A Baby – Family and His Brother Ch. 08

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Victoria – The Special One

Is this story true or not, you tell me?

I am not a writer, never fessed up to being one.
Hopefully not too many mistakes in spelling, or the tenses. If anyone wishes to rewrite what I have written, that is fine with me. One person rewrote the first chapter for me, I thank him, but what he wrote didn’t convey how I felt. I don’t even know if what I write conveys my feelings to others, but it does to me.

As many of you know my stories go into a lot of detail, but this is the only way I can write them. Memories in my mind that will always be imbedded, this family was very special to me, still is.

This is the final story of my past; hopefully a future is in store with Nick. Yes Nick, has come back into my life. Were taking it slow and feel this Christmas when his family comes home will make or break it. My fingers are crossed.

I first met Nick’s second oldest daughter the first Christmas together. She was a very shy girl and didn’t talk much. Actually she didn’t seem part of this family. The rest of the family was very comfortable with nudity with each other, but Victoria never showed herself even when most of the family was naked at the pool.

Victoria was a beautiful girl, long brunette hair, pretty hazel eyes that stared sex all the time. In a bikini, she definitely would make any man or woman turn their heads to want to know who she was. She came home for most of the Holidays, and as we both got to know each other, she opened up and would talk a lot about life in general, shop together and did normal girl stuff.

Victoria and I were almost three years to the day, missing by one, years apart from each other. So when the family had birthday parties we both would share it on one or the others birthday.

It happen on her 23rd and my 20th, she came home for two weeks vacation and we both celebrated our birthdays by going out to dinner and talking about my life with their family. As I said before she was shy, but this night maybe because she had a few drinks she opened up.

She was talking and staring me in the eyes, said, “Sex with my parents, is it good?”

I was kind of stun, but shook my head yes.

She said, “Come on Nicole talk to me, I want to know about it, understand it, and know why a beautiful girl like you is contented with my parents”.

I looked at her, “Vicky, you may not want to hear what I have to say, because to most this isn’t normal relationship”.

She said, “I know and I am not putting you down because of it, my parents and you are very happy together and that’s what counts”.

So I proceeded to talk to her about my relationship. How much I was in love with both of them, how they made me feel, also, being accepted by all of them.

She then wanted to know about the sex with them. I told her that they both were not my first, but sex with them and the love shown was so hard to describe, I just knew that they were the ones I wanted my life to be with, even though I knew I wouldn’t have any children of my own. They were my family, and I loved them all for treating me like I was part of the family.

It seems the more drinks Vicky had, the more daring her questions became. This was not the Vicky I knew.

She then said, “Sex with my Brothers and Sisters, is it enjoyable like with my parents”.

I looked at her, said “Let me first say, yes sex with them is great, first is because we love each other as friends, second we are fulfilling fantasies of ours and third who better then to have sex with is friends with no commitment to each other but make the sex enjoyable.”

She then lowered her head, staring at her drink and stated, “Were friends why never me, why didn’t you ever try it with me.”

I was really stunned at the time; Vicky is a beautiful female, like I said before sex written all over her.

I grabbed her hand across the table, looked her in the eye, said “Hun, I didn’t know you went to bed with women, you never sent those kind of signals”.

She looked up, said, “I never been to bed with a women, or in that fact with a man.”

I didn’t know what to say. If you seen this girl you would be shocked to, that this 23 year old women never had a sexual partner. Especially coming from a family who was so sexual.

I sat back in my chair, looked at her, and lipped “never”.

She shook her head yes.

I then asked “why”. She told me that there just wasn’t anybody she had an interest in except me.

I said, “Do you think your lesbian? Have you ever been turned on by men?”

She started to laugh, “Oh no, men have turned me on, but none that I had a interest with to go to bed with.”

Many questions were asked that evening by me, after I found out her wants, such as, did she masturbate? “Always”, ever use a dildo? “Never” then you’re a virgin. “Yes” I thought to myself, two virgins in the same family, never would of believed it.

I said, “Hun lets go karataş escort home, I am getting tired and your Mother and Father could be getting concern since it was 3 AM now.”

I then said, “nothing going to happen tonight, since she had so much to drink and I won’t do it that way.”

She said, “ok”.

We got home, I kissed her goodnight, said, “Happy Birthday, will see you later today.”

