Two Moms, A Tale Ch. 01-03: Promotion

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2 Moms, A Tale – Ch. 1-3

Patty’s promotion proves the beginning of intrigue and danger for two best friends and their sons.

By Rae “the ‘youngsters’ left the party early leaving me, Cheryl and two of my ‘mature babe’ tellers behind.”

“Cheryl insisted ‘us grown-ups’ head over to the male stripper club nearby for a final nightcap and some ‘stimulation’ before heading home to their respective BOBs or other massive device (Cheryl’s words) they use.” (Really mom?) Long story short, they went to the Ladies-Night-Out Strip Club, had entirely too many shots and as mom later explained it: “we bought us a coupla’ stripper dudes.” Too much booze; too many five-dollar bills in the dancer’s g-strings; too close to the models’ packages and they were asked to leave just before one a.m. You get the picture. It was time to call a cab. Instead, mom called me to say she’d be home soon.

Chapter Two — Taking the girls home

Since my divorce I’d been living with Patty (mom) since my ex got the condo. Mom called to let me know she was on her way home and that she was a bit plastered (really? Can we say understatement?). I could hear hooting and hollering of “let’s do this again” in the background. I insisted that I pick up all of them to be sure they were all taken home and not taken advantage of. Cheryl took mom’s phone to say thanks and to give me directions. I hung up my cell with a smile on my face and couldn’t wait to meet the woman attached to the sultry (and very drunk) voice.

The club is only a few minutes from home. Mom was out front with Cheryl and two other women. All were very inebriated. After piling into my SUV they loudly provided me with directions to their cars. Nope, not happening on my watch. I insisted I would take everyone home safely. Arguing they could drive was dismissed and they all finally allowed me to take them home. I escorted each to their door and got them inside. One husband thanked me and offered money for my services when he found out I was ‘Patty’s boy’.

“Thanks, but no. I’d hope you’d do the same for my mom someday.” He shook my hand in thanks and helped his obviously horny, plastered wife into her house. I mention this because the loud conversations while I drove dealt mainly with what the women would have done to the contents of the dancers’ g-strings if they had the chance.

Last beauty being dropped at home was Cheryl Burke, mom’s boss. The last thing she whispered to me as she grabbed me into a mouth-to-mouth kiss was “why don’t you come in and pound my snatch into submission” (her words). Wow, maybe another time I thought. Cheryl insisted I give her my cell number because, as she trilled; “I’m gonna’ send you some pictures that will change your mind.”

I gave her my number. Shame on me, but as she turned to go inside, I reached out and squeezed her butt. One nice butt I may add. She turned, giggled, mouth open slurring: “I liked that. I’m so sending pictures right now. Call me!” She gave me the hand signal for ‘call me’ and blew me a kiss.

Chapter Three — Patty needs extra care

Mom was nearly passed out in the passenger seat as I pulled into our garage. Helping mom into the house from the garage reminded me of the times she would assist her drunken son back in the day. In mom’s bedroom, I asked, “you smell like you poured a lot of booze on yourself. Do you want to shower before you go to bed or wait until morning?” Mom sat on the end of her bed with a silly smile on her beautiful face. I knelt to remove her heels. She fell back.

She mumbled, “How’d I get home? Oh, yeah, you’re such a good son. I don’t deserve such a nice man. I don’t think I can shower without help. I think I’ll just lay here ’til the room stops spinning.” My kaçak iddaa phone chimed.

Cheryl’s photos were arriving by text. It read: “thought these would lure you back to my bed tonight stud.” I got three text photos from Cheryl. The first from the club showed her hand pushed up under a dancer’s red satin g-string. The guy was huge. The second with a different dancer, showed Cheryl’s tongue licking this dancer’s erection through the very wet blue fabric as she cupped his nuts. The third photo showed Cheryl with a mouth full of cock head and no g-string I could see. “Nice” I texted back: “can’t make it tonight. Rain check? Gotta’ take care of Patty tonight.”

Cheryl responded a couple minutes later: “LUCKY GIRL. Maybe this will change your mind” The next picture was a mirror selfie of a deliciously naked Cheryl leaning back against her bedroom wall cupping her D-cups and cradling a thick pink dildo between them. Her text: “wish you were here so I wouldn’t have to use this.” I marveled at how great a shape she had and that she needed a ‘trim’.

Yup, I’m gonna’ keep this one. I checked on mom to find her snoring flat on her back. I covered her with the bedspread, not removing any of her clothes. She seemed fine for the time being and I went to my room and my computer.

