Yesterday Afternoon

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So two days ago mom announced at dinner, she was meeting an old friend at a local watering hole the next day (yesterday now). As she was telling dad and I this, it was like I could read his mind, as he looked up, and licked his lips, and I casually rubbed my tit as mom was looking and talking to him

After dinner, I called dad to “help move something” in my room. He came up after a minute or so and I met him with open arms and open mouth, and we had a short, but heavy make out session. As we broke it off, I told him, “I need some daddy cock, tomorrow.”

It must have struck a fire with him as I could feel his cock, come to attention in short order.

He said he’d be working from home tomorrow and wanted me to place the B-vibe™ in my ass when I woke and edge for at least 10 minutes every hour, until we fucked

I grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled him to my open mouth again and prior to sucking his tongue down my throat, said “I can’t wait until mom leaves tomorrow night!”

I awoke prior to dad or mom and obediently lubed and placed the b-vibe™ in my ass and then placed the remote on dad’s desk. I went back to my room and put on my boy shorts that dad likes and a frilly sleep top, and edged three times.

When I heard dad sit at his desk, I exited my room and walked the 10 feet to his desk. I spun his chair around and sat on his lap, and whispered in his ear, “can you feel the heat from my pussy,” as I grabbed his hand and placed it on my pussy?

He then moved his hand so it was down my panties and stuck two fingers in my soaked pussy and brought them to my lips, where I opened my mouth and he slid them into my mouth. I used my tongue to lick them clean, prior to him pulling them out.

He whispered, “your turn, love.”

I took my hand and slid it down my panties and two fingers into my pussy and then pulled them back and out and started bursa escort towards my mouth, when dad grabbed my wrist and directed them to his mouth.

He opened his mouth and I inserted my fingers with my pussy grool on them into his mouth and he cleaned them off with his tongue, which only made my cunt that much hotter and wetter.

At this time, we both heard the sliding door open and I jumped up and split to my room, across the hall from his desk.

About an hour later, the b-vibe, in my ass came to life and I let out a little squeal noise. Dad opened the door, and was greeted by the vision of me, on the ned, legs spread and rubbing my clit. He reminded me, that I was not to cum, until later.

He left it on the rest of the day, except for when I would go down stairs. I was also teasing him the rest of the day.

Around four I heard daddy get up and go down stairs, and the b-vibe had been turned off.

I went down stairs as well and mom was just finishing getting ready and dad was on the couch.

Mom kissed him hard on the lips, right in front of Me, which she rarely does. She broke from the kiss with a quizzical look on her face and then kissed and hugged me good bye, telling us she would be about 3 hours.

We gave her about 20 minutes to get to her destination that I confirmed on my phone, and then we went up to my room.

Once there dad tossed me onto the bed, placed his hands on my hips and pulled my little shorts off, in one smooth motion.

Meanwhile, I removed my top, revealing my tits tiny nipples, now erect.

He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs as well as pushed them back towards my head, which lifted my little ass and spread my crotch, showing him my hot wet little pussy, which he then dove into.

He loves to pleasure me with his tongue and NEVER disappoints. He also licked around the B-vide in my ass more than bursa escort bayan a few times.

I came close to coming twice and he stopped.

After the second time he stripped out of his clothes and released his hard, pre-cum oozing cock, which I took hold of and with one of my fingers grabbed a drop of his pre-cum and licked it off my finger.

I gripped his cock and led it and him right to my grooling pussy. As I did so, he pulled me close to edge of the bed which made his cock hit by cervix.

Each time he slid in, my clit would get hit by his cock sending me closer to the edge, after a few minutes of this, I started to cum, and I could feel my pussy spasming around his cock and feel the grool from my pussy making it all so wet.

Just then he turned on the b-vibe, which sent me over the edge and increased my orgasm to another level, and I moaned really loud, “FUCK ME DAD!”

He pulled out of me when I had stopped cuming, and he spun me around with my head now on edge of bed, and I again grabbed his grool and cum covered cock, and directed it right into my waiting, drooling mouth.

I grabbed his hips and pulled his cock deep into my throat, where I held him there for about 20 seconds, breathing through my nose and my tongue licking the top of his cock.

While I was doing this, he was paying attention to my tits by sucking one and then the other, as well as fingering my pussy. Shortly I pushed him back, and as he stood a bit, I took his cock out of my mouth and said, “I really want you in my ass today, daddy. Will you fuck my ass, daddy?”

With that, he had me turn again, so I was still on my back, and on edge of bed, I pulled my legs back, and had my arms inside my legs, and was spreading them.

He slid the b-vibe from my ass, and then the bottle of lube and lubed up his cock and around my ass.

He placed the head of his escort bursa cock right at the entrance to my ass, with a bit of pressure, and I started pushing and relaxing my ass.

The second time I relaxed, his hard cock slid right in.

He stopped right after the head of his cock entered and while standing there, I could feel his cock flex a few times, which I love. After another few seconds he pushed my legs back even further and slid deeper into the depths of my ass until his pelvis was resting on my pussy.

I moved my hand down to my pussy and started rubbing my clit, as he started to fuck my ass.

I love when he fucks me in slow, steady and deliberate strokes, and that is exactly how he stoked his cock in and out of my ass.

My other hand had reached around and was playing with his balls as he fucked me.

The benefit of this is it doesn’t allow my balls to contract, thus delaying me from coming.

He fucked me in this position for a good 3-4 minutes a, during which his hand had wondered up and was resting at base of my neck and i was stroking his arm now, instead of his balls. I said, “would you please choke me, daddy”

He moved his hand a bit higher and it was now firmly around my throat.

I kept stroking it and told him, “I am getting close to cuming, please choke me.”

His hand then started to apply pressure and I could feel the orgasm building and I could feel every bump and vein on his cock as it slid in and out of my ass.

He squeezed harder still and that is when I started to cum. He then squeezed even harder as I heard him say, “I am going to fill your little ass up, baby girl.”

I felt the first two times his cock spasmed and spit his hot cum into my ass, then I passed out.

When I woke up, it was to daddy licking my cunt again and just in time for me to cum.

When I was done he slid up to me and laid on top of me and said, “I love, fucking you and choking you out made me cum so hard.”

Too bad he had not taken a viagra, as we still had some time before mom was supposed to be home, but since i live with them, there are other opportunities ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32