I went into the bedroom; Nick and Jan were still up reading and watching TV. Nick looked up smiled, said you guys have a good birthday. I smiled, jumped into bed, kissed them both and said “Oh yessssss”.

Nick looked at Jan, said, “Ut Oh, she got that gleam Jan”.

Jan just smiled; I looked at her, said, “I love you”, grabbed her and started to kiss her, our tongues met, and my hand started to massage her breast.

I looked up at her and said, “Let me get undressed”,

“Ok Hun”, she said.

I stood up, went to the TV, turned it off, then turned on a record and stood in front of the two of them.

Slowly to the music I did a striptease for them. The evening’s talk with Vicky had me horny, as hell, and I wanted them both so badly.

Nick kept staring, looking me up and down.

Jan noticed, slid over to Nick said, “You like”,

“Oh Yessssssss, you know I do”, he said.

They both started to clap, “take it off, take it off”.

I was really into it and tried to be as sexy as I could, slowly taking each piece of clothing off, deliberately teasing them.

When I finally got my panties, the last piece to take off, turning my back to them, gave them quick glimpse of my butt, then turned the light switch off. They both started booing me; I started to laugh and turned it back on.

Slowly walked to the edge of the bed by Nick, motioned him over cause he was on my side. As I got in and lifted the covers, I noticed Nick was rock hard and Jan was stroking him,

I said, “Ohhh I turned my baby on.”

Jan laughing said, “Hun you always turn his key and don’t even have to do a striptease.”

I looked at her, winked, said, you holding that for me.

She shook her head yes.

I straddle Nick and slowly let his cock enter me, screaming, “God I waited all day for this.”

Nick, was still in a sitting position, had his hand on my hips and started to move me in slow deliberate motions.

Jan got behind me and straddled Nick legs with her pussy on my butt, kissing, licking my neck and ears.

Whispering to me “That my baby, fuck your daddy.”

I said, “Oh yesssss, Mom, ohhhhhhh yessssss.”

Jan hands were on my breast massaging and pinching each nipple, saying things to me making me hotter and hotter.

Nick continued to fuck me, moaning, “Ohhhhhhh baby, yesssss my sweet baby.”

I lean over started to kiss him, our tongues intertwined as Jan got in between our legs and started to lick Nick’s shaft as it came out of my pussy, then my ass, then she slowly inserted her finger in to my ass and worked some lotion into it.

Then with her strap on dildo, she started to rub the end of my ass and slowly inserted the dildo. As I was going up and down on Nick she started to fuck me in the ass, coming out as Nick went in.

Their strokes were in sequences, the sensation of being filled in both holes, had me screaming “Oh Yessssssss, fuck meeeeeeeee, both of you fuckkkkkkk meeeeeee”. Yessssssss, Yessssssss.

Then Nick stiffen, shoving his cock as far as it could go, spewing his sperm, jerking with each load as he filled me, Jan continue to fuck my ass and she now had me squirming on the dildo and Nick’s cock.

Then I exploded, started to scream, “Gawwwdddd, Oh dear God.”

My body was now in spasms, squeezing on the dildo and Nick’s cock. Moaning in the pleasure these two people keep giving me.

Totally exhausted I fell onto the bed still moaning.

Looking at the both of them, said, “I love you both and thank you for loving me.”

Jan lean over, kissed me, said “Hun it’s our pleasure to have found you, and we both couldn’t of asked for anyone better to share our life’s, go to sleep my baby.”

As I went off to sleep, could see Nick and Jan making love to each other. I witness this many times in our lives together. Thinking can life be any better.

Next morning I was awakened by Vicky, shaking me to wake up.

I looked at her and said, “Where is everyone.”

“Dad and Mom went to the store, said to let you sleep.” She said.

I sat up, said, “Dear God what time is it, I got to get to the Bar for tonight’s party.”

She said, “Relax, Dad is taking care of it and said for you to take the day off, also, for you and I to do something together.”

I felt a little evilness in that remark.

I fell back into bed, said, “Well Hun, what do you want to do”.

Before she could answer I got up, naked as usual and went into the bathroom, sat on the stool, screamed at her again. “What do you want to do”?

She came to the door, looking at me, while I was sitting on the toilet. “You know what I want to do.”