I forwarded the pictures to my computer and opened a new file to download. To my astonishment (and great pleasure), I spot Patty (my very own, shy MILF of a mom) in the background of the third picture. ‘Holy mother of… ‘, I thought. I enlarged the picture to show my mom covering my screen. Patty was attempting to wrap her not-so-big naked tits around a dancer’s cock with her tongue licking his hard cock head. I was absolutely turned on and sporting my own hardon when I heard mom yell for help. I ran back to mom’s bedroom.

Patty was lying on her bedroom floor giggling hysterically. Oh for crying out loud, she got tangled up in her own skirt trying to undress and collapsed on the floor. “Oh, thank goodness you’re here, Robbie honey, I seem to have lost my balance. Be a darling and help me get into the bathroom before I wet the floor.”

I helped mom into the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. Awkward. “Thanks sweetie. I believe I’ll take that shower now, but I’m going to need some help though.” Patty has this killer smile you just cannot refuse and I just had to do my best for my mom.

Mind you, I haven’t seen my mom naked in like forever. Dad installed a huge walk-in shower when he remodeled our house. Mom required a great deal of help at this moment. “Okay mom, this is going to be memorable for me and you’ll never remember thing. So, here we go.”

Mom had unbuttoned her blouse already to reveal she was braless. Holy cow! Mom confirmed that she “left my bra dangling from some dancer’s cock as a souvenir. He was so nice and asked me for it. How could I refuse such a nice boy?” I tried to dismiss that thought.

First, Patty’s boobs can only be described as MAGNIFICENT. Perhaps a full C-cup with a bit of sway. (Just a thought: if you can envision the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen, touched or imagined; these are those breasts. I say again, MAGNIFICENT is not an adequate word to describe my mother’s boobs.) How else could she have wrapped them around the stripper’s cock. You can ponder that another time. She still sat on the toilet as I removed her thigh-highs and tipped her into my chest as I unzipped the back of her skirt. “Stand up for a second mom so I can remove your panties.” I had to hold her up to drop her skirt to the floor.

Shocked, “mom, where are your panties?”

“Oh don’t be silly sweetheart, there was more than one deserving dancer and I couldn’t disappoint one for the other. One got my bra and one got my panties. Besides, Cheryl left her bra and kaçak bahis thong hanging on the third guy’s pole.”

“Oh geez mom, TMI!” Patty wobbled as I supported her. Her eyes were closed and she was humming some incoherent melody and smiling. I set her back down. “Now wait here while I get the shower ready. We’re gonna’ need a seat.” I went to grab a kitchen chair.

Dreamily she patted my cheek and slurred: “sohokay sweetie, I’ll wait right here.” Damn, she was plastered.

Maybe ninety seconds passed by the time I got back with the kitchen chair to find mom slumped over, still sitting on the potty, naked. This may not have been such a good idea, but she needed the benefits of that shower. Shame on me, but “Mom, I’m going to be in the shower with you. You can’t do this alone.” Sitting up she nodded as I stripped down to my briefs and started the water. “Mom, I need to pick you up and put you on the chair in the shower.”

“Okey dokey.” She lolled and she draped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. “You really are the best son a mom could ask for.”

A cold shower might have been better, but then I’d have a wide-awake, naked drunk on my hands. Nope. I set her on the chair as I adjusted the shower. She has one of those showers with a fixed head and hose which made things much easier. I scooted mom’s chair closer to the middle as I pulled the shower head closer to her head and aimed the fixed head spraying her tummy.

The stream of warm water brought life back to the dead (so to speak). Mom’s hands went to grab the shower head, but I held it away. “It’s okay, mom, I’ll do the honors.” Suddenly coherent, “what? Who? Oh fuck, Robbie can you ever forgive me for this?” “Just relax mom, I love you.” There was that killer smile again as she closed her eyes and allowed me to care for her.

Handing mom the shower wand I applied some shampoo to her shoulder-length hair and massaged her scalp to her humming with pleasure. “Please don’t let me fall, honey.” Mom stood, patted the chair saying, “sit here and hold me up and for goodness sake take off your wet underpants. Do you want to chafe later?” Not sure of the logic behind that, but I took off my briefs and sat. Mom plopped down on my lap. “Ooo, much better.”

Who am I to argue with my mother when she insists she sit on my naked lap as I wash her naked body? What could ever go wrong with that? Good lord, she’s naked and may I say, exquisite! Ok by me. As I grabbed the body wash and her scrubby. Mom was wiggling her delicious butt on my lap and grinding on my erection (how could I help it). “Hold still mom.” I wondered if she could feel my erection. She must have. “Ooo, honey, you need to do something about that. Did your mommy give you a stiffy? Boy, I still got it even if it is my own baby boy.” When I brought my knees together, my erection aligned directly with mom’s crotch. Oh crap, is she plastered.

