the same feelings. They were both still sweaty and the room was getting very humid. 

He rubbed his giant erection on the slit and lips teasing them both, allowing her time to prepare. She continued to rub her boobs and finally looked at him, confirming she was ready. She held open her pussy lips with two fingers and just waited. He wasted no time in fucking her hard. She slammed his giant dick into the back of her pussy, more like her stomach and held it there for a second.

“Oh Shit!” she yelled at the top of her lungs. She bucked forward and her stomach quivered. She grabbed the sheets again and her knees bent viciously. He let out a deep breathe of air. Loving how tightly her pussy gripped his dick. He filled her to the brim. she wrapped her legs around his waist and nodded her head. He knew to keep going.

He fucked her like he was angry. Her tight cunt was extremely wet and he slid back and forth easily. He stroked long and hard strokes. His sweat dripped off his brow and onto her stomach and boobs and he thrusted his hips back and forth. He grabbed her hips and worked harder. She screamed at the top of her lungs with pleasure and pain. It was amazing. She never wanted him to stop. She admired him when she got the chance. His large arms firmly controlling how strong his hip thrusts were and his ripped chest and abs tightening as he stroked deep. He stopped for a second and stared at her amazing body from top to bottom, loving how his fat cock looked inside her pussy.

“Ba…?” she couldn’t even finish the word before he wrapped his arms around her entire torso. His broad upper body engulfed her completely and they kissed like life long lovers. He started stroking faster then ever and she felt their juices squirting as his thighs slapped against hers. She moaned and groaned with pleasure and kept biting her lip trying to make herself not cum so soon. She felt her boobs bouncing against his strong chest and abs and could do nothing but get wetter and wetter. He grunted seveal times trying to hold back his sperm from leaving his balls thru his throbbing and growing cock. She felt his dick pulsing inside her tight pussy. She started pushing on his waist and thighs and her knew she was close. 

He stopped again and pulled out of her. Without letting her speak he grabbed her by the waist and hips and flipped her on her hands and knees. She loved when he threw her around and took control of her. He grabbed her by her shoulders and stuck his thick long dick deep inside her stomach again. She screamed, “Oh FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK JUSTIN!” she turned her head around and whispered, “take me.”

He tightened his gripped and stroked powerful deep strokes inside her. She felt as if she was splitting in half. She wasn’t sure if she could really take all this. She was beginning to feel sore and her legs were going numb from constantly shaking. Now the only smell was of her pussy juice and his pre cum. The only sounds were of him slamming his hips into her gentle thighs. And her moaning continuously. She screamed cheeses into the air, and professed her love to the ceiling in between pumps of his massive organ. 

He reached around and rubbed her clit nub with two fingers. Her boobs continually bounced and jiggled and swayed as she was being fucked like never before. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and dripping with sweat. She kept losing her breathe from deep hard strokes and was feeling like she would pass out. She felt like she had asthma. She was exhausted but still was wanting to cum again. His strokes were so long and deep she felt he was crushing her tummy. She felt he moved her organs around and almost touched her ribs. she felt his balls tap against her pelvis as he banged her. She was close. He was too.

She pushed back on his thighs. He knew what to do. It was time for him to dig deeper then even. His strokes got harder and faster. His sweat mixed in with hers at it hit her back. His grip on her shoulders tightened more and his hips felt more powerful. The view of her ass spread far apart and her pussy lips vibrating and shaking as his cock slammed in and out of it made him closer then ever. She gripped the sheets tight, bit her lip and then lost control. 

First she croaked. The walls of her pussy squeezed his dick tight. She froze for a second and was completely quiet. Then her body convulsed as if she was having an exorcism instead of an orgasm. “F-uu-uuu-uu-uu-u-ck! She moaned as her body twanged. She slung her head back and every part of her body twitched. She finally screamed from her tight throat and gripped the sheets. Her legs twitched vigorously and her pussy contracted. Her juices flowed all over Justin’s cock.

Knowing he did his job well Justin threw all of his might into his last strokes. He came with fury. He grunted and breathed heavily thru his teeth. His grasped tightened more then slipped as his hips bucked madly forward and his knees buckled slightly again. He came with vigor deep into her pussy as her walls were still tight around his dick. His sperm mixed in with hers and he roared with his release. His blasts of cum were long and powerful and even when he pulled out cum was still squirting out of his dick onto Toni’s ass, back and thighs. 

They both fell onto the bed with complete satisfaction. Toni laid on her back while Justin was positioned on her stomach. Her body was still wet with cum and sweat but she didn’t care, she was exhausted and wanted to just fall asleep. They glanced at each other briefly and kissed one last time, with extreme passion, lust and love for each other. 

“something different right?” Justin gasped as he sucked wind.

“It’s true what they say. Its always better to try new things…” 

Justin laid on his back and Toni maneuvered herself onto his shoulder. His wide strong chest and bicep were perfect objects to rub on while she was this tired and there was no better pillow then his muscular shoulder. He fell asleep first. She didn’t care, she wanted revel in her thoughts of the amazing experience they just shared. She noticed his dick was still long and thick, even when he wasn’t hard and began to slowly stroke it until she too fell asleep with it in her tiny hands…

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