I finished peeing, got up and then started to be a smart ass. “What is that again you want to do.”

I grab my toothbrush and started to brush my teeth, when she snuck up behind me, looked over my shoulder into the mirror with an evil look and said, “This!!”

Reaching in front of me she grabbed my boobs, and started to massage them, with her fingers pinching my nipples.

I let out a soft moan, said, “Ok Hun, but let me get cleaned up”.

She said, “Ok” then started to undress.

After I finish brushing I turned on the shower, taking in a glimpse of her, now naked by me. This is the first time in two years I seen her naked.

Looking at her, said, “Vicky your beautiful, body of a Goddess.”

She blushed, “Thank you.”

I then asked her why she never got naked with the rest of us when at the pool? She stated that she wanted to, especially when I came to live with them, but was to embarrass to. Feeling her Brothers and Sisters would make fun of her after all of those years.

I started to laugh, said, “Hun, with a body like yours you would of only made them and me horny and I guarantee you we would of never made fun of you.”

Then I added, second thought maybe Guy and John would of, they were always teasing their sisters and me about something.

I then got into the shower, looked at Vicky, grab her hand and she entered. She was very timid, I handed her a washcloth and asked if she would wash my back.

She said, “Yes”, grabbed the cloth, lathered it up and proceeded to wash my neck and back.

She then asked me if I made love to her parents last night?

I was truthful and said yes, that our conversation yesterday at dinner had me so horny that I was ready to explode, and wanted her but because she had to much to drink I wouldn’t do anything to her, the way she was.

This seem to get her excited for she now was washing my butt and going in between my legs and gently rubbing the cloth up and down my pussy. I turned around, looked at her and gently put my arms around her and kissed her, my tongue feeling hers and let her hands roam over my body.

At first she was a little clumsy, not knowing what to touch or how to touch.

I whispered into her ears, “Do it just like you enjoy yourself Hun and relax.”

Her hands then started to mimic mine. I had my hands lathered up and started to spread soap over her body and gently squeezing and rubbing her breast, pinching each nipple, leaning and licking each one, sucking once in awhile, as one of my hands moved to her ass and the other to her pussy.

Slowly I started to stroke her clit and she was moaning and moving with my strokes. I got on my knees and started to lick her clit with slow motions, sucking it in every now and then. The water was coming off her body and hitting me in the face, making it more difficult to continue in the shower.

I got up and she looked disappointed, I looked at her said, “Hun, its not over, lets get more comfortable in bed.”

She smiled, “Ok”, and then kissed me.

We dried each other off and headed for the bedroom. The smell of sex in that room was a turn on just in its self. Jan always had incense, oils, lotions to use and the smell was everywhere in the bedroom.

As we lay in the bed, Vicky’s knee hit something and she reach in the covers and pulled out the strap on dildo.

She looked at me, said, “Did Mom use this on you last night.”

I said yes and showed her where. She wanted to know about it, so I told her what happen, that as her Father was fucking me, her Mother took me from behind and we did this many times with either her or I doing it.

She asked if it hurt.

I said, “Yes at first but then you get use to it and the sensation is wonderful when it’s happening.”

She then said, maybe one day you will do that to me when I find a man.

I said, “if that’s what you want and your parents approve.”

She looked at me startled; you mean they know about us here now.

I said, “I don’t know about that, but they have giving their blessing of me having sex with their children. So what I am saying to you, if you want me to do that to you with another man around, then I have to have their blessing, for I would not do it unless they approved.”

She then ask, if I was going to use the dildo on her today.

I said, “don’t know Hun, and let’s just see what happens.”

While we were talking, she was lying on her back and I on my side leaning over her and gently touching her around her face, and lips. She was beautiful, and so innocent sexually that it had me totally turned on. I then made my move, lean down and kissed her and said, “shhhhhhhhh, relax Hun, and enjoy.”

I turned her on her stomach, got some oil in my hands, straddled her butt and started to massage her neck and back. As I massaged, I pushed my pussy into her butt and moved it up and down.

I heard a noise, turned my head and seen Jan and Nick at the door, I froze, Vicky turned and seen them, Jan said sorry didn’t know you guys were in here and then shut the door.

Vicky, was a little scared, I said, “Relax Hun, they don’t care, just enjoy.