My good intentions were clouded by my long-held desire to fondle my mother. Discarding the scrubby, I used my soapy hands on her magnificent body. I allowed my finger to caress her breasts from underneath pinching her aroused nipples with index finger and thumb of each hand. The tingle I felt was exhilarating and forced more blood into my already swollen penis now trapped between her majestic butt cheeks and sticking out in front of her.

Looking down at her own crotch, mom stated in surprise, “oh look honey, I think I have a penis, see?” She giggled and touched her finger tips to the sensitive head of my engorged cock. “Mom,” I scolded her.

Imagine if you will, I lightly trace my fingers from the underside of her breasts smearing soap over her toned tummy on my way to soap her pubic hair. “Mom, you need a trim.” I touched the tip of my own cock. Mom pushed my hand away stating, “that’s illegal bahis mine, you leave it alone young man.” She resumed caressing the tip.

No need to detail what happened as I washed mother. I lathered my hands washed every delicious inch of Patty’s exquisite body while she held firm to my cock. She kept adjusting her butt on my lap and, if I didn’t know better, was trying to maximize her effect on my cock. At one point, Patty bent forward, looked between her thighs and tweaked the tip of my cock and giggled. “Ooo, that looks like it belongs there. Maybe…” she trailed off. I pulled her back to the upright position.

Alternating between scrubby and hands, I repeatedly washed her breasts, tummy and crotch. Mom laid her head back next to my cheek and as she nibbled my ear she whispered, “spread my petals and do a good job down there.” Not quite clear on this, but I think she whispered, “please don’t stop. I need this.” Maybe I heard that wrong, but I rinsed mom thoroughly. The marvelous thing about mom’s showerhead is that you can change the spray to pulsing jets. I directed a steady massage of water toward mom’s labia. She bit my ear. I suppose the pulsing spray and my holding her labia open with my left hand was enough as Patty howled “oh my god” and came convulsively on my lap.

She wasn’t done. Patty began rocking her pussy on my cock lubricated by her girl-cum. “Stay right there and don’t move sweetie or this is gonna’ hurt.” Patty raised up, pushed my rigid cock upright with her right hand, rubbing my member from clit to perineum mixing my pre-cum with her syrupy juices. I couldn’t take this. “Mom, you’d better stop ’cause I’m about to burst.”

Again, “don’t move.” She kept painting her crotch with our magical mixture and “oh fuck!” Patty dropped down impaling herself all the way onto my rigid pole. I grunted; “oh my god, mom.” Patty gasped while pumping her legs and feet on the wet floor, “I’m cumming.” Me, “holy shit, mom!” I blasted my load inside my own mother’s womb.

One, I never cum that fast. Two, never have I ever emptied my balls of so much, so fast and so happily than I did into my own mother. Wow!

Out of breath, mom panted; “oh my god Robbie, that was the best!” We tried to catch our breath as I held Patty tight to my chest as her pussy squeezed every drop from my cock. Not quite what I planned; but was far better than anything I could have imagined. I was certain I had a huge grin on my face. Whispering, “I love you mom.” She lolled her head back next to mine and kissed my ear. “Take me to bed sweetheart.”

I shut off the water, lifted mom off my flagging penis and grabbed a towel. Our juices streaming out of mom’s vagina.

I used two bath towels to dry mom thoroughly. I vigorously dried her hair and patted her body dry. She was still wobbly as I helped her out of the bathroom into her bedroom. I dried her dainty feet as she sat on the side of her bed. As she looked lovingly at me kneeling before her, I kissed each toe good night. That killer smile again. Patty fell backward onto the bed. Thank heavens I had already pulled down the covers. Twisting her body, I laid my smiling MILF of a mom on her side still wrapped in the towels. I smoothed her hair as best I could without brushing it. Dreamily, “g-night honey. We can talk in the morning.” I kissed my sweet, beautiful mother on the forehead as she slipped off to sleep.

“I love you, mom.” Patty whimpered; “I love you sweetheart, please don’t ever leave me.” That plea and her tone made me cry. “I’ll never leave you, mom.” After cleaning up the bathroom I went to my own bed. It was nearly two a.m. I imagined trimming mom’s bush. Maybe I should practice on Cheryl’s first. I must remember to call Cheryl in the morning.

Chapter Four — The morning after (Cheryl)

“Mom, who’s Patty’s boy and why did you send him nude pictures?”


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