Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 09

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(My humble apologies again to all my fans who have written to me urging me for the next chapter; sorry for the delay, but I have been really busy with my work. Plus keep in mind that it does take time to write a decent story. Hope you enjoy my story her dark mature beauty crowning an outrageously voluptuous body.

And finally beside her, her teenage daughter, again almost a carbon copy of her mother but much fairer. She was wearing a green blouse, a red skirt and a half sari – her body and frame although a little smaller than her mother’s, equally curvy, her sexy midriff covered by her transparent half-sari.

It was strange – up to that point in time, I had always considered Leela and Mala as nothing more than just sisters. But my life had completely changed over the past week and now I was viewing all of them as desirable women. And, especially after the incidences earlier that day where I had been caught in the flesh by both of them, it excited me to think of them as potential lovers.

Choosing one relaxbet güvenilirmi out of these four fabulous divine nymphs was a difficult task for me but at that moment, Mom’s mature richness swung my preference in her favour – she had that alluring magic, an almost animal-like attraction, which overwhelmed my teenage mind.

I tried to brush aside these lustful thoughts and concentrate on the prayers. But it was almost impossible – the sexual magnetic field radiating out of these four delicious females, standing across from me in the temple, was drawing me powerfully to them. I devoured them with my eyes, one after the other, and felt dizzy contemplating the untold pleasures that I could have with each of them.

The loud voice of the priest, chanting the Sanskrit scriptures, as he blessed the deities with flowers, his hand steadily ringing the bell, drew my attention. As he showed the holy flame towards the deities, I clasped my palms together in silent prayer, thanking God for the blessed relaxbet yeni giriş life and family I had and wishing that this life should never end.

The priest came out to offer the flame to the devotees, followed by the holy ash, first to the men and then to the women. A junior priest then handed out theertham (blessed milk) and another assistant followed with santhanam (sandalwood paste) and kumkum powder. As I applied the santhanam to my forehead, I sensed loving eyes devouring me. Looking up I saw all four of my ladies watching me enthusiastically, an adoring smile on each of their lips.

After they had also taken their offerings, Mom requested to the priest to make an archanai (special pooja) for our family. The six of us stood together as the priest uttered our names and natchathiram (birth stars) in between the holy words, as he blessed the deity with loose flowers. Then he again offered us the holy flame and handed over our prasatham (half coconut filled with betel leaf, nuts, relaxbet giriş two small bananas, a lime and small packets of holy ash a smile which offered the protective love of a mother, a smile which promised unimaginable pleasures of a lover. It overwhelmed me with so much desire that I felt as if I had ignited an energy source within my body.

Without saying any further words, we stood up simultaneously, her right hand holding mine. We hugged each other for a few seconds, like a mother and son and as two lovers wanting each other. I held her close to my chest feeling so much love for her.

“I want you, Chellam. Your father will make love to me tonight but it will be you in my thoughts” whispered Mom.

We broke apart just as we heard Leela opening the door. The clock showed 10:05 pm.

“Good night, Chellam” Mom wished me and as Leela came out of her room, Mom wished her too.

“Good night, Amma” Leela and I returned Mom’s wish.

“I know you both have a lot of catching up to do but don’t stay up too late” advised Mom and then went into her room, closing the door behind her.

“Ok, Mom” replied Leela and then turning to look at the TV she asked me” Anything good tonight?”

“Yes, the Twilight Zone is on later at 11” I replied, sitting back on the long sofa.

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