She said, “Ok” and lay back down.

I proceeded to massage her back and rubbing my pussy into her butt. Then I turned her over and started on her front, massaging her shoulders and working my way to her boobs, letting my fingers massage her nipples, every now and then I would lean over and kiss her.

Whispering into her ear, how beautiful she was and thanking her for letting me be her first.

My hands where now working their way down her stomach, as I moved my body further down her legs, I rubbed my pussy over hers and gently down one of her legs. When I got to her pussy, I gently started to rub her clit, then split her lips and put my tongue on her clit and started to lick in slow deliberate strokes, sucking it in and using my tongue on it while in my mouth. She was now moaning loudly, her hips meeting my sucking action. Her hands were now on my head, forcing it to her pussy. I then took my tongue and entered her vagina, sticking it in and then licking out to her clit.

“Yessssss Nicole, Yessssss Nicole, don’t stopppp. Ohhhhhhhhh yessssss, just like that.

I continued to fuck her with my tongue and mouth. With each stroke into her vagina she met it with a thrust upwards, crying for more and then she said, “please fuck me, please Nicole fuck me.”

I looked up between her legs, seen the passion she was in and made up my mind, I would fuck her.

I grabbed her hand, put it on her pussy she started to masturbate. I got up and put on the strap on dildo, then got some oil and rub it on the dildo, moved to her pussy and spread it on her slit and into her vagina.

I then spread her legs and started to rub the dildo up and down on her vagina, slowly it entered and she stiffen, but I forced it a little further and came out, back in again and then out.

When I reach her hymen, I didn’t even say anything but forced it in and she yell, “Ohhhhhhhh Goddddddd that hurts”.

I fell down on her, hand on her cheeks, and said, “I know Hun, but it will go away”.

I took it out a little and pushed it back in. I was trying to be as gentle as possible, waiting for the pain to subside. Tears were in her eyes, as I was licking them off her face.

She whispered to me, “its ok Nicole, please fuck me, please Nicole fuck me.”

Slowly I started going in and out, her hands now on my hips, pushing me in and raising her ass to meet my strokes. She was now starting to rotate her hips as I enter,

“Oh yesssss, that’s its, yes Nicole just like that.”

I was on top of her now, nibbling on her ear, whispering, “Yes baby, anything you want, so sweet, my sexy baby.”

I then started to grab her hair and pulled on it a little,

She was now moaning, “Yessssssss, pleaseeeeee Yessssssss.”

My strokes started to get faster and faster, her hips meeting each one, when she suddenly scream,

“Godddddddddddddd yessssssssssssssss nowwwwwwwwww, dearrrrrr Goddddddddd yessssssssssssss.”

I jammed the dildo all the way in and made rotating motions, she just froze, jerking and trembling, screaming

“Yessssssssssssss, Nicoleeeeeeee, oooooooohhhh myyyyyyyyy Yesssssssssssssss.”

I kept rotating the dildo and let her jerk into it to maintain her orgasm for as long as she could. We both were exhausted; sweat pouring off our bodies, when Jan walked in,

“You girls going to take all day, I got to take a shower, and then make dinner for your Father.”

I started to laugh, said, “Oh yes Pops got to eat doesn’t he.”

She started to laugh, jumped into bed, looked at both of us, said “Welllllllll tell me about it.”

Vicky put her hands around Jan’s neck, said, “Ohhhhh Mommmm that was the greatest” then kissed her.

She then said, “Thank you for not being mad at me.”

“Hun why would I be mad at you. Nicole and you are adults, and we don’t have any holds on her sexual life, or yours.”

I leaned over, said, “Oh yessssss you do.”

She wink, kissed me and then got up and went to the shower. Looking back, “You guys still owe me and have to tell me about it.”

We both said “Ok”.

Well this is life I had with Nick’s family for 17 years. Victoria and I had many encounters, even after she got married. Her husband was aware of her Bi Sexual ways, but I wouldn’t go to bed with him for many reasons, even though Vicky wanted me to. Nick being the main reason after Jan died.

I miss him very much. His daughter Sue called me about two months ago, after playing phone tag a few days we finally were able to talk. She blasted me with both barrels, how I could do what I did. All I could say no excuse, except being selfish in wanting a child.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32