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You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Man looking for boy or girl (8-16 years old) to role play. I can be your daddy, your teacher, your coach, whatever you like. Interested?
Stranger: hey
You: hi
Stranger: how old?
Stranger: im 13 f
You: me? i’m 48 but i can be any age you like. and your age?
You: oh
You: 13 perfect! would you like to play with me?
Stranger: sure!
You: awesome!
You: what role shall I take for you?
Stranger: daddy:)
You: oooh – my favorite role! yea!
You: what name shall I call you?
Stranger: allison
Stranger: im new so you have to start us. ok?
You: i like that name. ok. here’s the scene. it’s in the evening and you’re in your bedroom in your nightie on your tummy with your pretty bare feet up in the air while you read a book. I knock on your door to tuck you in and say good night. Knock Knock
Stranger: come in
You: hi sweetie! I see you’re ready for bed. I just wanted to come in and say good night. I come and sit on your bed and pat you lightly on your cute little ass. What are you reading sweetie?
Stranger: the little mermaid 🙂 its my favorite story
You: ah yes, i remember reading that to you when you were a little girl. Remember how you used to sit on my lap while I read you that story?
Stranger: yeah that was fun!
You: say – why dont’ we do that again? I’ll sit in your chair and you come sit in my lap and I’ll read to you – what do you think?
Stranger: yeah i want to do that!
You: secretly i am overjoyed. I can’t wait for my hot little girl to sit in my lap. I’m wearing a thin pair of shorts and nothing else. I sit in your chair and you get up and sit on my lap. Mmmm – your smell is intoxicating! Your hot little butt sits right on my cock and it immediately starts to grow. Hand me the book sweetie
Stranger: here you go daddy!
You: i take the book and notice that your nightgown is very short and it rides up high on your long sexy legs. I swallow hard and try to keep my composure. Your warm soft body is wonderful. I can feel your warmth through the very thing material of your nightie. I note that you have no bra on and your lovely little titts are pressing firmly against the front of your nighty. I start to read the story to you. In the meantime my cock is really starting to get hard and I hope you don’t notice! I caress your stomach softly as I’m reading. How am I doing sweetie?
Stranger: this is so much fun daddy! it feels just like when i was younger!
You: i’m so glad baby I say nervously. I’ve watched you with lust since you were about 7 years old and have been wanting to get inside your panties ever since. You are such a hot little girl I can’t stand it! I let my hand stray down your nightie and slowly pull it up a bit and I can now see your pretty little pink panties! oh my! I stroke your bare leg while I read. I hope you dont’ mind that I’m stroking your london escort agency leg baby while I read to you!
Stranger: no it feels good dad! my hand accidently falls on your hard cock and i try to hide my surprise and happyness
Stranger: *happiness
You: i jump a bit when you hand falls on my cock. wow – your touch sends electric charges up and down my spine and my cock jumps. I decide I’m only gonna get one chance at this and I will never know if you are gonna like this unless I try something. So, I reach up and start stroking your hardening nipple and caress your young firm breast. My voice is getting raspy as I try to concentrate on the story while I feel your small breast in my hand. Wow!
Stranger: at first im shocked but your hands feel so good on my boobs that i decide to let you keep going. i put my hand on your cock preteneding its an accident but i gently rub it
You: at this point I know I’m in! So I toss the book aside and whisper in your ear – Allison, i love you so much! You have no idea how much I want you right now! I love how you’re rubbing my cock – please keep it up! I then use both of my hands and continue to massage your boobs as I feel your nipples get very hard. I nibble on your ear – yes Allison – you are such a wonderful daughter!
Stranger: i really like this sweet talk and i stick my hand down your pants and stroke your cock. im shocked on how big it is!
You: oh yes! I can’t believe this! Your hand feels incredible wrapped around my hard cock! I stand up and force you to do the same. I turn you around to face me and I begin to lift off the nightie from your body- you willingly lift up your arms so I can strip you. And there you stand in nothing but your cute little pink panties! Oh wow! I admire you starting with your gorgeous sexy feet and take my time looking up your long legs and then admiring your naked boobs. I stand behind you and continue to massage your titties and slip my hand inside your panties and discover with delight that you shave your pussy! A bald naked pussy my little girl has!
Stranger: i get you to take off your shirt and thin pants. your cock stands straight up right when i pull them down and i begin kissing, licking, and sucking on your big juicy cock
You: OMG! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven! My little girl is giving me a blow job! Wow! Allison – you are good! Where did you learn how to do that? It turned me on to think that you might have already done this with a boy or even another man. Ahhh – that feels so good! Careful baby – daddy is about to shoot one heavy load of cum right in your mouth!
Stranger: i start sucking even harder and you blow a huge load of cum right in my mouth! i get surprised and you tell me to swallow it so i do. it tasted soo good! 🙂
You: (wow – you are awfully good for a 13 year old girl! Wow! This is so much fun! If you want to chat another time please find me on MSN at galaxy1962@live.com or yahoo at galaxy196261@yahoo.com) (Would you like to continue right now?)
Stranger: yeah lets continue! escort london this is fun:)
You: oh you are my kind of underage girl! yeah! ok – let’s see.
You: Oh Allison – i’m in heaven! You have no idea how happy you’ve just made me!
You: would you get on your hands and knees for daddy please?
Stranger: sure daddy!
You: i just love this pose. there is nothing sexier than an underage girl naked on all fours. I admire the bottoms of your pretty feet, your long sexy legs and your absolutely perfect tight little ass! I get down behind you and start to lick your ass crack and find your cute little button hole asshole. I begin to tongue at it and lick it. Do you like this baby doll?
Stranger: i cant stop moaning! this is the best feeling ive ever experienced and im glad i get to do it with my daddy:)
You: oh sweety. this is such a special evening. I will remember it always! I wonder if your little brother has ever thought about having sex with his sister? That would be hot to see! Anyway, sorry sweetie – dont’ know where that came from! I continue to eat your ass and begin to rub your very wet pussy and slide a finger in your pussy and begin to finger fuck you.
Stranger: my pussy is sooo wet right now!! your fingers feel so good in my tight pussy and i keep begging for more!

You: i didn’t waste any time and decided you needed a good hard fuck from daddy! I mount you from behind and slide my hard cock into your drenched wet pussy. Oh wow – what a tight grip you have as I slide in! I begin to slowly fuck you in and out in and out. An image of your 10 year old brother pops in my head and I imagine what he would look like fucking you like this. You begin to meet my thrusts and I love the moans coming out of your throat…
Stranger: your big dick feels indescribable in my super tight young pussy. i move back in forth slowly and start speeding up getting the most pleasure i have ever experienced
You: oh yes! my years of lust for you are coming out now as I pound you hard and fast. I can’t believe I’m fucking my own daughter! I bet most dads dont’ get this lucky! I squeeze your tight little ass as I fuck you. your pussy is so incredibly tight! it’s so hot and so well lubed. oh yeah! our skin makes loud slapping sounds as we meet time after time
Stranger: i cant hold it anymore!!! i squirt so crazy and soak you in my pussy juice!!
You: oh yes! i feel your vagina clamp down on my cock so tight it almost hurts as you cum very hard! I then start shooting another hot load of cum deep inside my daughters pussy. oh yeah! I pull out of your exhausted and sit on the ground. I hold you close and tight. I kiss your warm lips softly. You are better than any woman I’ve ever fucked! Our father/daughter love is in a new dimension now. I hope that we will do much more of this!
Stranger: i dont feel tired at all anymore. im soo horny right now that i start sucking your still hard cock again. it tastes so good with both of our cum soaking it. i suck you until you almost cum again and i stop london escorts sucking and let you expload another load all over my face
You: oh yes! i am so deeply in love with you now! what a hot sight to see my little girl covered in my cum! So precious and so sexy! I start to lick my own cum off of your face and then french kiss you so you can suck the cum off my tongue and swallow it. I swallow some of my own cum and enjoy the taste.
You: i am still horny myself and I lay you down and spread your legs wide and start eating your bald young pussy. mmm – sweet nectar of the gods!
You: you taste so good!
You: you moan as I suck on your clit
You: i gently pinch your nipples while I”m eating out your pussy
Stranger: after you do that for a little i turn over back on my hands and knees and tell you i want you in my ass
You: oh yes – the icing on the cake! I can’t believe my ears! I take some of your pussy juice on my finger and use it to lube up your ass and then lube up my cock with the same juice. I slowly press the head of my hard cock against your anal ring. Slowly it gives way and I watch as the head of my penis disappears into your hot ass. I slowly push all the way in. I begin to fuck your ass nice and slow. Wow – and I thought your pussy was tight! I reach under and rub your clit while I fuck you in the ass.
You: we are both sweating profusely as our lovemaking continues
Stranger: oh your dick is so big and my ass hole is so small. it hurts but i grab my panties and bite on them as you pick up your speed. it turns out to be even better than it was in my pussy
You: oh my little girl is such a slut – i LOVE it! I just want to parade her around the house totally naked and scream to the world that I love my daughter! I love seeing you bite our own panties as I fuck your hot tight little ass. mmmm – it feels so amazing! I hold on to your hips as I fuck the crap out of you. like a dog in heat. how long will you last this time I wonder? I catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye but I ignore it and keep on fucking you.
Stranger: i notice movement too but the little bit of tears of pleasure in my eyes make it blurry so i dont pay attention. i dont know how much longer i can last but i try to hold it as long as i possibly can
You: i glance toward the door and can’t believe my eyes! My little 10 year old boy is standing there naked as a jaybird furiously pumping his hard little cock! Somehow that sends me over the edge and I blow another hard load of cum deep in my girls ass. I hope she doesn’t see you – i’m not sure she’s ready to see her little brother acting so sexual! Oh baby doll – you are so hot! I want to hear you cum for daddy – I want to feel your little ass grip my cock hard as you cum! Do it do it!
Stranger: i notice my brother too and that gets me even hotter. i cum like crazy and my ass closes so tight i think its gonna crushs your dick! i bring my brother over and my dad and my brother take turns cumming on my face
You: holy shit! you’ve just blown my mind. I love you! my son and I have a blast cumming all over your hot face. I get my son to lick the cum off your face. wow – what a fantasy cum true!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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